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How Santa Changed Think You Know Santa Think Again Discover What Santa Was Like When He Was Young And The Events That Helped Him Become The Jolly Man We Like So Much How Santa Changed Is A Story That Explains Many Of The Familiar Things We Associate With Santa Claus Why Does Santa Use Reindeer To Pull His Sleigh Why Does He Have Elves Help Him Make Toys Why Does He Have A White Beard Why Does He Walk With Jolly And Cheer Mrs Claus Is Not Left Out Either If Readers Pay Close Attention, They Will Discover Some Of The Strategies That Helped Her To Become The Most Famous Baker In History This Book Contains Timeless Lessons For Both Children And Adults Alike, But Not In An Annoying Way It S A Story That Loved Ones Will Want To Read Year After Year

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How Santa Changed book, this is one of the most wanted Karl Steam author readers around the world.

[PDF / Epub] ☉ How Santa Changed  Author Karl Steam –
  • Paperback
  • 38 pages
  • How Santa Changed
  • Karl Steam
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9781635780024

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    How Santa Changed, is the story of how author Karl Steam believes Santa evolved over the years Starting out many years ago, a young, slim, happy Santa, made all the toys himself He then delivered them to all the good boys and girls homes on Christmas Eve, with the help of his strongest moose.Then the world grew, and children were born Cities were built and Santa struggled to make all the toys himself After lots of fretting, that turned his beard white and made him sad, he enlisted the help of some magical elves But now his sleigh was too heavy for one moose to pull, so he got two But moose fight, so he needed a different animal to pull his sleigh can you guess which he chooses He now had enough help to make and deliver all the presents, so Santa became jolly again, though he also liked one too many of Mrs Claus cookies Karl tells a wonderful tale, that I m sure young children will relate to, and adore I love that it has been written in a rhyme, I also love the illustrations which are exquisite, and really do capture the heart of Christmas.The story is touching and I m sure that it would make a lovely bedtime story, though I feel with the classroom resources at the back, which includes discussion questions and activities, Karl has this earmarked for a tale to be told in schools.Reviewed by Stacey at

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    We just finished reading this wonderful story about Santa and how he came to be the jolly man we ve grown to love and wait for ever Christmas My kids love reading and listening to holiday stories so I let my eldest read this book to his brothers, and they were actually mesmerized by the beautiful illustrations within Crisp and magical and lovely images of Santa, Mrs Claus and the gifts and reindeers and children all over the world We also learned why Santa s sleigh was pulled by reindeers, how his hair grew white, how the elves became his helpers and how he got his big fat belly Ho ho ho How Santa Changed was a great read My kids have realized the value of generosity and helpfulness in every way That there are times when we can t do things the way we planned them That there are times when we need to rely on others to finish what we started.My kids love this new story they told me they haven t read a tale like this We also liked that it was told in a rhyming way How Santa Changed is a great addition to our growing holiday favorites

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    Again, I loved, loved, loved How Santa Changed I am absolutely thrilled that I got a chance to review it, because I truly believe that this story isn t only for children, I believe that anyone who will get his hands on it will absolutely adore everything about this book Sooo I recommend this picture book to EVERYONE It s still winter, so don t hesitate and grab your own copy, I assure you that it will lift your spirits every year.Read the whole review HERE

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    What a lovely Christmas tale With a bit of a traditional flair, this story starts at the beginning and demonstrates how even Santa Claus had to learn a few things to become as wonderful as he is.Santa Claus always wanted to make children smile with his gifts hand made ones from him alone While this worked for many years, the world s population increased Not only did he work constantly to make toys but even the moose pulling his sleigh couldn t handle the increasing weight of presents Mrs Claus tries to persuade him to find help, but he insists that children expect to have gifts from him and only him One Christmas night, it all becomes too much and surprising things happen.I m not sure why, but I went into this book a little bit uncertain about what I d find My concerns were completely unnecessary This is a wonderful Christmas story, which adds a lovely dimension to Santa Claus while not changing his image and sticking to the traditional atmosphere Santa Claus is the warm hearted character children love, and he loves the children Mrs Claus adds a nice touch with her cookie baking escapades The look into Santa s past, only makes him of an inspiration.The illustrations fit the tale as nicely as marshmallows to hot chocolate They accompany the text, making it clear what is happening but, at the same time, adding emotions and details in all the right ways The style is traditional like the story and has the same loving touch that Santa gives his toys It s a treat to flip through them.There s a nice message in the story too Change is not always bad and sometimes necessary, and sometimes, this requires accepting help from others It s a message of giving and accepting right along Christmas lines.I received a complimentary copy and enjoyed this book so much that I wanted to leave my honest thoughts.

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    StoryThis seems to be a bit of a play on the old Twas the Night Before Christmas story It s really quite well written The flow and rhythm is excellent, so it makes a wonderful read out loud story.I spotted a few minor editing issues i.e nonending vs unending , walked with jolly though perhaps the author was simply taking some artistic license with his language usage.IllustrationsReally gorgeous artwork throughout this whole book I spent a lot of time poring over each page just to take in all the detail I can t say enough how beautifully this book was illustrated The color work throughout is just stunning Some of the full spreads are downright frame able.The text treatment isn t great, unfortunately Font choice is ok, but the text is just far too small especially because the artwork is planned to provide ample space for larger text It s not illegible, by any means, but it s harder to read than necessary.CoverThere s just so much whimsy and charm throughout all the artwork in this book, and the cover is no different It s such a warm and cozy cover, and I love the little elves taking a photo with the antique camera Just gorgeous cover artwork all around.Not thrilled with the text treatment, but as you may have noticed I rarely am The font choice is just a bit blah However, I DO love the author s logo.

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    I wasn t sure what to expect from the title of this book but was immediately drawn in by the nostalgic illustrations It turns out that the plot of the book revolves around the changes that took place from the time Santa was a young man to the present.In the beginning, young Santa, a magical elf, made and delivered all the toys himself with the help of one moose As cities sprang up and the population grew, Santa could not pull his heavier sleigh with one moose As the story continues, the reader learns how Santa came to rely on a team of reindeer, how he moved farther north, and the need to have additional helpers Mrs Claus even learned to bake, and Santa s slim shape evolved to the fat, jolly character of today Recommended for children and adults as a read aloud or holiday bedtime story.The illustrations in the book are beautifully done, even if the rhymes are sometimes a bit off.

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    Before Santa had help with reindeers and elves he made all the toys and traveled on his own As time went on the world got bigger and santa could not do everything on his own so he searched for help.The rhyming scheme is excellent and a great story to read out loud The story really fits into Santa s background that most of us know It seems very plausible and shows Santa s human side The side that stresses, worries and gets tired.I think only thing I am not fond of is the title, How Santa Changed I don t really know what title would be better I just felt like the title did not grab me and honestly did not make me want to read it.Even though my issues with the title are there I am glad I did read it It is one of those surprise books that you think you are not going to like but then like it than you did.

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    I chose to read this book after receiving a free e copy from the author All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.How Santa Changed is a children s book about how Santa became the Santa we know today According to this story, he started out making toys and delivering them himself As he got older and the world s population grew, he had to get help As Santa grew, so did Mrs Claus When they first got married, her cookies didn t taste very good but over the years, she perfected her recipe Once she did that, Santa never had a flat belly again.The text is cute and rhymes and the illustrations are colorful and very well done How Santa Changed is a great book for children to read this time of year It d also be a good book for parents to read to younger children because the illustrations will keep their interest.

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    I don t know how many children wonder about Santa before he became that right jolly old elf of the famous poem, but Karl Steam decided to fill in the story He does so in a book with delightful illustrations and a story that s fun to follow Following the cadence of the poem attributed to Clement Clarke Moore, Steam fits his story into a rhythmic pattern I m a stickler for natural rhythm in rhyming books so this one lost a star for me when I read it out loud.Fortunately, the story is engaging enough to earn kudos as a cheery addition to the Santa Claus canon My thanks to the author for alerting me to the book and offering the opportunity to review it.

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    How Santa Changed is a cute 38 page storybook about how Santa went from being a one man show to moving to the North Pole with some new helpers The pictures are absolutely gorgeous They are bright and colorful They tell a story so vividly that you do not even need the words to understand what is going on I read the book in Kindle If you do as well then it would need to be fully appreciated on a tablet or phone The pages contain between twelve to one line of writing On double pages, there are some sides with no writing Most pages contain about four lines The word choices would be good for a reader who had a foundation, as long as they had help with some difficult words It seems like it is meant for an adult to read to children Even though my children are all much older, we will be reading this book together this holiday season I just really wish that Karl Steam did not feel the need to rhyme Without that, it would have been a solid five star review However, the rhyming scheme does not stay consistent throughout the book It was apparent enough that I noticed and had to pause to see what happened to the temp of the book It just constrained the writing too much If you love Christmas and tales of Santa then I strongly recommend this book Even if you do not have young children you will be drawn into the artwork and the story that it tales The first thing that I thought of when I finished this book is Wow, I can t wait to share this with my kids who are all teenagers.

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