Loves Protection (Passion Moon #3)

Loves Protection (Passion Moon #3) Kotie Is Eager To Marry Her Werewolf Mate, But A Dark Presence May Ruin All Her Plans Kotie Has Blossomed As A Witch The Months Living In Moonrise, Montana Have Brought Her Piece With Forrest, Her Werewolf Mate, She Has Made A Life And She Eager To Start A Family With Him But The Traveler, The Dark Shadow That S Haunted Both Hers And Forest S Life, Enters Town, Kotie S Peace Is Shattered The Traveler Has Plotted For The Coming Summer Solstice For Years He Needs Kotie For His Dark Plans And He Ll Do Anything, Hurt Anyone, To Get It Beneath Passion S Moon, Kotie And Forrest Will Have To Fight Together To Beat The Traveler S Dark Plans

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Loves Protection (Passion Moon #3) book, this is one of the most wanted Renee Jordan author readers around the world.

➠ Loves Protection (Passion Moon #3)  Ebook ➦ Author Renee Jordan –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 102 pages
  • Loves Protection (Passion Moon #3)
  • Renee Jordan
  • English
  • 06 March 2019

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    Heat Level 2 out of 4 flamesOverall 4 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch MindySee Mindy s Blog Review HereHere we are, at the end of Kotie and Forrest s story This one is my favorite out of the three Im my previous reviews, Ive said there was a lot of sex and not enough story Well, we get a lot of story in this one and its really good Kotie has nightmares but she isn t sure how to interrupt them Maybe it s all just wedding stress Or is it of things to come She has been practicing her witch skills and has become very good Well, those skills are about to be put to the test as The Traveler reveals himself and Kotie is forced to fight for her happiness Im not so sure Kotie is skilled enough to take someone on that has been planning this exact moment for centuries But I guess you ll have to read the story to find out Oh man, Forrest is Alpha in this one He holds his own when fighting, which I guess he s done before, but always ends up the Alpha in distress Forrest is also the clit commander, eating Kotie s pussy a lot like a good wolf YUM I ve been smelling your excitement the entire way home, he growled I need a taste, Kotie Since I got story, I really appreciated the sex that was in here It s still in your face, but it s a good balance It s definitely erotic and sexy and makes me want to hump Forrest Although this was the best book out of the three, for me it still didn t quite have that wow factor to give it a perfect 5 star rating Love s Protection was a fascinating story and I really got into it Maybe because what Kotie and Forrest were fighting for seemed to end too quickly Which is good from their point of view, but I think I needed a little bit suspense More description and detail as to what was happening closer to the end Overall, I really enjoyed the series The entire story is good and best in this book The sex is good and smokin hot The only thing missing for me was detail in the ending I would recommend this to people who love paranormal erotica BUY THE BOOK I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review.Click below for Naughty Book Snitch reviews

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    I wasn t afraid I could do this I was a Love witch 5 GOLD SHERIFF STARSThe summer solstice was a week away A passion moon would shine that night Magic would be at its strongest WOWOHWOWOHWOW What a HOWL of a hot romantic magical story I think that PAWFECTLY describes not only this part but the series as a whole I was blown away with EVERYTHING There are so many PAWESOME parts that make up this FURRIFIC story Parts like love, friends, romance, hot oh so very hot parts, tear inducing parts, hate, villains, humor, magics, shifters, witches and oh so BEARY much Are you my fairy godmother I know that this is such a small part of the story, but it is by far the sweetest It touched my heart and I even cried a bit I am a sucker for romance and touching moments However the parts that made me bawl my eyes out, well I ll let you experience them for yourself One of the unique features I discovered while reading this series is that everything seems to be contradictory For example Kotie is sweet has this innocence about her, but then the things she does says with Forrest are anything but sweet innocent I actually loved that about both Kotie and the story because it helped to round out the depth richness that this story has, rather than taking away from it It gives it even magical charm appeal, immersing me even further ensuring I would never want to leave Not that there was any doubt before, but just in case I ABSO FURRY LUTELY LOVED all of the magics and paranormal peoples It is such a cool unique feature having them work together to keep their little town community safe But the magics are what blew me away like a Pretty Penny in a red bow wrapped tornado I love how detailed Renee is with the magic how it works, the different kinds, who can use what kind of magic, the focal points, etc I can say with complete honesty that I have NEVER read a story series like this one And that is the BEST PART EVER Renee has such WOLFERRIFIC talent that I cannot wait for paranormal stories from her I hope she has plans to continue this series because I can think of at least 5 people instantly who deserve their own Furry Tails

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    ENTHRALLING SIZZLING ROMANCE LOVE S PROTECTION Passion Moon 3 A captivating thrilling romantic story This story focuses on Kotie a curvaceous, bold beautiful witch Sheriff Forest, a strapping, sultry, wolf shifter and Alpha of the pack The Traveler a green eyed evil witch and Kotie s estranged father.What you ll find in this story A cast of powerful, amazing, impressive and engaging characters, gut wrenching moments, pent up rage and desires, lives in jeopardy, page turning suspense, magic, spectacular story line, astounding thrilling vivid scene descriptions, superb banter, secrets revealed, surprises, a heroic deed, sizzling earth shattering heart pounding romance, and a melt your heart conclusion that leaves you wanting Kotie s dad needs her magic to help gain the full power of the Moon Tear Spring He threatens the town and the ones she loves with death if she does not succumb to his commands Kotie comes up with a plan that she hopes will destroy her dad and save the ones she loves.INCREDIBLE fast paced well written read by a truly gifted author The characters come alive in this thrilling story and Kotie proves to be a most valiant heroine Forest s undying devotion for Kotie shines like a dazzling star This was a most gratifying read from start to finish If you dote on shifter romance this is a terrific choice for your library I received a copy of this book for a completely honest review In the world of shifter romance the possibilities and endless and always fascinating Without reservations I highly recommend this book.

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    Don t miss out on the stunning conclusion of this serial novella Love s Protection A Shifter, Supernatural Romance , Passion Moon Series, Book 3 by Renee Jordan deserves 5 stars The main characters in the story are Forrest Pack Alpha, wolf shifter, Sheriff of Moonrise and Dakota Kotie witch, Alpha s mate Are Kotie s nightmares a warning or just a nightmare What will she do next The Traveler, Kotie s dad has plans for Moonrise Tear Spring and her After a century of planning He is consumed with getting what he wants Will he ever stop How will they stop him The dynamic characters, fascinating dialogues in the story gives it life I was swept away by this tale The setting is so realistic that I could imagine Forrest chasing Kotie or they are fighting for lives against the Traveler The original storyline was fascinating I breezed through the pages and read their hard earned happily ever after The novella was well paced, and descriptive Readers are in for chemistry, steamy scenes, romance, action, danger, and suspense I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is the last book of the series Kotie and Forrest are preparing for the wedding the eve of Summer Solstice they are both ecstatic about the wedding so is everyone else but while she was trying on her wedding dress with her wedding party a man came into the shop everyone was shocked when he announced that he was the father of the bride Kotie had previously felt that someone was watching her but no one ever answered when she called out her father told her that she was going to help be his conduit for him to get the power and energy from the pool she refused and he told her he would kill everyone she loved he gave her 24 hrs to think it over well Vanessa had called Forrest but her father had left by the time he arrived at the shop but Vanessa followed him to the cabin in the mountains you know the one that Burt stayed in when he was threatening Kotie when he came to town before he was killed by Forrest Romantic adventure, suspense and lots of magic Really great story line Adult.

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    what do you do when you find out who was the cause of your misery but not just for yourself but also for your mate , and the cause of your parents and your mothers death one man wanted power and took pleasure in others pain this is an ARC given by the Romance Arcade and the author given in exchange for an honest review , this story comes to a head with the traveler and the father she never met and truth comes out about Forest and his past and the guilt that he hurt others but was he under a spell or was it his own doing , and who killed or gave Koties mother cancer was it her father or just life this and much will be answered.

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    Forrest Pack Alpha and Sheriff of Moonrise and Dakota Kotie witch are finally getting hitched But Kotie s having nightmares Are these an ominous warning The Traveler, Kotie s dad, has plans for Moonrise. and Kotie He is consumed with his need to come out on top after over 100years of planning Story comes to life through great empathetic characters and a well paced story I read it in one sitting cos I was desperate to know what happened Action, suspense, red hot passion and snappy dialogue combine into a great story.I received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review

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    This is the last continuation of Forrest and Kati s story, We learn that the Traveler placed Forrest under a spell long ago and placed him in Moonrise to guard the spring The Traveler has been around many years and is Koti s father She is the only one of his many children born a Love Witch Will he be able to use her for his own gain Will Koti be able to free Forrest from his bonds This is a great final story in this series I give it 5 stars.I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    I really enjoy this series Kotie witch and Forrest wolf are getting ready for their wedding After all the drama up to this point Kotie hopes everything will go smoothly NOT The Traveler her father shows up and tries to make Kotie funnel the springs energy to him HEA Hope for a story around Penny or Vanessa I was given an ARC for an honest review.

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    I got this in exchange of an honest review, I have not read the first 2 books in this series but I loved this one and will so be reading when I get the chance I loved the characters the way they meet interact and the sparks action and much that kept me awake till I finished it the plot anf flow of events were great I recommend this to everyone

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