Foul Justice (Lorne Simpkins, #4)

Foul Justice (Lorne Simpkins, #4) Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins Is Back On The Force Before She Can Get Comfortable With Her New Partner, Newly Promoted DS Katy Foster, The Two Are Assigned A Tragic Murder Case That Looks Like A Robbery Gone Wrong However, When Another Wealthy Footballer S Family Meets The Same Deadly Fate Within Twenty Four Hours, It Is Clear The Crimes Involve Something Far SinisterKeeping Her Focus On Unravelling The Complex Case Isn T Easy For Lorne When She Learns News That Throws Her Personal Life Into A Spin Her Fianc , M Agent Tony Warner, Is Involved In A Dangerous Covert Operation In AfghanistanBut Innocent People Are Dying On Her Patch, And Someone Must Catch The Killers Lorne Can T Allow This Foul Justice To Prevail

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[EPUB] ✼ Foul Justice (Lorne Simpkins, #4)  Author M.A. Comley –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 201 pages
  • Foul Justice (Lorne Simpkins, #4)
  • M.A. Comley
  • English
  • 03 June 2017

10 thoughts on “Foul Justice (Lorne Simpkins, #4)

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    I could not put this book down.This book is beautifully written and kept my interest throughout I wanted to know what was going on with the case Lorne was working on, and wanted to know about the new characters I feel that Mel Comley balanced this perfectly.I have to admit, at first I was a little apprehensive, due to my love for Lorne s last partner. but her new partner is just as awesome I feel that she compliments Lorne s personality well.Foul Justice kept me kept me guessing throughout There were parts where I laughed, and even cried The ending was absolutely superb and a truly fitting end for our lovable detective It deeply saddens me that this book is the last in a series that has affected my so deeply I truly feel as if I know the characters and am sad to say goodbye to them I wish Mel the best in all her future endeavors and will always be silently wishing to see Lorne and the gang again

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    The 4th book in the series sees Lorne rejoining the Met and investigating a series of brutal robberies murders Not only has she got a new job and a serious case to deal with, she s also worrying about her fiance, Tony, who s sent on a secret MI6 mission, 2 weeks before their wedding The plot and writing will draw you in instantly, and I think this is probably my favourite of the Justice series I hope she ll be making a come back in the future If you re looking for a fab fast paced thriller, look no further.

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    view spoiler Poor Lorne, she never gets a break does she That said, she s my hero The minute she returns to the MET, she gets confronted with horrible murders But it s good to know that she hasn t lost her kick ass attitude, this lady means business I did feel a bit disappointed because, to me, the Unicorn was one big meanie evil baddie, it would be hard to find someone even worse, and to be honest I kind of liked him, and it felt like it was like a rather straighforward case But then I realised that there was to the book than a cop catching the villains There s love, caring, hurt, worry, pain, some important and serious themes and lots of other things, and there s me wondering if this book has been written so that the series ends on a high and with Lorne still at the top of her game, or to introduce a new partner who could potentially become a new main character, or if the series will indeed end, after all, it s Lorne s second comeback already I d like to think that she ll come back in the future But I m sure Mel can start another great project that will give me as much reading joy as the Justice series did So thank you for those four novels, Mel, and best of luck with whatever is coming next hide spoiler

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    is the fourth book in the Justice series and it is a brilliant addition to the series This is a really challenging story for Lorne both at work and in her home life and it made me feel really emotional at times I was completely engrossed in the story and it had me fully engaged right from the start through to the brilliant ending Having a young daughter I am getting quite picky now with what I read as my time is limited but I will always make time for this series Lorne is definitely one of my favourite leads in a series, she is really genuine, likeable and the author has done an excellent job with the characterisation of not only Lorne, but also her supporting cast of family and friends and that makes them exceptional reads for me.Five stars from me for this one already reading the next book Very highly recommended

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    Lorne Simpkins is one of my favorite book characters and Comley has fast become one of my favorite authors This fourth book is as good as the others and has all the elements the I have come to love from Comley s books She takes a horrific police case as the front story and blends Lorne s personal life along with her friendship with her coworkers to make such an intriguiging storyline that has so many layers to it that it keeps you from putting that book down to get some sleep This book starts off with a bang with a disturbing crime, and Lorne does her thing to help solve this twisted mystery like no one else on the force is able to do This time she has a new partner, Kate Foster, someone I am anxious to see of in the next book The two personlities play very well off of each other and Foster is a great addition to the series As always, this Justice book is a can t miss, fast paced thriller that is a fantastic read.

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    Did I read the wrong book After seeing how well thought of this book is, I decided to give it a whirl What is going on folks This book lacks depth and is full of illogical premises Would a senior detective really describe her current investigation as burglaries when three children were murdered during the two house invasions Would these crimes go unreported by the media when they occurred in wealthy Chelsea and the homes invaded belonged to soccer stars Did no one notice the police cars, ambulances, crime scene trucks etc I kept returning to the start to reassure myself that this book had not been written for ten to twelve year olds Readers, do yourself a favour and give this author a miss Go buy a Robert Crais, a Michael Connolly, a Ian Rankin or an A.J Davidson.

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    It could have been excellent but it just felt shallow to me I didn t feel these characters were developed at all, I like a good police crime novel but I honestly wouldn t want these policewoman handling a case of mine Or a MI6 officer being sent to Afghanistan on a secret mission as a Afghan local when he doesn t even speak the local language Great comedy but as a thriller I felt it lacked several elements.

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    Foul justice is the 4th and latest book by Mel Comley in the Lorne Simpkins series and what a story line Things seem to go from bad to worse for Lorne, my heart was breaking for her Aside from that, this was a fast paced adrenaline filled ride which has left me wanting from Mel and from Lorne.I really hope we get to see from Lorne and that it is not over yet

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    Review to come soon.

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    Another great book from Mel the 4th in the series, i really hope there is going to be a 5th

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