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Hold Me Again This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN ISBN A Murder Investigation In The Black Hills Is The Tip Of The Iceberg When A Truck Crashes Into The Front Doors Of The Emergency Room, Nurse Tracy Aspen Looks From The Eyes Of Her Former Flame To The Body Of His Murdered Neighbor Little Does She Know The Moment Will Become, Quite Literally, The Final Calm Before The Storm When All Her Former Military Training Will Come Back Into Play South Dakota Ranger Turned Rancher, Jake Moran, Is Trying To Outrun A Tragedy From His Law Enforcement Days A Tragedy With Memories He Can T Bury Now The Same Federal Agents Who Turned His Life Into A Living Hell Have Returned, And With Them, Homeland Security And The Secret Service But Why As A Deadly Alberta Clipper Moves Across The Land, Jake And Tracy Become Enmeshed In A Race Against Time To Stop A Deadly Terrorist Plot On Mount Rush Over The Rugged Terrain They Draw On All Their Skills In Order To Survive, But Betrayal Hides Around Each Ridge All The While, Their Long Ago Love May Reignite

Rory Church is an award winning writer of romantic suspense He is a long time Gulf Coast resident and a member of Romance Writers of America Rory is a Naval Academy graduate and military veteran He lives with his wife and high school sweetheart, who is the romantic soul and critical center of his writing He continues to write overlooking the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico He is an avid

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  • 168 pages
  • Hold Me Again
  • Rory Church
  • English
  • 23 July 2018

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    Hold Me Again grabs the reader on the first page when a truck crashes into the main door of the local hospital The crash and the death of the young boy started the roller coaster ride for Jake and Tracy which end up with them falling in love again The way Rory Church incorporates the growing romance between Jake and Tracy and the twist and turns of who killed the young boy will keep the readers glued to their seats However, readers of Hold Me Again will not like the way FBI Carl Attwood got away from destroying Jake career Readers of Hold Me Again will enjoy the way Rory Church incorporates the beliefs and culture of the Native American and in this case the Sioux Also, Hold Me Again will help readers to learn about South Dakota and their most famous tourist attractions the Black Hills, Boxelder Gulch and Mount Rush I recommend this book.

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    Hold Me Again combines romance, murder and terrorism into a suspenseful thriller that begins when ex South Dakota Park Service Ranger Jake Moran discovers a body north of his fence line near the trailhead to Horse Thief Ridge Desperate to get the still breathing boy medical help, Jake crashes through the emergency doors at Patriot s Hospital where he reunites with an old flame and the nurse on duty, Tracy Aspen As their love rekindles, Tracy and Jake get swept up in a murder case that s linked to a deadly terrorist plot on Mount Rush that will require all their skills if they are to survive Rory Church sets the stage for the story in the town of Palmer near the Black Hills of South Dakota where an Alberta Clipper, a severe winter storm has been forecasted The mood is dark, dangerous and foreboding as a radical terrorist who has already committed murder holds the key to a bomb that threatens a political meeting of world leaders Fast paced and action packed, the plot is addictive from beginning to end as an old adversary, FBI agent Clay Atwood returns to make Jake s life hell his investigation of a prior murder having resulted in the ex Ranger s dismissal Two years later after buying an isolated ranch Jake has stayed under the radar until a murder brings the FBI agent back to Palmer with Homeland Security and the Secret Service With the only clues to the murder a copy of the Koran in the victim s suitcase, a peacock feather a Lakota symbol and radiation detected on his clothes, Tracy Aspen a former military nurse is drawn into a web of intrigue with Jake, the rancher she had a schoolgirl crush on As the story heats up, they race against time not only to find a shooter, but a bomb that could destroy a treasured landmark Into a plot that s intense and gripping as bullets fly and death stalks the agents, Rory Church creates a strong sense of understanding, love and acceptance as the attraction between Jake and Tracy re ignites, both having already suffered tragic pain in their lives.Tracy Aspen is the dedicated, feisty nurse who s haunted not only by her experiences in the military but memories of the high school football player who once rejected her She s caring, empathetic and confident in her feelings for the rancher Jake Moran is suspicious and mistrustful after being dismissed from his job because of unfounded accusations Slowly he s put his life back together, living a lonely, solitary lifestyle on the Lazy T As their love is reawakened neither the arrogant charm or crude remarks of the deceptive agent Clay Atwood can keep them apart.Although I was unsure how Tracy s flashback of an incident overseas added to the plot and would have liked to have had the terrorist s scheming integrated throughout the story rather than close to the end which would have increased the intensity and suspense, I really liked Hold Me Again and will look for novels by Rory Church in future.

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    A fast paced story of terrorism, murder, intrigue, romance set around Mount Rush This book really had it all, but it didn t feel remotely rushed Ten years after Jake turns down Tracey s offer of a quickie in a barn, because of her age, they both find themselves back in their home town, a little worn out by the last decade They have both changed a great deal, the girl with a crush has seen death and pain in Afghanistan to last a lifetime, and he is coping with the guilt of an accidental death everyone blames him for.Both are thrown back into the lives they never wanted to return to when a body is found on Jake s property and they are recruited, due to their local knowledge and skills, to help investigate To be honest, I couldn t put this one down, the whodunit, the tension, and the descriptions of the landscape are all woven together beautifully.The only thing I would have liked to see was the inclusion of a balanced portrayal of Islam, rather than just a radical Jihadist aspect The book would have been improved if there had been a Muslim on the investigating team.

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    Title Hold me AgainAuthor Rory ChurchI found Hold Me Again by Rory Church to a great story that kept me turning the pages at a regular rate Two things kept me from giving this book a five star review One being what I felt was an early reveal, which I will not reveal to anyone considering reading this book My other issue, which is the true reason for the four star rating, is the lack of a climax, or defined ending I did not realize that the story ended until I was suddenly reading about the author, Rory Church With that being said, I would still recommend this book to anyone.I received a copy of this book, for the express purpose of doing a non reciprocal review, as part of a Goodreads Review Group.

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    There is not much to dislike in this cross genre novel set in South Dakota A well balanced mix of mystery and romance with two strong heroes, its action moves along quite nicely with very few dead moments Even its secondary characters stand out If painted with a loose stroke, they are still defined well enough to catch the reader s interest The sheriff, for one, who with his rough, local and familiar language, might do his job, appears corruptible enough nonetheless The sexist CIA guy who every self respecting female would like to punch in his arrogant mouth would be another Other centers of interest lie in themes that run as undercurrents beneath the mystery and the romance Nurse Tracy is haunted by the horrors she witnessed while fighting in Afghanistan cowboy Jake, her love interest, is a disabused as in abused by the system ranger who became a rancher They both battle inner conflicts And outer conflicts as well For the war that Tracy left seems to have followed her at home in the US and at symbolic Mount Rush at that I won t say , except that some other themes that Church addresses are, alas, quite current Rest assured, this doesn t take away from the interest of the plot Au contraire And optimism prevails in this well constructed, well narrated novel where dialogues are real and language is clean and efficient without being barren Reading an author with such a professional and loving approach to genre writing was indeed a pleasure.

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    Looking for a book with a little of everything blockbuster style opening, love story, suspense, terror plot, and a Christmas vibe If so, this is your book Hold Me Again starts with a cinematic type flair bringing together the beginning of the love story between old high school flames Tracy and Jake Jake brings an injured man into the ER where Tracy is the charge nurse The kid in question is the beginning of the rest of the suspenseful plot points.Jake and Tracy had a shot with each other that Jake walked away from back in high school Now they are thrown into the mix with Secret Service and FBI agents as they try to unravel a terror plot taking place around Mt Rush Both of their pasts set them up to be useful in this scenario, Tracy a former military nurse and hunter and Jake a former Park Ranger in the area in question Church does an amazing job describing the scenery and incoming snowstorm I was impressed with the level of detail and could easily imagine the surroundings in the black hills The bitter cold and snowflakes leap of the page and can chill ever the warmest southerner me.The action and suspense, including the will they won t they love element, moves ay a great pace that kept me turning page after page I would recommend this book to any book lover because as I said it had a little bit of everything something for everyone as they say

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    Hold me again starts off with a bang The opening scene sees a young man brought into the E.R with a gaping bullet wound to the chest The mystery of who shot the victim quickly turns into something even sinister as details emerge of a plan that sees both the FBI and Homeland Security scrambling to the small town of Palmer As the story develops from a whodunit mystery to a terrorist plot thriller so does the romance between the two main characters which fits well into the storyline rather than overshadowing it.I found this novel to be very well written with realistic characters who are trying to overcome a troubled past, particularly Tracy who has flashbacks of her time in Afghanistan It doesn t rely on shock factor but rather has a little bit of everything action, mystery and romance which makes it a perfect read for those interested in different genres.

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    I received this book from the author in a Goodreads Review round.The novel starts crashingly with a pickup driving into an ER with a young man bleeding out Things are chaotic and not very clear to me the reader But after this rather filmic start without visuals the author launches into a well plotted tale of teen love that never was consummated but has a damned good chance of picking up ten years later A neighbor s boy is shot and cannot be saved The FBI and Homeland Security are involved and the stakes soar over local losses The plot builds and builds Against a background of Mt Rush and Moslem jihad things get thicker and thicker This is fiction that can find a viable commercial market But the typos and stylistic errors keep me from giving the book 5 stars.

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This book dives into a pair who meet again after almost having an erotic encounter years before They ve both done some growing up and have each been through trauma The tale is told really well, and it moves along at a good pace.If I m being picky, I d like to have had a bit detail at the end It felt like it ended a little abruptly And also some filling here and there e.g why how did Stephen Kincaid get involved and what did his father really know Possibly even Tracy struggling with her post traumatic stress and Jake helping her through it But overall I really liked the plot and the characters.

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    The suspense is thrilling and the sexual tension hot in Hold Me Again, a dark, enticing romantic suspense novel Rory Church develops both Tracy and Jake well, making them both likable and realistic Their chemistry is electric and powerful without overtaking the novel The cast of supporting characters also adds to the kind of trust no one vibe of this novel, keeping are they, aren t they thoughts constantly coursing through the mind While the setting in of a snow storm as curious events happen is common in romantic suspense novels, Church writes it in a way that is fresh and eerie The Christmas time frame lightens the mood just enough I would definitely recommend Hold Me Again to fellow readers of the romance genre or even those who like a good thriller.

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