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Love & Candy 3 3.5 stars I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.Give me a book about a slightly awkward teenager, pining over the campus hottie bad boy, and I will read it any day It s like reliving my adolescence, and I can t help but get sucked into them Samantha and Delaney s story proved no different I really like how this story was over an extended time frame and certainly wasn t an insta love on both people s parts I enjoyed watching Samantha mature and become willing to stand up for herself And as for Delaney, I totally get wanting to sow some wild oats while he s young, and not being willing to commit to Samantha, even after they start hooking up You can tell from the story that he s changingagainst his own desire to do so What I wish I would have seen from this story, to help me connect , was to seegrowth from Delaney It becomes clear he really likes Samantha, but even up until the end he s promising he can t commit to her And that makes me sad for him and her I think if I could have seen thingsfrom his perspective, I would have fallen for himBut yet, on the same hand, I appreciate his honesty That he s so afraid of eventually ending up like his parents, that he s at least man enough to be honest about his fears and his concerns and isn t making promises he can t keep.There were parts that flashbacked to conversations with Samantha s mom and dad and a third male party, that was confusing I wasn t completely sure when the flashback would start, and I d have to go back and re read, feeling like I missed something So the story didn t always flow smoothly.But overall, I really enjoyed their story I closed the book, feeling like I didn t get the Happily Ever After I wanted, but yet there was growth, and some maturing And that s okay It gave me the ability to think of my own HEA for them, and left me thinking of characters well after I turned the last page. I had a note from the author asking me to explain my one star review Since she asked for itThe writing was extremely juvenile with grammatical errors and typos while some of the things written were subject matter not really appropriate for teens The main character was an idiot and seriously tstl She was whiny, unnecessarily naive and judgmental all at the same time The book could have been cut by a 1 3 and still been too long for the story that was told, this led to a very boring read.Um,I am going to post this author s original email to me and the 2nd email she sent me In case she is reading this which seems likely given how paranoid she seems , NO you did not send me a review copy I don t take copies from anyone I buy and review books all on my own dimesadly I did indeed spend money on this book.1st email I m confused by your rating of my novel, Love and Candy Please explain Have you read the book 2nd email Did I send you a reviewer copy Sorry the book is not to your taste I hope this isn t a personal issue you have with me. LOVE And CANDY Is A Contemporary Coming Of Age Romance It Doesn T Shy Away From The Explicit Details Of A Young Woman S First Serious Relationship And Deals With Adult Topics Her Love Interest Is A Seriously Tortured Guy, Far From A Prince CharmingMANTHA MONTCLARE Is Not Who She Thought She Was Straitlaced And Academically Minded, She S Knocked To Her Knees By An Unexpected Infatuation With The Star Of Her Local Soccer Team Just As She Discovers That Her Biological Father Is Not The Loving Dad Who Raised Her But A Forbidding Italian Aristocrat Within The Social Hierarchy Of A Wealthy Suburban High School, DELANEY TROY Is So Superior To Naive Samantha That She Can T Speak To Him Without Provoking Obscene Taunts From His Friends Delaney Is Gorgeous, But Much Of Samantha S Fascination Stems From His Brazen Honesty And Bristling Wit His Air Of Confidence Inspires So Powerful An Interest He Draws Her In Without Even Looking At HerBut How Could She Possibly Date A Guy Like Delaney Who Insists He Only Wants To Hook Up And Doesn T Believe In Love Will The Scandalous Truth About The Circumstances Of Her Conception Threaten Her Happy Home Life Must She Find A Place In Her Life For An Alarming New Father Just As She S Becoming An Independent Young Woman I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewVerdict 4.5 Adorable StarsPraise for Elizabeth Famous and this beautifully written and refreshingly unique coming of age story It made me feel a plethora of emotionsborderline bipolar and I loved every moment of it MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS Samantha Montclare is a high school freshman with a one track mind, get through high school and into an Ivy League school She s a math whiz and a mediocre soccer player who keeps a low profile in an attempt to avoid all the drama that seems to surround her hormone raging female classmates She can t seem to wrap her head around how smart girls, suddenly enter high school and get sucked into a world of drooling over guys Sam believed she led a a pretty normal life, that is until she stumbles upon her mother s diaryrevealing a secret that turns her world upside down As if high school wasn t torture enough with its hierarchies and politics, she has to deal with having perverted parents , finding out her father is not who she thought and now him.Delaney Troy is the soccer star at Darcy High and the only guy to provoke any physical reaction from Samantha What ensues is a level of stalking only a high schooler can work like a pro He was downright gorgeously dreamyand a whore Del was such a hot commodity that he had the uncanny ability to jugglethan one girlhe simply was not into labeling things, feeling tied down or answering to anyone in particular He s not your clich smooth operator, in fact his blunt and say it like it is attitude is one of the reasons I absolutely loved this book I was constantly fighting the urge to physically hurt him and shower him with kisses Sam s ogling is so intense, his friends and girlfriends awkward take notice and make him aware This my friends is where it gets oddly interesting The dynamic between Sam Del lies heavily on a sexual power exchange Del enjoyed sex and Sam wasthan willing to satisfy his appetite It s not high school puppy love, just a very physical relationship with a one sided emotional aspect to it from Sam Samantha craves a monogamous relationship with Delaney and eventually establishes one on his terms Everything was always on Del s termswhich kinda made me want to choke Sam sometimes It was infuriating how submissive she was towards him, but that was part of the beauty of this story He was an ass but I respected his gangsta Prime example he had Samantha on check as far as all phone calls go and never actually gave her his number she had to get it from the caller ID SMH, who does that Who puts up with such tomfoolery in the quasi relationship they had throughout most of the book At the very end we get treated to some truly swoon worthy hearts and flowers moments as close as it s gonna get with Del He redeems himself as being worthy of Sam s attentionsSamantha, I do love you You ve made me think about this stuff I never considered before You ve got me thinking about you and me and some kind of future I admit that We have, like, perfect chemistry at least I think so I think you re a dime You re mad and you re unbelievably smartDelaneyOh, and call me if you want Anytime If you need to talk If I don t answer, you can start blowing up my cell I promise I won t complain I ll get back to youthe same day I ve decided to get over my aversion to talking on the phonejust in your case That s true love, rightDelaneyComing from the guy who was practically allergic to talking on the phone, it s the sweetest fricken thing ever Ok, enough of my gushing over Mr Troy Now onto aserious matterSam s biological father, Anton de Medici, is a wealthy Italian playboy investment banking mogul that s a mouthful Samantha was the product of a year long m nage trois between Catherine Sam s mom , Robert who Sam thought to be her father and Antonhence the perverted parents label One thing about having open minded parents is the beautiful and nurturing relationship Sam has with Catherine and Robert Her closest confidant was her father Robert and they had nightly chats about anything and everything how fricken cute is that This however is not the case with Anton He comes across as a having a Mr Darcy like pompous personality He does not want to intrude on Catherine and Robert s parenting, however we gradually see him make an effort to become acquainted with Samanthamainly as a family friend At the end of the day, he wants what s best for Samantha, just like her parents I m glad I had the opportunity to read and review this book because it felt real Not many high schoolers are looking to find true love and Del was no exception He was aware of the reaction he elicited from girls and was brutally honest about who he was and what he wantednever making any excuses or promises They complimented each other perfectly, Sam was constantly letting her thoughts wander to the what ifs of romance, while Del gladly pumped the brakes before she got too carried away Love and Candy was a delightful read that I highly recommend I look forward to future works by Elizabeth Famous. Surprising and atypical, that s the best way to describe it.I ve been given Love and Candy for free and asked to make an honest review.Well, I truly enjoyed it but was also greatly surprised in a good way On one hand, you ve got Samantha, sixteen years old and quite straight laced in the beginning the idea of sex is quite a ludicrous one and on the other hand, you ve got Delaney, star of the soccer team and real player, flirting from one conquest to the other As can be expected, they will interactaccurately, Samantha will stalk him but the author takes un unusual path It s not love at first sight like other love stories The characters arecontained , Delaney is quite cold or indifferent, wants to control his life, rejects Samantha and is certainly not ready to settle.Samantha is a brain , an A star student, a nerd, opposite to popular chearleaders Delaney is dating so far She lacks in self confidence and underestimates herself.When their relationship is unfurling, he keeps her a secret, not wanting her to mingle with his friends That s sometimes difficult to swallow Samantha is used but she quickly refuses to go on this way and forces Delaney to change.The sex scenes are also revealing and unexpected in the dynamic between Samantha and Delaney Surprising between two people so young and certainly not hearts and flowers but not BDSM either One again, the author chooses an uncommon approach Many secondary characters are interesting, some atypical and the circomstances of Samantha s conception made me really laugh I did not expect it at all So far, a good and interesting debut. My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review.Okay The book is told from Samantha s POV and to be honest, all throughout the book she seemed naive and immature She has a crush on Delaney and is always looking at him fixating on what he would be like This goes on for a year.She has gone through her mothers possessions and read her diary which alluded to the fact that her mother and father had played around for awhile and that her dad was not her biological father She then had very open and frank discussions with her parents, which to me felt very strange Even as open as i am with my own mother for a girl her age some of the stuff they talked about just didn t sit well with me.When Anton the biological father is introduced it felt awkward in the fact that, while the three adults were discussing private things, Sam was sat there listening in.When they all go on a family holiday to Italy and visit Anton, I would have thought that when Anton found the kids in his own room nosing about he would haveupset about the matter than almost act as if nothing had happened.Going back to school in her new clothes and suddenly being asked on a date by Delaney, and after no aforementioned talks of former boyfriends or having been kissed before, it showed just how immature she was that she did it in the back of his car in a parking lot.Then she goes back forWTF Delaney only acts like a brat, treats her badly and she still goes back forAnd does any child the next time she sees her parents after the night after their first time blurt to their parents about it Time also moved very swiftly in this novel, from fifteen to her at the prom and then finishing her degree Most of the time as stated previously both act very immature and she is constantly making excuses for his behaviour and feeling very self conscious and to be honest jealous about all of Delaney close female friends, constantly whining about ex girlfriends.I wanted to slap hSam for being so bloody blind and needy and for Delany for being a self absorbed jerk using Sam for what seemed like se only as he hardly ever acknowledged her in front of his friends.The book was redeemed at the end however with the prom scene and the epilogue, otherwise I might have had to slit their throats.However having said all this i did get engrossed into the book and, surprisingly enough i did enjoy it I would say however that the book would be harder to read the older you would be I guess to totally understand Sam s POV you would need to be that age Maybe being in my early thirties I look back a sceptic having been away from the school scene and children of that age for so long. EDIT I ve just been informed that the MC is 16 when engaging in sexual relations with Delaney, as is compliant with the age of consent in CT While this does pacify some of my concerns with the book, I am still holding tight to my overall opinion.Original Review Okay, so, here s the thing I cannot deny that Love and Candy is written well and is pretty grammatically sound There was never a time when I felt like I was reading a fifth grader s creative writing assignment, which often happens with self published books With that being said, it was extremely hard to follow Conversations just end in the middle and then suddenly it s a new day time There wasthan once when I had to backtrack and figure out where one event ended and another began.Now, I must tell you, I don t know what feelings I have in regards to this book.The beginning is a bit slow, as we are introduced to Samantha s life and all of the things that have happened in her fourteen years It was hard for me to connect the events in the story with a freshman in high school we were less interested in sex and popular groups andinterested in fun, innocent things Maybe it s the geographical difference, or maybe it s because I attended a private school, but kids weren t as flippant about their sexual tendencies From the very beginning, the nonchalant attitude toward sex in general threw me off Honestly, most of the time I just wanted to slap Samantha Despite Delaney s claims to care about her, he was nothing but disrespectful, demeaning, arrogant, and self absorbed I never, not even at the end, came to like him, and that s a major problem for me.The arrangement made at the end of the book, between Delaney and Samantha, just seemed absolutely bizarre What seemed evenludicrous is that she agreed to it I m sure there are girls in the world who think feel as Samantha did, but I have yet to encounter one in all of my life Most of the girls women I know would run the other way with their dignity and self respect still in tact I think a lot of it has to do with upbringing and the likes It was obvious that Samantha s parents were a bitfree spirited, but I was just so turned off by the casualness of sex that I couldn t really dedicate my mind to enjoying the story.Throughout the story, the growth of Samantha is alluded to, but I don t believe we really see any, besides the fact that she spliable to Delaney and his wishes She is constantly consenting to things she doesn t necessarily agree with and never once do we see her stand up for herself Delaney is portrayed as a bully and nothing about that ever changes, either I don t even want to get into the parents most of the time I had to remind myself that Samantha s mother was, in fact, a full grown adult Her father was a bitendearing, but only when he finally grew a pair and came face to face with Delaney Surprisingly I had the least amount of concern over their confession to Samantha It wasn t too unbelievable, but maybe just a little bit of a strange situation to explain to your fourteen year old child But as I previously stated, they are obviously muchfree spirited than I.If the MC had been older in general, the contents of the book wouldn t have concerned bothered me as much I ve read worse things But fourteen fifteen It wasodd I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Well, I m not entirely sure what to think about this book I liked it, it drew me in, and it certainly is unlike any other story I have read.I liked the storyline about the parents, and Samantha dealing with their choices when they were younger and experimenting I have met people who have chosen lifestyles of the same sort, and who have children, so I found it compelling to read about the child s point of view.Samantha s story definitely brought me back to my teen years and all the angst and bad decisions I made Did I enjoy my little trip down memory lane Not so much I am SO glad I don t have to do that part of my life over.I think the story is probably very realistic about what high school is like for kids these days Heck, it was a lot like that for me in the 80s It is good that all the safety topics were covered, like STDs and condoms, and talking to your parents, etc.Here s the thing If the target audience for this book is high school teenaged girls, I just have a hard time imagining giving them this book and not expecting a train wreck When I was Samantha s age, I was horribly confused and easily misled I gave up my virginity at roughly the same age and for all the wrong reasons It took decades for me to sort myself out and NO, I did not wind up with kids or some disease, it was just confounding to have tied sex up with love Sex does not equal love, but nobody bothered to tell me that The fairy tale implied at the end is surely the exception, not the rule to high school romances, and I just wish someone had made the distinction for me I might have held the prize in a little higher regard.The other thing about the story is the very non linear way in which it was told There was a lot of hopping about, especially for the first, oh, half of the book It settled down after that, but some things appear to have been thrown down in a very haphazard manner Most scene transitions were abrupt and jarring.I loved the little details that made it into the book, like people s hand motions and such, but some scenes had so little descriptions to them they seemed to be acted out in this amorphous fog.I do like the honesty of these characters, and the way they express themselves despite their fears. Edited to a 4 since the epilogue has been added to thebooThe good things about the book no insta love between Delaney and Samantha good but strange relationship between Samantha, her parents and her sisters pretty realistic about high school life and how kids can be so mean to each other Could so relate to how geeky and awkward Samantha was.The bad things I would NOT allow my daughter to date someone like Delaney Troy The fact that he was a playboy and dated all around and treated my daughter like crap most of the time would have made it end Still was not a fan of Delaney even after the epilogue Glad that he finally grew up but he was still a selfish jerk for me I didn t have any problems with the editing The characters bothered me but that is a personal preference Third person is hard for me to read but again, that is a personal issue I can t really take off for that I received a copy of this for free in exchange for a honest review. I found that there are a lot of layers when I read this book, adding to the overall reading experience and intensity in different sections without explictly mentioning where in order to avoid spoilers I also found myself changing whom I was rooting for as the characters developed throughout the story I thought I d take a break after reading a few chapters but the story line was continually moving and active and kept me reading with anticipation which is a little unusual for me view spoiler How d the back seat of the mustang not get soiled haha hide spoiler

Elizabeth Famous grew up on a family farm in rural USA before dashing off to the big city and going Ivy League Never satisfied with doing things the usual way, she married a man from the other side of the globe and won a doctoral fellowship in humanities Raising her lively and opinionated children is the greatest challenge of her life She likes to write about flawed characters dealing with chal

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