FrustrationSimilar premise to Laurey Bright The rainbow way, w the widow still grieving for 1st hubby sleeping beauty is not ready to move on w a much hawter dude, but overall I prefer TRW cuz the hero in CL book acts like a petulant child times, just cuz the poor sap heroine subconsciously utters the dead hubby s name during hot heavy session Whoops Uh la la He turns out to be her boss besides being a natural slavedriver, he makes her pay for denting his ginormous ego The LB book has a heroine who tries to fake it gets caught, another big no no in a man s book CL book is slower lethargic in pace mood Jake is a beast, fesses up that he wants to hurt Natalie, as a way of cauterizing a wound I liked Nathan, the hero in TRW much bettah also cuz TRW ending was way satisfying than this 1 Sigh Makes me wanna re read TRW again for the umpteenth time Lessons learned Heroine Uttering another man s name during passionate encounter a dong deflater Hero Being over competitive w a dead man is like pissing in the wind. If you are wondering why that freaky doll is on the book cover along with the lovers, it is because the hero, crazed with jealousy that another man has dared to gift the heroine with this atrocious, cheesy souvenir doll, quite deliberately knocks it off her desk and into a wastebasket filled with trash and ashes, rendering it beyond repair This is just one of the hilarious episodes in this crazy, OTT, mine mine mine, frustrated hero s quest to make the cool, icy, remote heroine fall for him If you look at the book with ironic distance and an open mind, I think you will find yourself chuckling than once If you are looking for a soft, sweet romance, RUN FAST Honestly, I enjoy CL s breed of crazed, Alpha, heroes, at least when they don t cross the line into actual homicidal maniacs, which she has done than once Though the hero of the piece is quite physical with the heroine and her traitorous body likes it every time even though her mind is screaming , he did not cross the border into psychotic and view spoiler his rather gushing declaration of love at the conclusion went a long way to make up for his assholish behavior before that hide spoiler This is probably one of my favorite CL books to date Sometimes in older HQN books and CL books in particular I like the story but get tired of the overwrought emotions, the OTT anger of the H resulting in bad and even despicable behavior Frequently I have trouble understanding the level of anger over a real or imagined offense These elements were true of this book and yet I still really liked the H even when he was acting badly.From the first page this book held my interest and kept me reading to find out what happened next I was never tempted to skip ahead and just get on with it as I often do This book was so well written that I wouldn t dare skip any of it because I just might miss something.I would recommend this book, especially if you ve been bored with reading lately I ve been feeling bored and having trouble finding anything I wanted to read I ve started books and put them aside and felt frustrated After reading this book now I m excited to find another good book to read. 3.5 rounded up This was of a cannot look away than a aww what a couple type of romance I m hoping Jake chills out now that he has the girl The inclusion of his happy and sane parents gave me some hope Very old school Lots of punishing kisses, manhandling, and threats from the obsessed hero Lamb was a good writer though Bonus for having kid characters who act like kids. Jake was cruel hero and this book had me laughing at times,the whole office politics and Jake s behaviour was something out of high school playground with little kids bickering and the gossiping It is what I thought about when Jake was inflicting pain on Natalie like when he was pulling her hair etc It was the sort thing a boy who is crushing hard on girl does not a grown man It was fun read nonetheless loved the ending A keeper for sure Temptation, frustrationSo bad it makes him cryNormally I dislike hate books like this, but CL pulls it off with an uber, over the top, in over his head, bamboozled hero Jake raises ass hattery to an extremely high level, but redeems it and himself with his obsession love for the heroine.Natalie is a butter won t melt in her mouth, cool as in cold as ice grieving widow when she sees a man that reminds her of her husband at an office party She goes home with the besotted fool only to call him by her husband s name Jake DOES NOT TAKE IT WELL To say that Jake is a poor loser is like comparing the Titanic to a rowboat Think John McEnroe the early years.Lucky Natalie finds out that Jake is their new boss, and the office gossip mill is grinding like mad with lots of help from the h s irritating office friend Natalie ends up working for Jake ,and the tension is high She tosses a bone to another office worker and dates uses him to diffuse the situation.Punishing kisses later, Jake finally gets her where he wants her, and Natalie admits she wants HIM He gloats in her face at her capitulation and leaves, and the ice maiden melts She melts due to the rage she feels over the humiliation.There is a lot of back and forth, office gossip fueled by the office friend she s the one that needs a 2 by 4 desperately In a final, awe inspiring moment, Jake admits his love for the heroine It s not so much a grovel as the confession of all consuming love Despite the fact that Jake is a total ass hat meanie, he redeems himself with his confession AND his explanation Plus his mom and dad really like her, and he is sweet to his mother.Folks, I don t know what s going on here, but in my last HarleyLand read I had a heroine who refused the hero, and now we have a hero who explains his ass hattery Jake is both terrible and awesome Apparently recovering from thunderbolts is hard on the male psyche Natalie is pretty darn cool as well She stands her ground with Jake although I was a little disappointed in how she used the OM.All in all, quite the angsty read, but it rises to the top with the OTT emotions that spur the OTT actions of the H.I don t know if I see a HEA long term for these two as Jake is than a little tightly wound But it s an intense HEA for now, and that s good enough for me. This was okay I enjoyed the jealous hero but his actions didn t always make sense even with that I felt that he should have done apologizing at the end instead of her doing most of it I did like how the book went on after the I love yous to show how their relationship was working out All in all a good read but not necessarily something I ll reread. What a deliciously cruel hero Another 4 star CL book I like her books from this time period. Would The Past Ruin Her Future In The Chaotic World Of A London Television Network, Natalie Struggled To Rebuild Her Life And Grieved Privately Over The Death Of Her Beloved Husband, Angus When She Was Promoted To Jake Lang S Production Team, The Whole Network Buzzed Jake Had Hated Natalie Ever Since An Unspeakably Humiliating Night She D Tried To Forget But Natalie Knew That If She Was To Have Any Kind Of A Future, She Somehow Had To Make Jake Believe That He Was Than Just A Substitute For Angus It Wouldn T Be Easy This one just didn t grip me The hero s actions were sometimes just downright silly and the heroine walked around most of the time in a fog.

Sheila Holland,

❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Frustration Author Charlotte Lamb –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 186 pages
  • Frustration
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 15 December 2019
  • 9780373103393

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