Fire A Boy Is Born In The Land Of Leo As The Sound Of The Cattle Horn Is Heard, Everyone In The Kingdom Celebrates The Birth Of Not Only A Boy, But The Crown Prince His Name Is UstawiThe Hands That Hold Him Foretell A Prosperous Future, But Just Like Every Dream Has It S Valleys, So Has Ustawi S Birth One Man Has Seen The Evil That S To Befall The Kingdom Under The Boy S Reign, His Name Is Ukweli He Is The SeerFire Begins The Story Of The Prince S Life And As You Read Through A Story Rich In Culture And Customs You Can Only Ask Yourself, Can The Seer Fight The Gods Can He Avert The Impending Doom That S To Come

Dora is a Writer and recovering Wanderer who now lives in Kisumu Word has it that she s written a couple of books and is currently writing another one.

❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Fire  ✩ Author Dora Okeyo –
  • Paperback
  • 142 pages
  • Fire
  • Dora Okeyo
  • English
  • 03 May 2018
  • 978150233865

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    At this age and time I didn t know authenticity from our writers could still be expected but Fire is a complete reminiscence of what pure art in literature ought to be used to be.Book ReviewThe book keeps the characters naming simple and distinct keeping the reader well at the pace of the story, with no need for cross referencing as to who is who, where and when Dora also manages to keep the character building interesting and non monotonous by making it a continuous process, rather than a complete description at the first instance of meeting the character in question, which would have made it a boring endeavor I however look forward to a less passive and involved Pendo.I also find the description of characters with reference to nature a noble way the author has kept true to the theme of the book, Descriptions like She had eyes as smooth as mud to describe Pendo, The King s wife, Your brother is like fire He is restless and eager to burn bright, but forgets that in his desire he might harm the others around him to describe Uwezo, The King, and You are the earth, my dear grandson, and just like it takes everything without complaining, so have you shown us today that you will take everything in kind, and there s no greater title than this to describe Ukweli, Uwezo s brother.Further on the Theme Buildup, the author maintains a strict reference to nature and culture as also to maintain authenticity of the whole story, Fire There s enough analogy of nature and Man to keep the theme rooted to its standards of authenticity From You are beautiful than the stars that light my way home at night, but just as dangerous as the wild animals that prowl the night to What happens between fathers and sons is best told by their footprints , the cloak fits perfect.The transition from one chapter to another is effortless while from one scene to another almost automatic you flow as it goes while Humor is also not left out, form time to time, hard not to capture My personal favorite is Leave the barking to dogs my King, please, listen to what I have in mind Ulioko, the King s Informer You have tested my patience for so long Ulioko, speak as though every word you say should preserve your life Uwezo, the King I fear then that I shall say a lot Ulioko, the King s InformerCritiqueFollow up Fire with even better Water Otherwise, the Series Currents has commenced to a great start Keep it rooted.

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    I have always been a fan of Dora s writing and she writes romance stories often than any historical fiction, so when I got a copy of this book from her, my first question was why historical fiction I think writers are responsible for their stories and not the effect they have on people, because they cannot predict what would happen to millions of readers who pick their book to read.Fire is a historical novel that introduces the reader to a young Prince named Ustawi that s Kiswahili for Legacy He is the fourth child born into a kingdom and he is preceded by three sisters His father is the King Uwezo which means Might and his Uncle is the Seer, also known as, Ukweli which means Truth Uwezo is elated to have a heir to his throne, but Ukweli is not because he had this vision where he saw blood chanting praises at the boy and so the story begins.My take on this Buy it and read it and here s why 1 She uses Kiswahili, which gives the story a strong East African setting, and if you love the African culture and customs then you would be introduced to a kingdom where words are as rich in proverbs as our great ancestors talk were.2 The plot and twist towards the end It s a subtle twist that s enacted by Ukweli and it casts a shadow on his role as the protagonist in this story.3 There is the kingdom informer known as Ulioko, who comes across as a very sneaky and power hungry man and in reading Fire, you cannot help but ask where his loyalties lie.4 It s a short read, 142 pages.But I do wish the author provided an in depth detail of the physical attributes of the characters, like Nia and the Queen I also feel that Nia has a greater role to play and he was introduced late into the story what am saying is that it needs flesh But, I hope book two Water will be well detailed and longer because then it would make the 5 dollars worth it If you love African folklore, please read this book she s one author to watch this coming year

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