Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead Victor Un Assassino Abile, Spietato, Una Faccia Che Scompare Tra La Folla Senza Lasciare Indizi Rintracciato Da Un Vecchio Contatto Che Gli Chiede Di Proteggere La Figlia Gisele, Accetta L Incarico In Nome Della Vecchia Amicizia Che Lo Lega A Eleanor, La Madre Della Ragazza Gisele A Londra E, Stando Alle Poche Notizie Che Si Hanno Di Lei, Diventata L Obiettivo Dei Nemici Di Suo Padre Giunto Nella Capitale Inglese, Il Sicario Si Rende Subito Conto Che Il Bersaglio Non Chi Pensava Che Fosse La Ragazza A Conoscenza Di Segreti Che Non Devono Essere Rivelati E Sono In Molti A Volerla Morta Gisele Non Ha Idea Di Chi Le Stia Dando La Caccia, E Non Sa Se Pu Fidarsi Di Victor, Ma Presto, Quando Comprender Di Essere Realmente In Pericolo, Capir Che Il Freddo E Cinico Sicario La Sua Unica Speranza Di Sopravvivenza Braccato Da Una Rete Sanguinaria Di Mercenari E Agenti Segreti, Victor Sa Che Per Salvare La Ragazza Dovr Essere Pi Di Una Semplice Guardia Del Corpo Eppure, Ogni Sua Mossa Sembra Avvicinare Inesorabilmente Gisele Alla Rete Di Chi La Vuole MortaAdrenalina E Tensione Per Un Thriller Imprevedibile E Intricato, Con Un Protagonista Entrato Ormai Nell Immaginario Degli Appassionati Del Genere

Tom was born in Burton Upon Trent in Staffordshire, England, and now lives in London He is the author of THE HUNTER, BAD LUCK IN BERLIN and THE ENEMY Tom s books are known by different titles in some countries so please be careful when purchasing.

[KINDLE] ❂ Better Off Dead Author Tom  Wood –
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  • Better Off Dead
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  • 10 September 2017

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    Victor Number 4th Published as No Tomorrow in the USA.A hitman must be anonymous, amoraland alone Victor is the face in the crowd you don t see, a perfect assassin with nothing to live for But when an old friend turns to him for help, he finds he can t refuse For once his objective isn t to kill, but to protect Hunted through the streets of London by ruthless enemies, Victor needs to be than just a bodyguardbut his every move leads danger closer to the very person he s vowed to defend I know many reviews regard this as a weaker collection in the Victor series, not me, yes I know what Tom Wood is so good at is the action, which is great in the surroundings of London, but I personally like to know Victor the assassin better, and here you do, especially to be adding hints of humour with his rare relationship in this book.Action, suspense and gripping as always, great tough fight scenes, chases, but we dig deeper into the character of Victor with every book you read, which I like so much.One thing is for sure, if a book can take me away from the television when Wimbledon is on it has do be SO Good and this book had me battling in my head, tennis or reading , I just could not stop reading the last 40% of the book read in two days.I am so happy that I am on book number five of Victor, ready and excited as Tom Wood does a Q A for my group A Good Thriller on the 14th July.One question, why have these books not been turned into movies A usual five stars for me, just love this author.

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    I very much like Tom Wood as an author And I also very much like his primary character, Victor In fact, this is the fourth book in the series and I had greatly enjoyed the first three before this one Perhaps I am a bit peculiar, but I enjoy Victor s thought process far than the violent episodes I mean, I enjoy a good killing or maiming as well as the next guy, but I love the cleverness that underlies the inevitable death and destruction Better Off Dead contained fights that went on page after page after page after page well, you get the idea, they were overly long and, as a result, they became boring Every person with a modestly violent misspent youth knows that fights don t generally last than two or three minutes Interminable duels are the products of authors and scriptwriters One of the fights in the book was so long that I, literally, skimmed the last few pages After all, how many vicious chops to the spleen can one take before becoming bored.Nonetheless, this was a very good book because the plot story was very well done, the characters were believable and had depth although the damsel in distress was a little too inconsistent for my taste and Victor s droll humor was, once again, excellent I shall continue to read about Victor s further adventures because I always enjoy reading Wood s books and sometimes I feel like Victor s only friend on earth.

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    Victor is at it again so to speak This time he s involved in something that has roots in his pasta past we still know very little about Tom Wood has created a protagonist here who manages to be the best at what he does yet doesn t come off in the least as a Gary Stu type character We are always for some reason rooting for him When it looks as though he s dead and can t ever survive the situation even though we know he must unless all the books after this one are prequels we are glad to see him beat his would be killer.Now we ll get hints about his pastand maybe just a few very few facts to add to those we already have hoarded from prior novels.Just a heads up here by the way there is a supporting character co protagonist in this book that sort of vacillated between annoying me and driving me crazy However I don t drop the book s rating any because of that This is apparently what the character is supposed to do.Anyway our stoic protagonist antihero steps up to answer a call from his past and we get another thrill ride.Enjoy, recommended.

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    Victor is the coolest assassinI ve read a lot of thrillers but the Victor the Assassin books are among the best in the market at the moment The Victor character is one of the smartest and most in control vigilante justice characters you can find Rarely will you see him make a mistake, and as you get to know the character over several books, you can see how his past has created him this way The narrative is cleverly constructed with an unexpected twist at the end The action sequences remind me of the Bourne films and the European setting is well described This book sees Victor protecting the daughter of a Russian gangster and their relationship is well constructed I can t say anything bad about this book Tom Woods is plain and simple, a superb thriller author.

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    Blurb that Thing There s nothing worse than not being able to say no to someone or something Hold on Maybe there is Realizing you want to and don t want to say no at the same time knowing full well things will get messy and any prior worst case scenarios will surely seem like a walk in the park Oh joy Victor s answer is yes nonetheless Fortunately, he isn t one to dwell on decisions made and instead, focuses all his considerable talent and skills on completing his latest obligation.Rate that Thing Painstakingly accurate Clinical Free of emotion Deadly.Victor hasn t lost his touch in the slightest, but he s definitely out of his element this time around No assassin without a past likes to be slapped in the face with the very past that wasn t supposed to exist Well, at least Victor would ve preferred not to be reminded of a certain betrayal Of course these circumstances were exactly what made Better Off Dead a great read Pretty much right off the bat it felt like Wood used a different approach to plan develop the storyline as a whole I could be completely wrong, but that s the impression I got The plot or rather the conflict was easily grasped if not to say basic in nature A really good choice in this case, if you ask me Why Here goes Not once was I confused about what Victor was supposed to do looking at the big picture and that s exactly what paved the way for a personal approach personal because of Victor s reasons to grant a favor in the first place, personal because said favor required quite a bit of rethinking in terms of not being the aggressor and simply executing a kill, but protecting another human being Victor doesn t protect and Victor certainly isn t used to being considerate of someone A challenge he had to face on top of trying to solve the problem preferably by keeping his charge and himself alive it was also refreshing to see Victor miss a step for lack of a better word maybe especially so because he is not in the habit of repeating his mistakes So when I call the conflict in itself basic the surprises unraveled as I read along what I mean is it provided the necessary wiggle room to let the unfamiliar play out the way it needed to And boy did it play out Fear not, Victor didn t lose his ruthlessness cross double tap to my heart It wasn t an easy task for my favorite assassin to accomplish and thankfully so because I was looking forward to my action fix Got it and then some I could go on and on about the thrill, the bad guy , the incredible movie like fighting, but I won t I ve said it all before in my other reviews It ALL goes for Better Off Dead as well I m raising my hat to Wood As for the writing syntax, variety, pace and so on , I have to say that it s probably Wood s best work to date Smooth flowing and well structured and I literally not once had to reread a paragraph or stumbled over a word phrasing that should ve been avoided Not once New editing process New editor I have no idea, but the positive result stood out although I honestly didn t have anything major or at all to complain about with the other books either Fantastic job My favorite part I have many to choose from, but if I had to pick just a one how beginning and end fit together so brilliantly Whew, I m a bit rusty haven t written a review in quite a while.Can you guess my rating, my fellow thrill seekers Beware of Spoilers A few of my favorite quotes for those of you who are interested Not only was he reputed to be an exceptional killer, he was proving exceptionally hard to kill a solitary bullet was the sum total of all the power any enemy would ever need What do you see when you look in the mirror I see the specular reflection of light You re asking me to risk my life for someone I ve never met on the request of someone who conspired to have me killed No one drinks alcohol until this is over Gisele looked at him Wow, you re a party animal, aren t you

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    Tom Woods Victor has been one of my favourite indulgences and I was so excited for this book Unfortunately this book is a disappointment The thing about Victor that I liked was that he was cold, not overtly dramatic and the way Wood portrayed his thought process while dealing with problems made him unique and standout from the rest of the run of the mill thrillers This work though turns him into a superhuman soldier, he gets through impossible situations with ease, and is overtly confident, without reason There are only so many lives a cat can have, and for being such a top notch operative this is the 3rd time in as many books where Victor has been captured by his enemies The Mossad,by people in Book 3 and again in this book For a guy who prides himself in staying alive for such a long time he sure gets captured by his enemies a lot and fantastically overcomes life threatening injuries to win everytime.I think Tom Wood needs to go back to a realistic portrayal of Victor his readers have come to love If we want superheroes characters we can always watch the many Marvel movies being released.

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    Absolutely thrilling, no surprises there Such is what I ve come to expect from the author of Victor the Assassin Once again, there s a mission Only this time, it s primarily to protect, not assassinate It s all very interesting because we begin to see some shades of humanity from our stone hearted assasin The subject of the protection is a prickly, annoying ass at the start but then she begins to show unprecedented bravery and resourcefulness.It s a quick short read, with not as much world detailing as in previous books, but with far action The entire thing happens over the stretch of about two days, but at the end it feels much longer as the action is as drawn out as it is intense Another excellent read.

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    Another very good read from Tom Wood The only downside to this book was the woman he was protecting, I thought she was very annoying I agree with others, being a bodyguard isnt for Victor Hes better when he works alone.Great start, and a great final chapter Victor does what comes natural to him, and kicks ass and outwits his opponents All whilst staying cool calm and collected It would have been good if Tom explained why Victor held Giseles mother in such high regard.

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    An action packed thriller Totally captivating I m sure that it would be a Hollywood hit if it made it to the silver screen.

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    Victor, the Russian Assassin, switches roles and becomes bodyguard for the daughter of a Russian gangster, hunted by people unknown Don t worry, Victor still has to kill a whole bunch of people to keep his charge safe.Very good, with all the twists and turns one could expect.

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