Locos: Una comedia de gestos

Locos: Una comedia de gestosyle k saca bir tarif yapmaya al rsam kendimce Caz dinlemek gibiydi Ayn nota diziliminden olu mu bir melodinin ka e it varyasyonu varsa hepsini keyifle, ba layarak, ay rarak, etkileyerek aksak ritimle, farkl tempolarda i inden ya da d ndan dinlemek gibi keyifliydi. ki g n nce bitirdim asl nda ama ne yazaca m d nmeden yorum yapmak istemedim yk ler ba lamadan Alfau, Cortazar n Seksek te yapt gibi okuyucuya yk leri istedi i s rada okuyabilece ini s yl yor Ben do rusal okudum biraz enerjim d k oldu u i in Ama iyi ki de yle yapm m nk son yk , kitab n en sevdi im yk leri oldu ok tatl ve duygusal bir ayr l ya ad k yle olunca da ns z ba l ba na bir kitap, edebi bir manifesto gibi Karakterlerinin yazg s kar s nda eli kolu ba l bir yazar profili iziyor kendisi i in Felipe Alfau Ben ns z ayr bir sevdim Bir eyler yazd ktan sonra, ben de bitti inde oraya nas l gitti im hakk nda hi bir fikrim olmad n hissediyorum Biri beni kullan yormu gibi Alfau da izdi i bu yazar profilinin alt n ha r hu ur izmek i in muzip bir dile ve slupla yazm zellikle ilk yk leri Yer yer araya girerek b yle olmas n ben de istemezdim ama oldu i te gibilerinden dipnotlar d m yk lere yk lerin kendisi zaten derdini anlat yor, ns zde Alfau kendi derdini de g zel g zel yazm , bana kal rsa bu oknadir dipnotlar olmasa ok daha tatl olurdu Biraz k r g ze parmak gibi hissettirdi bu dipnotlar Kitapla ilgili beni ok az huzursuz eden tek ey bu ama motive eden nedenleri de anlam yor de ilim Alfau yu O y zden hi problem de il, arkada lar aras nda b yle eylerin laf olmaz Ama ben az nce de s yledi im gibi bu sluptan biraz olsun cayd son yk y di erlerinden ok daha fazla sevdim Bunun d nda Alfau her ne kadar yazd klar kar s nda etkisiz bir yazar gibi hissetti ini ve karakterlerin kendilerini yazd rd n s ylese de yk ler birbirleri aras nda ok girift bir kurguyla ba lant land r lm Karakterler aras ndaki ba lant lar yakalamak i in ok dikkatli izlemek laz m karakterleri ger i buna dair bir a klama minvalinde bir b l m de var sons zde Ama ba lant y anlamamak okuma zevkini azalt yor mu derseniz hay r bence.Locos ok tatl , dost canl s ve muzip bir kitap Birazc k da zellikle sonlara do ru iyice hissedilen, ok bulutsu bir melankoli var yk lerde imdi d n nce birazc k da intihar g zellemesi yok de il Bu kadar z t kutup ancak b yle delice bir kazanda kaynat labilirdi. Oyuncu ve e lenceli metinlerden olu mu bir kitap Locos Roman diye ge iyor, 8 b l mden olu mu bir roman da denebilece i gibi, 8 yk den olu an bir yk kitab da denebilir B l mler istedi iniz s rayla okunabiliyor Ben kitaptaki s raya uyarak okudum yk lerin birka Cortazar n baz yk leriyle ayn tad verdi Kimlik ve karakter yaratman n, Tanr ve yarat c olman n s n rlar n geni letiyor yk ler Bu y nden de olduk a ba ar l ve zg n buldum kitab.Kimlik, Dilenci ve Parmak zi en be endi im b l mlerdi.Tavsiye ederim. Once I was at the Caf de los Locos in Toledo Bad writers were in the habit of coming to that caf in quest of characters, and I came now and then among them.And so he did, this Spanish expatriate, writing in English, in New York, because he felt Spaniards wouldn t get it Finished in 1928, it was eight years finding a publisher And when it did, Felipe Alfau gave up writing and worked in a bank The book Well, there s certainly an audience among my cherished goodreads friends Appearing to be a collection of stories, the characters within nevertheless appear and reappear, in somewhat different forms and identities The author speaks to the reader He explains himself, apologizes faintly A character is playing the Rondeau Capriccioso of Mendelssohn, but we are told in a footnote that the character could not conceivably have played such a piece, performing an inadequate popular dance instead But the author had his way Stuff like that.Alfau demands comparisons, at least every reviewer seems to feel the need he s like Borges, Barthelme and Barth Nabokov, Calvino, Eco Falling into the category of every reviewer , and thus feeling the urge, I d vote for derivative of Sterne and presaging O Brien.As I said, characters appear and reappear Lunarito can be a child, a prostitute, a nun Pepe and Gaston, Carmen and Mignon what a family There is the suggestion of incest, and sex with a 12 year old maid But the author said he could not control his characters, or not completely.A very old looking woman in an apron comes into a kitchen She keeps repeating, if poor Gil should lift his head Like a parrot saying nothing else Thereafter, she is called the old insane woman , but I m not so sure Gil shows up And again.So people are named, and re configured Yet I noticed as if only I was supposed to notice that there was an un named character who appeared only once or twice The fourth man at a table, if you will, where the other three are named Even described once, an older man with rounded glasses He never participates He would seem unnecessary But please don t call me that. Locos A Comedy of Gestures is a lost gem from the late thirties and was forerunner for the postmodern movement of the 60s onward The novel is a series of interlocking tales wherein characters are redistributed among the manifold Spanish topographies, sometimes for significant contrasts, sometimes for simple mischief.The novel has in common with the ancient storytelling tradition, narrated in a fable like voice, but Alfau is conscious of the limitations of this form and deploys footnotes and authorial corrections to challenge the stiffness of the Great Canonical Novels Their plots are immutable, whereas his book invites a reading in any order, with any number of interpretations The stories are a mixed bunch, but The Necrophil stood out for me a ghoulish tale about an old crone obsessed with death that leaves a haunting resonance. Felipe Alfau, Locos yay mland nda 34 ya ndayd ve sene 1936 yd Ben ise bu kitab 2019 y l nda okudum ve a r yorum a rma ile birlikte edebi doyum da geliyor pe i s ra.Okudu um kitap bir yk kitab de il.Roman da de il.Ama ikisi de ayn zamanda.Biliyorum biraz apra k bir durum nk eserin yaratt duygu da yle..Karakterlerin neredeyse tamam ilk yk de bir araya geliyor ve sonra di er yk lere da lmaya karar veriyorlar Tek tek belirip kendilerini takdim ediyorlar Her biri ba lant l ,her biri ayr hikayeye sahip Ve bu sadece iki y z sayfaya s abiliyor Ve bunlar ger ek k lan Alfau, yapt n n muazzam bir ey oldu unun fark nda de il, uzun bir s re ba kalar n n fark edemedi i gibi.Cinayet, saplant lar, arkada l k ve kurulan ili kiler, kurulamayan ili kiler Bir b t n n par alar , ama bu par alar asl nda birden fazla b t n demek..Yazar n kulland teknik, yarat m s reci, her bir karakterin titizlikle incelenmesi detayland r lmas..Tablo gibi lk bak ta ne oldu unu karamad n z bir tablo.Sonra yava a yakla yorsunuz.Tan d k geliyor.Biraz daha yakla t n zda o f r a darbelerindeki anlam g r yorsunuz.Ve bundan memnun kalmaman n m mk n olmad n biliyorsunuz yle de bir al nt ili tireyim..insanlar i in ger eklik olan ey, bir karakter i in sanr d r Karakterlerin ger ek hayata dair hayalleri vard r ve ger ekli in hayalini kurarlar ve sonra da kaybolurlar. The Interconnected Stones That Form Felipe Alfau S Novel LOCOS Take Place In A Madrid As Exotic As The Baghdad Of The ARABIAN NIGHTS And Feature Unforgettable Characters In Revolt Against Their Young Author For Them, He Complains, Reality Is What Fiction Is To Real People They Simply Love It And Make For It Against Ray Almost Heroic Opposition Alfau S Comedy Of Gestures A Mercurial Dreamscape Of The Eccentric, Sometimes Criminal, Habitues Of Toledo S Cafe Of The Crazy Was Written In English And First Published In , Favorably Reviewed For The Nation By Mary McCarthy, As She Recounts Here In Her Afterword, Then Long Neglected Somewhere in Toledo, lost amongst narrow streets, there is the Caf of the Crazy frequented by disused literary characters Bad writers were in the habit of coming to that caf in quest of characters, and I came now and then among them At that particular place one could find some very good secondhand bargains and also some fairly good, cheap, new material Characters live separately from authors and they wish to be independent and uncontrolled that which is reality for humans is a hallucination for a character Characters have visions of true life they dream reality and then they are lost There is an episode in the novel called The Butterfly Charmer and in spite of all the declared autonomy of the characters Felipe Alfau like a butterfly charmer makes them perform all the tricks he wants.Spring comes and the winter of our discontent is defeated. Strangely, for a book recommended to me by a man who claims not to like short stories, this is not a novel as its cover blurb claims but a collection of short stories Linked they may be, but cohesive enough to be a novel they are not Nor while I m on the subject of the cover blurb do they anticipate works like Pale Fire and One Hundred Years of Solitude The metafictional element the whimsy of a loss of authorial control as Mary McCarthy writes in the afterword is no great innovation, and while it is entertaining and, in at least one story A Character , in which a fictional character falls in love with a real woman , moving, it rarely occupies centre stage As McCarthy says If any aspect of the book has aged, it is this whimsicality Maybe that s exaggeration, or maybe I don t care that it has aged for my part, I liked the whimsy, but felt it was unevenly spread across the stories As to One Hundred Years of Solitude, huh In the book s one true magical moment The Necrophil , about a woman who dies for months at a time and is resuscitated Alfau channels Poe, and the resultant fairly traditional gothic tale resembles Marquez not at all That said, I m not complaining For the first half of this book I had a merry old time Old fashioned storytelling with a touch of Pirandello and a bunch of belly laughs it was great But around about The Chinelato I fancied it slackened off in intensity, and by the last two stories, The Necrophil and A Romance of Dogs , I felt sure Alfau was serving up earlier work with familiar character s names inserted to superficially maintain cohesion though I ll admit I m no fan of quizzes or crosswords either, so I no doubt missed some tacked on, I maintain minor revelations Whether there s any real depth here I can t say, but when Alfau s at his best I don t care, because he s so entertaining Nor does the idea of his having been a supporter of Franco from the sidelines in the U.S., not while shedding blood in Spain bother me in the slightest This is about as apolitical as fiction gets, and apart from the last story close to pure invention I think it s great, in places, and some kind of lost classic But to call it a great innovation is a bit of a stretch Oh God, and spare me the Hopscotch comparisons So you can read the stories in any order so what You can read Winesburg, Ohio in any order as well, but no one calls it experimental nor do they call it a novel, for that matter And don t even get me started about how pathetic the structural ruse of Hopscotch is in the first place Forgive me the rant I just get so sick of people praising these books for what seem to me the wrong reasons Locos is fun, period Read it for that reason and I doubt you ll be disappointed. Puma, you sure can pick em I thoroughly enjoyed this one The characters in revolt against their young author line in the description had me somewhat concerned I could see it getting a little too whimsically meta, like one of those Daffy Duck cartoons where he complains about how the animator is drawing him, and the animator retaliates by drawing Daffy and ridiculously Thankfully, there s a lot to it than just metafictive funny business Certainly, there is the element of characters having their own consciousness apart from the author s, appearing and re appearing throughout the interconnected stories, but it stops short of becoming cloying or overwhelming Admittedly, there was a point almost halfway through where I became somewhat frustrated because I just couldn t see where anything was heading Is that character real or imaginary Is this happening in the real world or is it a figment of the author s imagination Are these two characters supposed to be the same person I had been enjoying it up until about halfway, but then it just all seemed so pointless I almost gave up, but I soldiered on, and was immensely rewarded almost immediately Once I made it over that midpoint hump the book opened itself up to me and I started to feel how everything was connected and grok onto Alfau s wavelength From then on, there was no stopping Locos had me under its spell I still feel the need to read it again, because I know on a second reading I ll discover things that I never noticed the first time through I m looking forward to that second reading for right now, though, it s on to Chromos.

Felipe Alfau was an American Spanish novelist and poet Like his contemporaries Luigi Pirandello and Flann O Brien, Alfau is considered a forerunner of later postmodern writers such as Vladimir Nabokov, Thomas Pynchon, Donald Barthelme, and Gilbert Sorrentino.

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