Lust (Seven Deadly Sins, #1)

Lust (Seven Deadly Sins, #1) It Was A Fresh Start, And As A Recent Graduate From The Charleston School Of Law, It Was A Way To Pad Her Resume With A High Powered New York Law Firm But Most Of All, It Was Away From HimThe Last Thing She Needed Was Another Relationship, Especially Since Her Devastating Break Up With Her Master, Benton Frazier Burned One Too Many Times, This Submissive Was Ready To Put Her Past Behind Her She Just Never Figured On CarltonLiz Could Have Easily Taken A Local Job Offer In Charleston However, Since Her Brother Waited For Her To Graduate, It Was Now His Time To Pursue His Fashion Career In New York City Now That Her Parents Were Gone, Palmer Was All She Had Everything Seemed To Be Falling Into Place Until She Met Him Now, All She Can Think About Is CarltonCarlton Was Dreamy Handsome, Rugged, And Well Dressed Deep Brown Eyes The Color Of Chocolate, And The Silken Voice With A Hint Of An English Accent That Simply Drove Her Crazy But She Soon Finds Out That Carlton Is Much Than He Appeared To BeAlthough Not Her First Choice, New York Did Offer Her A Way To Pad Her Resume While Her Brother Completed His Education Besides, Getting Away From Her Relationship With Benton Frazier Was Just What The Doctor Ordered

I obsess over all things naughty and spontaneous Growing up in the deep Romantic South, I was raised in a prominent family who prided themselves on their ability to appear normal to other socialites.In the eyes of those who see me in the luxurious downtown Charleston shops, I am the typical southern woman In the eyes of those who know me best, I am a sensual creature who thrives on spontaneous s

[EPUB] ✰ Lust (Seven Deadly Sins, #1)  Author Laura Cooper –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 54 pages
  • Lust (Seven Deadly Sins, #1)
  • Laura Cooper
  • English
  • 22 January 2019

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    well. 2.5 stars. but it really had potential Im thinking if it would have stopped where it did, it would have been a great read its good and worth the read but would have liked it to be longer Im sure the next books will fill out both leading characters. so as first book yeah decent enough to read. and intriguing enough that you will prolly want to read to just to see what happens with the couple. BDSM barely touched on it. enjoy

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    This book is ridiculous and silly, and that s a good thing At the end, the writer says it s supposed to read like a soap opera It totally hits that mark Don t take it too seriously Just like a daytime soap, you can totally get into this completely unrealistic office romance 3 1 2 stars.

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    3.5 STARSThis is my first read from Laura Cooper and it was an interesting one, it did keep me entertained The first of seven in what the author calls soap opera story and this is exactly what this is Lust, the first installment pretty much describes it Carlton is strange, I can t quite decide on him yet but maybe further on in the next installment might open him up a little It was a good read Short and sweet.

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    Night Owl Review 4 1 2 Stars Original Review Published here Lust is the first book in the Seven Deadly Sins series by Laura B Cooper Liz moved to New York shortly after she graduated from law school for multiple reasons One of the reasons was to get away from her former master Benton Frazier Liz stubbles upon Carlton and maybe he is a good distraction.Liz is a smart and sexy woman who puts her family before anything She moves to New York because her brother Parker is working on his fashion career As a submissive, she has had a tough time with her last master She wants to start her life fresh.Carlton is a partner in the law firm where Liz works and lives in the same building as Liz Carlton is a hot, sexy man with a great English accent While he has his own issues, he has fallen for Liz.The chemistry between Liz and Carlton is explosive The sex scenes were sizzling hot Liz and Carlton make a good match in and out of the bedroom I loved that Carlton did not want to make Liz uncomfortable at work and respected the boundaries she set because of it.Overall, I really liked this story I loved how the author incorporated the title into the story I found this to be a very well written stale and I cannot wait for the rest of the books in the series.

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    We have a rich brooding guy who is socially awkward that is new and a southern girl who is starting fresh Basically guy likes girl girl does not want a relationship even though the guy is hot I like the story it drags you in kicking and screaming what I did not like was the shortness There seems to be a run on serial stories and it is agravating for people who like 600 page books and now has to wait a week or 2 for the next installment.Now is this story worth it yes and no I want to know what happens however this story is forgettable enough for me to not wait and never look back unless i hear about it or something brings me back to the author Which is a shame because this is definitely a good story and something that interested me from the beginning and not 2 or 3 pages in.

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    2 stars When I met you I can t explain it, but I felt like you were the friend I needed Lust at first sight, pretty much exactly what I was expecting, a hot little read that sated a need for all things sexyBUT this was a little bit involved that what I originally thought First this is the beginning of the series, so in a way it kinda makes sense that it begins with lust throw in an adorable gay brother, two dogs who seem to be caught up in their own little world and there was still something missing for me, making it just an okay read I know there is to this story, but I m not really too keen on finding out what, if there are seven deadly sins than that means there six books, not sure if it s all about the same couple, but I ll skip for now.

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    I did like this short story I originally thought each book would be on a different characterwith that said I m happy to read another story on Liz and Carlton BUTI hate that they are charging 99cents to buy book 2 when it s like 60 pages all the other books are short as well 6 books at 99cents a pop I also cheap with spending my to buy books even though I love to read on my kindle, sometimes I feel like they are trying to take advantage of us by doing this..I did like Carlton..and I liked Liz too Very smart and tough Palmer too of course I would like to read about him too Anyone notice all the exclamation points in this Omg I was laughing at them all.

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    I love a short that is so interesting you get completely lost in the story Only a few pages to read and you are so caught up that you hate it to end This is one of those stories for me.I can t wait to read on and see what happens next in Liz and Carlton s romance Carlton is a very interesting character I want to read about I love that thought it was predictable it was still totally different from what you predict Cooper did a great job and I can t wait to read on

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    Lust is book one in the Seven Deadly Sins series by Laura Cooper, although its a short book I did enjoy it and I wish it was longer so we had chance to get to know the characters a little better Carlton the main male character blows very hot and cold and I can t quite put my finger on it but something s missing However I am intrigued to find out about him and Liz so I will be reading the rest of the series The author is very descriptive and I like that, I just wish it was longer 3 Stars

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    Very good book and easy to read The story is a little far fetched if you ask me, but probable on some levels For most people that start a new job, they do research about the company they re potentially working for, which meant that she should have known who the CEO was and what he looked like Other than that, it was really good I m stuck on the story, so I ll be reading the remaining books soon.

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