Just a Bit Dirty (Straight Guys, #10)

Just a Bit Dirty (Straight Guys, #10) These are so OTT and ridiculous but I know what I m signing up for when I read one Loved that Harry from her other series That Alien Feeling book popping up. I can t wait to read this book All her books are perfectly written I ve red them all at least two times and I still go back to the ones I love the most when I m bored These books are the only books I can read over and over again without getting bored so please give me ee A Ruthless CEO Of A Large CompanyA British Student Confused About His SexualityThey Have Nothing In CommonThe Sizzling Attraction Between Them Makes Absolutely No SenseWhen Miles Hardaway Decided To Spend The Summer In America To Get Away From His Overbearing Family, The Last Thing He Expected Was To End Up Falling For A Man He Should Dislike But Doesn TIan Caldwell Is The Most Arrogant, Bossy Man Miles Has Ever Met He Drives Miles Absolutely Crazy Although Miles Has Been Warned That Ian Is Playing Some Dirty, Underhanded Game, He Finds Himself Caught Between His Friends And A Man He Shouldn T WantWho Will He Choose When His Heart And His Mind Are Telling Him Two Different ThingsNote This Book Contains Explicit MM Content, D S Undertones, And Graphic Language Although This Book Can Stand Alone, It Is Preferable To Have Read Just A Bit Twisted Book And Just A Bit Wrong Book Before This One Now I need this book Update mggggggg finally a year later, in just a couple of days I ll read you and I ll love you Update 2 just an Alessandra hazard classic Loved it It s really easy to read and really fun and enjoyable I loved seeing characters from past books specially the couple from the first book I can t get enough of these series and the next book will be the end and I don t want to I m not ready. Ahh I am a sucker for this series, can t wait for like another 10 books to be release pleaseeee Part of the 4.5 stars Just binged this all in one night Might come back and write a longer review but I only have two complaints that it wasn t longer and that it looks like the next book will be the last one EditDowngraded from 4 to 3 stars The that final part stews in my head, the less I like it I understand that sometimes author doesn t have that much of a control over how story unfolds in their head, butI don t like it And it s a pity because I loved everything until that point I think I will be in a minority here, because I see people liking what she did back there It goes without saying that I liked this book like anything AH writes , but I have to say AH really let her imagination run wild in this one LOL Because what we have here is everything but the kitchen sink Alessandra Hazard edition Which you know, if you re hard core fan like I am, is not exactly standard for AH At least not in this series She, IMO, keeps the plot simple enough and focuses on characterization and relationship development And making you hecking feel But, as I said, I m hard core fan and I ll buy and read anything and everything AH publishes Now, those who ve read all of her books and this one of course will know what I m talking about when I say that I m still undecided on how I feel about what she did in the last 20% I just ran with it, but in all truthfulness I can t say I liked it very much Those who may not be that big of a fan will probably be what s the point of this and quickly forget itso it s all good in the end Which is not to say that this is a standalone You should read the rest of the Straight Guys series, or at least books about Hardaway members and 1 You won t get to fully enjoy this book otherwise Anyway, that s itrecommended I don t know how I finished this As a fan of Straight Guys series, I can t understand what just happened here.This plot was nonsensical All over the place Besides, there was no passion and chemistry between these guys The worse of it was Miles using Ian to figure out his sexuality That experiment part where they made out was terrible There was no heat from Ian s side It seemed like Ian, at some point, started enjoying all the sex experiment just because he could have his kink way with Miles, guilt free, a convenience Something he couldn t have with his ex girlfriends On top of that, the relationship development was very weak. Really enjoyed this one even though I had to suspend my disbelief a bit and roll my eyes at certain parts For some reason, I still gobble that shit up like it is the most delicious cupcake ever I have enjoyed every single book in this series but one, and I am sure I will be re reading them still years from now Knowing there will only be one does make me a bit sad though If you loved the other books in this series, then I am sure you will love this one as well I do not recommend reading this one as a stand alone The author herself advises to at least read Derek and Shawn s book as well as Tristan and Zach s and I highly agree There were definitely some loose ends, but Alessandra did state that will be cleared up in the next and final book so I will just have to wait and see.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 226 pages
  • Just a Bit Dirty (Straight Guys, #10)
  • Alessandra Hazard
  • English
  • 04 January 2018

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