Mandatory Laxative #14

Mandatory Laxative #14 LOL A Zine About Lunchables And Satanismincludes The Following Stories Pain Is Only Temporary Unless It Is Chronic A Scene Where A Guy Goes To A Colonics Clinic, Falls In Love With The Cashier, And Almost Ends Up Shooting A Fountain Of Coffee From His AssSleep Letter ZeroLetter To FreddyI Am A Satanist And I Like Toast Because It Is Cult And EvilSomeday This Could Be YouI Love LunchablesLate At Night With Dwight DinglesonRemember The Alamo, MotherfuckerTwo Men Discuss Low Calorie Pizza Before A Ritual Satanism KillingThis Knife Means Fucking BusinessChili Sweats At Aerie The Inevitability Of An Accidental Saline Enema It s hard to do Jon Konrath justice in a review because he is an evil, evil man I Am A Satanist and I Like Toast Because It Is Cult and Evil kind of sums up what s so great about him It s about 100 words long, but it s so much Basically if Napoleon Dynamite could figure out how to read Bukowski, and then watched a bunch of episodes of Liquid Television while ODing on Bendryl, that s what this is And you want it bad You want it soooooooo bad. Pretty much exactly what I expected awesome.For those of you who don t know, Jon Konrath is a special person He writes pretty awesome stuff and you should read it This was exactly that pretty awesome.I think I ll say it again just in case you missed the point THIS SHIT IS AWESOME.I would like to thank Jon Konrath s mother for birthing him I would also like to thank my husband for listening to me read this zine aloud while slightly drunk Special recognition goes out to NyQuil and Lunchables for their cooperation in this venture Without you this zine would never have happened.To end this review I d like to say to those of you who have never read Konrath you re a horrible person and should probably drink bleach Read Jon Konrath He will enlighten, delight, and touch you In places you want to be touched but would never ask a strange weirdo who lives in California to touch you.Much love Manda blessed SpaceShuttle TacoBell4Life This is funny as hell Just a short burst of some of the best kind of examples of why I follow Konrath s writing so closely Crazy, warped pop culture blasting back at everything that shoves it down our throats incessantly Plus, it s a zine I m old enough to get all nostalgic about that and like it just for that alone, but it s also really cool You should read it, but you can t borrow my copy I know you never return stuff. Thanks to Jon Konrath for doing that thing he does If you are familiar with his work, and are not too rigid to enjoy it, this zine is a party on paper.Here is an alternate review I prefer to read Konrath while riding my bicycle into brick walls, blasting grindcore into my ears and pouring 11% double IPA down my throat As a result, I plan to sue myself for mental and physical abuse, using the funds to start my own mail order bride service, specializing in half nigerian, half dutch buddhist women from Texas, while I continue the search for my own satanic toaster. I read it backwards, and my sleep letter is Maybe I was upside down 999 Know what amene Read this while on the shitter.

Jon Konrath has written and published a dozen or so books, including Summer Rain and Rud to Exist He is the principal of Paragraph Line Books and editor of the literary journal Paragraph Line , and written for many other zines and publications He is also an inventor, computer programmer, and amateur x ray technician He lives in Oakland, and has bought 40 acres of land in

❰KINDLE❯ ❂ Mandatory Laxative #14  Author Jon Konrath –
  • Paperback
  • 20 pages
  • Mandatory Laxative #14
  • Jon Konrath
  • English
  • 11 August 2019

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