Forbidden Fire

Forbidden Fire Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBN There Were Two Great Loves In Her Life Louise S Love For Her Beautiful Home, Queen S Dower, Was As Solid And Unchangeable As The House ItselfBut Her Love For Her Stepbrother, Daniel, Had Subtly Evolved Over The Years While She Had Adored Him During Her Childhood, She Now Loved Him With A Woman S PassionShe Couldn T Let Daniel Hold Her At Arm S Length, Shut Her Out Of His Life She Didn T Want Any Other Man She Belonged With Daniel, Just As She Belonged At Queen S Dower And It Would Always Be That Way

Sheila Holland,

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 186 pages
  • Forbidden Fire
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 01 June 2019

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    Harlequin at its most gloriously non p.c., taboo, hot mess, bad or good, depending on how you choose to view it Sustained by CL s beautiful, elegant writing, it is an eerie tale of obsession, not so much between a man and a woman, but between a man, a woman, and a spooky, old, haunted, castle perched above one of those idyllic English villages that only CL can conjure up with this much dreaminess This the story of two step siblings with no blood relation but with a quasi father daughter relationship who torture each other with jealousy by dangling hapless mates before their respective noses, until passion can no longer be tamed.Both protagonists are bat shit crazy and they definitely deserved each other I can see, fifty years from their HEA, their mummified corpses being dug up from under tons of antique tchotkes piled up to the ceiling of their spooky mansion Their ghosts will no doubt haunt Queen s Dower grimly as dozens of generations of their ancestors before them have, like in Stephen King s Overlook Hotel Some barftastic moments include H s confession that he wanted h since she was 14, and he keeps calling her baby and child h, not to be outdone, tells him to take what has been his since she was 8 years old I can t even If I could take this story seriously, I would be horrified, but it is too damn OTT for me to do anything but to chuckle and let the nausea pass.

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    Charlotte Lamb s original stepbrother romance novel Yep Good old Charlotte wrote about the stepbrother taboo romance LONG before many others even thought of it Readers either hate this or love it A few share a middle perspective, because I suppose we do need some minds that are willing to be politically correct while simultaneously appreciating that the novel is in fact quite entertaining at times I ve read this a few times and hey, I loved it I read it as a teen and then later on as an adult and the whole stepbrother taboo element mesmerised me because Charlotte L does it in her own inimitable style One is able to feel the passion and the angst so strongly because of the power of Charlotte L s prose Some people may think the heroine Louise is a bit too precocious at 17 going on 18, to feel such a passion for her 34 year old stepbrother Daniel But I think adult women sometimes tend to forget the way they used to feel at that age.When I was 16, the movie Batman Begins was released and if I had a hot stepbrother like Christian Bale you bet I would have wanted to jump on him like a roller coaster ride I didn t care that Christian Bale was already a grown man over the age of 30 Lol Teen girls feel very passionately maybe it s the hormones and Louise is no exception She s on the brink of womanhood and has been in love first puppy love and now real love with Daniel for a long time Daniel, to give him fair credit, has always acted like a guardian to her He never molested her or acted upon the temporary lust he had felt for her when he had seen her sleeping in her nightgown at the age of 14 I don t hate Daniel because he never acted on his temporary insanity Daniel s not a pedophile That much is clear in the novel The taboo element does come in a bit strong because Louise is only 18 when they consummate their relationship.Is it politically incorrect for me to say how much I enjoyed the way Louise actually used her Lolita tactics to tempt and torment poor Daniel The guy really tries hard to ignore all the forbidden feelings he has for his temptress stepsister He even goes as far as inviting his former girlfriend Barbara over to act as a buffer Barbara s a jealous bitch because she cannot deal with the strength of the bond she sees between Daniel and Louise and she often belittles the heroine But Louise is no pushover She might be just 18 but the girl has got a backbone of steel She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it Louise actually invites her school friend Sally and Sally s brother Peter to spend the summer with them Peter has a crush on Louise and his continuous lustful adoration of the heroine keeps angering Daniel and sparking his jealousy Things eventually come to a head when Peter tries to rape Louise but she manages to fight him off and escape It s after this point that things heat up between Daniel and Louise.The romance between the MC s was very intense and I believed they truly love each other I enjoyed the way Daniel was so besotted and possessive The only thing that I wonder about a tiny bit though is whether, in the future, Louise will be happy with her decision to settle down so early However, we don t get any distant epilogue but the novel is written in such a way that I do believe that these two will have a wonderful HEA.

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    Story is about a step sister and brother falling in love The hero resists her because he feels he is too old for her and suffers from jealousy watching her kissing various guys even after they get married Another book got ruined because of the heroine She was an idiot acting like a spoiled brat and I must like her because she is the book heroine I hate heroines who are spoiled or act like this if they don t get their way , selfish, and never answer for their wrongdoings

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    Wow This was SO un PC A seventeen year old girl marrying her 35 year old stepbrother who has raised her alone since she was 8 years old And if the bare facts weren t enough, the things they say view spoiler the hero admits that he has wanted her since her 14th birthday, right before they have sex for the first time, the heroine says, Take what s been yours since I was eight years old YUUUUUCK , and immediately after they have sex the hero says, You astounding child, I mean, holy disgustingness hide spoiler

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    I hated H The dialogue between him and the heroine after she was assaulted was H O R R I B L E I ll never let a, man touch me again, she whimpered, leaning against him Daniel gave a soft sound of dry amusement, his lips brushing her cheek There s no need for such extreme action Just give yourself a breathing space before you make any drastic decisions like that I mean it, she said fiercely The wild blue eyes were glittering in her pale, tearstained face, I hated it, the way he looked at me, the way he touched me She shuddered, I can hear him breathing now horrible Daniel surveyed her oddly, his eyes narrowed His technique was obviously faulty, he said drily.She looked at him incredulously, It isn t funny Daniel was watching her, his face unreadable When I made love to you I got a response like a tidal wave, he said coolly Of course h was immature, she was only seventeen He was twice her age I m not prude, I don t condemn older Hs, in fact, the cruel H the better the book for me, but H was not human enough for me And H used the OW shamelessly She might be a gold digger but for years he was with her and made her believe that after the h would be eighteen, they would have wedded Anyway it was well written and I m a masochist, that s why I am still giving 3

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    There were two scenes which had my stomach churning I first knew how I felt about you on your fourteenth birthday, he said abruptly, his mouth grim I came into your room with your birthday present You remember that new saddle I bought you You left it on the end of my bed while I was asleep, she said with a happy smile You were fast asleep when I came in, he said thickly You d been excited about your birthday You always slept restlessly when you were excited, and you d kicked off all your bedclothes I looked down at you with a grin, then suddenly it hit me, like a tidal wave You were wearing a ridiculous short nightie, some blue nylon thing I found myself looking at you and feeling this terrible hunger I threw down the saddle and cleared out, hating myself I walked around the garden for hours, telling myself it was a brief madness When you came down to break fast in your jodhpurs you looked a child again, and I breathed easier I still felt sick whenever I remem bered the way I d felt, but I thought it was just a touch of lunacy Louise watched him gravely, reading the scratched lines of pain in his hard face She looked at him through her dark lashes, her mouth curving You darling idiot she whispered Do you really think I d have run from you Daniel caught his breath, staring down into her eyes Louise, he said hoarsely Dearest I ll try to be gentle, but I m afraid I ll lose control I ve needed you for so long If I frighten you or hurt you, stop me She slid her arms around his neck, her eyes a brilliant, melting blue Take what s been yours since I was eight years old, Daniel, she whispered You siren, he muttered, burying his face in the warm white throat, his mouth sliding over her skin hungrily Oh, God, I want you.

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    Not as much angst as I expected You could see some social changes For example the heroine is accused of leading on the OM so when he tries to force sex on her, it is perceived as being a bit of her fault She even says just because I kissed him doesn t mean I agreed to anything else does it And the hero was like well you led him on This was all mixed up in the idea that she was a young girl stretching her grown up woman wings for the first time However, I don t think that any of the themes involved here were presented strongly enough Fun on the whole for the crazy of it.

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    An absolute corker of a vintage Mills Boon Virginal schoolgirl bride, endless smouldering sexual tension and an angry older alpha man of the world struggling to control himself Plus a wonderfully silly plot where after nearly ravishing her every few pages he marries her, and then tries to remain celibate because she s not ready for marriage You can imagine how long that resolve lasts There are a lot of similarities to Return to Santa Flores but this is much enjoyable The heroine, although perhaps disappointing to a modern emancipated woman of the 21st century, is pleasant enough The hero is arrogant and rich and sexy and dominant and a complete male chauvinist, but hey, this is Mills Boon and this is the 1970s Just 1979.Now the caveats if you re someone who takes offence to certain themes or has triggers , skip this book There are a couple of scenes of sexual assault low grade, no actual rape The hero heroine sexy bits, mainly just kissing, are very mDom And if you re repelled by an adult male confessing arousal at the sight of a teenage girl in fairness he does not act on it and castigates himself for it, and it s something that happened in the past then again, this is one to skip.While the hero and heroine are step siblings, to my mind the author would have written them as half siblings if she could have got away with it It frankly feels like she s paying lip service to the step thing they re pretty much presented as half siblings for the majority of the plot, and other people mistake them for full siblings The subtext is pretty clear For me, I found it a glorious, sexy, vintage romp, with plenty of those wonderfully cringeworthy vintage MB moments when an author is trying to write about bright young people without really having much of a clue about contemporary youth culture.My edition had a far nicer cover than the one shown here

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    4.5 This was really good book better than I anticipated from the mix reviews The question did creep up about were it in distant future she might regret settling down so young but she is deeply in love with him you just don t consider it It was beautiful story and lamb just makes it that way It was funny how she she used her femininity and charm to rile Daniel to get his response She had backbone and I felt that she went out I win his heart and she was truly deeply in live with Daniel Memorable book.

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    GUILTY PLEASURES CHECKLIST Forbidden Love CHECK Jealous Hero CHECK CHECK Brutal Passion TRIPLE CHECK Concealed PassionL CHECK HAHA.So, that explains the five stars

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