Fawcetta (Voices and Echoes of the Coliseum, #1)

Fawcetta (Voices and Echoes of the Coliseum, #1) They Say Dreams Are For Those Who Feel The Need To Be A Part Of Something Bigger They Say Fantasies Exist In The Minds Of Those Who Are Free Spirited They Say Illusion Is What Every Man Carries Through His Life Until Death Opens His Eyes Everyone Feels The Need To Get Away From Their Own Lives Where Predictability And Monotony Threaten To Crush Their Spirits They Long To Escape To A Place Where Life Keeps Them On Their Toes And The Risk Of Losing Everything Is Always Just Around The Corner This Story, Which Has Been Buried And Forgotten In The Waters And Sands Of Time, Has No Boundaries, No Safe Havens Fawcetta Is A World Of Mystery, Drama, Deceit, Romance, And Is Filled With Action And Adventure The Emperor Of Fawcetta Struggles To Hold Not Only His Empire Together, But Also His Family No One Suspects They Are Being Purposefully Manipulated And Deceived By One Power Hungry Man Anger Divides Children From Parents, Loss And Betrayal Spurring Vengeance And Hatred The Fate Of The Once Peaceful Paradise Is Placed In The Hands Of A Young Guardian Named Kaina She Must Find A Way To Find Her Soul Mate In Order To Open The One Gate That Will Save Their Beloved Planet From Falling Into Total Darkness Othewise, Fawcetta S Days Are Numbered


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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Fawcetta (Voices and Echoes of the Coliseum, #1)
  • Dalian Artanian
  • 01 February 2017
  • 9781449013202

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    I usually am a reader of nonfiction books, but when I wanted a break , I read fantasy book Fawcetta as a result of word of mouth and good reviews Amazingly, I found it a great fantasy book The story line is so intriguing with its colorful characters, relationships between the characters, down to the a type of weapon Boezein weapon that changes when needed that is used The world of Fawcetta is one that took much imaginationas I was reading this book, I felt that I delved so much into itthat I was actually in the happenings of it all The story itself is captivating, one that will carry you to the end of the book and want to read What I liked a lot was the idea of the Coliseum because in it, a person goes through many trials and tests to be completed It is amazing because the Coliseum itself determines the danger whether it be shattering mutatable buildings or sematars Easy read and non stop action Great drama, adventure, and romance also included I can t wait for the next books to come out to see where the story will lead Even if fantasy books are not your style, read this book I strongly recommend this novel

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    The moment you start reading this book, you don t want to stop because every chapter of the story exudes suspense and excitement The characters were represented with mystery and intrigue that you want to know each of them And as the author builds up the plot of the story, you start seeing some people in your life and even yourself in them Then it takes you to their world and you feel with them too It makes you love Kaina, and hate the other characters Then you want to find out what would be her fate and you emphatize with her I think the story is well written if it is able to transport the reader to the world of these characters in Fawcetta Very creative of the author I truly recommend this book because it s not only full of adventure and interesting twists and plots but the romance added spice to the story I truly enjoy reading it and cannot wait to know how the story builds and ends.

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    Standing alone like a warrior about to face an entire army on its own And who is this army Publisher s famous book authors and most of all those wonderful but lovely critics First off, I am a fan of fantasy, I love the classics and modern alike In these days, it is so hard finding a good solid all original story plot Some fantasies out there, they are merly copies of others I am one who s always on the look out for something new and fresh A diamond in the rough among many fantasy stories that continue to copy the old Every now and then, we get lucky A new writer comes along like J.K Rowling who brought us Harry Potters world Even the film industry is starving for something new and exciting People, it is hard finding the right fantasy story that is not a repeat of a book you just finished reading only with the exception of the characters names which brought me to this book.My sister told me about Fawcetta and when I asked who was the author, she said, Dalian Artanian A name I have never heard of before I thought to myself, cool name for an author and a book I bought the 308 page novel and read it.I found new and exciting characters with wonderful names The most important thing was that a whole new world and a story unlike I have read in so many years I am already reading Fawcetta for a second time Fawcetta has all the elements of an epic story and characters which many will come to love I am already in love with Nerysta s character and very excited to know where the rest of this story will take me I have become a huge fan of Fawcetta I would strongly recommend it to any of you who are starving for something new I give this book two thumbs way up It is fresh, new, exciting edge of your toes story that just when you think it s taken you to the brink it hasn t.

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    I really enjoyed this book I really didn t know what to expect of it like I do to all the new fantasy books I like to read I m always up for something new and fresh and always on the look out for new books A friend told me about this book so I bought it and just found myself not being able to put it down Unlike most fantasy books that I read that just drop you into the story and some you try to find yourself around the storythis one really carries the story very well I loved Nerysta and Kaina these two characters really made the book worth reading I enjoyed the fact it is a little different from most fantasies that I ve read in the past.it really had a lot of action and adventurethrow in some romance and deception and in the end you will know why I really enjoyed this novel..The characters were really well thought out as much as the story.really exciting bookif you guys want something new and exciting and adventurious with lot s of action and even romance.try this book out.

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    I really enjoyed the book I heard bad things about it, was not gonna read it Then I heard the author had the book re edited and reprinted I then decided to buy the book and find out for myself if it was good or bad I loved it Great, Great Story Love the characters and the world This book will end up being a very good story if the author keeps it up I saw no editoral mistakes If they were any the author took care of all of it during the reprint of the book I have nothing bad to say about this book other than Great Job To the Author Dalian Artanian Can t wait to read the second book I also like his awsome book trailers.Michelle2 8 2012

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    FawcettaOn a planet that is ruled by an Emperor and Empress who are concerned with the fate of their planet, comes a story of lies, deceit and manipulation that you will keep you spellbound until you read the very last page and then long for .With the fate of their planet at stake the Emperor and the Empress of Fawcetta must find a way to protect his Empire and to keep his family safe A planet protected by Guardians whose purpose is to make sure that the their world is protected, relates that there is trouble coming and it will take all of their strength to overcome the adversity they will have to face and .Enter into this story several important and vital characters Empress Nikira, Emperor Kalzein, Princess Nerysta, her brother Denucian, the captain, the guardians and But, which of these characters can be trusted and who wants the power and rule of Fawcetta Who will go to any lengths to destroy the peace and safety of these people Added to this we have Kaina, Nerysta s her best friend and Guardian who has received a message from what the author refers to as the Voice who forewarns her that darkness and evil will befall her planet Frightened and scared she asks how this can be stopped and the answer will astound the reader Finding her soul mate and opening the seventh gate of the Penakod was the only salvation for the planet Someone was trying to open the gates to the planet and now she was charged with the duty to make sure that did not happen But, finding her soul mate was only part of the battle and saving the world together will lead to tragedy and test the bonds of friendship are fragile than the outer shell of an egg As in Roman and Greek times and in many cultures today in order to succeed to the thrown of a country or to begin your right of passage as an adult you need to pass certain tests or go through certain rituals In Fawcetta, the young adults have to go through many phases or trials in order to gain their right of passage But, a person does not control the severity of the trials and the tasks they have to complete but by the building they enter in order to complete their trials The Coliseum But, each person s trial and the tasks are determined by the Coliseum and no one can help or interfere But, when Princess Nerysta enters the building to begin her Trials, the fear for her life becomes great when her family and friends realize that she is not being treated as a Princess but as a Guardian The tasks are difficult, dangerous and seem to increase in difficulty as she completes each one.As the Princess enters the Coliseum and begins her trials it is evident that things are going to get dangerous and no one seems to now why or who is controlling what the Coliseum is dishing out to her Will she be allowed to have some help or will she fail and die Nerysta faces many dangerous creatures called sematars that come at her from all directions Using the same weapon that a Guardian would call a Boezin she soon learns its powers and how it will help her live or die But, no one can change the course of the events or is allowed to question the Voice and what it has planned for her in the Coliseum But, will she survive alone or will someone come to her rescue and help her complete her trials and survive But, who is behind this and what will happen next will astound the reader.When the trials are over and everyone is celebrating the unexpected happens There is a huge earthquake the capital of Fawcetta is under attack by a group called the Anaki s Behind it their Queen who has an agenda of her own She not only wants to destroy the Emperor and his kingdom but she intends to help his brother take his place on the throne.Out of nowhere comes a brave young man named Dalian who helps Guardians against the attack and soon ingratiates himself with the entire royal family and Kaina Helping Kaina during her trials he is given the rank of captain in the army but when the celebration begins to honor both Kaina and Dailan he disappears and no one knows where.With a Prince who believes the thoughts of a wicked Queen who has attacked his father s kingdom and questions his ability to rule wisely, and an Uncle who wants the throne at any cost, you will not believe the end result of what finally happens A Prince who will do anything to achieve his ambitions and goals even if it means going against what is right, and a Princess that falls prey to his desires, will forever change and demolish the peace that this planet once knew.Someone is trying to open the Gates of Penakod Only the voice and the Emperor know the correct sequence of how to open these gates and avoid total destruction When the Queen of Anaki tells the Prince that the gates hold the power to make whoever opens them a god among his people and gets eternal life, the Prince begins to think that maybe this is true and questions his mother and father.What happens next you will not believe and will have to read for yourself Two friends, Nersyta and Kaina who are like sisters and the best of friends will soon have their friendship testeed One a princess who now wants revenge and the other sworn to keep the Emperor and the people of Fawcetta save What happens when the Empress decides to take matters into her own hands and find out the truth behind the gates Who will win the battle for the throne the prince and princess or the Emperor You will have to wait for the sequel to come out I know I want to find out the fate of the characters.FawcettaMy name is Nerysta and I am the Princess on the planet Fawcetta I am about to enter in a fight for my life I have trained hard in order to pass my Trials or as many would call it the tests for my right of passage as an adult But, all of my practicing, rehearsing and training did not prepare me for what I would encounter when I entered the Coliseum to begin the four trials I would have to pass my tests and survive You see, if I fail I will not come out and there is no one to help me after entering the building.In this planet there are those that are called Guardians whose job is to protect the people of Fawcetta along with the military But, one Guardian and my best friend, Kaina learns that the planet and the people are in danger and that the only way to safe the planet from total destruction is for her to find her soul mate and together they will save the planet But, at what cost you would not believe My name is Kaina and I am a Guardian whose loyalty to the Emperor and Empress will be tested far beyond that of any other Guardian With the help of many of the other Guardians and a man named Dalian who appears out of nowhere the battles are fought and won But, the real one has yet to come Which one of us will come out the victor You will have to read the sequel and find out.To the author Dalian I commend you for putting yourself as the unsung hero I never give stars when reviewing a book I give this book five brave guardians to help save the Fawcetta and Five Boezins to help them win.Fran Lewis reviewer

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    Fawcetta Damn it was a great book Its really hard finding a good fantasy only because they all seem to be a mere copy of each other, Fawcetta however is nothing like that, in fact its great I picked a copy of Fawcetta Voices and Echoes of the coliseum Volume I, and let me tell you, I read the whole book not once but twice The story is different from your typical fantasy books It s new and inspiring A book for the ages It is the story of a princess named Nerysta and her friend Kaina, along with many other great and imaginative characters The story is packed with action There is a scene in which Princess Nerysta walks into a coliseum in which all this takes place, she is told that if she dies in there she would die in real life Her challenge first begins when in she is instructed that it is her turn to face the coliseum just like her family has done as well as her ancestors Under normal circumstances she would receive a sword as a weapon but instead is given a guardian s weapon, a weapon in which only Guardians are allowed to use Everyone is confused at this but figured to be okay considering that it would make her challenge easier However the Coliseum has its own plans, the coliseum decides to challenge the young princess as if though she was a Guardian Many people would think that how much can a girl do, nonetheless a princess But you thought wrong Nerysta will put any guy on his ass She is a badass When I received this book I could not put it down There is a lot going on in this book than meets the eye, and saying that I can t wait for the next one to come out I would give this great book two smokin thumbs way up

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    It s strange on how this book is not on Goodreads It s a wonderful fantasy novel written by a very creative story teller Indeed I was consumed by the whole story line and the new world I was taken into Fawcetta is the name of the planet and it deals with family, friends and betrayers What I feel makes this story so good is that It is a fantasy story but keeps us close with the reality of things We can relate to these characters and what happens to them in this story I would recommend Fawcetta to any Sci Fi reader, it is a story that will take you into a whole new world of Tales, Myths and Legends.

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    I loved it.One of my friends got a flier for this book.She really liked it So, I bought itFirst, I thought it could be boringbut from the middle became very fast pace I could not stop putting down the book.I love fantasy sci fi book But Fawcetta has everything Romance, drama and lots of actions I recommend you to read this book.I cannot wait second volume

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    Great story line and setting Fawcetta is a must read I liked this book because it was a true page turner exciting and full of adventure It was fun and I honestly think it appeals to all ages You will enjoy it.

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