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Loves LegacyThis book is inspired by the novel Walls of Babylon by K Le Veque What a wonderful love story , based around a few hundred years into the future from the original novel , around the time of Napoleon It s touching , emotional and amusing too One you ll really enjoy I received an advance copy of this book and chose to submit a review The story After all that, he knew nothing about the lady Not even had name The only information she d given was that her estate sat nearby There were several homes close enough for the occupants to see his lantern Any one of them could be hers He should chase after her and demand to know her name When the story starts, Rebecca has already lost her brother to the war Seeing his widow, Lady Daphne crying for him every night has made Rebecca take a vow She has decided never to marry a man in uniform, a soldier She does not want to ever experience a broken heart, fear the loss of a beloved Set in Yorkshire, England in the year 1815, Love s Legacy brings to you a beautiful story of Lady Rebecca Sumerville and Captain Camden Le Bec It s a story set in the past, with Lords and ladies, beautiful balls, exotic locations and amongst them the birth of a pious and a beautiful love story.He did not wear his soldier s uniform as he had on previous occasions but a pang of upset raced through Rebecca all through the same How could Phoebe have designs on such a man after what had happened to their brother But matters of a heart are strange and when she meets Camden, she falls in love against her will.RelationshipsEven though it s novella, the story has explored some beautiful relationships Between two sisters, women, past and present and with every relationship it has promised a beautiful future This is the best thing I have love about this novel A clean, positive read.No Tame DameOne of the greatest fear, I have, and picking up a historical novel is that of a swooning maiden One with a ready set of smelling salts But in this novel, Rebecca nor did her twin sister, Phoebe have this problem Both are full of life and spirit I know exactly where they are standing along with the men in the society For a long time nothing happened then figure emerge from the shadows Are you mad Gee not know the dangers of travelling at night Alone Even though the author has kept the proprieties that were followed during that time, for example suitable chaperones etc, still she has managed to give a lot of spark to the female protagonists.The hero, Camden, holds on his own coming out as a sensitive yet a very strong character Since this is such a short novella, there is not much I do without giving spoilers, but those who love a short historical read, must definitely read this novel.Check out the reasoning for the star rating I love these de Wolfe Pack books All based on Kathryn Le Veque s The Wolfe, my very favorite book Loves Legacy, by Amanda MarielDrawn like a moth to its light, Rebecca Summerfield is fascinated by both the light and the mystery that surrounds the ruins of Babylon Castle Rebecca immerses herself in the solitude of its walls thinking of the mystery of the original owners lives On one of her visits, she runs into Camden Le Bec Feeling protective of these ruins, she orders Mr Le Bec away from the ruins, not realizing that he is the owner Camden had not planned to stay, but his run in with Rebecca Summerfield and her fascination with Babylon Castle, peaks his own interest with the ruins He decides to stay and do some renovations He also decides he should look into the mystery of the ruins This also provides him an excuse to stick around and get to know Ms Summerfield There is an immediate attraction however, both Camden and Rebecca reject it for different reasons Rebecca, upon meeting Camden, realizes he is Captain Camden Le Bec He is a soldier Ever since her brother died at Waterloo, Rebecca swears that she will never marry anyone connected with the military Her brother left a small baby and a young widow Rebecca hates the pain that her bother s death causes her sister in law She knows that that kind of pain could happen to her if she marries a soldier Camden isn t looking for a wife Stopping at the ruins was originally part of just clearing his head after a long ad difficult war assignment However, after meeting the viper tongued chit, he finds he wants to know about this green eyed blonde who vexes him so much Know your enemy, he convinces himself, and he accepts her father s invitation to a hunt Symbolically, the day of the hunt becomes the day that Rebecca and Camden recognize their attraction for one another A relationship sparks slowly and starts to heat up behind the walls of the castle, as they both Rebecca and Camden work together to uncover the mystery of the castle s original occupants But once they realize that something has bloomed, Rebecca ends the relationship She is not willing to have any permanent bond to a military man Just what is the mystery of the ruin Or will it drive them further apart The author Amanda Mariel does a very good job with her character development Both Rebecca and Camden s characters are very well written Her story carefully highlights the social s of the era At the same time, Mariel takes liberties with the creativity of a wonderfully imaginative storyline, and brings her readers along for the ride Well worth the investment of your time I give this novella five stars, mostly for its creativity. This story certainly drew me like a moth to the flame It was a story of finding love in an unexpected place A castle ruin Rebecca constantly watches over Castle Babylon, so when she notices an intruder there was nothing else to do but investigate She runs into Camden and the two face off in an adorable wit war Camden, now owner of the ruins, hopes to one day restore it to it s former glory But he certainly was not expecting a head strong girl to be attached to Babylon.The one aspect that comes between these future lovers is the fact that Camden is a soldier and Rebecca wants nothing to do with them Having lost her brother in law to battle I shall not become a soldier s wife When Rebecca said that I truly felt for our hero Camden.However, true to romance stories, they do find a way to let go of their inhibitions and learn to overcome their demons Or in this instance, Rebecca s demon It is love s legacy they left behind This was probably my favorite quote from the whole story It represents the past, present, and future of their love and that they can also leave a legacy of their love for future generations to admire as well.All in all, this was a lovely story Full of sweet moments that made me want of it and had me wishing that it didn t end. 3.5 but rounded upCheck out this review and others TwinsietalkNewsletter I received this book from the author for an honest review Sigh who doesn t love a good historical I love the sweetness and the chemistry that these books give you the reader Rebecca is in love with the history of the crumbling caste next to her family home She spends time there whenever she is able too When she sees lights inside the castle she must investigate Upon her arrival she sees a hot stranger in the stables She tells him he better get lost only to find out that he is an ancestor to the couple who last lived here This ancestors love story has her captivated.Camden is stunned that this chick is yelling at him He is also actually kinda admiring her tenacity and fiery belly He is not looking for a wife but if he was.So Camden finds out who our mystery woman and is even intrigued by her fire He ends up wanting to spend time with her but he still is not wanting a wife Rebecca can t stay away from this castle and Camden s open invitation to visit makes her giddy but she will not marry him He is a soldier She will not fall for a soldier.A couple of stolen kisses and lots of time spent together finds the couple feeling then they both want to admit When Camden finally gets the nerve up to proclaim his love to our girl, Rebecca freaks and sends him away breaking both of their hearts Can she fix it and what is the legacy that they will find together left by his ancestors A sweet historic romance that is part of the World of de Wolfe Pack This one is set in 1815 after the end of the war with France Lady Rebecca Sumerville has had a long time attraction to the very old Castle Babylon that is visible from her window When she sees a light burning there she can t resist investigating Captain Camden Le Bec is from a long line of soldiers Returning from war he needs peace and quiet, so decides to visit the family s almost derelict property Babylon was the home of his ancestors hundreds of years ago It has a very romantic story attached to it This is a novella so there is time for only a little adventure Our heroine is a mischievous young woman for the times Our hero a battle weary soldier enjoying his explorations A very enjoyable lighthearted read I love the way it connects with Kathryn Le Veque s original books. Wonderful sweet Regency RomanceA wonderful, sweet Regency Romance A Novella filled with charm, passion, romance and love Fast paced, quick read Another awesome addition to the World of de Wolfe Pack collection Heartwarming, with some amazing and enjoyable characters A must read While, a quick Novella, the author manages to convey her story to the reader Fans of Historical Romance, The World of de Wolfe Pack collection, and Regency Romance will enjoy Love s Legacy I absolutely adore Ms Mariel s storytelling, her writing style and her unique way to telling a great, quick read A sweet, heartwarming story Strongly recommended A great afternoon read Personal buy Rating 5Heat rating Sweet to MildReviewed by April R, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More Can Love S Legacy Bring Two War Weary Souls Together Drawn By A Flicker Of Light Coming From The Ruins Of Babylon Castle, Rebecca Sumerfield Is Driven To Investigate The Last Thing She Expects To Find Is The Castle S Owner, A Captain In The British Army Still Devastated From Her Brother S Death In Battle, She Despises All Things Military Having Survived Waterloo, Captain Camden Le Bec Isn T In The Market For Romance He Stops At Babylon Castle, The Perfect Place To Gather His Thoughts, Only For The Spirited Rebecca To Storm His Castle And Demand He Leave At Once Her Fearless Defiance And Selfless Heart Awaken A Desire Camden Has Never Known He S Determined To Possess Her, But Rebecca Refuses To Risk Another Broken Heart Will They Find Solace In Each Other S Arms, Or Has War Pushed Them Both Beyond Any Hope This is a novella and can be read in an afternoon The story ties together the tale of Sir Kenton Le Bec and Lady Nicola and then expands from there in to the romance between Lady Rebecca, who is keeping a watch over the ruins of the Babylon Castle when she spots a light there that shouldn t be That light she finds out was being used by the new owner Captain Camden Le Bec She finds herself drawn to him like a moth to flame, the only problem is that she can t, must not and wont allow herself to fall in love with a soldier Well sometimes we don t have a say in what the heart wants.

USA Today Bestselling, All Star author Amanda Mariel dreams of days gone by when life moved at a slower pace She enjoys taking pen to paper and exploring historical time periods through her imagination and the written word Facebook

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