Mango & Bambang (Mango & Bambang #2)

Mango & Bambang (Mango & Bambang #2) The first thing that struck me about the book was the beautiful, almost 1950s, design throughout Clara Vulliamy s artwork is just gorgeous and takes the words further in many places as much as Faber steps back at times and lets the art do the talking Bambang is just glorious to look at but so is the stuffed crocodile, the young couple in love and the great golden monkey statue don t be fooled by the simplistic from cover, Vulliamy is a highly skilled illustrator and I want to see of her work I found myself instantly reminded of Paddington Bear in that we have Bambang, a tapir, who is often at a loss at how to fit into city life Mango, as patient and as caring as you could possibly be, makes for a wonderful partner and although she dresses with great style she tends to relax through going through some of her karate moves Equally, Vulliamy adds in some boys playing ballet too and I liked the fact that, implicitly, both author and writer play at challenging those gendered norms The style of writing itself is very good Faber respects the reader uses an engaging range of vocabulary and plenty of humour just because it s a short collection of stories all interlinked does not mean that it s for a beginner reader and yet the reading of it makes for a celebration of rich language and storytelling I look forward to of their adventures I don t always put children book on my reading list, but when I do, it s really a good one I bought this book because Bambang is a very Indonesian name Well, here, Bambang is a great, smart, kindhearted tapir who s friend with a little girl called Mango The stories are simple but unusual and lovely I also really really love the duo tone illustration. Bambang s adventure continues in Tapir All at Sea and the second book is just as wonderful as the first I feel in love with Mango Bambang last year and have been eagerly awaiting their next set of adventures.Tapir All at Sea contains four stories for you to enjoy, either in one sitting like me or as separate treats Bambang remains impossibly endearing by getting in muddles as only he can There is dancing plus Dr Cynthia Prickle Posset returns and she hasn t forgotten about Bambang being the perfect collector item.Clara Vulliamy illustrations are magic, they just work so perfectly with Polly Faber s story.I hope there are many books to come. This is a combo review for Mango Bambang book 1 and book 2 I spotted this book over at twitter and was instantly interested A book about a girl and a tapir A tapir Really I had to check this one out A lot of books just feature the standard animals, cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, or dragons and unicorns if one would go to fantasy land , but I haven t spotted one that has a tapir Mango is a brave, sweet, wonderful, smart girl who lives with her father She is the type who will try anything and everything, and also won t give up instantly She just keeps trying, even when it is hard or difficult One day while in the city she meets a tapir who was trying to become one with the Zebra Crossing, though maybe we should just all call it Tapir Crossing considering how well the tapir blends in it , and after a bunch of talking seriously, this girl is super brave to stand up for what she wants to do, even protecting someone she doesn t yet know that well they go to her home, and become fast friends.I didn t expect Bambang to talk, but for some reason I didn t mind It quickly became something normal and fun to see Bambang talk about everything The books are separated in various short stories, however I am not sure if you could read them randomly, I am sure you would miss certain events that happened previously Like how they met, or that evil doctor woman who likes to collect certain things You would also be a bit curious about the whole dad situation I loved that the books were separated with short stories We get to know the characters , and we see them having a fun day or a fun time, or something happens It is just something different from what normal books do chapters one continuous story and I hope the other Tapir books please let there be will also keep this format.I have to say that I didn t always like Bambang, at times I found him annoying or an idiot I mean, you know that going outside is dangerous, yet you just go out like that But mostly I did like him, he was an interesting character, though I wondered about his life before Mango Where did he live in the jungle Does he miss his family Who is his family I had quite a few laughs at his hat addiction, a tapir loving hats and even have various of them for different situations I loved how sweet and kind he was towards Mango, how he cheered her up, how he was there for her, how they had a great big time together I had quite a few laughs at all the people who apparently couldn t figure out what a tapir was, and kept referencing him as beast or pig How can you get that wrong Poor Bambang.Mm, what Ah yes, the illustrations, I just loved those They fitted the book perfectly and they were fun to look at I also loved the fact that the books were mostly black white but had one colour theme per book For instance the first book stuff is coloured in purple black white, while the second book is red black white I can t wait to see what the next colour will be.Ah yes, the last thing, while reading this book it just gave of vibes of books likes Ottoline and Goth Girl Two series I both loved Would I recommend this series Yes, yes I would If you are looking for an adorable, cute, fluffy, and fun read, then read this one Review first posted at Mango Allsorts is a kind young girl who adopts a lost tapir and brings him home to live with her They share her apartment with Mango s father, who is always busy in his study This allows the two companions the freedom to get into all sorts of adventures.The four chapters involve many challenges and characters Mango and Bambang explore their talents and discover a tapir has some surprising attributes Although he s not good at baking cakes or ballet, Bambang is an amazing flamenco dancer, a master at howling, and a strong swimmer Unfortunately, Bambang is not worldly wise When the sound of tapir music calls to him in the night and the smell of delicious food wafts under the door he follows his trunk like snout This leads him into the clutches of Dr Cynthia Prickle Posset, an unpleasant collector of the unusual The ensuing drama and heroic antics lead to a triumphant finale Charming, retro style illustrations may remind some older readers of the Milly Molly Mandy books The plentiful black, white and red pictures are eye catching The artist develops the tapir from a shy animal into a talented and brave personality he s adorable Mango is shown as a girl who protects and cares for her friend in the face of various dangers Remarkably, she remains tidy and clean throughout all their escapades.An attractive hardback publication complete with a dust jacket, red page edges, and a stitched binding This junior novel just begs to be picked up and shared with young readers.Reviewed by Jean Bennett Bookrapt Violet and I both love these books they are the perfect balance of lovely illustration, wonderful characters, and entertaining stories. Charming What can I say I am a huge fan of Tapirs and a book, be it a childrens book, that has them in it I will read Mango And Bambang S Adventures Continue In The Second Book Of This Charming Illustrated Series About A Little Girl And A Tapir, Written By Polly Faber And Illustrated By Clara Vulliamy Mango Allsorts Is A Girl Good At All Sorts Of Things, Especially Helping A Tapir Feel At Home In A Busy City Bambang Is That Tapir And He S Getting Braver Every Day Join Then For Their Daring Escapades, Involving Dogs, Dancing, Diamond Rings And A Dangerous Old Enemy

Polly Faber is a children s book blogger and volunteer reading helper through the charity Beanstalk With her family, she looks after her very own tiny free library outside their house in North London.

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  • Hardcover
  • 142 pages
  • Mango & Bambang (Mango & Bambang #2)
  • Polly Faber
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  • 17 November 2018

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