Mean Streak

Mean Streak5 STARS image error Friends don t let friends read Sandra Brown It was my first.Never again Lesson learned. From New York Times Best Selling Author Sandra Brown Comes A Heart Pounding Story Of Survival, That Takes The Age Old Question, Does The End Justify The Means And Turns It On Its HeadDr Emory Charbonneau, A Pediatrician And Marathon Runner, Disappears On A Mountain Road In North Carolina By The Time Her Husband Jeff, Miffed Over A Recent Argument, Reports Her Missing, The Trail Has Grown Cold Literally Fog And Ice Encapsulate The Mountainous Wilderness And Paralyze The Search For HerWhile Police Suspect Jeff Of Instant Divorce, Emory, Suffering From An Unexplained Head Injury, Regains Consciousness And Finds Herself The Captive Of A Man Whose Violent Past Is So Dark That He Won T Even Tell Her His Name She S Determined To Escape Him, And Willing To Take Any Risks Necessary To SurviveUnexpectedly, However, The Two Have A Dangerous Encounter With People Who Adhere To A Code Of Justice All Their Own At The Center Of The Dispute Is A Desperate Young Woman Whom Emory Can T Turn Her Back On, Even If It Means Breaking The Law Wrong Becomes Right At The Hands Of The Man Who Strikes Fear, But Also Sparks PassionAs Her Husband S Deception Is Revealed, And The FBI Closes In On Her Captor, Emory Begins To Wonder If The Man With No Name Is, In Fact, Her Rescuer From Those Who Wish Her Dead And From HeartbreakCombining The Nail Biting Suspense And Potent Storytelling That Has Made Sandra Brown One Of The World S Best Loved Authors, MEAN STREAK Is A Wildly Compelling Novel About Love, Deceit, And The Choices We Must Make In Order To Survive Dr Emory Charbonneau, preparing for an upcoming marathon, disappears while on a twenty mile run in the high mountain altitude of North Carolina Suffering from a concussion, she wakes in a hut with a man who claims he found her unconscious in the snow, and who refuses to give her his name With no phone, no way of communicating with the outside world, and with thick fog and heavy, falling snow, it is impossible to leave.As usual in a Sandra Brown thriller there are twists and turns, red herrings and suspects aplenty When a seemingly random incident occurs and Emory and her captor become involved in an emergency, the pace amps up and the story jumps from what I thought was going to be for Sandra Brown a fairly ordinary story.Great secondary characters particularly Special Agent Jack Connell of the FBI, and the tag team of Knight and Grange the local law enforcement officers investigating Emory s disappearance , and even the characterisations of two local rednecks a sizzling romance, a page turning plot, and Mean Streak doesn t disappoint Add in another of Ms Brown s appealingly taciturn, quietly heroic, deeply honorable heroes, and in true Sandra Brown fashion, a twist at the end, and all the ingredients are there for another brilliant read Interestingly, readers don t find out the name of the hero till around 70% The only small issue I had with this story was at first, the reasons for the hero s actions and motivations weren t compelling enough.How after 70 books this lady still manages to wow me is a feat in itself My favourite romantic suspense author for many years now, Ms Brown has written some of the very best romantic thrillers suspense around Though not quite up to Deadline, last year s release and my recent favourite, Mean Streak is another well scripted, taut thriller blended with just the right amount of romance by the Reigning Queen of the genre Highly recommended.Steam 2.5 3 ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley Dr Emory Charbonneau, a pediatrician and marathon runner, disappears on a mountain road in North Carolina Her husband, Jeff, does not report her missing for a few days and then the trail is gone cold While police suspect Jeff of instant divorce, Emory, suffering from an unexplained head injury, regains consciousness and finds herself the captive of a man whose violent past is so dark that he won t even tell her his name She s determined to escape him, and willing to take any risks necessary to survive. I really enjoyed this book Loved the main characters Really did not know which way it was going to end I won t say too much This one kept me on my toes, wondering and guessing all the way Blood washes out, most of the time Her heart clutched with a foreboding of disaster to which she had no time to react before skyrockets of pain exploded inside her He d spent a night with her that he would die remembering.He would revisit it a million times in his fantasies 4.5 Stars Well played Sandra Brown..well played Kudos for the jaw dropping revelations You really got me a few times Not that it s that hard This was definitely veering off the path of what I normally read but I really enjoyed it Could have done with a bit romance but the story kept me engaged and had me guessing until the very last page Story Rating 5 Stars Hero Rating 5 Stars Heroine Rating 5 Stars Romance Rating 4 Stars Heat Level 3.5 StarsEnding 5 Stars Overall Rating 5, HE ALWAYS DID WHAT HE SAID STARS Mean Streak was an AMAZING read for me The story starts off with the heroine Emory and her husband Jeff having an argument over her training and running marathons Right off the bat I STRONGLY disliked her husband, he was so self absorbed, I wanted to smack him upside his head When Emory gets ready to leave to go on a training run through some mountain paths they had a cold goodbye The next morning, Emory is off for her run and while doing so she is struck on the head from behind and is left for dead laying in the bitter cold When she awakes she finds herself in a one room shack with a strange man in it At first she is scared shitless and trying to remember what happened The man is huge and she is quite afraid of what he will do to her She wants to call home but he tells her he has no phone She wants to go home but the weather is very bad and he refuses to drive her He won t tell her a thing about himself, not even his name What he does do is treat her with tenderness, taking care of her because of her series head injury They end up getting closer as a few days pass She even does somethings that she would never do in order for them to help someone out.As the story goes on, we get a feeling that her mystery man has done some very violent acts and is hiding from the law At this point I was dying to know exactly what he did and for gosh sake could I get his name This story had twists and turns than a snowy mountain road leaving me wondering again as to who is behind all this My favorite character was the hero Hayes Yes he has a name and it was far into the book before we are told He was so protective and caring to the heroine throughout this whole read He definitely has a mean streak but only to those who have done wrong When his whole story came out, I was surprised once again I thought this whole twist was wonderfully done, I did not see this coming at all and it only made me love him.The heroine Emory was an excellent character too She was very smart and willing to trust Hayes as much as she possibly could She was kind and very giving to those in need When push came to shove she stayed loyal and true to Hayes.What also surprised me was the heat level I went into this read thinking it would be low but that was not the case at all This book is not riddled up with sex scenes but the few that I got were very sensual and heated I could really feel the attraction between them and loved reading how it became.The last 30% of the book was PHENOMENAL Just when I thought I knew who the villain was a HUGE curve ball was thrown at me, one I never saw coming.The epilogue was FANTASTIC, it wrapped everything up perfectly and leaving me thinking WOW I could hardly believe what I just read This was my second Sandra Brown book and I like to thank Mo for recommending it to me THANK YOU MO Now I need you to give me another SB recommendation PLEASE because this most definitely will not be my last SB read. Hayes Emory These are intriguing and perfect character names to take us on a thrilling romantic ride I m new to this genre, but Sandra Brown does this so well How good is this Sorry, Doc.For what Keeping you awake.I haven t complained.So, you want me to stop No.Don t stop this No God no Don t don t stop.You ll have to be the one who says you ve had enough.I m not there yet.Good because I can t stop. Given my newness to this racy romance thriller thing, I noticed in a flash that it was following the same vein as Lethal, bad but oh so good guy taking a lovely woman seemingly against her will as we watch a delicious build up I wonder if this is a common way to go with this genre I loved the sexy bits that Emory thought back upon for us to savour like the above quote, short and hot My reading experience with this one was pure escapism, hey, all of my books probably do this in some way or another, but this one really took me away I think it s the wanting to know what is happening in the thriller side of things, but it s also the wanting of the bad guy too Who doesn t love a bad boy Read this one, it s stormy, dark and a little frantic Wait these seem to be traits of mine Look out Loved it. Okay, I know what you re thinking Another 5 star rating for Sandra Brown How could that be right Well this woman writes some pretty amazing books Where to begin.I don t think it really is fair for me to give too much detail about the plot For starters I really wouldn t know where to begin with this one Then of course I wouldn t want to give anything away because IMO with a suspense novel, one little thing could really ruin it for you.I m going to try and just give you some tidbits so that you can get a feel for this one At the center of this story is Dr Emory Charbonneau She is a woman that is driven and most would say she has a very rewarding life But one aspect of her life that seems to have some cracks in it is her marriage As her life starts to spin in a different direction than her husband Jeff s, things become strained between them Needing time apart Emory heads out for a 2 day strenuous mountain run in preparation for an upcoming marathon With challenging conditions surrounding her, within a split second something happens and Emory finds herself at the mercy of stranger Trapped with him in his cabin, this man has Emory questioning every gut feeling that surfaces, every instinctual reaction she has He evokes a sense of attraction in her that she finds herself fighting against As Emory starts to lose ground to this attraction she finds herself in situations that are a complete contradictions to who she is I m not going to lie this one had my head spinning a bit The suspense, the plot twists and the romantic undercurrent kept every one of my sleuthing skills in check But the bonus in this one is that there was a bit of a mystery within the mystery The hero was a bit dark in a sexy way and cryptic too This provoked even intrigue and made that piece of the story alluring.Right along with the amazing main characters we are given some pretty fantastic secondary characters that feed into a subplot that colors the story perfectly There were a couple crazy ass hillbillies Will and Norman and two local investigators Knight and Grange These two I loved In the midst of the mystery they offered a tiny bit of humor with a floor show they had going on And finally.It will only take reading one book by SB to realize that the romance and sex will always remain in the shadow of the suspense But and this is a HUGE but don t allow yourself to be fooled that she won t be able to elicit some of the same feelings that you get when reading your typical sexy romantic novel SB creates a different level of sexual tension and passion It is all in the seduction. 4.5 Stars

See this thread for information Sandra Brown is the author of than sixty New York Times bestsellers, including STING 2016 , FRICTION 2015 , MEAN STREAK 2014 , DEADLINE 2013 , LOW PRESSURE 2012 , LETHAL 2011.Brown began her writing career in 1981 and since then has published over seventy novels, bringing the number of copies of her books in print worldwide to upwards of eighty million Her work has been translated into over thirty languages.In 2009 Brown detoured from romantic suspense to write, Rainwater, a much acclaimed, powerfully moving historical fiction story about honor and sacrifice during the Great Depression.Brown was given an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Texas Christian University She was named Thriller Master for 2008, the top award given by the International Thriller Writer s Association Other awards and commendations include the 2007 Texas Medal of Arts Award for Literature and the Romance Writers of America s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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