Introducing Feminism

Introducing Feminism Cuts Through The Myths Surrounding The Subject And Provides An Incisive Account Of The Women S Movement From Its Surprisingly Recent Birth In The French Revolution To The Worldwide Explosion Of Women S Liberation In The S And The Conservative Backlash Of The Reagan And Thatcher Years Of The S

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Introducing Feminism book, this is one of the most wanted Susan Alice Watkins author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Introducing Feminism
  • Susan Alice Watkins
  • English
  • 24 July 2017
  • 9781840460582

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    ovo mi je prva iz biblioteke za po etnike sva ta tu, za po etnike, ima genetika, platon, ekologija, jung, sartre, marquis de sade, postmodernizam, l vi strauss i tako. za svakoga pone to i sasvim mi je bila okej daje iroki i ne ba duboki uvid u to to je feminizam, u povijest i razvoj feminizma pisano je 1992., neki apdejt bi dobro do ao , spominju se mnogi va ni likovi uglavnom enski, naravno , po ev i sa sor juanom in s de la cruz iz sredine XVII st pa nadalje uglavnom, dobra knjiga kao start nekome koga feminizam interesira, od ove knji ice otvaraju se putevi daljnjeg, dubljeg i detaljnijeg prou avanja oboga ena je zanimljivim crte ima, grafikama, kola ima i fotomonta ama koje ti poma u da se sna e me u informacijama i da stvori neki vizualni identitet osoba o kojima ita veliki minus ide autoricama to nisu imenovali enu iji lik je masovno upotrebljavan i, uop e, vezan za feministi ki pokret, a kojeg su i same iskoristile za svoju naslovnicu. u opisu naslovnice one pi u propagandni plakat iz sad a u doba drugog svjetskog rata, kojim se ene poziva na poslove va ne za obranu itd blabla.sram vas bilo, cure, to vam uop e nije u feministi kom duhu ta g ica ima ime i prezime naomi parker, btw.

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    Feminizmi ba ndan sonuna kadar harika bir dille anlat yorlar Karikat rlerle, ironilerle harikalar yarat yor O kadar iyi o kadar keyifli bir kitapt ki, hayat mda okudu um en iyi kitaplardan biridir diyebilirim.

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    First released in 1992, this book could use a bit of updating I will not make the idiotic claim that things are so much better now, but some few rays of light have penetrated this dismal darkness To borrow from those fighting against racism, The struggle continues This book is still extremely valuable as as the title tells us an introduction to the concept an astonishing concept, to some males the women are people, and that the ridiculous ways by which men have tried to subjugate them continue today Guys, read this book before you say that women have come a long way which they have and it s not a problem any wrong answer Is it a spoiler for me to tell you that, by the end of the book, you ll realize that there s still a helluva lot of work to do I m male, and therefore genuinely ignorant of what women must go through I do my best to educate myself, yet I am still not able truly to understand the astonishing way in which women are treated In my ignorance, I make ham fisted attempts to behave positively and, on occasion, unintentionally offend I ll keep trying I d like to think we all will.I ll say this one thing, hoping that the right point is made I will consider my male self equal to a woman when I can be forced to keep an unwanted parasite inside my body, suffering from hormonal extremes and debilitating physical issues, until finally going through hours of agony trying to pass a bowling ball through some orifice, then be told that I was a slut for not being married, that I m to be blamed for being unable to afford childcare when I m forced to work, to be condemned as a bad parent because I can get no healthcare for myself or my child, when male doctors tell me that it s not that bad, you re just making excuses for being a weak female, and yet through all that successfully manage to raise an intelligent, caring, socially aware child who has a great chance of being shot to death at his school, or denied decent schools because our government wants stupid people that they can control, or worse yet, that she can t get into a good school because her trashy mom could only have raised her to be a slut just like herWoman, You bring forth the Goddess from which all Gods are born We should remember, fellow males, that biologically speaking, a male is just a means by which females can create females When they can do that without us, we truly are doomed and from the way we ve been acting, it would probably be a damned good thing.

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    Well, it did what it said on the tin, and introduced feminism So things were missed out, nothing was explored in detail which was frustrating at times for me when something got interesting but for an overview book you can t ask for a lot Although I was surprised by some of the things that were missed out They mentioned the Pankhursts, but didn t mention the horse incident Marie Stopes doesn t get a mention at all.It was published in 1994 but some of it felt properly out of date Ok, 1994 is almost 20 years ago ek but there are moments in this book when it feels like we re still very much stuck in the seventies And also moments when it felt as though they were teetering on the edge about to go into extremism, man hating for the sake of it etcI liked the kind of magazine, funky style of representing chunks of history, thoughts and ideas It made it entertaining to read and accessible.

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    Good basic introduction to feminism Tries to cover everything but of course that means that it only gives very brief details, however this makes it a good starting point from which to research further information about the bits that really interest you The book only goes up to 1990 so not the best book for people interested in recent feminist theory or achievements.

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