Heaven's Net Is Wide

Heaven's Net Is Wide The New Beginning And The Grand Finale To The Beloved Tales Of The Otori Series Heaven S Net Is Wide Is The New First Volume Of The Now Complete Tales Of The Otori Prequel To Across The Nightingale Floor, The Book That First Introduced Hearn S Mythical, Medieval Japanese World This Is The Story Of Lord Otori Shigeru Who Has Presided Over The Entire Series As A Sort Of Spiritual Warrior Godfather The Man Who Saved Takeo And Raised Him As His Own And Heir To The Otori Clan This Sweeping Novel Expands On What Has Been Only Hinted At Before Shigeru S Training In The Ways Of The Warrior And Feudal Lord, His Relationship With The Tribe Of Mysteriously Powerful Assassins, The Battles That Tested His Skills And Talents, And His Fateful Meeting With Lady Maruyama Heaven S Net Is Wide Is An Epic Tale Of Warfare, Loyalty, Love, And Heartbreak This Book Leaves Off Where Across The Nightingale Floor Begins, Finally Bringing The Otori Series Full Circle And While It Both Completes And Introduces The Tales Of The Otori, It Also Stands On Its Own As A Satisfying, Dramatic Novel Of Feudal Japan The culture of feudal Japan has a certain harsh attractiveness, and one of the things this author does well is display both the harshness, and the beauty Would I want to have lived in that period, particularly as a woman Certainly not But it s a good place to visit, at least in the imagination.Probably I should have reread the original Otori series before circling back around to this prequel novel I got confused about who people were, at least at first, and I m sure some moments that were supposed to be emotionally significant didn t land because I lacked the proper context, but it is still a compelling, and at times devastating read The characters are wonderful, fascinating, solid people, and if the action is sometimes a bit slow, well, it s worth reading to find out what happens to them. I probably liked this book better than all the previous publications Published last, it is still a full prequel of the events that follow the next generation This has tragic aspects because we just can t get away from it while we spend our time in a Shogunate ish Japan full of thugs, nastiness, and inequality But fortunately, the main characters make up for that The underlying love story inherent here later becomes the backdrop of so many shocking and sad reveals in the later books so I m on the fence about recommending this book 0 before 1 4 The effect of reading 1 4 and then jumping back to this prequel is quite nice As in, damn, that was a ton of tragedy and this new but old history isn t QUITE as dark and at least we get to point at all the previously hidden events in the other novels and go Wow, isn t wonderful or This adds so much dimension I can t say for anyone else on this point But for me, it made this novel my favorite of all five Maybe it s because I ve been invested and the payoff is just right and maybe the author s skills are even better in this later book Who knows All I know is that I loved it. This is the prequel to the Tales of the Otori, explaining and showing a lot that has been talked about in the other books, mainly the first Isamu of the Kikuta tribe has converted to the religion of the Hidden and is living in a village called Mino, settling down with a wife.Meanwhile, a 12 year old Shigeru Otori learns to mistrust his uncles after an incident with his younger brother Three years later yes, there are a few time jumps , we learn what prompts Shigeru to be interested in the Tribe after one of his father s cautionary tales view spoiler his father was talking about how illegitimate children could come back to haunt Shigeru, referring to Shigeru s half brother, who happens to be Takeo s father hide spoiler First book I ve read by Lian Hearn, and it was a long one I am not familiar with Japanese history, so I came to this only knowing that the author had done a lot of research for the period in which her story occurs a period with a stratified society of warriors, farmers, merchants, and others The warriors are held above all others in this society, and have a variety of codes they live by This is a prequel for Hearn s Tales of the Otori series, with the main character being Shigeru We follow him from his birth to his meeting of Tomasu, his nephew, many years later There is a lot of political machinations within the Otori clan and between the Otori and the Tohan, a rival clan Much happens over an eighteen year span in the book, and there are many characters to keep track of I confess, I referred to the genealogy trees on the author s website to keep the relationships straight.The whole story, while punctuated by betrayals and violence, has a calm feel, with quiet descriptions of gardens, and rain There is also commentary about the warrior class entitlement, their limitations inability to imagine value in others, such as women, and the other classes And about the impact of their plotting and fighting on their families and others.I ll probably be checking out the Tales of the Otori some day.

Lian Hearn s beloved Tales of the Otori series, set in an imagined feudal Japan, has sold than four million copies worldwide and has been translated into nearly forty languages It is comprised of five volumes ACROSS THE NIGHTINGALE FLOOR, GRASS FOR HIS PILLOW, BRILLIANCE OF THE MOON, THE HARSH CRY OF THE HERON and HEAVEN S NET IS WIDE The series was followed by two standalone novels,

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  • Hardcover
  • 560 pages
  • Heaven's Net Is Wide
  • Lian Hearn
  • English
  • 02 April 2017
  • 9781594489532

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