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Four LettersSo have you ever started a book, said ooh, this is really good, I think I know where it s headed and then BAM it takes a completely unexpected turn into an even better place Well this is what Four Letters by Lisa Harley did to me and let me tell you I LOVED IT There is so much I want to say about this book and it s awesomeness but I do not want to give ANYTHING away This is a story that needs to tell itself you do not want anyone to give you a clue as to what it s about or where it will lead The less you know going in, the better.Lisa Harley has done an amazing job creating characters we can really fall for and want to get to know better I felt such emotion for each of them, in different ways Skye, Lilly and Adlee are three women who have their own issues and hardships and manage to overcome obstacles to find true happiness Or so they think I shed a lot of tears while reading this book, and to me that is a tribute to the author s wonderful writing style I also could feel their happiness and contentment as they found what they were looking for in life, and I was glad that I could be with them throughout their journeys And the guys were hot too Sterling Smith swept Skye off her feet, Asher Brown knew just how to make Lilly s life complete and Tanner Jones was able to put Adlee s life back together and show her there are reasons to smile There are some HOT panty melting scenes in this book so be warned Perhaps the biggest emotion of all that I felt throughout the entire book was a feeling of surprise and shock This story is different, but I mean that in the most positive way There were times while I was reading that I just sat back on my couch and said WOW, didn t see that coming Especially the ending which I did not see coming I will leave it at that, I do not want to spoil your own reading experience by saying too much.I cannot say enough good things about this book I absolutely love it and cannot wait forpeople to enjoy it as much as I have Four Letters is definitely up there with my favorites of 2013 Great book that will keep you up all night to get it read so you know what s going to happen Lisa Harley does it again It s a must read I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this book I adore Lisa and love her Destiny Series, but this book is so far away from her normal writing, as I was reading it, I kept wanting to go back and make sure that this is was LISA HARLEY that was the author of this book LOL.This book is about three couples and how their lives are intertwined Although you don t know until the end just how it is that they are are intertwined together And when I got to the end I was in shock.absolute shock I tell you This book is one of those books that will stay with you You will be thinking about it for a few days or weeks or months after reading it And the epilogue totally blew me out of the water completely 5 Mind Blowing Stars for this book It will leave you going WTH and then make you want to re read it all over again SO SO GOOD LISA I need a thesaurus for the amount of adjectives I need for this book Amazing concept, never read anything like it before I will say READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW I could not stop reading, I was hooked by about 3% in I read while stuck in traffic, I know not good but I could not help it I even sat in parking lot at aftercare to read , my child was waiting for me Lisa Harley is amazing I love her destined series and I loved loved this It is a stand alone Please grab it as soon as you can Wow wow wow wow What will she come up with next Four Letters by Lisa Harley is a story of four couples Each story is different Each couple is different They all live in different areas of the country with totally different lifestyles They all have one thing in common A letter.I started this book not quite sure of what to expect I knew there was this mystery letter that tied these couples together I don t know if anyone else does this, but when a book starts with a mystery of some kind I make a general prediction in my mind of what the answer is Part of the fun is seeing whether I was right as the mystery is revealed With Four Letters, I am proud to say that I was right The way I felt about the answer was what surprised me.I ll start with Skye and Sterling They are rich I mean loaded Skye was from old money She was spoiled, an only child of a loveless marriage Her mother was a kind woman in a marriage arranged by her father to a shrewd, cold man He wasn t cruel to her He was just absent She had everything she wanted but the love of her husband Skye saw this growing up and swore she would never be like her mother Then he met Sterling He was breathtakingly handsome with an air of confidence that followed him Skye finds something in Sterling that she has wanted by didn t know A man to take care of her and allow her to let down her guard They were perfect together, until a letter changed everything.Asher and Lilly were the sweet couple Lilly was a kindergarten teacher content with her life She had lost her parents early in life and just wanted someone to love her and make her feel safe When she met Asher one day in the park, it was fate They got married, bought a house in the suburbs and life was perfect Until the letter arrived.Tanner and Adlee were really different than the other two couples Adlee is a broken person She has lived in hell at the hands of her stepfather for years She gave up hope a long time ago That is until Tanner, a long haul truck driver, walks into the diner where Adlee works He saves her, takes her away from her horrible life, and helps her heal Their s was the sweetest of all the stories Until one day a letter arrivedI couldn t for the life of me figure out how the book was going to turn out All of the couples had different stories There was nothing to connect them Why would they all receive the same letter that would change their lives forever Then the common denominator was revealed Wait until you read what that was There is another story the synopsis didn t mention It s the story of Daniel and Becca They are in high school, live next door to each other, and are best friends When Daniel s parents divorce, things change and they are separated when one goes to California for college and one heads to New York You ll getof their story throughout the book, but I can t tell you too much They end up living together after college and remain best friends throughout the years.This is a difficult review because I can t even really tell you how I felt as I read the book If I do, I will have to give away why I hated it in parts and loved it in others Even when it made me so angry I wanted to strangle certain characters, I realized I really liked those characters They were the same, yet different Their personalities were totally different and their motives were honestly only to help These characters knew they shouldn t do what they did, but they just couldn t stop It was one of those times where I saw the inevitable coming, but I hoped it would turn out differentlyknowing that there was only one way it could possibly end.So, I feel like I ve told you nothing in this review I loved the book I couldn t put it down because I had to see what happened I had to know what those damned letters said Well, I got to read the letters at the end, and they actually made me glad Lisa waited until the end to give them to me They eased my heart, and they soothed my sadness. Amazing Amazing read 5 WOW that was Amazing stars Holy Shit Where do I even begin to start with this one I loved, loved, loved this book I have read Lisa s other two books and I thought they were awesome But Four Letters is in a league of its own I have yet to read another book like it Ms Harley seriously has a way with words She makes you love, hate, admire, swoon, jump up and down and want to throw your kindle Four Letters is AMAZEBALLS Each story is filled with unbelieveable sexual chemistry The characters are so well written and the story lines are so well thought out I was lucky enough to read this book prior to the release of the ARCs and can say that Lisa has hit this one out of the park Story 1 Skye and Sterling Skye is a wealthy art gallery owner Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she has never wanted for anything She has attended the best schools and has been given anything that she has ever wanted She is in complete control of her life and career Growing up she only had herself to rely on Her parents were not ones to show her any affection, so she never knew what it was to give and receive love She does not do relationships for that very reason She is in it for the physical aspect as long as she has control On the night of a business event that she has attended with her father, she catches the eye of Sterling His breathtaking blue eyes were so intense, making her stop to catch her breath She had to meet him Skye never expects Sterling to tear her walls down to make her relinquish control He is all alpha male and it is so freaking hot The sexual chemistry between them is off the charts hot Lisa knows how to write some steamy ass sex scenes Sterling manages to show Skye just how much he loves her and eventually gets her to say those three little words back to him Story 2 Lilly and Asher Lilly is a Kindergarten teacher, who hopes one day to be a wife and mother It is what she dreams of, meeting Mr Right, getting married and having their own little family At the age of five Lilly lost both of her parents in a tragic house fire She was then raised by her Aunt Diane and her family They were the most unloving, uncaring people around It was was because of this that she wanted to be a teacher She wanted to show children that they were loved and cared about Lilly likes to spend time at Smith Park, she goes here to unwind after her days at work She likes to watch the children play and daydream about they life that she could eventually have One day a man about her age comes jogging through the park and catches Lilly s attention She is mesmerized by him She decides to find aprivate spot in the park so that it is not so obvious that she is watching him on his daily runs What she has yet to realize is that he has been watching her too When Asher approaches her and introduces himself he does not hesitate to ask her to dinner He pulls out all the stops and puts together a romantic dinner at the hotel he is staying at They never even get a chance to eat The air between them is filled with so much sexual electricity that they skip the meal altogether One night of heated passion turns into marriage a year later Lilly s dreams are coming true I have to add that the start of this story is funny as hell Lisa can write some funny shit.LOLStory 3 Adlee and Tanner Adlee is emotionless She learned a long time ago to shut them off Since she was eight her life has been a living hell At the age of ten her mother commits suicide and leaves her with her to be raised by the monster of a step father, who has claimed her as his own, inways than one At the age of 15, her step father moves her to a new town, where they can start over new Where he believes they can finally be together He has such a strong hold over her She never thinks she will be able to get away Paul has made everyone believe that they are a couple He is controlling and manipulative He has her scared and willing to do anything to keep their secret hidden from the world When one day a man walks into the diner where she works and sees how she is treated by her boyfriend step father What Tanner witness s over the course of a weeks time sickens him to the core and he has this unwavering feeling to save this girl He could tell from day one that something truly was not right So when the chance presents itself he takes her away from all the hell she is living through and gives her a new life Tanner shows her that she can be who ever she wants That she does not have to answer to know one He helps her get the help she needs to put her horrible past behind her what he never expects is to fall in love with the amazing girl that Adlee is Knowing that her past has made it so hard for her to trust, he shows her that he won t hurt her and that she is worth being loved What Tanner soon realizes is that Adlee feels the same way about him After proposing to Adlee and planning a simple wedding they start their lives together.Story 4 I am not going to even get into this one I am afraid if I do I will spoil this awesome work of uniqueness I would like to say that I am at a loss for words But as you can plainly see I am not Three awesome, amazing, love filled, cry your eyes out, get mad, gasp, yell, scream, laugh, swoon, droll, jump up and down, where the hell did that just come from stories and the fourth one puts it all into perspective I had to pick my jaw up off the floor and say what the hell did I just read This honestly has to be one of my top ten reads this year I cannot wait to read what Lisa comes up with next She truly has a gift for writing stories that draw you in from page one and make you fall in love with the characters Her character development is awesome The scenes she writes are filled with so much emotion and chemistry I love her writing style She is so multi story orientedif that makes any sense 5 Hot Sexy Steamy Mind Blowing Stars Review for Four Letters by Lisa M HarleyFour letters was a heart wrenching story about love, loss, and moving forward Lisa did an amazing job with character development and keeping the flow to the story interesting It can be very hard to time jump and keep a story fluid, but the author managed to do that not only once, but four times with four sets of characters I have to give her huge props for that and maybe a couple I m not worthies First, we meet Sterling and Skye Skye is a princess who always gets her way She is in control of every situation, including her sexual encounters Sterling is a wealthy dominant who has an instant attraction to Skye Their relationship starts with a lot of push and shoves as Skye tries to have her way while Sterling asserts his dominance Their story follows them through the ups and downs of love, marriage, life, loss, and so much .The second couple we meet is Asher and Lilly Asher is a sweet, charismatic man, he travels a lot for his job and even though he isn t looking for love he recognizes the pull when he first sees Lilly Lilly is a gentle soul who can t seem to catch a break On the day she refers to as Vomit a Geddon she seeks solace in her favorite park That is where she sees him again, only this time he notices her too They both feel the instant attraction of love at first sight Their story follows them through love, marriage, parenthood, life, and so much .Things get kind of deep with our third set I wouldn t call them a couple, since things aren t the same with them Tanner and Adlee are different than the others and yet havein common than you can ever imagine Tanner is an over the road trucker, he was passing through town on his way home and happened to find himself in the same caf Adlee worked at Adlee lives a life of survival Her life has been one hell after another and she can t even imagine that things can be different for her Tanner sees how broken and fearful Adlee is, determined to make things better for her he does something completely unorthodox he brings her to his home and takes care of her This part of the story will break your heart into tiny pieces I fell instantly in love with Adlee and her spirit She never gave in to hopelessness no matter how bad things were for her she just kept right on moving forward You will get to see how she moves forward with a life she never thought she could have, to love and be loved, and evenimportant than that to trust.Daniel and Becca have been best friends forever When Daniel s dad leaves his mother and him for his secret family it changes everything for them Stuck in a world of denial his mother pushes him away Becca is there to help him through, with his hefty trust fund they live the teenage dream traveling across country visiting the many properties he inherited Is theirs the type of friendship that can withstand the test of time Or will life get in the way When the letters are delivered you will feel like you are right there with them as they read how one person s actions will forever change their lives as they know it this book is a must read It gets five stars for how well the story is spun and three wet panties for the smut factor Book provided by author for honest review during blog tour.Review by the Head Whore at Mommy s a Book mabwreviewshttp 4.5 starsLove is a slimy bastard that hits you like a ton of f ing bricks and then says, How d you like that Now what are you gonna do about it Three couplesThree sweet romancesThree letterswell, make that four lettersthat change everythingSterling and SkyeSkye is a spoiled rich princess who has been controlled by her father her whole life and swears no man will control her again Enter Sterling Smith He is hot, sexy, charismatic and domineering Even though he also likes control, they just fit together It all seemed like a perfect match But years together provide some challenges And a letter will change everything Asher and LillyLilly does not think she will meet the man of her dreams But she finds that in Asher He is perfectly attentive, sweet, caring, and loving He is everything she ever hoped for and their lives seem picture perfect But are they Will something tear their perfect little life apart A letter can provide the answers.Tanner and AdleeA troubled home life causes her to lock her own emotions away She is forced to live a life she detests with a man she hates Tanner swoops in and saves her in every way he can He helps her find yourself and heal It seems like she might actually finally have a chance at true happiness But a letter arrives that will challenge it all.How do these couples lives connect What are the secrets Can you figure it out I can honestly say that I am usually good at figuring out plot twists and I was clueless I actually beta read this book, so I read each couple s story one at a time, and then had to wait a bit for the end part And I was wracking my brain trying to figure out the secrets and how this whole thing was going to wrap up It was very interesting how she wove three completely different stories together and finally provided the missing link in the final part By the time I got to the last part, I was surprised I had some theories I was really trying to piece it together on my own, but I really did not So I was shocked and had to wrap my head around it all But by the time I was done, it all came together And even as things were becoming clearer, she would throw other little twists in to keep me gasping This was definitely a unique and different story I have not read another book like it It was a fast, easy read but it also made me think and then re think about things that I had already read There were parts that were sexy, romantic, sweet, hard, emotional, and mind bending I liked the characters The women had insecurities and issues, but they were also strong and determined The male characters could be really sexy, caring, and sweet, although I did become annoyed with each of them at times Each couple s story was different and they had their own set off problems But once it was all said and done, the whole story did make sense and I accepted everything that happened But it was full of twists and turns along the way Thanks to Lisa Harley for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review Will be posted atReviews by Tammy and Kim. WARNING you have to be very open minded when reading this story That being said this was a roller coaster one that I wasn t sure how to hang on too when I first starting reading it As the story kept going I realized no matter what I wasn t going to judge until the very end because let me tell ya I wanted to castrate these men and loved them at the same time Ugh right But wow some hot steamy scenes and hot men. The woman were very strong in this story and I love that And some of the secondary characters I fell in love with too I just absolutely loved Sterling his character was my fav male in this book Not saying that I didn t like Asher or Tanner but you know there is always a fav and I love the take charge man I m not going to give away this story at all but what I can guarantee is u will get a twist that maybe some expected or it s gonna shock the heck out of you like it did to me But in all it was well written and made me cry and scream and just lots of emotions and for that I know it s a great story Thanks Lisa for this amazing story In Four Letters You Ll Learn All About Three Couples Sterling And Skye Skye Is A Spoiled Little Rich Girl, Who Has Never Had To Do Than Bat Her Eyelashes At Her Father To Get Whatever She Wanted When She Received Her Degree, Her Plan Was To Open An Art Gallery Catering To The Uber Rich The Last Thing She Needed Was A Man Getting In Her Way But, There S Just Something About Sterling He S An Alpha Male That Gives Her What She S Always Craved, The Ability To Let Someone Else Take Control Could Sterling Be The Man Skye Needs To Help Her Relinquish Control And Change Her Spoiled Ways Asher And LillyWhen Lilly Was A Small Child, Her Parents Were Killed In A Fire Since The Loss Of Her Parents, She S Never Truly Felt Loved Or Safe Now That Lilly S Dream Of Becoming A Teacher Has Come True, She Worries That Her Dream Of Finding Mr Right Might Not That All Changes The Day That Asher Literally Runs Into Her In The Park Could Asher Be The Man To Make Lilly Feel Safe And Give Her The Happily Ever After She S Always Dreamed Of Tanner And AdleeTo Say That Adlee Had A Rough Childhood Would Be Quite The Understatement When She Was Barely Ten Years Old, Her Mother Killed Herself, Leaving Adlee In The Care Of Her Stepfather, Paul Paul Was Not A Nice Man When Tanner Walked Into The Caf She Was Working At And Witnessed The Way Paul Treated Her, He Knew He Had To Step In Could Tanner Be The Man To Prove To Adlee That She Is Worthy Of Love And Help Her Regain Her Self Respect Read Four Letters To See How All Of These Lives Are Intertwined

I grew up in a really small town in Missouri Very similar to the fictional towns I write about I moved to the big city right after I graduated I work full time and I am mom to a beautiful little girl.I started writing in October 2012 when a group I am a member of had a prologue contest I didn t win the contest, but everyone who read my prologue asked for of my story I decided I had to fi

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