Forever Beth Lost and Found

Forever Beth Lost and Found Set Within The Boroughs Of New York City,Year Veteran Of The NYPD, Detective Kevin Walker Is Faced With The Daunting Task Of Solving The Murder Of A Mother And Her Six Year Old Daughter Investigating As He Has Many Times Before, Detective Walker Finds This Particular Case Disheartening To Solve Compared To All Past Cases He Has Investigated Beth Morris, A Domestic Violence Case Worker For The Past Seven Years Finds Herself In A Place Of Loss Once Again Two Of The Most Important People In Her Life Are Brutally Murdered The Two Same People Who Helped Her Understand What Unconditional Love Is, How To Give Love And Importantly How To Accept Being Loved Their Murder, Their Loss Unearths Beth S Past Filled With Abuse, Rejection And A Wish For Death Meeting Detective Walker When Her Life Was Crumbling, Beth Found Refuge In His Need To Protect Initially Assuming His Protectiveness Was Routine, Beth Realizes He Too Has A Past Filled With Tragedy And The Lack Of Maternal Love Kevin And Beth Are Two Souls Drawn Together Assumed By Murder But Realistically By Love Loss And Painful Pasts

Elizabeth Cook Howard is a fulltime professional in the social services field, wife and mother to four beautiful children Born and raised in Queens New York, moved and settled in the Lower Hudson Valley Region of New York to raise her family Creating and writing mystery budding romance stories since her early teens, it wasn t until entering her forties that she decided to pen and self publish

☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Forever Beth Lost and Found  By Elizabeth Cook-Howard ✩ –
  • Paperback
  • 302 pages
  • Forever Beth Lost and Found
  • Elizabeth Cook-Howard
  • English
  • 10 August 2018
  • 9780615824833

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    I was given a copy of this book for an honest review I approached this book with an open mind and not knowing anything other than what the book jacket stated I will be honest from the get go, this book is very emotional, heavy, hard hitting and breathtaking.Beth has endured an life of hell At the hands of an abusive husband, she suffers what many women around the world endure on a daily basis Life of walking on egg shells, backhands across the face, punches to the body and then the emotional abuse that goes along with it all However, Beth is fortunate, she is a survivor She is able to rebuild her life vicariously through others with her job at a violence center Throught the center, she is able to find unconditional love and happiness Then one day it s all ripped from her This all goes down really fast in the first couple of chapters in the book From that tragedy and darkness, Beth finds a light at the end of the tunnel It comes in the form of a Detective who is investigating a crime Now Beth is forced to open old wounds, face that life has to move on, but can she actually do it Beth has to learn to put her faith in others and let loose of the rains and let the people that love her, help.I was able to read this book really fast Started at 6 00 am and finished at 4 30 that afternoon I will be honest, this is an exceptional book The story is hard to read at times Personally knowing women who have been through this kind of abuse, I found myself cryingnot for Beth, but for the one s I know who had to endure this hell The one thing about the story that bothered me was the constant use of the characters names Almost every time someone spoke to the other, the author used their name This just may be the way Mrs Howard writes To each his ownit s her story, so I m letting her tell it the way she needs to Who am I to correct, I ve never published a book, nor do I have a degree in writing I have a degree in accountingnow if it was about math, then I would be an expert.I would suggest this book to anyone that enjoys the empowerment type stories It s hard hitting and emotional, so be prepared with kleenex on hand Otherwise, I am giving this book a huge thumbs up

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    I received a copy of this book via Goodreads giveaway.In the beginning of the book we meet the domestic violence case worker Beth Morris Beth has had a tough life She had a bad relationship with her mother, her husband physically abused her and her beloved father died Beth can no longer live with all the pain and sees suicide as the only way out Luckily she is saved and when she meets Rosa and Rosie through her work she finally finds people she can love again Rosa and Rosie treat Beth like family, so when they are both murdered Beth s life is turned upside down once again What I really liked about this book was the pace in which the story was told There was not a moment while reading this book that I was bored I would have liked to get to know Beth a little better, but I presume the sequel will take care of that The mystery of who murdered Rosa and Rosie didn t seem very complicated in the beginning but I was happy that it turned out to be a lot complex in the end I defenitely did not see that twist coming Eventhough the book ends with a cliffhanger I didn t mind it at all The story itself was well written I do feel like there could have been a little editing though Kevin Walker is called handsome pretty often and that could have been a little less A description of why he was so handsome would have been better, because I still don t really feel like I know what he looks like I was a bit confused that the exlamations are written between parentheses, since I have never seen that before Eventhough I m not a very religious person I found that the religious aspect of this book was well written view spoiler My favorite part of the book is actually when Beth has had an OD of heroine and she is in between the world of the living and heaven To me that part of the book was written the best hide spoiler

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    I was given a free copy of this book to review by the author so here s an honest reviewI have never read anything by this author before, and I did enjoy this book the storyline engaged me from the beginning, it s fast moving , has some good twists and turns to keep you guessing, it is not predictable and the ending left me wanting to read part 2 to learn who done it some really positive traits.I originally wanted to give this book 4 stars BUT there are 2 main areas that let the author s work down and I ve rated it only 3 stars 1.The book is littered with lots of grammatical errors, and I spotted a spelling mistake, the lack of quotation marks when characters are speaking also adds to confusion over what s being said and what s narrative I found the use of stating a person s name everytime dialogue between characters takes place is another minor blip in the writing style, but the grammatical mistakes and spelling error important Now I know what you re thinking I m being picky Yes I m a teacher and avid reader so these things are important to me But anyone wih a good command on the use of English grammar would pick this up I would urge the author to ensure that if she uses an editor they are good with English grammar.2 The story is so engaging, but there is a lack of character development Readers have no idea what the main characters look like or a deep understanding of them So characters seem 1D It would have been great to have character development this would have boosted up the stars.Overall, yes it was enjoyable, yes it is fast paced, yes it is an easy read, yes I would read part 2,but for me the above areas took something away so only 3 stars.I wish the author the best of luck

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review So here it goes Rese a en espa ol m s abajo I just finished reading this book and, honestly, I have no idea how to rate itThe story is pretty good, but it didn t get to me The book isn t bad, I just didn t loved it And I wanted to I really wanted to love this book, but it had way errors than I was able to overlook I mean English is not my mother tongue but I know the difference between you re and your.The text s styling is horrible, it s not justified, which makes it unattractive for me to read plus the dialogs are a mess, they have no quotation marks what so ever but the thoughts and dialogue tags are written in italic rather than print, which is odd but fine the problem is that this rule was not always applied and that made the reading so confusing The story itself was pretty good, but it could have been great I mean, the first chapter was brilliantly devastating so I prepared myself for an amazing heartbreaking story that eventually never came Still, that first chapter is worthy of recognition My desperate plea to my heavenly father goes ignored With every rapid thrust my soul is leaving me, my free will is gone Officially as of this moment I no longer have control of self My last nil of dignity is gone I don t bother to question any how I ve gotten to this place I just be I try to drown out his vocal expressions of enjoyment.With tears streaming down my face I begin to hum in my head, humming over and over again no particular tune, just noise in my head to drown out this endless moment With one last sigh and deep thrust, it is finally over He falls from behind me and I begin to pick myself up But from there on, the book just goes downhill, getting boring page after page Beth is completely unlikable and Kevin is nice, but plane and unsurprising By the end of the book, the story gets so cheesy I had to force myself to finish reading it, and the intention of a cliffhanger just didn t do it for me.Overall, this book seemed forced to me, not a bad story but quite badly written and with a sloppy editing Not a good combination For me it s a 2 stars read Sorry, but I can t give it than that, even if it s the author s first try Ahora en Espa ol Acabo de terminar de leer este libro y, honestamente, no tengo idea c mo calificarlo.La historia es bastante buena, pero no me lleg El libro no es malo, es s lo que no lo pude amar Y quer a hacerlo De verdad quer a amarlo, pero ten a muchos m s errores de los que pude ignorar O sea, el ingl s no es mi lengua materna pero a n as s la diferencia entre you re y your.El estilo del texto es horrible, no est justificado lo cual lo hace muy poco atractivo para leer adem s los di logos son un desastre, no tienen comillas en lo absoluto, pero los pensamientos y aclaraciones de di logo est n escritas en cursiva en lugar de texto normal, lo cual es extra o pero pasable el problema es que esa regla no siempre se aplicaba y eso hac a que la lectura resultara tan confusa La historia en s misma es bastante buena, pero podr a haber sido genial Quiero decir, el primer cap tulo fue tan brillantemente devastador, que me prepar a m misma para una incre ble historia desgarradora que nunca lleg A n as , el primer cap tulo es digno de reconocimiento Mi ruego desesperado hacia el padre celestial es ignorado Con cada r pido embiste mi alma me abandona, mi libre albedr o es arrebatado Oficialmente, a partir de este momento no tengo control sobre m Mis ltimos vestigios de dignidad se han ido Ya no me molesto en cuestionar c mo llegu aqu S lo permanezco E intento ahogar sus expresiones vocales de disfrute.Con l grimas corriendo por mi rostro, comienzo a tararear en mi cabeza, tarareando una y otra vez ninguna melod a en particular, s lo ruido en mi mente para ahogar este momento interminable Con un ltimo gemido y profundo embiste, finalmente se acaba l se deja caer de encima de m y yo comienzo a recoger los pedazos de m misma Pero de ah en m s el libro va cuesta abajo, volvi ndose m s aburrido p gina tras p gina Beth es completamente inquerible y Kevin es agradable pero plano y predecible Hacia el final, la historia se vuelve tan cursi que tuve que obligarme a m misma a terminar de leerlo y el intento de giro sorpresivo en la trama no funcion para m.En general, este libro me pareci forzado, no es una mala historia pero s una historia bastante mal escrita y con una edici n desprolija Y eso no es una buena combinaci n Para m se merece 2 estrellas Perd n pero no puedo darle m s que eso, a n si es el primer intento de la autora.

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    Forever Beth Lost and Found by Elizabeth Cook Howard is the very engaging beginning of a great journey with many experiences This story centers around a Domestic Violence Case Worker, the brutal murder of a mother and her six year old daughter and a New York City veteran Detective.Elizabeth Beth Morris is a Domestic Violence Case Worker from New York that is thrown in an abyss when two of the most important people in her life are murdered These two aided in her climbing out of her own tragedy which was filled with abuse of all kinds, meretriciousness, extreme loss and almost her death Also, they aided in her learning the deep capacity of love and how to give and receive it.Because of the murders, she meets Detective Kevin Walker under extremely less desirous circumstances He is very patient, understanding and caring towards her as his life has been hugely impacted by tragedy too Detective Walker gets further involved with her while working to solve when danger lurks around her and her past resurfaces in her present We get to witness those dangers, struggles, growth and someone who stays getting in her own way.Mrs Cook Howard has a great story here, it needs to be cleaned up and edited, as it is a hard and at times confusing read There are numerous times where you have to read something twice or even three times to understand it I read all three and as a package, it is an awesomely engaging story

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    I was gifted this book Yes, it does have quite a few errors in spelling grammar the format can be a bit difficult at times That is the only reason I didn t give it the 5th star The story itself kept my attention from start to finish I admire Beth for turning the horror of abuse into compassion for others suffering through it It takes a strong person to overcome, or even to survive , much less hold fast to faith The ending left me on the edge of my chair I can t wait to start the sequel after the corn chowder is ready, the grandchildren fed The little buggers seem to think tummies come before books, lol My thanks to the author kudos for a true goodread

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    A love story, thriller, and self improve book all weeved into one A book every woman needs to read Can t wait to start the second one like in 5 minutes

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    Peguei neste ebook pensando que seria um policial com uma estrutura semelhante aos que j tinha lido at agora, mas a verdade que me deparei com algo um pouco diferente.O primeiro cap tulo , no m nimo, surpreendente daqueles cap tulos que nos apanha completamente desprevenidos e que tem a capacidade de nos fazer desejar por mais Foi uma boa forma de come ar e o livro parecia prometer um bom policial No entanto, medida que a hist ria foi progredindo, vi que na realidade a hist ria estava muito mais centrada no desenvolvimento da personagem principal do que propriamente na resolu o de um crime Sim, verdade que n o deixam de existir alguns elementos t picos de livros policiais, mas grande parte da hist ria estava mais focada em Beth e na sua vida.As personagens eram simp ticas mas um pouco previs veis nas suas reac es e ac es O par rom ntico era muito semelhante ao que podemos encontrar em livros de Nicholas Sparks e Nora Roberts o que, para mim,n o foi particularmente positivo porque n o gosto muito desse estilo Contudo, Kevin parecia ser bastante simp tico e dedicado a Beth, algo que n o deixou de ser agrad vel.O ltimo cap tulo foi novamente surpreendente mas parece deixar um cliff hanger de peso, dando mesmo a impress o de que na realidade ainda haver continua o da hist ria n o sei se, na realidade, est s nos planos da autora ou n o Ficaram muitas quest es quanto aos crimes que tinham sido cometidos e quanto ao paradeiro de certas personagens confesso que gostaria que o livro tivesse deixado menos pontas soltas.Em suma, um policial muito ao estilo Nora Roberts, f cil de ler e sem um enredo complexo Para quem procura algo r pido para ler, aconselho este livro.

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    This book was the first I ve read in English, and I loved it Thanks for the easy language, I understood it After a really sad beginning, presenting the situation of Beth things turned worse, if it is even possible Beth suffered so much in her life, I guess, too much Her loved father died, than her husband was beating her, so many sadness, she tried to kill herself After being saved, she found this woman and her daughter, Rosa and Rosie, the same situation as hers She saved them from Rosa s husband, and become family When they are killed, it seems like her world turned upside down This is the moment when detective Walker walks in her life, and never ever leaves After a lot of events they fall in love and get married But, at the end of the book the question isn t answered, who killed Rosa and Rosie, who abducted Beth and pretended she were Karen, her ex husband s wife Can t wait to read the second part of this book I can only recommend the Book One of the forever Beth series It can be read in a few hours with advanced English.

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    GoodGoodthis is all about the abuse of women by there husbandand the things that happened after many years.there needs a finish.

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