Marvels Thor - The Dark World Prelude

Marvels Thor - The Dark World Prelude One Volume Collecting The Official Adaptation Of Marvel S Thor And An All New Adventure Leading You Directly Into The Upcoming Marvel Studios Blockbuster THOR THE DARK WORLD First, Get Introduced To The World Of Asgard And Witness The Origin Of Marvel S Mightiest Hero Then, Find Out What Happened To Your Favorite Asgardians Between The Events Of THOR And MARVEL S THE AVENGERS Featuring Thor, Loki, Odin, Heimdall, Jane Foster, Sif, The Warriors ThreeLLECTING Marvel S Thor Adaptation, Marvel S Thor The Dark World Prelude, Thor God Of Thunder

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Marvels Thor - The Dark World Prelude book, this is one of the most wanted Craig Kyle author readers around the world.

✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Marvels Thor - The Dark World Prelude  By Craig Kyle ⚣ –
  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • Marvels Thor - The Dark World Prelude
  • Craig Kyle
  • English
  • 08 October 2017
  • 9780785153788

10 thoughts on “Marvels Thor - The Dark World Prelude

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    1.5 starsThis was a far worse offering than Green Lantern The Movie Prequels Even if that one was a dorky tie in, there was an attempt to throw in new material Or at the very least it tried to appeal to non comic book readers who maybe don t already know the characters backstories This turd The first bit is nothing than a poorly cobbled together rehash of the first Thor moviewith a bit of the Avengers movie thrown in for good measure.And it s not even done well It s pasted together in a way that s abrupt and confusing.And I ve SEEN the movies Besides, according to the friggin title, this is supposed to be a prelude to the Dark World movie.I assumed this was going to tell the stories that happened in the time between the Thor Avengers movies and the Dark World movie.Was I wrong to think that Ok, in fairness, there is a teeny section in the middle that shows Odin using Dark Matter to get Thor back to Earth to fight Loki, Agent Coulson sending Jane off to Norway, Loki being sentenced by Odin, and Thor using the Tesseract to reinstate the Rainbow Bridge.But it was all squished together, and none of these stories were fleshed out in the least.What I thought was to be the majority of this book, was all smooshed into a two issue money grab.The last bit is Thor God of Thunder 13 It s not a bad story at all, but it of an intro into an actual comic book, and doesn t really fit with the volume.Mainly because it s a coherent storyline.I think this is a waste of money.Even if you re a huge fan of the movies and you don t regularly read the real books.However, other people have given this thing high ratings, so maybe I m wrong.Not Recommended for People Who Read Comics Movie Fans Only

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    It was just okay graphic novels aren t normally my thing tried the Twilight one way back when, it was alright but I thought I d give this one a shot.There was a couple scenes I liked but I was mostly bored through this Found myself skimming some pages Also wasn t a fan of the artwork, felt like it could have been better.2.5 stars, not horrible but not great either.

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    The title calls this book of sorts a prelude and it was, in every essence of the word I don t know Here I am, still trying to fathom the idea of all this happening between the Avengers and the upcoming movie Thor 2 The Dark World November 8th, just BTW I admire Thor as a central protagonist, but I will be lying if I said that my heart does not go out to Loki And Odin Oh Gods, Odin In an EP of the movie, we saw that he was sad about sending Thor to Earth, but it was something he had to do In this, we see how he had totally unclaimed Loki as his son actually ordering him to spend the rest of his life in the dungeons, addressing his as Loki Laufeyson And this struck me in the most uncomfortable of ways Primarily because the way he sounded, it seemed as though he thinks Loki did what he did because he was a Frost Giant by nature Sure it was Laufey that brought him up, Odin Not you He neglects to remember that HE raised him.I love how scenes from the movie were drawn I love finding out how the Tesseract was used I love Tony Stark s addition to the comic relief with mention of Game of Thrones.I suppose any person interested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would love this as much as I did It s short though, but totally worth a read SUMMER READ LIST 2013 8

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    I liked the comic book but it was pretty much just the first thor movie but in comic form, the only part that was not from the movie was a small story about Malekith the dark elf ,we get a little bit of a backstory about him but there wasn t much too it , i was really hoping for but it was still an interesting read.

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    I don t see the point in the way these TPBs include a rehash of the movies I can t imagine someone trying to get into MCU via the comics they just fill in the gaps so anyone who s reading the comics has seen the films, and is probably fairly geeky about them to be getting the comics , and won t need the summary.Anyway, the actual new content links together Thor, Avengers, and then Thor The Dark World It gives us just a glimpse of where everyone s at, and how they got there As I said, I can t see this as an introduction to the movies but as a bit of promo for The Dark World, it works well.

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    Actual rating 3.75 starsIn addition to the two part prelude to Thor The Dark World, this graphic novel also contains the two part adaption of the movie Thor as well as Thor God of Thunder 13.The Thor TDW prelude was definitely the high point for me, as it bridges the gaps between the first Thor movie and The Avengers and then from The Avengers to Thor TDW.Can t say that I d recommend it to non MCU fans, though, as I felt it could be a bit confusing to those not already familiar with the movies.

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    In anticipation of watching Thor Ragnarok and hosting a Marvel fandom program for our teens at the library , I picked up this volume to refresh my Marvel memory I found it to be a visually appealing recap of the first Thor movie with a recap of events of the first Avengers movie as well I especially like the time spent in Asgard and among the other realms As a bonus, this volume includes a bonus story The Accursed, Part 1 from Thor God of Thunder, while not for the faint of heart there are some images that are graphically violent pits Thor against one of his foes the dark elf named Malekith, who is definitely a worthy opponent and unlike Loki, a villain you ll find no sympathy for who is hellbent on destruction across the nine realms.

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    I bought and read this book purely for the love and affection that I have for one cheery, norse faced, blessed with the enthusiasm of a young labrador version of an Avenger It basically re narrates what happened in the first THOR movie, throws in a bit of interesting details that we missed out Dr Jane Foster s almost successful attempt to make a wormhole into Asgard, how the Asgardians learn that Loki is alive, vile as ever and in possession of the Tesseract, how Odin reconnects the nine realms without the Bifrost etc and also has a chapter devoted to the rise of Malekith, the accursed Dark Elf.So yes, in essence, it is a prelude to the second THOR movie.

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    Although the movies might seem a bit jarring,because we don t really get an explanation of what exactly happened between Thor 1 and Thor 2,this comic offers abit of insight so we can understand better.We see Darcy and Jane attempting to make a bifrost portal and Thor restoring peace in the realms,something we only glimpsed at in Thor 2.I didn t really fancy the bit with dark elves at the end though.It felt really unnecessary and I wished they had stayed closer to the movie.

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