Haunted Whispers

Haunted Whispers A University Student Doing A Thesis On Fear Takes His Research Too FarA Man Learns He S Next In Line To Be The Grim Reaper, But Doesn T Want To Give Up His LifeAn Angel Forces A Man To Relive His Worst MemoryA Former Nazi Hiding In Canada Is Haunted By Than Just His PastA Couple Haunted By An Unspeakable Act Committed With The Best Intentions, With Dire Consequences People Haunted By Whispers Of The Past, Trying To Forget And Move On No Matter How Hard They Try, How Far They Run, It Waits For Them And Just When They Think They Re Safe, The Whispers Begin Again

Joseph Mulak is the author of several short stories that have appeared in anthologies such as Death Be Not Proud, Dark Things II, and Freedom of Screech He is also the author of Little Angels, Ashes to Ashes, and the short story collection Haunted Whispers He lives in North Bay, Ontario with his wife Alicia He has five children.

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  • Paperback
  • 114 pages
  • Haunted Whispers
  • Joseph Mulak
  • English
  • 27 October 2018
  • 9781477644195

10 thoughts on “Haunted Whispers

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    Haunted Whispers is a frighteningly good collection of horror stories than were entertaining with a good balance of spooky characters, nightmarish scenes and unspoken action that hints at those deep horrors that make one cringe A pleasant surprise given all of the horror stories that fail to deliver any real fright Looking forward to reading the author s other works.

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    This review and can be found on my blogI picked up this book because my fiance works with the author who wrote it and told me it was good and I should read it and review it on my blog I must say he wasn t wrong.I thought this was a great collection of short stories that any horror reader will love I am a huge fan of Richard Laymon and found that these stories were very reminiscent of his writing style.I thought even the pacing of the book was well done My favourite stories were the first one and the last one, which is perfect for a book like this The first story draws the reader in and the last story finishes strong.The last story of the book which name escapes me at the moment sorry was hilarious The humor was pitch perfect and I actually laughed out loud in a few places Again, while I loved all of the stories in this book, I think that the dark humor of the last story is this author s forte and this story really excelled in my opinion.I 100% would have given this book 4 stars had it been proofread a little better There were numerous grammatical errors that could have been avoided had Joseph just had another person read over his work Therefore, the content of this book is 4 stars, but I felt I had to give it a 3 due to the errors.Joseph if you need a proofreader, I can be your girl I d be than happy to do it for you.

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    Haunted Whispers collection of short stories, July 4, 2012This review is from Haunted Whispers Kindle Edition Joseph Mulak s collection of Short Fiction, Haunted Whispers , is an eclectic collection of stories filled with supernatural occurences, black humor, and scary happenings When he approached me to do the cover art I wanted to have a look at the stories first and I was happily pleased how good they are Mulak s collection is evidence of a writer to watch and is well worth the asking price 11 stories to keep you up at night Recommended reading.

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    Most stories were pretty good, some others were average, and some just made me wonder if I should just skip to the next one Interesting approaches to the different faces of death, a very easy read that I globally enjoyed.

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