Merminia (Merminia, #1)

Merminia (Merminia, #1) This reviewer has read quite a bit of Mer fiction as research for his own novel and has noticed that a lot of the stories fall into a somewhat predictable pattern such as human girl boy meets a mer man maid who is may be a prince princess While there is nothing particularly wrong with this sort of scenario and a good number of this reviewer s favourite stories do fit this mould he is nonetheless always on the look out for something different and Emm Cole s Merminia certainly fits the bill Indeed, it is different very different from the usual fare.The scene is set when the two sons of a deceased king go to war against each other over how their father s kingdom was divided between them It is a bloody and terrible conflict that envelops not only the opposing armies but the land and sea as well The daughter of one of the combatants creates a ring from gifts given to her by her father and uncle in order to create a magic spell She sacrifices the ring and herself to the sea so that the fates may step in and halt this bloody conflict.For once, the fates keep their side of the bargain by enveloping her father and his subjects in the sea and rendering them as mer folk Her uncle s subjects are confined to the land and cursed with shorter lives and illnesses Alessia s father finds her ring but never recovers his daughter While his restraint in not using the ring is rewarded by the fates, his people squabbled over whether his inaction was good or bad After his death, the people separate themselves into different clans based on the differing gifts bestowed upon the mermaids and history repeats itself as these clans engage in internecine warfare It is here that the main story begins.Selinne is the daughter of the hereditary chief of the Merminians and is not your typical mermaid Indisposed to gossiping and adorning herself, she swims to a different drum and often finds herself in situations requiring rescue by her adoring adopted brother The leader of the Litiant clan has been conducting a ruthless search for Adessa s ring unaware of the fact that one of his sons had found and hidden the ring when he was as child Ms Cole s spellbinding story revolves around the conflict between the rival clans and one chief s thirst for ultimate power.The reader should not think for one moment that this is simply a sub aquatic version of Lord of The Rings While there are sea dragons and other fearsome beasts, there are no mer hobbits Merminia is a story of conflict, capture, brutality, horror, betrayal and love with an ending that is not necessarily a happy one for the main characters.Emm Cole s Merminia is a compelling story that should keep most readers entranced The book itself is a very clean read with few if any typos, grammatical errors or misused words That in and of itself garners high marks from this reviewer While it is not a happily ever after kind of story, the reader will want to reach the end so that they can put all of the pieces together and ponder the unanswered questions The story itself is a dark one but leaves this reviewer with a sense of hope for Selinne and her clan.Overall, this is a very YA friendly novel though, because of the darker elements of the plot, this reviewer would recommend it for older young adults The story does not scream Young Adult Fiction and not so young adults will enjoy it as well.Merminia s story arc lends itself to a stand alone novel rather than the first of a series While trilogies seem to be the thing in Young Adult Fiction nowadays, the fact that this appears to be a one off helps to make it engaging and unique While this novel is Ms Cole s first venture into the underwater realm of mer fiction, this reviewer earnestly hopes that it will not be her last and that adults both young and otherwise will have another opportunity to enjoy Emm Cole s considerable story telling skills and prowess as a writer.Emm Cole s website is at Read my interview with Emm Cole More reviews of Mer fiction may be found at The Parsons Rantp As a reader, I haven t read too much mermaid fiction Not too sure why maybe it s just because I haven t found anything that sounded intersting But Merminia certainly struck a chord with me, and I loved it The premise of this novel is extremely unique, and I enjoyed learning about the different tribes of merpeople that exist in the world Emm Cole creates in Merminia The tribes all had different values, customs, and beliefs, just like real people.On that line, the characters were pretty awesome, too Selinne, the main character who s determined and a do it yourself kind of girl, is the type of lead female I like to see in the books I read She s adventurous, always getting into trouble, and she drags her childhood friend Aramis with her And gosh, is he a sweetheart My heart goes out to that adorable merman My favorite character, though, has got to be the perplexing, yet alluring Gabriel He sounds like quite the catch pun intended hehe The writing style of this novel was a little sophisticated than I m used to, but that s not necessarily a bad thing There were some parts where I had to reread the sentence to try to decipher it and understand what was happening, and a few times I felt like the sentence could have been a lot succinct, while at the same time attention seeking and suspenseful Again, that s just my opinion of the style Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to the style of a novel.I also enjoyed the dynamic world that plays out in Merminia So many things are still undiscovered, and I hope I can find out soon I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great read with some action, suspense, and romance I thoroughly enjoyed it Mermaid stories are not usually my thing Well, not since I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid as a kid That being my only point of reference, I can t really compare Merminia to other mermaid books, but I do know that I was very pleasantly surprised This world under the sea is much complex than I expected, and I really liked the use of different clans of mermaids to create a tense, almost political atmosphere The characters are all completely believable, and the main character of Selinne is someone I could identify with and root for I also liked that, on both sides of the conflict, there were characters you cared about not just the good guys team Even the commonly used love triangle aspect was fresh, not overdone, and fit well into the bigger plot points and overarching story The writing itself is extremely descriptive and gives you a rich picture of what this world and characters look like There was a bit too much description at times, I thought, so that it was a little distracting from the action going on, but it still works because there s something new to see at every turn The backstory is thrown in without distracting from the main story, and you quickly get a feel for the myths this story is working with The plot never feels sluggish, and the pacing brings all the elements together so that, by the end, I was satisfied and yet still wanted to read the sequel Definitely worth a read, even if you aren t a mermaid fan. I believe that the story of Merminia is the perfect definition of Fantasy Cole did such a wonderful job on the details in this story What I mean by that is she didn t over do it on the details to where the story was dragged out and make me lose interest The under water world was fascinating beautiful in my mind Even the place where the Litiants dwell was beautiful in it s own dark way I will not go into the story for fear of giving anything away The synopsis tells you what it s about but when you read it you find how it all plays out Selienne, our main character, is beautiful, care free, adventurous, strong willed, even a bit naive in the beginning As the story progresses and you see all that she goes through she s morphed into this mature young mer woman who has to take on the task of being the leader of her tribe You can really see how hard she struggled with not breaking down because that s a big no no for a leader It might not have been possible without the help of Aramis Ah, the dreamy loveable Aramis He s always loved her but it s up to the mermaid to decide who she wants to be with So he waits For her It has nothing to do with orders and everything to do with his heart Even knowing that she loves another, he s right there behind her At the end, as part of her change, Selienne comes to realize his feelings for her She s just put that in a place for later You know, duty calls There is really so much I m leaving out but I just do not want to spoil anything for future readers This story was just simply amazing There s a twist in there that had me wondering why I didn t see it coming but it s because I was so wrapped up in the story that it took me by surprise Well played, Cole, well played I d definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a well told fantasy with action romance, especially if you have a thing for mermaids It s a unique story unlike any other I m so glad I read it and even happier to start the sequel This is such a fun story Mermaids have never been my first choice when selecting a book to devour, but this one has left me hoping for a sequel The plot is exciting and unpredictable Though the romance was easy to see coming, nearly every other twist caught me completely by surprise I easily fell in love or hate with the characters, and I especially loved the heroine The development of her character was great She sounds like someone I would enjoy spending time with, and I look forward to learning about her if there are books in the future The ending was perfect It wrapped up enough things nicely to feel like a good place to stop, but definitely had me wondering what happens next Emm Cole s Merminia is a welcome change from the humanized mer tales that seem to be all the rage at the moment This tale in no way involves those of us who live above the waves, and in that alone sets a precedent for the mer storyline SelinneIn her we find a very realistic heroine She is a mermaid who is not about to cower or live in fear no matter the circumstance This is not to say that she is rash in her decisions That is very far from the case She is in fact the one who sacrifices herself to the enemy so that someone that she loves is not tortured and used against her.GabrielHe is what could be referred to as a reluctant bad boy He is only playing the role because that is the one that he was given It is apparent from his opening scenes however that he wants the high road so much than the one that has been charted as his course This makes for quite a dilemma for the reader looking for that perfect good evil or white black situation, because Gabriel has definitely made a home for himself in the gray MerconiusIf you are looking for a character that you will love to hate look no further than Merconius, ruthless leader of the Litiant mer tribe and Gabriel s father This is a merman who will stop at nothing to achieve total domination over the seas Even if that means that he has to kill and or enslve every mer in it.AramisHe is second in command in the Merminian army, a trusted family friend and Selinne s shadow He is always there to play white knight to Selinne s wayward damsel The question is Is family loyalty the only reason that he sticks so close to the young princess Could there be something than just his vow to protect and serve that drives him to risk life and fin for Selinne at every turn This book has everything war, magic, forbidden love, duty, and destiny It is hard to believe that this story s author manged to pack such a complete and interesting story into 253 pages The only negative to be found in this read is that the descriptions and dialog can be a little repetitive, but that is a flaw that is very easily forgiven.Though this book reads very well as a stand alone There is a lot of room here for a series Here s hoping for from Selinna and her undersea world. Finally a fantasy book that is completely original, well thought out and extremely well written This book is fantastic I was drawn in with the first paragraph I loved the fact that I could not predict the ending.I only hope the author continues the saga in another book. Have you ever been swimming in the ocean on a chilly day and then stumble across a hidden patch of warmth There s nothing like it It instantly soothes and makes you feel welcome where before you felt uncomfortable and somewhat paranoid.After months of scouring the virtual mermaid shelves and coming away slightly irritated, Merminia has become that delightful surprise a patch of pleasant, familiar warmth.What fascinates me is the fact that this book, in so many ways, is the polar opposite of my own Historical, mythical, under sea kingdom dwellers who radiate light and battle opposing kingdoms but there s so much to it then that and the scene it s set upon stretches from end of the ocean to the other and is not afraid to push the reader s imaginations to the limits Things which startled me at first, such as fire and flowers underwater, healing rays and hair that stays pretty braided even when submerged simply become part of the norm and reminded me that not everything I read needs to have a factual basis It s imagination food and as creative as anything in the Harry Potter series relax, read on and grow big and strong Okay down to the specifics The heroine Selinne, is of course beautiful and headstrong If this kind of thing bothers you then go read something gritty Mermaids are supposed to be perfect and a bit sneaky but can play saviour or damsel depending on the conditions I especially like one of the beginning scenes when there is a battle and she pockets some jewellery left behind This made me laugh because this is exactly what a mermaid would do, especially a young one And she instantly pays a price for this which is a great way of sneaking in a YA relevant theme without preaching The hero, or who I assume to be the hero, Gabriel, is written so well that he reminds me of the better behaved though suspicious teenage boys I grew up with I close my eyes and I can almost see the conflict on his face and it s a wonderful that a female writer has captured this practiced indifference Too often lately male heroes are just throwing themselves at the girl s feet, regardless of the repercussions and so I appreciate Miss Cole s ability to twist a stereotype and make it believable There is a third character and I worry that I ve fallen in love with the guy who is destined to lose out on the girl Aramis is wonderful And though he s selflessly devoted to Selinne, there is nothing saccharine about it His feelings do not weaken his character or detract from his attractiveness He s not the crazy stalker guy, or the pity me best friend but a fierce protector with unwavering devotion who sees her so clearly that he never feels the need to push his own feelings to the forefront of her mind because he is resigned to the fact that she s not in love with him I see this curving towards a love triangle but I will try not to invest too much hope that it swings and stays in Aramis s direction But I can dream Merminia is written in 3rd person from alternating perspectives but thankfully, the author keeps this style clean and easy to follow It is written for YA, so sexuality is not flaunted and violence is kept within boundaries, and even though I ve been shying away from this genre of late Miss Cole has written this story in a way that is accessible to all readers from Middle grade to adult I cannot think of one moment in this story that could lock and bolt it into one classification I have to take a moment to emphasise that this is the kind of YA paranormal romance which stays true to the genre and doesn t skew it to please teens everywhere by trying to be cool There are no cell phones, no insta love, no bitchy school friends, no black and white jealous popular girl There is one but her character development is as unique as the others and is in no way a stereotype no trips to the mall, no naive Oh he likes me Really moments and no brand dropping Selinne is offline Not one other mermaid or paranormal romance I ve read lately can boast this they ve all, in sections or sometimes constantly read like a string of facebook posts among cheerleaders But Merminia is about mermaids Not about how cool it would be, to be a mermaid, so you could take a selfie with a tail If I had ten thumbs, I d stick them all up for this feat alone YA s desperately need books that focus on character development on the deeper level, and do not just sprout catchphrases and wax lyrically about beauty and boys On that note I lll add that I couldn t tell that this was an Indie book It has been meticulously edited and crafted The narrative voice is strong and smooth, but the most outstanding part of Emm Cole s writing is her ability to knock you on your tail with some prolific sentiments, usually within character dialogue, that are truly touching For the first time ever I actually highlighted stuff I love her because I trust that she is the same person, no matter what company she is in Aramis Ahh SWOON My life has always been mine, Merconius The fates may play their games of magic and will death and terror as they please But my mistakes or triumphs cannot be owned by them or you I have nothing but pity for your emptiness.If you had all the power and control you seek, you would still never feel happy or whole Selinne I know a few people who I d like to tattoo this onto while they sleep, lol Protecting our people means never hiding from a fight, Bayren Protecting your conscience means you should never go in search of one either Whoah See why I love Aramis Merminia is the mermaid book that every other mermaid book aspires to be This is the real deal fans of The Little Mermaid, Mer cosplay enthusiasts and romantic fantasy readers are going to love this There is beauty without glitter, death without suffering, drama without becoming maudlin, sadness without angst and darkness without shadow In an ocean full of Indie authors, Emm Cole has emerged as a bona fide writer, and I eagerly look forward to reading all of her future works. In An Underwater World That Is As Beautiful As It Is Ruthless, The Mertribes Are Not About To Make Peace With Each Other Selinne Is A Mermaid Who Is Certain She Can Take Care Of Herself But When She Is Captured By The Bloodthirsty Litiants, She Finds Unlikely Help From Gabriel, A Warrior Who Appears As Indifferent As He Is Handsome As Selinne Struggles To Make Sense Of The Good And Evil Around Her, She Discovers That There Is No Escaping Love Or Her Place In The Raging War Of The Sea Merminia, by Emm Cole is definitely a treasure, a very unique one at that I can honestly say I have never read a book about mermaids before, and I never even have seen a mermaid fantasy, suspense, romance novel before Of course, both of our daughters loved the Disney mermaid, but that was for little girls This book will actually grab your attention from the first page, and will keep your attention well until the end Emm Cole really has a tasteful, fresh, creative style that is written so well, you will see each character in front of you, each segment of the story played out right before your eyes, and the images are not easily forgotten.Each character is very descriptively detailed, and all pretty easy to like, and maybe even adore They all fit together nicely, Selinne, being the main character A confident, maybe a little stubborn, and has lots of determination, this mermaid is actually the type of main character females of all ages admire Gabriel, is a warrior, who Selinne, and the reader , will end up falling head over heels in love with, or head over fins Mermaids and Mermen, have the same types of issues, dilemmas, struggles, drama and feelings as humans do Parts of the storyline, the characters personalities, and the atmosphere are created in such a way that we can relate And at the same time, this alluring tale will provide a place for you to escape the real world, for just a while, until the end.I would hope there is a 2nd volume on the way very soon I would definitely be interested in reading it I think this is an excellent series that will prove to stand the test of time and will capture the hearts of many, many fans Young adult, fantasy, suspense, fairy tale fans Even drama, romance, and adventure fans will find that this is well worth your time

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Merminia (Merminia, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Emm Cole author readers around the world.

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