Guilty Love

Guilty LoveI hate to diss my favorite Harlequin writer EVER but I gots to keep it real This story was flat, predictable, saddled with two BEYOND stupid leads, and devoid of CL s usual charm, ironic wit, or dream like, elegant turn of phrases Don t know what happened except that among several hundred published books, there had to have been a number of turkeys that she just phoned in to meet a deadline view spoiler The tale of an h horribly abused by her husband, whom she enables, excuses, and refuses to leave, all the while guiltily developing feelings for her dashing boss, the H, which he returns Although they never have an affair and both try to mask their feelings except for one searing kiss.The abuse escalates until the husband finally tries to outright kill her She blacks out, coming to only to find her husband s head bashed in with a candleholder and the H trying frantically to revive her Immediately, she assumes H killed her husband Well, we readers could see this plot twist from a mile away She is actually the one who killed him but the shock of it gave her very convenient, short term amnesia H decides to take the rap for her because he loves her, but grows understandably bitter while serving a two year sentence for manslaughter, during which she refuses to see him and actually moves out of town, intent on putting the whole, sordid ordeal behind her.Naturally, once he is let out, H is fixated on finding h and despite her best efforts, her traitorous body gives way to his forced seduction eye roll Two seconds later, the great, big, terrible misunderstanding is lifted as she miraculously recovers her memory, his bitterness magically evaporates, and they exchanges their I Love Yous Uh, really I don t think so.This is probably my least favorite Harlequin h of all time She was so messed up and in the process, hurt an innocent person, and is ready to sweep all that under the rug I understand the process of a domestic violence victim self blaming and protecting her abuser, BELIEVE ME I DO, but this stupid, selfish, completely ungrateful cow had not progressed one iota three years after being removed from the influence of her abuser Not did she want to She is the kind of person who revels in self flagellation and drama Sorry, I did not believe in their HE A and felt sorry for the TSTL hero who was obsessed with her hide spoiler This was pretty intense Loved the hero, Richie but the heroine Linzi was not likeableshe had no backbone but maybe the abuse made her TSTL I shed tear twice it was moving novel albeit frustrating at times The sacrifices the hero made and overall conduct of Linzi was not parallel She did not deserve his love Period CussingDNF Not only is the heroine a stupid bitch, but she s a selfish one Sorry view spoiler I don t fault her for staying with her husband much, but I do find fault with her rigid stance on the hero that she thought killed her husband to SAVE her hide spoiler This one was certainly different It might have received a higher rating from me just for being so different if it hadn t been for the fact that it was one of those where you were constantly waiting for the other shoe to fall I found that I didn t like the heroine much for how she failed to stand by the hero The hero though was pretty great Serious spoiler ahead view spoiler not many men who would go to prison for a girl hide spoiler I was engrossed all the way through, but my feelings for this are mixed mainly because wonderful, self sacrificing Ritchie deserved a better woman than the one he received in Linzi, who was just so spineless She didn t stand by Ritchie when he needed her, and said some pretty mean things to him I know she acted that way out of ignorance and guilt, but it was still disappointing I d hoped she d evolve into a stronger person by the novel s end in spite of the mental and emotional abuse she d undergone Hey, this is romantic fantasy so miracles DO happen Even after Linzi learned of Ritchie s feelings she still didn t tell him why she d originally turned her back on him, and utter out loud those three little words Yes, the reader of knew of her true feelings and Ritchie believed Linzi felt the same for him, but he deserved to hear I love you I mean, really, he saved her ass from view spoiler prison hide spoiler This story was really interesting with a wonderful hero but the heroine was disappointing I didn t like the way she treated the hero when he needed her so it totally spoiled the book for me. Wow Charlotte Lamb You literally killed me with this one.As she is most known of her dynamic love stories with overly jealous,obsessive and smitten heroes she drawns you into a ride you will never forget.Her mostly favourite books of mine are Temptation , Disturbing Stranger , Frustration , Crecendo , Devil s Arms , Fever , Pagan Encounter and Dark Pursuit and Guilty Love come really high on the list,as the hero Ritchie Calhoun takes the greatest sacrifice as a man in love can take,instead of the heroine Linzi York and takes the blame of her husbands murder and gets charged three years in prison.After getting released he hunts after her to stake his claim..and Oh how it all just turns wonderfully I love this book I love the hero the most in this one,and would gladly want to find someone like him The hell he was put through because of her,and still he desperately loved her and earned for her.That s just so romantic I at times wanted to strangle her.She should have left her husband Barty the second he let her,but i understand her though.He was after all the man she had loved,and he had also loved her until the accident that destroyed everything,and Barty became a monster.I could feel Linzi s guilt,fear and pain and mostly the stricken guilt of letting herself love Ritchie freely.But Oh i wouldn t have resisted him at all,he was sooo passionately dangerous and sexy and madly..with that i mean TOTALLY loco about her..and the means to fight her and the obsessive stake it took on him during his prison years..just GOD I love him my friends..i totally love this man How i wish i could meet someone like him in real life Guilty Love is one of a hell dynamic pleasure..and a unforgettable experience and i will 100% re read it in the future.I mean just WOW..Ritchie and Linzi s romance was just..everything you could wish for.I just wish SPOILER AHEAD That we could have read when she told him that she love him too.I mean Lamb must have forgotten that important point.Well anyway..who cares,i love this book anyway 4 Stars Linzi married the boy next door, her childhood sweetheart and they were very happy Until a motorcycle accident caused a brain injury which changed Barty forever Gone was the sweet gentle young man in his place, was a hostile abusive man Barty knew he was different and he always regretted his violent outbursts Linzi loved the young man he had been, and it was that love that kept forgiving Barty Linzi took a job for a construction mogul, and though it often meant she had to work late, the money it provided was too good to pass up Whenever she had to work late, Barty threw insults her way and accused her of having an affair with her boss Ritchie was a very handsome virile man and Linzi felt guilty about her growing attraction to him When he started to notice how haunted and sad her eyes were, he found himself wanting to know her secrets His probing into her personal life alarmed Linzi and she threatened to quit unless he backed off But when she came into the office with bruises on her face, Ritchie worried that one day Barty would go too far And that day came with tragic consequences for both Linzi and Ritchie.This Charlotte Lamb is a wild crazy ride that kept be turning the pages to see how there could possibly be a HEA Linzi s fear is palpable and a driving force in this story She s had to be strong, but when she has a chance to lean on Ritchie even for the briefest of moments, she can t stop herself as it feels so good She s a tragic heroine with a past that pursues her and keeps a dark cloud hanging over her head Ritchie is a white knight type of hero and he wants to protect her, but he has to battle her misguided loyalty to do it At times I worried if what had happened would be too much to overcome and a believable HEA could never be achieved But Ms Lamb gave us a wonderful twist that cleverly shows us how deep and unconditional Ritchie s love is for Linzi This is a dark story with violent scenes that may not suit some readers. Nowhere To RunLinzi York Loved Her Husband But Barty Had Changed His Rage And Growing Despair Since The Accident Had Taken A Brutal Toll Linzi Was Trapped In A Nightmare And Ritchie Calhoun Knew It Linzi And Ritchie S Relationship Had Always Remained On A Cool Professional Level But Now Facades Were Beginning To Crumble Needs And Desires They Were Powerless To Deny Tormented Themand It Was Linzi Who Was Paying The Highest Price Then A Horrible Tragedy Shattered Their Lives And Ritchie S Courage Proved His Love In A Way That Few Men Ever Could Too much insanity in too few pages for me, I think Abuse, helicopter crashes and explosions, attempted murder, death, prison sentence, and a horse riding accident to top it off Exhausting and not really satisfying.

Sheila Holland,

❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Guilty Love Author Charlotte Lamb –
  • Mass Market Paperback
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  • Guilty Love
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  • 10 March 2019
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