Crossed With FIELD OF GRAVES, New York Times Bestselling Author JT Ellison Goes Back To Where It All BeganAll Of Nashville Is On Edge With A Serial Killer On The Loose A Madman Is Trying To Create His Own End Of Days Apocalypse And The Cops Trying To Catch Him Are Almost As Damaged As The Killer Field Of Graves Reveals The Origins Of Some Of JT Ellison S Most Famous Creations The Haunted Lieutenant Taylor Jackson Her Blunt, Exceptional Best Friend, Medical Examiner Dr Samantha Owens And Troubled FBI Profiler Dr John Baldwin Together, They Race The Clock And Their Own Demons To Find The Killer Before He Claims Yet Another Victim This Dark, Thrilling And Utterly Compelling Novel Will Have Readers On The Edge Of Their Seats, And Ellison S Fans Will Be Delighted With The Revelations About Their Favorite Characters

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❰Reading❯ ➸ Crossed Author J.T. Ellison –
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Crossed
  • J.T. Ellison
  • English
  • 13 February 2017
  • 9780778318927

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    I have been reading JT Ellison for nearly ten years It started with All the Pretty Girls in 2007 and I ve been a fan ever since Ohhhh, that sentence makes me sound old.I have actually passed this series around to friends and family, and only once have I ever had someone return a book unimpressed with all the violence Psshh, pansies bye Field of Graves is 8 in the series, but also the first Taylor Jackson story ever told It went unpublished for years, as Ellison explains in the author s notes But now fans of the series and even brand new readers get a chance to learn all about Taylor and Baldwin s origins and the history of the unique scar on Taylor s neck.A serial killer, with some unusual religious motivations, has emerged on the streets of Nashville Taylor and Baldwin, both battling some dark personal demons, are racing against the clock to stop another girl from being murdered, and to save a kidnapped college student It s some intense shit All the while, Taylor and Baldwin are falling in lurve Lurve lurve lurve.It really was so fun to read the beginnings of these characters that I have been with for so long I can t say unbiased that new readers will care or like or have as much fun as I did reading this, but what I can say is if you don t you have terrible taste D That was a joke Get off my jock If you ve never read a Taylor Jackson novel before, this is a great place to start as it can also function as the first in the series AND I THINK YOU LL REALLY LIKE IT My only small itsy bitsy tiny issue is that there are not a lot of suspects for the reader to wonder about, so when the killer is revealed I didn t really care who he was But other than that, there are a lot of clues, an interesting M.O and finely detailed police work that is super engaging without being too explainy , which is, like, the worst thing in this genre of novel to me There s action and a fast paced plot, and in between is a personal story line that is both dark and engrossing, taking from past and present to flesh out all we know and some we didn t about Taylor I just wish there was Taylor Jackson in the works and not only something Ellison pulled out of a dusty drawer Whomp whomp.

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    This was my first book by J.T Ellison I have been reading her blog entries recently where she discusses her writing process and it has been fascinating I was eager to plunge in and read her books and she suggested that this was a good one to start with as it was a prequel to one of her series I didn t realize until I finished it that this was the first book she had ever written, that it had actually never been published, but it had successfully gotten her an agent I enjoyed the characters, the plot of a crime unit searching for a serial killer, the flaws of the main protagonists and the atmosphere of a stormy New Orleans.Some of the writing seemed disjointed, disconnected and uneven, but now that I know it was a first novel I am incredibly impressed with the depth of the writing and of the plot Spoiler alert I had some problems with the character of Bailey and felt his disabilities were enabled by the other characters as opposed to their supporting his recovery I also initially didn t care for the relationship between Bailey and Taylor as it felt very codependent and unhealthy at times, but I support people who can dig themselves out of the hole of despair and move on with their lives however awkwardly they do so.I look forward with great anticipation to reading of her books and especially continuing with this series.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this book Apparently, this is the very first book that J.T Ellison wrote, but never published until this year I love the story it gives the background on Lt Taylor Jackson and Dr John Baldwin, what they were both going through when they first met, and how they were lumped together on a very difficult case A serial killer is kidnapping specific young women, then killing them in peculiar ways A must read for all J.T Ellison fans 2 thumbs up and 5 solid stars

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    I can t really say I need to get involved in another series BUT, if I m going to do it, this is as good as it gets.This is book 8 in the series Normally starting a series with book 8 means you spend part of your time thinking I wonder what that means Or who is that person Or what is that relationship all about Some series books can be read as stand alone without too much confusion Some series are best to start from the beginning.What is nice about this book 8 is that it is a prequel This book fills in all the blanks for those of us just being introduced to the series The question then becomes is this good enough to want to continue with the other books I m happy to say a resounding yes I like the two main characters I am very curious to see how their relationship develops and what sort of crimes they will work together to solve.I m very glad I had the chance to read this novel My thanks to Harlequin Mira, via Netgalley, for allowing me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an unbiased review.

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    A special thank you to MIRA and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Talented thriller author, J.T Ellison returns following her standalone, No One Knows 2016 with FIELD OF GRAVES Taylor Jackson 8 Prequel , as she takes readers back to some of her favorite characters Taylor Jackson Homicide , Dr Samantha Owens, Autopsies ME and Profiler Dr John Baldwin Former FBI profiler Get all the juicy details Also, Captain Price, detective Pete Fitz Fitzgerald, Detective Lincoln Ross and Detective Marcus Wade.It is Nashville, Tennessee and a serial killer is on the loose Vanderbilt college students Why are these murders happening A message Taylor is having dreams of a field of graves From panic attacks and nightmares Baldwin in brought in as a consultant and he has his own demons Lieutenant Taylor Jackson, Criminal Investigation division, Nashville Metro Police A promotion to lieutenant at age thirty four Cops always tried to make her life difficult, since she was a chick A tough smart one Martin ruined her life and nearly derailed her career She was still clawing her way back Ellison gives readers the background of Jackson and how the team came together All your favorite characters Sam spent her time perched over Nashville s dead bodies, and Taylor s best friend Taylor s group was unique The Murder Squad In Nashville, Homicide covered the full gamut of physical crimes.What made Taylor s team different from Nashville s other homicide detectives was the element of mystery in their jobs If a violent crime occurred that resulted in a death, and there was no suspect, they caught the case If the trail went cold after 24 hrs it was theirs It fell in their laps She was proud of her team with a high close rate However, success was always tempered with a desire to see failure She had made a lot of friends when she killed David Martin, even though he was dirty No one wanted to see a cop dead, even if he was a bad guy He had tried to kill her first.Ellison fans will delight with the compelling fast pace suspense From mystery and intrigue, forensics, profiling, with flawed characters, and as always plenty of wit to balance the dark side Enjoyed revisiting with Taylor and Sam Fans of Mary Burton s Morgans of Nashville Series will enjoy JDCMustReadBooks

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    I loved having a flashback to when Taylor and Baldwin met, complete with their individual dramas And the suspense was well done.

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    3.5 stars for this one.This book is a prequel to the Taylor Jackson series It describes how she met and fell in love with John Baldwin and how she got the scar on her neck It was the first book written by the author but only recently published Of course it was edited from the original iteration but was a pretty good story It took a while to get into the meat of things so the start was a bit ordinary The villain was a bit OTT I m not a huge fan of religious nut cases justifying their murders by end of days scenarios but in this case it worked quite well because the man had a plausible excuse for becoming irrational.So all round a pretty good effort, and the book worked really well to introduce the characters that make up the rest of the series Ellison fans should definitely read it.

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    I read a review that even though this was the 8th book in the series, it s a prequel and a great book to start the series with And so I did and I really enjoyed this book In the Author Note at the end of the book, J.T Ellison wrote that this was actually the first book she wrote, but that it didn t get published She blew the cobwebs off, did some updating and we now have the opportunity to read her first book.I really liked this story and although Ms Ellison apologized for the writing, it s actually quite good It s a great introduction to her characters and they are a great group I really liked Taylor s character but then I like strong female characters Yes she is haunted by a tragic event in her past but she s struggling to overcome it And she focuses on getting past the trauma versus wallowing in Yeah, no ridiculous angst FBI Agent Baldwin did fall into the deep pit of despair, but we just got to see the ending and not the overblown angst His guilt is real, not imagined He s pulled into the investigation by his superior hoping that this is what he needs, and it is This team of law enforcement officers working to solve a group of murders brings Taylor and Baldwin together and the case and each other works to heal them both It did seem a little too insta lust love for me but I went with it The romance does take a back seat to the murder mystery which is really the kind of story I like.The murder mystery was really interesting and kept me reading until my eyes got too sore With each murder different than the last and the only similarities is the poison, the team is having a hard time coming up with clues I liked the addition of Sam, the ME to the team and we get a little back story with Simon, her significant other This is actually a great group of characters and a really good mystery Now I just need to start at the front of the series and read books 1 through 7 I definitely recommend this book.

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    J.T Ellison takes readers back to the genesis of her award winning Taylor Jackson series with a brilliantly delicious dark twisted tale of murder and madness Starting with a huge bang from Taylor s glock not a moment or emotion is wasted as JT spins her wonderful crime drama web giving her audience a perfect fly on the wall observation Her eloquent prose like narrative and timely injection of humor enhances her cop speak no nonsense dialogue and lightens the dark content Fans will get a look back and new fans a first look at her amazing, unforgettable stable of stars and co stars JT has amazed me with every novel and this one is no different and I can t wait to see where she takes me next Lieutenant Taylor Jackson is still reeling from repercussions from a sticky professional situation that s got her on edge and out of sorts, when she s handed a vicious murder case A female Vanderbilt student is found dead, ceremoniously posed naked at the Parthenon in Centennial Park While she and her team start digging for clues another female Vanderbilt student s body is found Suddenly all Taylor s previous dilemmas have to take a backseat to what she and her team are hoping is not but could be a serial killer preying on Nashville coeds And to make matters worse now she s got to babysit some burnt out feeb too Just Perfect

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    This was an unpublished book, written between 2003 and 2005 that should have been Book 1 in the Taylor Jackson series Her agent advised J.T Ellison to write another for her first published book so she instead wrote All The Pretty Girls , Book 1 in the Taylor Jackson series and sentenced Field of Graves to a drawer to be forgotten for 11 years This should have taken it s rightful place as it reveals the origins of some of J.T Ellison s most famous creations the haunted Lieutenant Taylor Jackson her blunt, exceptional best friend, medical examiner Dr Samantha Owens and troubled FBI profiler Dr John Baldwin Anyone that has followed the series through the years, or has started Dr Samantha Owens own series, will want to put at the top of you tbr list Why this book was thrown in a drawer and forgotten until nowwho knows But I am for one glad that J.T remembered I highly recommend it for all fans of J.T Ellison s works.

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