Mayas Secret (Four Friends Forever, #1)

Mayas Secret (Four Friends Forever, #1) Maya Plans To Stage A Fashion Show For Her School Project And Can T Wait To Tell Her Friends About It The Problem Is, To Make It Work She S Going To Have To Tell Them Truth About Who She Really Is A Fabulous New Series For Year Old Girls From The Bestselling Holly Webb About Friendship In An Environmentally Challenged World How Do You Save The Planet When Your Parents Have A Private Jet And Couldn T Live Without Their Outdoor Swimming Pool What If You Really Want To Be A Vegetarian But You Love Bacon Sandwiches Sooo Much Thank Goodness You Ve Got Your Best Friends To Help You

Holly Webb is the author of Dog Magic, Cat Magic, and Lost in the Snow She has always loved animals and owns two very spoiled cats They haven t said a word to her yet, but she s always listening, just in case She lives in England.

[BOOKS] ✸ Mayas Secret (Four Friends Forever, #1)  By Holly Webb –
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Mayas Secret (Four Friends Forever, #1)
  • Holly Webb
  • English
  • 15 February 2019
  • 9780857631053

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    An excellent read for kids about fairtrade commerce, sustainability, child labour, equity and what can be done to be respectful inhabitant of this limited resources planet.

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    In the first book of the series, we meet the group of girls, Maya, Poppy, Emily and additional member Izzy a new shy girl who usually keeps to herself but the group get made to work together for a school project all about fair trade and the girls sure do share a passion for their campaign As they organize and fund their campaign through their ideas and hard work they find they just might be able to achieve the impossibleThe book focused on Maya and how she struggles to accept Izzy into her friendship group and also how she reveals a huge family secret and discover a her true friends from testing her pals It was a great quick read and a fun but meaningful storyline with relevant issues raised.

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    Holly Webb wrote the Animal Stories series, which too date is all I have read by her, this time she writes about friendship, and there are a lack of the four legged creatures about The first in a series, naturally enough with high drama for the eight year old set An engaging read that should be appreciated to the target market age, if fairly forgettable.

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    Such a great book It had an amazing message Defiantly finishing the series

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    A story full of friendship.

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    Wow, I hated Maya Dear lord that kid was annoying And the whole book wasn t that good either Sure, I expected some of that let s save the world, but instead most of the book was about it and it came over really pedantic I just got annoyed at her and how she was pushing her stuff to people especially her mom , I really hate it when people do that Sure, you can tell me about your problems and the world s problems, BUT don t expect me to fix my habits or expect me to change just because YOU say so NO Just NO.Oh boohoo sniffle cry boohoo my swimming pool is heated, oh boohoo chlorine rolls eyes But I LOVE the pool, but it is BAD, Oh No what to do urgh And she felt soooo guilty because she was wearing bad stuff God Girl, really You didn t know that, so why are you feeling guilty You can t save the world on your own you know And why does she care so much that her friends don t know about her parents Sure your mom is a big shot celebrity, but if they are truly your friends they wouldn t care about such things So just bring them home And stop trying to hide whatever your mom or dad does.Luckily quite a bit of the book is about that fashion show, and thank lord, while there still was still preaching it wasn t that much Though we got enough other drama. sighs And in the end, that secret, that was such a big deal Was barely touched upon, and in the end turned out to be worth nothing, because they were her friends and they didn t care well sure they squealed, but they didn t think any different of Maya So that was just blergh.Didn t particularly like it that they had to get in Maya s mum because of publicity and such not working It felt a bit stupid and off Like those kids couldn t do it by themselves Though it was kind of expected, since of course they had to have the secret come out.I also hated Ali and her attitude Mostly you don t see much of her, but during the end she turned up to be quite a big bitch.Would I recommend this book No Unless you don t mind being preached about environment and that kind of stuff It felt like this book was just a promotional folder about ethical fair trade environment stuff.Review first posted at

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    Ja nech pem, o ten svet vid na Holly Webb al ia kniha od nej, a nem to ani hlavu ani p tu E te z pletka celkom u la, o babe, ktor je dc rou kedysi zn mej celebrity, a teraz sa prestahovali a chod na in kolu, kde o tom nikto nevie a ona je tomu rada Ale potom 15 stranov elabor t o Fair Trade obchodoch len tak bez ladu a skladu nal dovan inform cie, ktor ako e neviem, ak pocity maj vo mne vyvola , ale ja som ostal zm ten A potom school project o Fair trade v robkoch, akoze, cooo Nech pem, ale e v bec DNF po 50 stran ch 25%

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