Falling in Deeper (Wicked Lovers, #11)

Falling in Deeper (Wicked Lovers, #11) Falling in Deeper by Shayla BlackFalling in Deeper, is part of the Wicked Lover Series, I was reading these back in my 20 s and I l loved them It was seriously a delight to go back to read a Shayla book, who doesn t love going back to something you used to hire out from the library when eBooks were just a thought Falling is about Stone and Lily, I really enjoyed them as a couple and apart They had brilliant sexy chemistry Who doesn t love that right Shayla has a talent, I loved reading about these two Lily is our shy and sweet girl and Stone is a sexy bad boy ex con hellllo hotness and together with the secondary characters made perfection Amazing, passion and it was low angst drama Totally angfriendlyFlawless writing as always, overall fantastic read 4 Stars, recommend to everyone, can be read as a standalone.AngPNR Book Lover ReviewsArc, provided by the publishers Running away and changing her name after witnessing a violent act, Lily Taylor s found a home with her Club Dominion family Not one to trust easily, Lily doesn t get close to anyone ever But when Lily s found by her nemesis the person she s been running from the last person she should turn to is Stone Sutter But there s just something about Stone that Lily can t stay away from something big Something like comfort and hope.Stone Sutter knows he should be keeping Lily at arm s length But he can t, especially when her safety is at stake Stone will stop at nothing to keep Lily safe from the drug lord she s been hiding from But can he convince Lily to help put the drug lord away for good can he convince Lily that he s for real and not in it just to save himself God, I love this Wicked Lovers series I love how Ms Black immerses her readers into her character s world I felt as if I was sitting at the bar at Club Dominion watching as all the action transpired and holy moly, is there A LOT to watch at Club Dominion I loved the dynamic between Lily and Stone, too how Stone insinuated himself as her protector and Dom Loved how the rest of the Doms also viewed themselves as Lily s protectors and how Stone had to prove his worthiness to them as well LOL And let s talk about the sexy times the patience and support Stone provided to Lily so she could and would trust him Swoony Sexy Hot Sigh The next book in this series just can t come fast enough Missy, 5 stars 4 Running Away Stars Falling in Deeper is a standalone and is part of the Wicked Lovers series This is Lily and Stone s story I have to say, Falling in Deeper is probably one of the darkest books in the series I haven t read the entire series, but I m working on it Falling in Deeper has all the elements of a good book, with a damsel in distress, secondary characters from the previous books and a broody Hero It will put a smile on your face Lily is on the run She changed her name and doesn t want to deal with her tragic past And let me tell you, it s REALLY tragic This poor girl has endured so much and because of that she s kind of messed up Stone isn t your cookie cutter man He s an ex con and has a past He knows he isn t good enough for Lily but that s not going to stop him from protecting her and helping her with her mega issues I really liked Stone He s so over bearing, bossy and really in your face I love that he pushes Lily and it makes the chemistry between Stone and Lily much intenseProtecting you is my first and only priorityLily can t be with a man fully, because of her past, she has inner scars and it s something she wants to overcome badly She has trained with Axel, who is from the previous book Stone knows Lily can submit, but he wants her to submit to him fully These scenes were off the charts hot Stone works with Lily in opening old wounds and pushing her submissive side It s really sweet too The book gets a bit darker when Lily talks about her past and I keep on telling myself, this is all fiction because it s so sad and I didn t want to get sad Shayla Black really knows how to play with your emotions Overall, if you love the series, you will not be disappointed with Falling in Deeper An ARC was provided Reviewed for herding cats burning soup Sexy and suspenseful Falling in Deeper was mouthwatering romance that hit all the good spots Sexy hero, resilient heroine, luscious and emotional sex scenes, a little danger, and some surprises along the way, too Gah Yeah, it was a fun ride The quick of it is that Stone, well, he messed up a while back and landed himself in prison and he s been given that out If he can convince a reluctant on the run witness to testify against a politician with a dark past they ll wipe his record clean He just has to keep Lily safe from those that are after her and win her trust If he has to learn to be a Dom and get real close to her to do so He Is In This girl doesn t for him completely I really loved both Stone and Lily Stone has a slightly shady past but has turned his life around and is trying to be a better man He s sexy, solid, all alpha male but has an incredibly gentle touch, too And Lily The girl is a survivor Her past truly fucked her up but she never gave up fighting to survive I loved that about her She s damaged and slow to trust and just made me ache for her I really liked them together Things move very quickly and the L word was used a little fast for my liking but it actually worked out okay.And the sexy Lordy yeah These two had some sexy happening There s that instantaneous spark that just crackles and pulls you in to this sensual whirlwind between them The things Lily had been through in the past gave her some bad hangups when it came to sex and some of the scenes really just hit hard They re emotional and intense and watching her overcome everything was something And totally had me falling for Stone.The suspense was working for me too as these two try to outrun her past Got my hands sweating now and again and caught me by surprise as well which is always interesting Gotta say I was pretty okay with some people being killed in this one I really was Whew There may have been a cut your nose off to spite your face moment or two with the heroine but those were fairly minor moments of complaint when it came to the suspense side All in all, Shalya Black rocks some sexy suspense Falling In Deeper was one of those reads that ll heat you up, get your pulse pounding, and leave you begging for The alpha males in this series are justthatgood updates 4 11 Cant waitcan t waitcan t wait Shayla Black s brilliance really shines through in FALLING IN DEEPER Every emotionevery feelingevery touch was palpable The passion, the intensity, the emotion flew off of every page, reminding us what a WICKED genius Shayla Black really isI can t even tell you how much I think you ll be hurting me Those dark eyes of his seemed to take her apart without a word Before she could stop him, he brushed his thumb over her bottom lip I can t even tell you how much I think you re wrongWhat can I say that I haven t already gushed about in other reviews I ve done for Shayla Black s work I know I tell readers all the time that I have favorite series, favorite authors, favorite characters, etcbut, nothing holds truth to that than the Wicked Lovers Series Plain and simple, Black s books her characters, her intense, sexy, and suspenseful storylines, take me to my happy place Time and time again, I loose myself in this passionate world she creates Each book bringing us amazing and damaged characters that you just want to root for til the very end Lily and Stone are great examples of this Their deep connection gives us readers hope from the very beginning Their passion when they re together makes us blush from head to toe The dirty talk, the sweet talk, the witty banterall of it just makes me sigh with such contentment that I never want it to endI will fight for you, he vowed I will do everything in my power to keep you See what I mean Stone Sutter is one ex con that I can get on board with, for sure Nothing has me rushing to bed super early, like a Shayla Black romance I fall in love with every word, every chapter, and every book she releases Shayla Black is one of the greats, and if you haven t read anything written by her, you are missing out on so much epicness The WICKED LOVERS series is every romance reader s dream come true Gifted copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Kimber and Shadow s reviews posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI have been reading and enjoying The Wicked Lover s series by Shayla Black going back several years As with all book series, you have ones that hit the mark and really resonate with you and Falling In Deeper is one of those books for me It s now up there with my favorites in this series I loved everything about this enthralling, sexy story from start to finish It kept me guessing and I was surprised on than one occasion which is something I m looking to happen when reading Romantic Suspense.We ve met and gotten to know a little about Sweet Pea Lily in a few of the previous books and I m glad to finally have all the details of what s been going on with her and the awful incidents where she ended up hiding out at Dominion the last few years Lily has been especially secretive regarding her past, however the time has come for her to step up and face her painful past head on, or risk others being hurt by the same person who did unspeakable things to her Thing is, she s really gun shy and doesn t trust very easily and although she s being protected at Dominion, she s never been able to fully open up about exactly what happened to her seven years previous That s where the sexy Stone Sutter comes in Since first meeting Lily months prior to this story taking place, there was something about her that drew him in He never forgot about or gave up on seeing her again He did need her help but he also wanted to get to know her on a different level In order to do that, he was going to have to break down some of her walls Lucky for him some of the fellas at Dominion BDSM club taught him a few techniques that might help him earn her trust.It s really hard to talk about the story without giving anything away, but I will say there are several plot twists and there is a perfect balance of emotion and steamy hot sex The characters have great chemistry and it was fulfilling to watch them bond and at the same time, heal Maybe I enjoyed it so much because they spent a great deal of their getting to know each other time at Jack s cabin in the bayou OOHH at the memories I have of the cabin There must be something magical about that place Falling in Deeper not only kept me on the edge of my seat, it reminded me why I fell in love with the Wicked Lovers series in the first place.Shadow s 4.5 star reviewOnce Stone Sutter lays eyes on Lily Taylor, known to the inhabitants of the BDSM Club Dominion as Sweat Pea, he knows he has to have her It doesn t even matter that getting her to testify against Timothy Canton will keep him out of jail.But Lily has been running for a long time and other than her friendship with Axel, has stood on her own two feet She s not willing to turn her life and protection over to an ex con, even though the electricity between them is palpable.When her car blows up, Lily agrees to hide out in the swamp with Sutton until officials can find and deal the monster of her childhood.Can Sutton use the time alone with Lily to convince her that they can be than friends and how will she handle the betrayal when she finds out why he originally contacted her This was one of those rare books where the sex actually got in the way of the story Sutton uses the attraction between them to build a relationship and works to have Lily open up to him Almost the entire time in the cabin is spent with the two of them in bed, while the reader waits for the other shoe to drop Will Canton find Lily before the feds find him, will Axel arrive to interfere with the couple, and is there another bad guy lurking in the wings I like Sutton for the most part he paid a heavy penalty for a juvenile mistake, and he really did care for Lily and wanted the best for her He needed a slap on the head about honesty, but otherwise was a character to warm to.Lily herself is brave, loving and has a poor view of herself that Sutton is able to reverse.Overall, a most enjoyable read with good characters, an intriguing plot if a bit slow and lots of hot sex.Review copy provided for an honest review. I m done with this series The heroine was immature and made stupid decisions, and I wanted to toss my kindle on the floor I can t remember the last book in this series that I really enjoyed, time to move on. A tragic past threatens to destroy a passionate future in this dangerously sexy new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Wicked for You.Lily Taylor is running from a man who is set on destroying her Years ago she witnessed her best friends horribly beaten, raped and killed by a monster Since then Lily has been on her own trying to stay in the shadows When she settles in Dallas she meets the men and women of Club Dominion they quickly become her family But can Lily ever really trust anyone Will her past catch up with her and threaten to take of the people she cares about from her life Should she put her life in the hands of a convicted felon with a violent past Stone Sutter is a desperate man, he made a deal with the FBI in order to get an early release from prison All he has to do is convince a traumatized woman to testify against the man who brutally murdered her best friend right in front of her Stone figured, seduce the sweet, shy Lily and get her to testify leaving him to walk free But he didn t know that behind Lily s shy demeanor is a spit fire Her bravery and loyalty to her friends draws him to her in a way no woman ever has Stone wants Lily and he plans on keeping her I really enjoyed this book, I haven t read all the books in the series but I was still able to follow along with this book without getting lost The BDSM aspect was well written as I would expect from Shayla Black The sex scenes where steamy and sexy keeping me glued to the page I loved Stone his love for Lily was undeniable and wanted to protect her and keep her safe It took me a little getting used to Lily, I loved her bravery but sometimes her indecisiveness through me But by 40% in I began to love her with Stone and realized they were a perfect match.As Lily and Stone go into hiding alone together their attraction grows Stone tries to take things slow with Lilly using her submissive tendencies to bring her out of herself But as he does this he only falls deeper in love with her leaving him with a decision to make to choose love over freedom.I hadn t read one of the books from the Wicked Lovers series in a while I stopped at Ours to Love book seven for no particular reason Reading this book has gotten my blood pumping to go back and read the installments I missed Ms Black draws us in this world and unconventional family that is the Club Dominion members and we love reading about them RECEIVED AN ARC IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW. I always wondered what the deal was with Sweet Pea as she cameoed in other stories, especially in Axel s telling She was under the protection and care of Axel when he fell in love with another woman Lily has gone through some traumatic events that have shaped who she is as we get to know her She is very slow to trust and needs the structure and care that a dominant provides She is hiding from her past but unfortunately, nothing can stay hidden forever Stone enters her life as he is forced to seek her cooperation in an investigation He has always been intrigued by the shy beauty and uses the opportunity to his advantage As their story begins to unravel, the trust they have begun to form is put to the test The plot is very interesting with good twists The author does a good job of addressing some sensitive topics such as rape and abuse as well as physical emotional needs and the separation or fusion of the two With Stone, Lily gets to experience for the first time what it is to be loved, wanted, and needed for herself Her awakening in that aspect is beautiful to behold The story is written well when it comes to the love emotion scenes but also when there is action and a hint of suspense as the tale unravels I have read most of the series and found this to be a great addition I am eagerly looking forward to the next tale It seems a bit of a seed was planted with Cutter One Mile and I want to see what that grows to be Safety No OW OM Sharing Neither are Vs There is rape abuse.ARC received in exchange for an honest review. A Tragic Past Threatens To Destroy A Passionate Future In This Dangerously Sexy New Novel From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Wicked For YouAfter A Violent Tragedy Nearly Destroyed Her, Lily Taylor Ran Away, Changed Her Name, And Started Over When Her Deadly Nemesis Resurfaces To Eliminate His Loose End, She Turns To The Last Man She Should Trust A Stranger With A History Of Violence And An Intoxicating Sexuality She Can T Refuse Though Strong Armed Into Locating Lily To Help Put Away A Drug Lord, Ex Con Stone Sutter Isn T Anyone S Snitch When He Finds The Terrified Beauty, He Vows To Keep Her Safe But He Isn T Sure He Has The Strength To Shield Her From His Own Desires As An Unquenchable Fire Sparks Between Them, Lily S Tormentor Stalks Ever Closer, And She Must Overcome Her Darkest Fear To Survive Can She Trust The Bond She And Stone Have Formed As They Re Falling In Deeper

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