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Just Add SaltAfter a fun trip in the first series, I thought Just Add Salt was missing a little seasoning While somewhat interesting I felt that the romantic drama of Hetta and Jan was of the main story rather than what was going on around them Also when the author did talk about the situation they were in it felt as if they were sitting around and waiting than having something happen While it fell short of my expectations I ll still probably move on another one or two in the series. This was another delightful romp with Hetta Coffey the woman who s never short of a word to say, especially in argument A working trip to Mexico on her beloved boat now her home Hetta encounters the bad guys who have a plot to pollute the sea with fresh water and to upset her friend Lonesome the whale who s currently making eyes at the boat as a possible mate Hetta soon finds some of the baddies are actually the employers who hired her for the engineering job she s on Chaos ensues leaving Hetta and her friend Jan on the run from the men with guns and bad intentions.Hetta is a marvel of a woman She s opinionated, crass, strong and yet as weak as a kitten when love calls Lacking faith in herself she thinks love is a temporary thing and her boyfriend Jenks will soon be on pastures new To sit and cry or to kill him She s not sure, but you ll find the whole thing delightful from start to finish. Hetta Coffey Is A Sassy Texan With A Snazzy Yacht, And She S Not Afraid To Use It A Globe Trotting Engineer With Attitude, A Penchant For Trouble, And A Yacht, Hetta Is Back, And This Time She S Steering Us Into Hot Mexican WatersMiffed That Vacation Plans With Her Chronically Absent Boyfriend, Jenks Jenkins, Have Gone Awry, She Accepts A Job In BajaSo What, If She And Her Friend Jan Are Spectacularly Unqualified To Take Her Yacht On A Thousand Mile Cruise In The Eastern Pacific Ocean During Hurricane Season Hiring A Handsome, If Somewhat Fishy Captain For The Trip Might Keep Them Off The Rocks, But Probably Won T Do The Same For Her Future With Jenks Meanwhile, A Little Eye Candy On Board Can T Be All BadHetta S Fierce Independence Impels Her To Tackle A Very Profitable If Environmentally And Politically Incorrect Project South Of The Border True To Form, Her Irreverent Nature And Disregard For Danger Soon Swamps Her In A Sea Of Mayhem, Illegal Aliens, A Pesky Whale, And A Menacing Mexican MachinatorSet Sail For Baja Mexico S Magdalena Bay As Hetta Coffey Leads Us Once Into A Morass Of Intrigue That Will Keep You Laughing, Breathless, And Wanting Jinx Schwartz s Just Add Salt is from the Hetta Coffey adventure series Coffey is an engineer who lives on a swank yacht moored in San Francisco Her assignments take her to exotic locations, this time Mexico s Baja coast, hired by a Japanese firm concerning a water desalination and salt recovery plant they intend to build there hence the title The trip was supposed to be a working vacation with her boyfriend Jenks but he has to bail out so Hetta takes along Jan, her blonde bombshell best friend instead And a tall, dark Mexican captain she hires who just happens to look like Fabio The adventure begins.Call it adventure with a capital A This is a fast moving yarn with twists and turns than a boa constrictor Especially well written, and harrowing, is Hetta, Jan, and Fabio s fight to the death with a two headed hurricane a once in a half century event As the journey continues, our gal realizes that nobody is who they appear to be and there is an element who would just as soon see her disappear permanently Despite Hetta s bring it on buster fearless attitude she is not beyond using her considerable feminine wiles to thwart, and seriously infuriate, her male adversaries she has no female adversaries This is fun, entertaining storytelling from a very female perspective Jinx Schwartz is a pro all the way Highly recommended. Fast Paced Fun with a Mexican Flair When I finished the first book in the series, I realized I had Hetta withdrawals I hurried to and purchased Just Add Salt I would advise reading the first book first because it supplies the background where it all began But I enjoyed the second book even than the first There is danger from the get go and tension on every page I love a mystery with a touch of romance, and this book has it all What it doesn t have is over the top graphic violence or explicit sex The Hetta Coffey mysteries are a refreshing change and I look forward to reading. If you like intrigue and excitement you will love Just Add Salt by Jinx Schwartz It is full of action and adventure which kept me glued to the pages from start to finish.The author did a great job of developing a story which was fast paced and full of intrigue It has a well develop storyline which never loses its continuity I found it to be a fun read and very believable.Jinx Schwartz developed excellent characters which were very believable and real It was easy to identify with them and follow the storyline I have read the first volume, Just Add Water see earlier review , and now this volume just adds to the strength of the lead heroin I really enjoyed Just Add Salt by Jinx Schwartz and I highly recommend this book to all readers. This is the second in the Hetta Coffey mystery series Hetta is a delightful character Single, intelligent, self employed and independent, she lives on a boat moored in the Oakland area In this book, Hetta and her best friend Jan and their boyfriends brothers Jenks and Lars had plans to sail down to Mexico Upset when the two men suddenly disappear on a job, Hetta accepts an assignment in Baja This means that she ll have to sail down there on her own, during hurricane season Naturally, Hetta gets into all kinds of trouble, including an amorous whale, a shady group of Japanese investors, and two hurricanes. Just Add Salt is the second outing for Jinx Schwartz s snarky yacht owning Texan, the formidable Hetta Coffey It finds our headstrong heroine in deep water pun intended down Mexico way.Just as in the first book, Ms Schwartz s prose is a frothy delight, bubbling with humour and humanity The novel is spiced with danger and topped with a sprinkle of romance Salt is a book to take with you to the beach or keep on your nightstand or well, you get the idea Just grab a copy, OK Books 3 and 4 in the series are already on my Kindle. And we have another winner With Just Add Salt, Jinx Schwartz has slipped her cable and hit another home run Yes, I know I m mixing nautical and baseball metaphors, but the author does that too, and well, it s catchin.This book has as many chuckles as Just Add Water, but there is a bit tension which, literarily speaking, is a good thing In this volume, Hetta is in a lot hot water or salt and you just never know how she s possibly going to come out on top or with whom I think it s quite clear from the text, though, that, in her youth, the author had a crush on Ricky Ricardo Just sayin.Just Add Salt will have you alternately chuckling and biting your nails, and you will discover many new things, such as what a panga is Now I know what it was we were riding in that caused a woman from our cruise ship to get a broken arm.Just Add Salt will make you want to listen to your old LP of Dark Side of the Moon No, I m not going to tell you what I mean by that You ll just have to read the book. As a boater who has sailed the waters described in this story I really enjoyed this book My recollection of the entrance to Mag Bay was not as harrowing as theirs, but then each person s experience is different It brought back many memories of cruising in Mexican waters, including my encounters with whales The story was marred by the 20 errors I found in the book If the author would like a list of those I considered to be errors, send a request to amacd55 at gmail dot com 4.5 stars when the errors are fixed.

Jinx Schwartz is the author of the award winning Hetta Coffey series.JUST ADD WATER, first in the series, introduces Hetta, a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht, and she s not afraid to use it JUST ADD SALT, JUST ADD TROUBLE, JUST DESERTS, JUST THE PITS, JUST NEEDS KILLIN , AND JUST DIFFERENT DEVILS get her into hot Mexican Waters JUST PARDON MY FRENCH, BOOK 8, FINDS HETTA IN FRANCE and Book 9 JUS

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