King King He Wore The Name Well Marketing Royalty, Inherently Arrogant With A Supreme Confidence That Could Only Come With An Inflated Sense Of Self Worth Infuriatingly Gorgeous, Worshipped By His Devoted Band Of Loyal Subjects And The Bane Of My Professional Life God I Hated Jason KingCharlotte Smith Is At The Peak Of Her Profession, And On The Verge Of Realising A Long Harboured Dream Few People Know What She S Endured Just To Get Here, And One In Particular Seems Determined To Stop HerWhen Beautiful And Brilliant CEO Playboy Jason King Strides Into Her Life, Charlotte S World Is Thrown Into Absolute Turmoil, As His Need For Control And Her Steely Resolve Collide With An Intense Passion She Just Didn T Envisage Pulled Further Into The Dark Desires Of The Handsome Enemy Who Stirs Her So Deeply, She Knows She Has To Protect The Heart That Beats Within Her A Heart That Has Never Known LoveWhat Happens When The Man You Loathe Becomes The Man You Can T Live Without

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the King book, this is one of the most wanted L.J. Dee author readers around the world.

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    Jason King and Charlotte Smith both work for rival companies in advertising Jason is a delicious, dark, dominate, arrogant alpha CEO At first Charlotte hates Jason he keeps pitching for same work and winning Jason mocks Charlotte and is so sure of himself and how he affects Charlotte This story follows their rivalry, Jasons BDSM preference and Charlottes passion for Jason Enjoyed this book and look forward to stories for L J Dee.

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    Jesus Christ, this was painful So painful, in fact, that I had to DNF at 20% And I only made it through those 20% because I had nothing else to read ha, ha, says my TBR , and because I was curious can LJ Dee make it any worse A few days ago, we were talking about the use of OK instead of okay in fan fiction.We all agreed on the answer Apparently, LJ Dee did not get the message Are you OK Smith There are four words in that sentence Two things are wrong with it That s an average of one mistake every two words, ladies and gentlemen.DO YOU SEE WHAT I HAD TO ENDURE NOW DO YOU SEE Hum.What are the two things, you ask.First of all, as I ve mentioned before, is the OK issue.Originally, we were talking about its usage in fan fiction As annoying as it may be to see it used in fan fiction, it s not the same as seeing it used in a book.Fan fiction is different than books For one, it s free, which is a huge difference When I pay for something, I expect to get a minimum amount of quality When I buy a dress, I want the seams to hold, I want the color to stay the same when I wash it When I buy a book, I want it to be well written, at least King felt like the auhtor had added a few words together, never re read it, and uploaded it directly on the internet The bottom line is you do not use OK in a book You use okay Remember how I talked about two problems I ll get on that right away But first, here s the relevant quote, because I seem to be rambling a lot today, and you re probably completely lost Are you OK Smith Dear L.J Dee,you have to put a comma before Smith I know, it s hard, and annoying, but that s just the way it is This book is unreadable, guys Unreadable.Dee also had a thing for long ass sentences, apparently He helped me inside and sat me down on a beautifully soft, lemon coloured couch, manoeuvring me gently into a laying position and elevating my leg over plush cream cushions, smiling kindly before disappearing through a large door into what I assumed was the kitchen I m thinking you should ve added a few words, Dee, and then you could ve beaten the longest English sentence Which is 13,955 words, in The Rotters Club by Jonathan Coe, in case you were wondering Then we have comma disasters, and then I was lost, and then I felt like killing myself and went to get ice cream Unfortunately, I had no ice cream and was too lazy to go to the store to buy some, so I resumed reading.And what a big, big mistake that was.In my head, I have a list of the 5 stupidest MCs of all times Charlotte, the MC, wins the first slot Mostly because I can t remember the others, but still, she porbably would ve been in the top 3, at least Three meetings with the creative team and we had the seed of our campaign and six o clock rolled around much faster than I d anticipated Somehow, Charlotte managed to have no less than three meeetings with the same people in one afternoon At this point, darling, it s not a meeting but a conversation And then my eyes bled, my brain fried and ice cream didn t arrive What have you done with Smith You are clearly an imposter Anyway thanks for the drink, it s about time you bought me one back That s a text message, by the way I don t even know what he s talking about Are there words missing Did I miss something in the text Is anybody going to bring me some fucking ice cream After that jewel, the MC makes some stupid comment about modeling being easier that working at McDonald s, and that s when I stopped Actually, now that I think of it I remember who 1 is It s Ana If you don t know who that is, spare yourself and forget all about her Me, when I closed the damn book.

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    So this was an interesting enemies to lovers story I d say it moved a bit too fast, but based on what King said at the end, perhaps this was brewing for quite a while before everything actually happened I kinda liked that King didn t do girlfriends, and he was quite up front about that And Charlotte was quite OK with it At least she was for the most part I can t say I blame her being upset that he leaves right after a tryst, seemingly at the beck and call of Tamsin Doesn t help that Charlotte sees herself as visually inferior to Tamsin We don t know at that point that Charlotte really has nothing to worry about in that respect Like I said, it moved fast We went from Charlotte strongly disliking King to him introducing her to BDSM in private to him bringing her to a BDSM party to knife play to anal all in almost a blink of an eye I m pretty sure the whole book happened within the timespan of a week or two And while it moved really quickly, Charlotte seemed to have no problem with it, even while King was trying to put the brakes on his own desires His need for her surprised even himself Still it couldn t stay all limousines and expensive dresses for long without conflict Thankfully, the conflict didn t last too long, and it was nice to see how it ended.

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    Jason King is a truly swoon worthy Hero The book cover is so awesome, and totally fits his description inside.Charlotte Smith has a really good reason to despise King He is smug, egotistical and absolutely loves pushing all her buttons What she doesn t seem to notice, is that he only does it to her Now he does keep stealing away potential clients from her, which obviously isn t helping Smith like him .It is really interesting watching their relationship grow from lust to love, with some BDSM thrown in The angst with the Tamsin makes me want to kick his ass for not catching on quicker, but we got to have us some angst.This is a story about love coming from an unexpected source, and learning how to trust It is steamy and sexy Oh my But is also about true, enduring love Loved this book

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    This book is infuriating and I cannot understand the reasons for all the 5 and 4 star reviews They writing is so monotonous and there is absolutely zero chemistry between Charlotte and Jason None And why is he a CEO pitching to other companies Shouldn t he have people doing that for him But the worse part is the writing It doesn t feel like the way natural thought happens Charlotte s thoughts are so scripted, there s no passion in it It doesn t feel like a person is thinking these thoughts or saying those things just an anonymous face with a robot tone That s what I feel from this book I don t recommend it I rarely do not finish a book I even made it through Twilight But this is ridiculous.

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    4.5 stars This book totally surprised me and I love surprises

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    Very good Very well written One of the things that can be an obstacle for me when reading books clearly set in England and written by a British author at least, I think she s BritishI had to look up what rocket was as it pertains to salads and it is a European plant is not being able to flow well with the story because I have to look up so many words or wade through the dialect This one was just the right mixture It is clearly a book of sexual awakening for Charlotte and something completely different for Jason Excellent chemistry I agree completely with the running theme of the bookif you have that level of passion to be able to hate someone so intensely, the other side of the coin is that you have the level of passion to be able to be knocked off your sock off by the same person Jason definitely knocks Charlotte out of her socks and it is a lot of fun watching it It has a lot of the same themes as FSOG, but people that loved Insufferable Proximity will enjoy this as well for the workplace rivals theme The first third of the book dragged a little bit as I felt that there was a little too much detail given on the advertising world, but it is necessary to build background for the book as a whole Very nice, light sexy BDSM read The cover doesn t really fit thoughI kept wondering why the cover featured a guy with a cigar when there wasn t a cigar to be found in the entire book LOL

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    Charlotte Smith grew up in care and learnt early on that she d need to stick up for herself and fight her own battles, life has not been easy but now through hard work and determination she s got where she wanted to be, pitching the major accounts for Grayson International Media the only problem being that Jason King CEO and owner of King Marketing, lately he seems to be everywhere pitching all the same accounts and invariably winning even the wine bar on the corner isn t safe His success threatens the life she s worked so hard to build and she hates him, it s a shame he has to be so infuriatingly gorgeous and confident and she can tell without looking almost when he enters a room, but still she d never sleep with him.This book had me hooked almost straight away I just loved it, it s well written with real characters and you can feel the attraction between these two The tension builds getting to a point where they can t ignore it any longer, Charlotte fights it with everything she s got but he s everywhere and she s only human if only she could get him out of her system This book is also HOT, hot in a good way it not only fits in with the story it enhances it unlike a lot of books which seem to be sex scene after scene with nothing holding them together.In my opinion a book not to be missed

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    Free download Wow this book was great Similar in certain ways to FSOG but held it s own throughout Our main characters are strong willed and feisty, both concentrate on business and being the best Jason King is her nemesis in their working world, the CEO of his business, he s rich, handsome and gets what he wants Charlotte Smith, is hard working and intelligent putting everything into her work but when their working worlds collide things get tense quickly making Charlotte take things into her own hands, so her career doesn t suffer She can t help but let him get under her skin and he can t help irritating her but there s a fine line between hating somebody and loving them which they soon discover Jason and Charlotte embark on a secret liaison which turns both their worlds upside down but bringing everything at the same time I really enjoyed this book, the story and plot were great, the characters are great, you can t help but fall for Jason King, he s a hot alpha who is guarded but romantic and very sexy Their relationship heats up and the sex scenes were amazing I would recommend to anyone who loves a hot alpha, with dominant tendencies and the woman who loves him.

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    3.5 stars I really liked this book but the heroine just seemed really weak at times and I wished she would have had a backbone potential spoliers Yes she was submissive but that doesnt mean you let the man call the shots in your relationship outside of the bedroom and treat you like shit I feel like if he cared for her as much as he claimed than he could have shared the secret that he didnt want anyone to know about He should have trusted her enough to keep it to herself because you re supposed to tell your partner what s going on in your life I felt like it was over dramatic and shouldnt have that big of a deal to cause the problems it did We never were told why he kept leaving only who it was too but what happened was kept from the reader Lots of potential but I was hoping for Im glad there was no cliffhanger and we get our HEA The story definitely held my attention and had me reading until the end

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