Girl, Serpent, Thorn

Girl, Serpent, ThornA Captivating And Utterly Original Fairy Tale About A Girl Cursed To Be Poisonous To The Touch, And Who Discovers What Power Might Lie In Such A CurseThere Was And There Was Not, As All Stories Begin, A Princess Cursed To Be Poisonous To The Touch But For Soraya, Who Has Lived Her Life Hidden Away, Apart From Her Family, Safe Only In Her Gardens, It S Not Just A StoryAs The Day Of Her Twin Brother S Wedding Approaches, Soraya Must Decide If She S Willing To Step Outside Of The Shadows For The First Time Below In The Dungeon Is A Demon Who Holds Knowledge That She Craves, The Answer To Her Freedom And Above Is A Young Man Who Isn T Afraid Of Her, Whose Eyes Linger Not With Fear, But With An Understanding Of Who She Is Beneath The PoisonSoraya Thought She Knew Her Place In The World, But When Her Choices Lead To Consequences She Never Imagined, She Begins To Question Who She Is And Who She Is Becominghuman Or Demon Princess Or Monster

Melissa Bashardoust pronounced BASH ar doost received her degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley, where she rediscovered her love for creative writing, childrens literature, and fairy tales and their retellings She currently lives in Southern California with a cat named Alice and copies of Jane Eyre than she probably needs Girls Made of Snow and Glass is her first

❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Girl, Serpent, Thorn ❤ Author Melissa Bashardoust –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Girl, Serpent, Thorn
  • Melissa Bashardoust
  • English
  • 06 August 2017
  • 9781250196149

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    leans into mic I think we should all aggressively HYPE UP this f f fairy tale novel that draws from Persian methology, has an all Persian cast, a bisexual MC, morally grey characters a descent into villainy arc

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    A poisonous girl threatens the people s lives who dare to touch her intentionally or accidentally Poor Soraya suffers from loneliness, is exiled from her inner circle, living in the shadows because poison flows through her veins and she can kill somebody anytime But a mysterious boy gets interested with her situation and he seems like he is not afraid of her You may think what a great pilot, the boy will break the curse, fight with the demons and ride to the sunset singing take my horse to the Old Town Road, duct taping Billy Ray Cyrus mouth not to join him singing Nope, when you reach half of the book, you just say oh, I didn t see it coming, it just moved to the different direction Actually this book makes you feel like you read than one books I think a trilogy is hidden inside of this story and I wish the author told Soraya s beautiful, emotional, awakening, self discovery story in than one book So this fairy tale mixed with Persian culture and magical elements kind of story A girl does not want to use her curse to gain power and threat people s lives She accepts her unfair faith and we catch glimpses from her early life and witness that she had a crush to a girl which is reciprocated Yes, we have a bisexual heroine on the board which is a different and unique touch And yes, Soraya loves to see the roses growing because instead of killing or hurting any living thing, she wants to give them live and see them grow Second part, we just realize, main love interest of this story is f f relationship But as I said from the beginning, this is not romantic fantasy about a girl who needs to love for breaking her curse and having her HEA When we learn about both of their skeletons they hid in their closets, we may see they are so flawless, pure, golden hearted characters So we have two realistically developed female characters uniquely developed story, are ready to atone their sins because they are not the villanelles They are just humans who made mistakes and wrong choices in their pasts and now they want to correct them Overall this book is definitely not only a love story, it s about a girl s evolution, learning from her mistakes, choosing what she wants from her life, discovering her own strengths, sensibilities and forming her own path story World building with Persian cultural elements and magical touch is also one of the best parts I truly enjoyed about the book.I have to admit longevity of this book made me a little hesitated before I decided to start it I still wish the story could have told in than one book because the writing is intriguing, characters are easy to connect, pacing is balanced not too fast or slow.If you keen on reading some original, different approach with feminist vibes to the fairy tales, this book is definitely a great choice I gave 3.5 stars and of course the author s hard efforts and lyrical, magical story telling forced me to round it up to 4 stars.So much thanks to NetGalley and Flatiron Books for sharing this unconventional, unique ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Pages 336 Expected publication May 12th 2020 by Flatiron BooksDark, Unexpected and Completely Original This book was totally different than I thought it would be I expected something along the lines of Rapunzel, with a princess locked away in a castle only to be rescued by a prince who is able to see who she really is despite her differences However what I got was a girl who didn t just sit in her room locked away and waiting to be rescued, but one who did what she could to rescue herself and she didn t always do what was right or proper She makes mistakes, big mistakes with far reaching effects I couldn t always tell who was good and who was bad in this fairytale and it made it truly suspenseful and original Soraya is the lead character and she is a twin to Sorush, the current Shah of Golvahar She is cursed with poison in her veins and is unable to touch any living thing without killing it She longs to get rid of her curse and be normal Her family travels every summer and she is left behind, only able to watch them return each fall from her tower where she is hidden away After their return one season she sees a new face, among her brothers guard and looks to the tower and sees her as well His name is Azad and he is a commoner that has become a royal guard because he saved the Shah when a div attacked him Div s are from Mount Arzur Everyone there knew never to go wandering too close to the mountain, because it was the home of divs the demonic servants of the Destroyer whose only purpose was to bring destruction and chaos to the Creator s world Soraya learns that the div that attacked her brother was caught and now resides in the dungeon She believes that the div might have the answer to reversing her curse Soraya uses the tunnels in the castle to sneak down and speak to the div she meets Azad who helps her and she finds information that may help her I don t want to give any away than that However Soraya, the div named Parvenah and Azad become entangled and what happens after that is quite a tale There are many other characters is this story and the character development and world building is terrific This was a dark fairytale with monsters, curses and evil, but the Soraya s journey is quite different than I have seen in other fantasy novels and fairytales Sometimes it is hard to tell if she is good or bad, and the same is true for many of the other characters.Though it wasn t the best I have read, it was definitely very good and worth reading I have this book 4 stars for all the things I truly liked about it I would definitely watch a movie of this one I love fantasy and fairytales and this is one of the most original I have read, though it is a retelling I ve never heard the fairytale before It is nice to see a flawed heroine, especially one as strong as Soraya I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBub

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    New US Pub Date July 7, 2020 ME Alright, I think I have enough snake covers on my book she Girl, Serpent, Thorn sashaying onto Goodreads ME There s always room for Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley.

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    This was so Good If you love queer fairytales, especially of the non Western variety, do not do not do NOT miss this Persian influenced bisexual one.

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    A fairy tale that takes inspiration from ancient Persian Zoroastrian mythology A princess is cursed to be poisonous to the touch and explores what inherent power might lie in such a curse thanks for saving the YA retelling genre Melissa Bashardoust

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    review on my blog You could kill me with a single touch Why should you ever be afraid of anyone Soraya is cursed with a deadly touch, where poison flows through her veins and any living thing to come in contact with her dies Isolated from her family and ruminating in the shadows, she finally decides to take matters into her own hands Her brother s upcoming wedding to their childhood friend and a div demon imprisoned underneath the castle inspire her to make her move, while a mysterious boy in the azatan army guard takes an interest in her It s very difficult to summarise the basic plot because none of it seems relevant when you reach the middle The beginning feels like a completely different book to the second half Which I m not complaining about It s like a trilogy condensed into a single book, which is excellent since the plot didn t need to be dragged and the action was plentiful Let s start with the diversity because it s what everyone will be curious about the setting, story fairytales, and the world are all based on Persian culture, while all the characters are obviously Persian There is Persian dialect such as royal titles, places, names used throughout that are explained in detail by the author at the end of the book In addition, the glossary has explanations for the Persian stories fairytales they re based on It s really thorough and interesting, which only adds to the excitement when you read it The main character, Soraya, is established as bisexual early in the story When they were children, she and her brother Sorush had a best friend who she had a crush on, but it wasn t reciprocated Soraya additionally has a brief flirtation with a member of the azatan who s a male and it s established she was attracted to him However, her main romance is with another girl, who I won t disclose because I think it s better to experience yourself instead of knowing who it is prior to starting Their romance is definitely a subplot and not integral to the overarching plot, but it s an established, developed relationship Girl, Serpent, Thorn s writing is engaging and enthralling from beginning to end There wasn t a single moment I was bored or waiting for something to happen, even if the beginning lacks similar action to the last section As I mentioned, the story twists halfway in a completely unexpected way for me, at least I remember reaching the moment, remembering the foreshadowing, and then smacking myself on the forehead because of course Everything is meticulously plotted and you don t notice the intricacies until you re way past those moments The worldbuilding was easy to grasp from the beginning, and not too complicated to follow as the story progressed It s established in an interesting way through the fairytales, but also through the perspective of our main character Soraya Since it s based on Persian mythology, it s imbued with language and terms from that culture, which isn t a complaint I really enjoy reading fantasy books set in non Western settings because you can almost feel the happiness radiating off the page from the author Also, it s just an educational experience and allows you to learn about the mythology in cultures you re not a part of, while you also enjoy a unique story at the same time Soraya is such an interesting, different main character, particularly to the Young Adult genre In the beginning, she s isolated and lonely because of her poisonous touch She appears meek and small, always in the shadows watching others The story isn t exactly about her using the curse to gain power in the court as others have expressed, it focuses on accepting what you ve perceived as flaws and realising they re what makes you unique Soraya s love interest can t comprehend why she doesn t admire her ability to kill with a touch and wants her to wield it, not cure it Soraya learns not to feel ashamed of the poison in her veins and accepts that it s a power, not a curse Moreover, I loved how she went from a lonely, isolated girl desperate for company to someone who makes her own family, relative or not My friends were all in shock when I said the f f relationship took over half of the book to begin developing, and I wasn t complaining That should indicate how enthralled I was with the plot and story in general I m familiar with Bashardoust s writing and anticipated the f f romance being a subplot, especially with the misleading synopsis and beginning However, the story definitely focuses on Soraya s character development and the strife in their world than romance That being said, the romance was wonderful There s a lot of lingering gazes, light touches, and UNBELIEVABLE TENSION in the beginning of their relationship , where you re desperate for them to be together I love that despite it developing in the latter part of the plot, we were still given a solid resolution and direction for their relationship in the future Something I found particularly engaging about this book was the exploration of what it means to be moral through the main characters Soraya can kill any living thing with a touch but doesn t wield that power for evil In fact, she grows roses in her garden because she wants the ability to give something life, instead of taking it away The symbolism through her roses is additionally brought up again towards the end of the story, proving that every little thing is meticulously plotted and well thought out Though, Soraya definitely isn t a moral character which I, unfortunately, can t go into detail about because of spoilers Her love interest also has a dark past she s attempting to atone for again, spoilers Basically, this book has two morally grey women falling for each other, but they aren t clean cut villains It feels like, in the background of the main meaning of Girl, Serpent, Thorn, Bashardoust is suggesting not all of us are perfect or moral We all have our flaws, and we re all capable of doing immoral things Girl, Serpent, Thorn was a delight to read That s the only way I can explain it It was enthralling, fun, romantic, interesting, intricate, and just perfect I highly recommend reading it when it comes out because this is a YA fantasy you don t want to miss rep Persian inspired setting, story, and full cast of characters, bisexual main character, sapphic side character, f f romance

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    Update I will be participating in the blog tour for this release My post will go up on Sunday, July 5th Hope you can check it out Be well, book friends.Original WE HAVE A COVER I have been anticipating this release for such a long time I absolutely adored Bashardoust s Snow White retelling, Girls Made of Snow and Glass It is actually one of my favorite retellings ever This sounds equally incredible and I cannot wait for it

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    I m getting THE WINTER DUKE vibes from this oml

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    Girl, Serpent, Thorn tell us the story of princess Soraya cursed to be poisonous to the touch Soraya grows up locked away from her family and friends with only brief visits from her mother One day her brother takes a demon prisoner and in the very same day, Soraya comes to know a new soldier boy who seems to take an interest in her I really enjoyed the flawless, lyrical writing of the author It was really beautiful, told like a very old fairytale The mythology was Persian inspired and I had little knowledge about it so it was a breath of fresh air in YA fantasy.What I loved about this book was not the romance, but the character development of Soraya, she really matured as a character through the story Soraya is a bisexual heroine and I loved and hated both of her romantic interests, and those characters are those I most enjoy reading about those who make me conflicted I d say that Beauty and The Beast fans will surely love this tale because there are some similarities parallels The worldbuilding was lush and beautiful and inspired in Persian Culture which I loved.My only complaint would be that I did find her romantic interests to have much less depth than she had, and I was hoping they could have layers of complexity regarding their feelings for Soraya However, it was a wonderful fairytale ish read and I ll definitely read what the author writes next Fans of non western fantasy, LGBTI romance and old fairy tales might enjoy this ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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