君の膵臓をたべたい, 1-2

君の膵臓をたべたい, 1-2 The Manga Version Of The Coming Of Age Tearjerker That Inspired Two Films Also Known As Let Me Eat Your Pancreas, This Deeply Moving First Person Story Is About A High School Boy Who Finds The Diary Of His Classmate And Discovers That She S Dying Yamauchi Sakura Has Been Silently Suffering From A Pancreatic Disease In School, And Now Exactly One Person Outside Her Family Knows He Swears To Her That He Won T Tell Anyone What He Learned, And The Shared Secret Brings Them Closer Together The Two Have Very Little In Common, But They Find Themselves Drawn To Each Other In Sakura S Final Months To Live

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 君の膵臓をたべたい, 1-2 book, this is one of the most wanted Yoru Sumino author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 442 pages
  • 君の膵臓をたべたい, 1-2
  • Yoru Sumino
  • English
  • 14 March 2018
  • 9781642750324

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    5 5starsI m not crying you re crying Who knew the random manga with a weird name I picked up on a whim would be this fucking wonderful and powerful omfg I actually cried

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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterIn the complete manga collection of I Want to Eat Your Pancreas we meet Yamauchi Sakura who has been silently suffering from a pancreatic disease in school When she loses her journal she suddenly decides to share her situation with the bookworm boy from her class who finds it A friendship buds and flowers as these opposites attract slowly learn from one another At first you think this is just another story about death and grief but its so much We see this gradual building of this budding friendship We can see that romance is nudging at these two even though neither is willing to take that step At its heart though we have a couple who are total opposites of each other He is so withdrawn into himself that he doesn t react very strongly to the idea she s going to die soon That allows Sakura to live normally with him and yet still be able to talk matter of factly about her demise I really loved that about their relationship He felt he was going along like a reed boat down a river but in reality he was making the choice to accept her Accept what she needed since she wasn t long for this earth Their journey though takes us through the boy s entire process from first meeting to the conclusion of their friendship It s heartbreaking and totally made me cry There are many subtle details that slowly develop and showcase their relationship They are perhaps too subtle for the manga The art wasn t developed in a way to showcase these subtitles so that the reader could put together their import later The art isn t bad in fact I found the art in the last 25% so beautiful with these delightful screens that added so much depth to the art This is a time where the fact this was adapted from a light novel caused the I Want to Eat Your Pancreas manga to suffer a little I could see that the mangaka artist started to really get in stride with the art, but too late for it to impact the middle of the story like it needed to In the end the frames were better developed to showcase the idea of an event better in a single frame In the I Want to Eat Your Pancreas manga the story builds to this crescendo You aren t sure how everything will be resolved even though we know how this must tragically end Certainly it is a realistic ending and true love doesn t suddenly change things I can appreciate that However, the lessons and conclusions are unexpectedly focused in a different direction that you would normally expect dealing with death and grief And that is a beautiful thing.The I Want to Eat Your Pancreas manga collection is a fun way to take in a deeply heart touching story about two opposites attract who only have a short time together due to the unrelenting pursuit of a disease We can learn from these two even as they learned from each other It s all about how we choose to live Authenticity Tension Plot Art Thanks to Seven Seas for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinions.______________________You can find this manga review and many others on my book blog every Monday Perspective of a Writer See my manga and graphic novel reviews at the bottom of the page Please like this review if you enjoyed it bow bow It helps me out a ton

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    My goodness that was sad RTC

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    Would it be okay if I cried now

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    An introverted guy discovers that his popular classmate is suffering from a terminal pancreatic disease, and she swears him to secrecy so as to be able to keep a sense of normalcy in her remaining time This beautiful manga was infused with sadness Even though we know from the first page that Sakura will die, I wasn t entirely prepared for it to unfold I especially loved how perspective is used the first 2 3rds of the story are entirely from the unnamed boy s perspective, and when the narrator switches near the end, it s a powerful moment of self discovery.

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    A manga version of The Fault in Our Stars, wherein our introverted protagonist discovers his classmate s secret she has a terminal disease with possibly only a year or so to live It s long on schoolboy fantasy with the quiet, thoughtful lad being drawn out of his shell and away from his books by the attractive and outgoing girl, but it plays out so sweetly I was quite won over view spoiler There is a twist near the end that doesn t ruin the book, but does mar the innocence of it all with some unnecessary cruelty, especially since the denouement plays out pretty much the same as it would have without it hide spoiler

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    Ok, likeI knew what was going to happen from the beginning butwow this really got me.This was cute, beautiful and sad and so much This story was definitely not as straightforward as the description makes it seem.The only downfall were the final 2 chapters, they felt a little rushed and some parts felt slightly unneeded, but man oh man, this was another good one.If you like Orange or Your Namethis is another manga that you should read ASAP.

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    1 20 2019 3 5 My first book in January 2019 Since i already have a work, its hard for me to read now But i have manage to find my time to read, thank god.

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    This was adorable Full review coming soon.

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    So I found out about this by walking around Barnes and Nobles and I saw the wack ass title and thought, Sounds like it s about zombies, but the cover shows nothing about zombies I must find out what s up It also sounds highkey cannibalistic, but worry not No human pancreai because pancreas is stupid were consumed in this book There s explanation in the book, but from what I remember I read this really fast so I don t remember much , it was part of an old belief or an old saying One thing that is notable, is the fact that you don t learn the name of the weird introverted classmate until nearly the end of the book I don t know if it s supposed to be symbolic of something, because I m really bad at figuring those things out, plus this isn t exactly an American story, so there s probably something cultural mixed in there that just flies clear over my head He apparently shares his name with some relatively famous author, and that was partially why he got into reading in the first place The girl Sakura or something was pretty okay, but she didn t seem to know what she was doing In the end it all made sense because there she showed how she was unsure about a lot of things so she kinda went with how she felt at the moment I guess I ll be honest though, and say that as I was reading it, I was thinking it was gonna be one of those tragic love story things, and I was really bracing for it But it wasn t That was pretty refreshing in my opinion, because it seems like there is an odd amount of stories nowadays that are like Character A Hey you re pretty okayCharacter B Yeah lol I m probably matter of fact and very philosophical but only enough to make teenagers think I m deep meanwhile everyone else thinks I m a jackassCharacter A lol whoops I just fell in loveCharacter B Yeah me too also I m terminally ill so that s funCharacter A yah same Which one will die first You might guess right, but the main goal is to make you cry ha joke s on you.But this story isn t really like that I mean, I assumed there were deeper feelings as time went on, but that s just me shipping two characters who interact surprising well over the span of a few days weeks months I can never figure out the time frame of books I think that Sakura s idea to make a little book about her experiences was interesting I mean it s totally a diary, but there was also a will in the end because she definitely knew she was gonna to die I can appreciate her learning to become realistic about it.Now, I expected as I am sure most people did that the ending would me of her dying And I was correct But it s how she died that surprised me And I would expect at least a few other people view spoiler She done got stabbed, rather than dying a few months later hide spoiler

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