Hawk in a Blue Sky

Hawk in a Blue Sky Bravo I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would give it an extra star to make six Hawk in a Blue sky combined a well written, and paced, love story with a little bit of art history I m an admirer of Italian Renaissance art so it quite interesting to read about the references to Sandro Botticceli Cesare and Amanda were perfect together and although Volenco is fictional it sounds positively wonderful. Amanda Had Been Frightened Rather Than Flattered By Cesare Druetso S Proposal Of Marriage When She Was She Had Refused To Be A Slave To His Masterful Ways Now, Five Years Later, She Was Back In His Home In Tuscany, Engaged To His Younger, Gentler Brother, Piero But Cesare, It Turned Out, Had No Intention Of Settling The Situation He Had His Whole Family, And The The Whole Town, Backing Him So What Could Amanda Do About It It was good, just not something that I would read again I didn t find it very passionate, even though it intended to be. Why, in God s name, the best matches are made of a strong father figure and a frightened, elusive innocent girl Not that I do not find this beleiveble, but a little chance of scene wouldn t offend anyone the most awful book i ever read by mrs charlotte so pathetic 3.5 stars.The ending could have been much smashing. Charlotte Lamb is hit or miss for me, but I quite enjoyed this very yellow harley It s a self explanatory plot, in this case the blurb is accurate What makes it work, IMO, is the claustrophobic feudal setting that mirrors heroine Amanda s tightly knit circle because she, like everyone else with a significant role, is a distant relation of The Family Such an interdependent mindset from city to castle, from castle to family, from family to each other is the perfect setup for Cesare s gothic obsession with Renaissance artwork one piece in particular Amanda s equally gothic view of his predatory attitude towards her In actuality, Cesare isn t anything outrageous by Lamb standards aside from a couple punishing kisses, he s a rather level headed dudebut maybe I m biased, because I d never have turned him down in the first place Anyhoo CL s overwrought prose the lush Italian setting only add to this particular book s heavier flavor lots of shadow light hunter prey dualities, some of which are overt others subtle I also liked the Renaissance motif throughout It s a good example of the ultra rare, ultra decadent, ultra coveted by Sarah harlequin gothic, which is a style that has disappeared from their catalogue now that writers like Lamb, Winspear, Craven have passed into the great beyond Too bad, because contemp HP desperately needs an infusion of said ladies flair Overall, a fun vintage read Excepting the random American daughter father, who don t appear until late in the story In the late 80s there actually was a short lived Harlequin Gothic series, which this would have fit into quite nicely Alas, that imprint didn t last very long Romance was underdeveloped

Sheila Holland,

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • Hawk in a Blue Sky
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 25 May 2017
  • 9780373021611

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