Iron William and the Carpenters Tears

Iron William and the Carpenters Tears Rousing historical adventure Iron William Kidd, who acquires the apt soubriquet in this story, has a mission impossible thrust upon him It s not his fault, but neither does he have any choice, not if he wants to live and the Church of Rome would make a deadly enemy Although the story is fiction it is set in the competently replicated historical period of the Reformation, in the mid 16th Century The action takes place in Mediterranean Europe, in fact across most of it, from one end to the other and half way back again.There are a number of clearly defined characters in this book, in addition to Kidd himself, both friends and enemies Kidd is particularly well done, and the main characters are all well drawn William Kidd has an arch enemy in Hamilton Rush and the dearest desire of each is to see the other dead, by fair means or foul Pages turn easily, the pace accelerating nicely towards the brilliant conclusion.Somewhat reminiscent of Sam Llewellyn s Gurney books, from the reader s perspective Iron William s adventures are as fun filled and action packed as those of any Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones On land or at sea the crises are relentless, and William must dig deep to find in himself the resources to be true to himself, whatever the cost Strongly recommended to anyone who enjoys a rousing historical adventure. Iron William and the Carpenter s Tears by Michael Gardner is a historical adventure about a mercenary, Iron William Kidd, and his undertakings to find a religious artifact.William is a retired elite agent of the King of England who is commissioned by a Vatican Cardinal bent on securing the tears that Christ shed at Lazarus s tomb This priceless relic is a magnificent blue gem that gives its bearer good health and centuries long life Other parties also seek the Tears, and Gardner s story is a breathless account of William s quick thinking and cunning tricks to get the prize for his employer.He meets up with a former colleague, Flint, who has suffered bouts of madness since a skirmish that dealt Flint a blow to the head and William saving his life William also befriends Harissa, a galleon captain with a surprising past William has a desperate fight with another Tears seeker that leaves him seriously maimed and unable to hold a sword or pistol.The story is a satisfying adventure involving a likable William Despite his sometimes ruthless profession, he has a conscience The unpredictable story drew me in, and I could not wait to see what happened next Gardner has a knack for writing fight scenes that amp up the tension without turning into a blow by blow thump fest Excellent scene descriptions, too At times the evocative desert passages with its searing sun and thick heat made me reach for my water glass.Iron William and the Carpenter s Tears is an absorbing and well written tale I recommend it for adventure fans that enjoy stories about treasure seekers I purchased a copy of this book. The Year IsIron William Kidd, A Former English Spy, Is Knee Deep In Trouble After His Latest Mission Goes Gravely Wrong, He Is Left With Badly Crippled Hands Now He Has To Hunt For The Mythical Tears Of Christ The Price Of Failure Is His HeadHowever, Every Country Has Agents Seeking This Ancient Prize, As The Tears Hold A Secret That Will Change The Balance Of Power In Europe Forever Unlocking The Mystery Of The Tears Becomes A Perilous Race Against Time Where There Can Be Only One VictorYou Can Read A Free Preview Here Iron William and the Carpenter s tears is a rip roaring tale of non stop action that should appeal to fans of Conn Iggulden or Bernard Cornwell William Kidd, the hero of the tale, comes across as a 16th century Indiana Jones, constantly on the move trying to evade his pursuers and avoid betrayal in his search for an ancient and holy relic.Gardner succeeds excellently at creating a quick paced, enjoyable tale as the protagonist swiftly moves from one exotic location to another, from Florence to Tunis, Beirut, Damascus and Cyprus to name a few before returning to Rome The dialogue is sharp and the conversation never dwells for long before the next step in the adventure However, this is also the one drawback in Gardener s story He creates a number of wonderfully interesting characters but never stops to really tell usabout them William Kidd s history in the English Secret Service and the service itself, spymasters being a particular curiosity at the time , his sinister rival, his old, now mad friend and a samurai trained monk are just a few of the intriguing elements of the story I would like to have knownabout Even the unique idea of having his hans encased in iron is one that truly catches the attention of the reader but is only mentioned fleetingly throughout the story For a surgery that seems almost unimaginable for people at the time, most other characters seem remarkably unfazed by this man with metal hands.Nonetheless, my curiosity about these matters is only testament to Gardener s ability to tell an interesting and enjoyable tale William Kidd is a character strong enough for a sequel but I personally would love to see a prequel first Either way, I will look forward to William Kidd s next outing. I really enjoyed this book a lot Set in the Renaissance, it is an action packed swashbuckler with plenty of good plot twists and intrigue The story s central character is an agent who once served his king Henry VIII , and now finds himself drafted into the service of the church The way he is developed and plays throughout the story has a timelessness about him, he could easily be James Bond or Sam Spade But this is a very different world, and he is beset with the challenges and decisions imposed by his era After nearly losing his hands in a battle in which he is accused of burning a church, he is now fixed with a new set of metal hands to use on his new mission to find the legendary Tears of Christ But he is not alone in the quest, and other countries have their own missions to seek the prize I won t spoil the plot by telling how it all unfolds, but I can say that it is a well told story with good surprises and a lot of fun action Well researched and thought out, I had a good time reading it I am very partial to stories like this but, even if you re not a history buff, this book is still highly recommended. Michael Gardner s Iron William and the Carpenter s Tears is a fast paced, action adventure story set in Europe and the Middle East Our hero, also known as Kidd , has a death sentence hovering above his head either find the fabled Tears of Christ before a set date, or his life is forfeit And so begins an Indiana Jones style adventure with all the bells and whistles attached at least for that time period.Iron William is a likable character He s far from perfect and has a checkered past that is thrown up to his face quite often His wounds early on nearly do him in, but they end up helping him to develop into a noteworthy person Through the story he becomes the sort of character that you can cheer, as you see Kidd becomehuman Although he has a reputation as a spy and killer, he learns the better traits of compassion and friendship toward others, even though betrayal is not far away The book has a satisfying climax that is painted in generous detail, setting a good tone for upcoming adventures I recommend this book to all who enjoy action adventure stories I rate this as five stars, and I received a copy of this book in exchange for providing an honest review. The scene is set during the reign of King Henry VIII The English, French, Spanish and Roman Monarchies are at war with one another The Church demands sovereignty over all nations, including Turks and the Holy Lands.Mixed up in all this is Iron William Kidd, a freelance spy with extraordinary qualities His quest is to outmanoeuvre these warring factions and restore the mystical Carpenter s Tears to the Vatican, a task that seems impossible.This story brings to mind Treasure Island and James Bond, a powerful and engaging combination On top of that, Michael Gardner s prose seethes with so much energy I worried my e reader would melt This is one of those undiscovered books that belong at the top of all best seller lists If you enjoy high adventure, read it You ll be glad you did. What the A 16th century proto cyborg, part Bond, part Indie Jones What makes Gardener s tale so impressive isn t just his bold imagination, but the fact that he can make such an outlandish character feel so authentic and lived in Great settings, lively pacing, convincing historical details this book works on so many levels And I especially enjoyed the fact that William Kidd is a warrior with a conscience, one who strives to walk the hero s path, while showing mercy to his foes Highly recommended. Great plot, well researched, and above all, fun to read Iron William Kidd is a former secret agent for the English King Henry After falling out of favor, he finds himself opposite a former colleague, Hamilton Rush When the two collide, the results are disastrous for both, though Kidd seems to get the worst of it He nearly loses his hands, but his friend Vllen, one of the innovative minds of the budding renaissance, devises a pair of metal gauntlets that fuse with his maimed flesh.Not only must Kidd cope with his less than agile replacement hands, but also a nearly impossible quest With nothingthan a snippet of text hinting at the missing relic s existence and the threat of the Church s retribution should he fail, Kidd is faced with the ultimate cold case file, and he s not the only one after the prize First of all, bravo on the research The story is set in the renaissance, where science and innovation are just starting to take off The locations, the empires, and the way of life are depicted realistically, as are the biblical references and scenes In fact, I found the lost history of the Tears to be the most fascinating aspect of the story Never too much at once, the details are brought to life as Kidd discovers them, sometimes by chance, other times by deduction The plot is solid, and everything that happens in the story, happens for a reason, and the story moves forward in a natural progression that draws one to the next page, the next chapter and right into the wee hours of the morning One of the things I enjoyed is that the story mixes epic quest with historical mystery Add in the action and the likable characters and it makes for a fun and exciting read I m not often able to link a book to a similar book or movie, but in this case, the Indiana Jones movies seem to be a good match As for flaws, there were few I noticed a few typos here and there, but they are infrequent and didn t distract me from the story Also, the part where Kidd is in training seems a bit rushed in places and slow in others Although both the stump exercise and the snake test are tied in with the story later on, I m not exactly sure what Kidd was supposed to learn from them.Overall, Iron William and the Carpenter s Tears has a fantastic story line, interesting characters and solid details I most definitely plan to read this book again and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical action adventure with a powerful relic thrown in the mix, secret societies bent on protecting it and powerful villains out to exploit it Those who love watching and perhaps re watching the Indiana Jones movies will likely enjoy this book for the same reasons.I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest, non reciprocal review. A great little adventure set in the late renaissance early reformation, a time of great changes and turmoil in Europe, Iron William and the Carpenter s Tears, never disappoints It follows the adventures of one Iron William Kidd, a former spy for Henry the Eighth, who now finds himself without country or allegiance, a spy for hire Unfortunately for him, there are quite a number of other persons and groups with similar skills to his who are competing to obtain his object of conquest in this particular installment, the Carpenter s Tears The Carpenter being Jesus and the Tears being a jewel which was apparently formed from Jesus tears when he brought Lazarus back from the dead.The story is well written and the characters are well developed and fully realized There is slight introspection which I feel is appropriate for this style of novel I rate it a full 5 stars.The only items of caution that I will point out might be of concern to a Christian reader who does not like any form of Biblical deviation First, part of the story involves the Carpenter s Tears jewel as described above and one of the evidences for its existence is a newly found chunk of scripture that is not in the Bible I only point this out because I could see where finding some new scripture, however innocuous, might bother someone of a conservative Christian persuasion.Second, the jewel is a sort of relic similar to Jesus cross or perhaps the shroud of Turin and the strong desire for the jewel is because it supposedly grants both longevity on the order of thousands of years and can heal people of sickness In fact, a non Christian pretending to be a doctor obtains the jewel and uses it to heal people for many, many years I think that this might rub some Christians the wrong way since the physical object seems to be the cause of these miracles and not faith.These two points are probably not important to most people and I only mention them for completeness Overall I very much enjoyed the tale.

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  • 20 August 2019
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