Lanceheim A quirky, noir ish tale of faith and loss and desperation, all told with stuffed animals as the characters in a strange place called Mollistown This is the second book, which I had the chance to read this summer, and I m hoping to read the first Amberville later It was a bit of a mixed bag with me, as I preferred one of the parallel narratives over the other Maxamillian s story was farinteresting to me than Reuben s And while the stuffed animals were a neat little twist in the presentation, there were plenty of moments when I wondered why not just have them be human Still, it s nice to see yet another well written novel break out of Sweden Keep em coming. This was a rather odd book I found the writing to be not terrible, but it was a bit disjointed there was much bouncing round of the storyline The premise is intriguing enough, but the execution was lacking despite myriad possibilities, the animals basically acted as humans, with the occasional reference to fabric or fur and all stuffed animals in lieu of skin and humankind , respectively and there wasn t much detail concerning the intricacies of how their world wasdifferent from reality, though I liked that the particular streets were at least related with colour and that the descriptions albeitvague than I d have preferred of the weather patterns marking their days I found it difficult to be excited about reading further after breaks, and I had to sort of talk myself into it as I love to read, that was disappointing.There were some interesting parts throughout, but I felt it wasprosaic overall.The end was justI m not even sure of the proper term to use Abrupt Kind of a non sequitur Somewhat antithetical Having said that, I do feel there s a bit of promise here for the author I get the impression that s he It s written under a pseudonym is working the early days of writing kinks out and that his her work could improve quite drastically over time.Though I don t expect I ll read any others in this quartet, I plan to keep my eyes open for any forthcoming works I d be willing to give this individual s writing another go if ever the opportunity arises. A repost of my originalreview, but this book was so awful, I figure an another warning is warranted here.A book with a cast made up of intelligent, walking and talking stuffed animals could be interesting and unique Unfortunately, this isn t The characters act completely human they eat, drink, get drunk, have sex, and have medical problems Are we supposed to believe that a stuffed animal is having inner ear problems, described in detail down to the hairs in the ear canal Other than the names of the characters Eva Whipoorwill, Ruben Walrus, Wolf Diaz there s no behavior that suggests they re not human The book is a clumbsy religious allegory featuring Maximillian, a Christ like figure that threatens the religious status quo Early hints that Maximillian might be something other than a regular stuffed animal nobody can figure out what type of animal he is, and he appears to grow are never followed up on and seemingly forgotten None of the characters are particularly sympathedic of the three main characters Ruben Walrus is a selfish jerk, Maximillian is remote and clueless, and Wolf Diaz is promiscuous and self serving So if you re looking for a unique and intelligent fantasy, look elsewhere. This little town filled with stuffed animals, needed a littlemagic to keep me interested Loved the character names though Reuben Walrus, Bluebird Niklasson, Buzzard Jones, Raccoon Olsen Not enough to see me past page 100 though. Haven t read Amberville, so maybe I m missing something, but I found this book to be a little underwhelming if that s a word It s a mystery of sorts, set in a land where the inhabitants are all stuffed animals An interesting premise, but nothing is really made of it Why are the characters stuffed animals and not just people It seems to make little difference in the course of the story, so it read like a pretty straightforward story of religion and moral dilemmas featuring characters with silly animal names Part 2 of 4 in this oddball series a Messianic tale of a human amidst a city of stuffed animals Orwell meets plushiesdelicious stuff It took me four years to finish this book I think that says enough. A noir mystery set amongst a community of stuffed animals i have to read this now. The Second Book In Tim Davys S Mollisan Town Quartet Following The Critically Acclaimed Amberville Lanceheim Is A Literary And Psychological Drama In Which The Trials And Tribulations Of Stuffed Animals Reuben Walrus And Wolf Diaz Illuminate The Moral And Philosophical Dilemmas Of Humans If You Enjoy The Works Of Chris Moore You Suck, Fool , Neil Gaiman Stardust, Coraline , Clifford Chase Winkie , And Jasper Fforde The Big Over Easy Or Classics Novels Such As Animal Farm And Watership Down You Ll Love The Unique Brilliance Of Lanceheim

Tim Davys is the pseudonym for a well known Swedish public figure, and Amberville is his or her first novel.A dark and stormy night I was born in a country far, far away Before the age of 20, I never read a book Comic books, magazines, and movies taught me how to tell a story I studied literature, got a job, found a wife, and bought a dog I studied psychology, got another job, held on to the w

➽ [Download] ✤ Lanceheim  By Tim Davys ➲ –
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Lanceheim
  • Tim Davys
  • English
  • 22 August 2019
  • 9780061797439

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