How to Find Your (First) Husband

How to Find Your (First) Husband It S A Beautiful Day In And The Turn Out In The School Playground Is Fantastic Isobel Is Eight Years Old And Marrying Andrew Parker, The Boy Of Her Dreams Life Is Perfect Then The Ceremony Is Over, And A Week Later So Is The Marriage Twenty Years On And Isobel Is Dressed As A Prawn Handing Out Promotional Fliers Outside An LA Fish Market Her Career Is Going Nowhere And Her Love Life Leaves A Lot To Be Desired Nothing Isobel Hoped For Has Gone To Plan Then, She Catches Sight Of Andrew, Her First Husband, In The Background Of A TV News Item And Wonders If She Can Track Down Andrew, Will She Recapture The Happiness That She Felt All Those Years Ago Isobel Travels The Globe To Find Her First Husband, Via Cornwall, Devon And A Remote Malaysian Island, But Is He Really What She Is Looking For brilliant book Oh guys, How to Find Your First Husband is Rosie Blake at her best I couldn t put the book down, literally It is the author s third book, and I had a pleasure to read all of them, and I think the fact that I rated all of them with five stars is speaking for itself I find the idea of the plot hilarious and brilliant at the same time, starting with a childhood wedding in a school playground brilliant, just brilliant , and then fast forwarding and taking us first to LA for some belly laughing scenes, then back to England and then to Malaysia, with some of the best views and embarrassing and awkward situations I think I haven t read anything like this before and I adored how Rosie Blake plotted the book and how she delivered a fantastic, original story.Our main character, Isobel, might have come a little stalkerish at time, but in a funny, funny way What actually happened that she wanted to find her first husband Well, her life didn t take the turn she was hoping for and instead of working in television, she was dishing out leaflets dressed as a potato for example, and her being dumped by her agent was the last straw This, and seeing Andrew on TV She couldn t forget the fact that Andrew dumped her only few weeks after their wedding in the playground, and then he moved out of the town, and Isobel didn t know why he dumped her And there was no divorce So, was she married now or not And well, Andrew s last words were like a curse, right That she ll never have another husband So after seeing him she decides on the spot to find him and make him fall in love with her again.The story is told from Isobel s point of view mostly, and most of the chapters ended with the entries from her old diary that she s written at school, and you know what, she was really smitten with in Andrew I warmed to her immediately, she just felt like my kind of girl, and I kept my fingers crossed for her in her quest to find her first love She was so determined, and when I know that I d give up, she just continued, and even though she was not sure at the beginning, she decided to pursue Andrew on the other side of the world, leaving her old life behind Of course, the support she had from parents here was really important, and I loved her mum.Isobel has pictured Andrew as a kind of hero, the most perfect man in the world and she was imagining her life with him already But is Andrew like this at all Is he going to remember Isobel at all after all those years And will she find him at all I ve never, for a single moment, thought that Isobel shouldn t search for Andrew, that she s lost her plot or something, no way, I was rooting for her as I personally was incredibly curious if her idea of Andrew reflects Andrew now She would only stop obsessing about him when she found him and she wasn t afraid of going to really any lengths, and I thought, go girl It s your time I mean, to leave everything behind to pursue a man of your dreams You need to have guts for this, me thinks We can t forget other characters here, and especially Isobel s friend Mel The girls were working together in LA and they both, dressed as lobsters, were a great team, trying to make the best of what s going on in their lives, but when Mel is relatively resigned to it, Isobel is not, hence the search for Andrew Also, where Mel is in a happy relationship with Dex, Isobel s pilot boyfriend turns out not to be the best catch in the end Though the scene of their phone conversation was brilliant But also the people that Isobel meets in Tioman were one of the most colourful, funny group of characters, especially the narcissistic sex God with not six , but ten pack, and his one liners.Rosie Blake s writing style is fabulous It s light, incredibly funny, and one of the best bits in the story were the moments when Isobel was talking to herself in her head really, her reflections were the best Rosie made me laugh our loud but also cringe with embarrassment at Isobel s antics and some of the situations she finds herself in The idyllic island Tioman was the perfect setting for this wonderful story it s just like your dream island, and the way Rosie presented the laid back life there made me want to spend my own holidays there She brought the setting to life, no problems there, with its beaches, forest islands and waterfalls I loved the descriptions of this small island, with beach huts, beach bars, crystal clear water and nature And add to this a bunch of brilliant, colourful, different characters, some lady s rivalry, cleaning the turtle tanks and setting kitchen on fire and you have the ultimate, perfect read Oh my word, guys, I ve so kept my fingers crossed for Isobel I so wanted her to find her perfect Andrew and I so wanted Andrew to be this perfect I adored to accompany her on every step that took her closer to her dream man In my opinion Isobel found herself on the island in the right moment, it didn t take too long, it didn t take too short, just in the perfect moment, and in a perfect place It didn t felt too rushed, it didn t felt too slow, the pace was just ideal And the best bit is that after landing on the island the story really unwound, and there were some twists and turns that added so much fun and spice to the whole plot The will they won t they and adding some other male characters made the way to the happy end really curvy and thrilling and heart stopping and I loved every single word of this story You couldn t really be sure how the story was going to end How to Find Your First Husband is a truly heart warming, hilarious story that I literally devoured and incredibly enjoyed, this kind of book that you d love to read again for the first time Highly, highly recommended Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for a review. Review coming soon Originally posted on ve read and love Rosie Blake s previous books so when I picked her latest one, I knew I was in for a treat and I was not wrong at all I found the premise for this story fantastic I mean, who didn t have a crush in school with the golden boy of the class And who hasn t wondered how life would be with him Well Rosie Blake takes it one step further Isobel, the star of the story, needs a change in her life so when she spots Andrew, her first crush and husband there was a ceremony in the playground on TV, she decides to go for it and chase him to the other end of the world.As you can imagine, this story is completely bonkers and I couldn t have loved it Isobel is such a great character, she had me in stitches than once and her ideas to seduce Andrew were just hilarious I had such great fun following her around the world and I fell a bit in love with Tioman Island, in Malaysia, where great part of the story took place Rosie Blake described it so well and the attention to detail was amazing If I closed my eyes, I could easily picture myself there, spying Isobel s shenanigans with a cocktail on my hand.Apart from Isobel and Andrew, there were a few characters key to the story, like Isobel s best friend or a photographer we meet in Malaysia I was a big fan of all of them, they were really supportive of Isobel and her crazy ideas and made the story even interesting with their own little stories How To Find Your First Husband is everything a summer read should be and With an amazing setting, lovable character, an hilarious plot and turtles thrown into the mix, this is the book you cannot miss this summer Laughs and good vibes guaranteed review copy I loved this book, so much that I read it in a very short amount of time It is full of amusing sections, incredibly sweet reminiscences of a childhood romance and a borderline stalkerish hunt for Isobel s first love For when Isobel was still in school, she and Andrew Parker had a wedding in the playground, however she was then dumped a few weeks later, and then Andrew left the school, and Isobel has been without closure since Unlike some of her childhood friends she never did the playground divorce thing with Andrew, and still considers them married, even after he cursed her to never have another husband Fast forward to adulthood and Isbobel is living in LA, doesn t exactly have the life of her dreams, and finds herself continually daydreaming about what could have been with her and Andrew So when she spots him in the background of a newsclip, she decides the only thing to do is to find him, and persuade him to fall in love with her What follows is a fabulous story as Isobel travels to England and then onto Malaysia in order to find him As much as I loved all the lead up and the initial search for Andrew, it was once Isobel was on the various flights to get to Tioman Island, Malaysia, that I felt the story really kicked up a gear, as Isobel starts to rediscover who she really is Anyone that has seen some of my reviews previously, may by now realise that I love books with exotic locations, and this one was fantastic, although I didn t get a feel for Malaysia itself, there was definitely a wild small island feel to the story, with beach huts, local wildlife and a new group of friends all determined to have a fantastic summer Rosie Blake s storytelling skills are as amusing as they are enchanting in this delightful story about re discovering your first love and friendship Thank you so much to Alison Davies at Corvus for this review copy This was my honest opinion. I just adore Rosie, her books and writing are just so happy and make you smile and take you to all these fun places The latest instalment is when Iz goes on a quest to find her first husband, Andrew Whom she married in school and has dreamt of ever since He s the one Or least that has Iz see s it and no one else will ever come close Forget they ve not seen each other for years After a freak chance of catching a glimpse of Andrew on TV, Iz ups and leaves LA to go back to England to find true love But he s not there and its another trip to Malaysia Does Iz find the love of her life Rosie captures everything fantastically The descriptions of the remote Island sound beautiful and you wonder if such things exsit ever There are a few interesting characters along the way, we have Iz s best friend Mel, who is the ultimate best friend They re amazing together, we meet the gorgeous photographer Zeb and Andrew It s a fun book where you ll giggle and cringe at some of the things Iz is doing You do sometimes least i did want to try knock some sense into her but you know she s forgiven I really can t wait to see what is next for Rosie First, let me say that I am Rosie Blake s number 1 fan I LOVE her newest book The Hygge Holiday So naturally, I had to check out all her other books Because that s what you do when you are in love with an author And my strong obsession with Rosie Blake is probably why I find writing this review a bit hard Because I was disappointed by How to Find Your First Husband The main reason being that I just couldn t identify with the main character Isobel Her quest to find her childhood husband she was eight because she feels like he will make her happy, just felt so ridiculous Who does something like that And then she goes and stalks him literally ALL over the worldI don t know I just couldn t warm to her The only good thing was Seb He made the whole story bearable I don t want to give away the ending ButCompared to The Hygge Holiday this one just isn t up there Sorry Rosie Blake Doesn t mean tough, that I m not still completely in love with you I m sure that the book is enjoyable if you can manage to identify with Isobel Otherwise it s a bit pointless. Isobel moved to LA to become a presenter Instead she s now dressing up as shellfish or vegetables on a daily basis She is unhappy with her job and her boyfriend who isn t offering any excitement at all She dreams about Andrew, the boy she loved and married when she was a little girl When she sees him at the background of a news item she decides to look for him Isobel travels back to England to find her childhood sweetheart.It s nice to be with her parents again, but it soon becomes clear that Isobel won t be able to find Andrew in England He s on Tioman Island, a small Malaysian island where he works during the summer It s a beautiful tropical place and Isobel has the chance to completely be free Will this enchanting setting bring her what she wants, will Isobel find true love now that she s traveled so far to get it How to Find Your First Husband is a fun and romantic book I immediately loved Isobel She s a bit chaotic and messes things up on a regular basis, which is quite endearing She has a heart of gold and she s absolutely wonderful I loved this book straight away because of who she is I really wanted Isobel to find true love The idea of the long journey to find the person she s supposed to be with for the rest of her life is fantastic It s such a sweet theme for a book and I loved Rosie Blake s charming execution.Rosie Blake has a great sense of humor and I often laughed out loud while reading How to Find Your First Husband I also loved the location and Rosie Blake s gorgeous descriptions make the island come to life really well It s the perfect setting for a dreamy story with a nostalgic element I couldn t wait to find out if Andrew would be the one for Isobel The ending is adorable, a great and fitting finale of a perfect love story I liked this book a lot and highly recommend it. I do secretly believe that if I hope enough somewhere Hogwarts does exist and one day I WILL receive my letter telling me I am a witch When Isobel Graves finds herself stuck in a dead end job and in an unhappy relationship, she decides to take matters into her own hands locate her first husband, the boy she married on the school playground as a child Travelling from Los Angeles to the UK, she learns that Andrew, the object of her desire, is currently volunteering on a remote Malaysian island, but distance is no barrier to true love.In theory this plot sounds great, but the execution was lacklustre to say the least I didn t care for Isobel or Andrew in fact, the only two characters I had any love for where Isobel s crazy best friend, Mel, and Zeb, a photographer she meets on her flight to Asia The story was slow and repetitive, and it felt like a chore to read.

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