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First Noelle Sweet Suspense This is a unique story with a familiar truth God can heal any hurt The journey Noelle goes on has you rooting for her and for the man who hurt her Enjoyable read. Noelle Joy Stopped Celebrating Christmas Ten Years Ago, When Trevor Holden Skipped Out On Their Long Planned Christmas Eve Wedding He Destroyed Her Trust In Men, Crushed Her Belief In God, And Left Her Cynical About Love Gone Is The Bright, Cheery Spirit Of The Girl She Thinks Of Now As The First Noelle Stronger And Savvier, The New Noelle Would Never Be Found Waiting At The Altar For A Groom Who Didn T ShowWhen A Famous But Mysterious Architect Commissions Her To Decorate His Mansion For A Holiday Event, Noelle Finally Returns To Her Hometown Even As She Finds An Unexpected Peace In Facing Ghosts From The Past, Her Fiercely Private Client Disturbs Her Michael Holliday Is Kind And Considerate, But Far Too Handsome And Hauntingly FamiliarHolliday Didn T Choose Noelle To Make His Home A Christmas Wonderland By Accident She S The Only One Who Can Do The Job He Has In Mind And Once She S In His Mansion, He Never Wants To Let Her Go But He S Hiding A Secret That Could Destroy Any Chance Of A Relationship With The Beautiful DecoratorA False Persona A Shattering Secret Can Love Break Down These Insurmountable Walls I received this book as a free gift from the author I was requested, but not required to provide a review First Noelle was a sweet romance I enjoyed it and even stayed up late reading it It may have been better if the story had started ten years earlier, and if you read the book, you ll understand why I say that Moreover, I would ve preferred a stronger heroine Also, there are some unresolved issues near the end, that I would have preferred to see wrapped up before a HEA ending.That said, if you are looking for a sweet Christmas romance with a little bit of tension and a lot of angst, this may be the book for you. I so love Christmas stories This was so beautifully written Sweet inspirational romance After being left standing at the alter 10 years ago by Trevor , Noelle pretty much has nothing to do with men and especially not marrying one She was crushed and how could she trust a man again She lost her faith in God How could he allow this Then she is commissioned to do a decorating job for a very wealthy man She couldn t let his pass up so she accepted the contract But she can t put her finger on it but their is something familiar about him Michael Holliday only wants her for this job Has to be done by her in order for his plans to work But can he keep it together or will he blow it when his secret is out Wonderful well written story by Delia Characters are awesome. Lovely and romanticI absolutely adored this story Delia has become one of my favorite authors and though I was sure I d enjoy it, this book exceeded my expectations It was heartfelt, romantic,, and contained a twist I would not have expected A delightful and riveting read I love Christmas stories, and this is one of the best I have read. This book had me from page 1 I like the thread of mystery running through it I also liked how Noelle had face her past in order to become the person she needed to be and not just a shell Michael also had some demons to overcome but could not reveal who he truly was I though this was a really well written story and I would recommend it.I received a PDF copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review, which I have given. Will Noelle Joy fall in love with mysterious Michael Holliday Delia Latham charms us with visions of falling in love as Joy Designs decorates Michael Holliday s mansion for a life time occasion which Noelle is unaware of at the time Will Noelle and Michael claim the love and passion of a life time or is it too late A must read for Christmas Fabulous book God s grace is needed to heal Noelle Joy s extreme hurt from her past Michael thinks he has the key The ups and downs flow throughout this super story Highly recommend. I love this preview I wanted the book right then and there. Disclaimer I was given a copy of this book as a gift That said, it came when I needed a mental escape, just a little getaway, preferably with romance and suspense The First Noelle delivered When we meet Noelle, she has reluctantly returned to her hometown, determined to complete her design contract and get out again Instead, her new client turns out to be much than she d bargained for.The romance between Michael and Noelle compelled me, and the mystery from their past kept the pages turning I have to admit, when the mystery was revealed, I was disappointed Up until then, the story was totally believable, but I was unable to suspend reality enough to embrace that scenario With just a few minor changes, it could have been perfect As it is, I truly enjoyed The First Noelle and award it four stars I love Delia Latham s writing she brings scenes to life with flawless prose and beautiful descriptions Recommended.

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[Reading] ➸ First Noelle  Author Delia Latham –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 104 pages
  • First Noelle
  • Delia Latham
  • English
  • 11 May 2018

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