Fade (The Ragnarök Prophesies #1)

Fade (The Ragnarök Prophesies #1) What Do You Do When You Realize Nothing In Your Life Is What You Ve Believed It To Be When Arionna Jacobs Loses Her Mother In A Tragic Accident, Her World Is Turned Upside Down She S Forced To Leave Her Old Life Behind And Move In With Her Father Dace Matthews, A Teaching Assistant At Her New College, Is Torn In Two, Unable To Communicate With The Feral Wolf Caged Inside HimWhen They Meet, Everything They Thought They Knew About Life Unravels Dace Has Intimate Access To Arionna S Mind, And Something Deep Within Her Fights To Rise To The Surface They Don T Understand What S Happening To Them Or Why, And They Re Running Out Of Time To Sort Out The Strange Occurrences Around ThemTheir Meeting Sets An Ancient Norse Prophesy Of Destruction In Motion, And What Destiny Has In Store For Them Is Bigger Than Either Could Have Ever Imagined Unless They Learn To Trust Themselves And One Another, They May Never Resolve The Mystery Surrounding Who They Are To One Another, And What That Means For The World

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  • Fade (The Ragnarök Prophesies #1)
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  • English
  • 15 June 2019

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    ARC supplied by NetGalley and Curiosity Quills Publishing in exchange for a snarky honest review Read along with the lovely Lisbeth Read her review here vlog review cue piano music There was once a girl named Arionna she was left alone after a death then possessive MaceDace came into her life and she turned into a crazy, annoying bitch Yeah no Did you actually think I d write a song for you guys about this frightening book I d just humiliate myself.I opened my file of FADE oh, how the times have changed with hopeful anticipation The blurb sounded amazing, the cover was gorgeous, and the reviews were mostly positive I was really rather excited and Norse mythology How interesting 10% into FADE and I knew I wasn t going to like this 40% and I felt like burning my shitty Nook to melted plastic 70% and I was begging for the end to come.No, no FADE did not go well for me FADE begins with Arionna, our heroine and main character She s average enough Nothing special Boring Relatable , according to most authors, but not all of us are plain as a brick, you know Her mother has just died and Arionna is completely lost without her, especially when her first year at college starts She meets some friends triplets and another girl, and lo and behold Dace makes his appearance.It was also the most confusing scene I ve ever read in a book Arionna sees Dace on campus, and suddenly Dace is growling in her head that she s his, Arionna s crying out like you know what, and saying that she belongs to this mysterious guy than she belongs to herself.I was left wondering if anyone saw Arionna, who was totally withering and moaning when she saw him I mean, seriously Doesn t anyone see her doing this Awkward.Arionna opens her eyes and realizes he s gone Over the next few days, she develops an unhealthy obsession with him Where have I heard this before Arionna actually talks to Dace for the first time while she s being the ultimate rebel sitting on a wall in the forest What a stubborn little firecracker , and these are his first words What the hell are you doing up there Mmm Sexy.Now, keep in mind he s saying this in a voice of soft, dark velvet and scowling at her furiously.The readers are supposed to feel that Arionna is being a brave, feisty heroine when she comes out with the most mature answer ever that s none of your business Haha, no Sweetie, you give him the middle finger and tell the douchebag to piss of, cause he sure as hell ain t your guardian angel You don t even know his name Of course, Arionna forgives him.The second time they meet again, in the forest, pg 52 Dace shoves her up against a tree, sticks his knee in between her legs, and starts dry humping her before randomly jumping away, panting, and claiming he can t control himself around her If this wasn t a clich young adult novel, that would be considered assault But of course, Arionna wanted it, so nope.Arionna doesn t even question why the hell she can hear Dace s thoughts in her head because by then, she belongs to Dace she s his property , so why should it matter The insta love is unbelievable The pain of her mother s death fades whenever he s with her, but there is nothing nothing good about Dace.Most of FADE is simply make out sessions Literally, 3 4 of the book is just them humping on tables humping on trees humping on couches humping anywhere, really Dace sending her dark stares Dace growling that Arionna is his Dace getting angry at her because she distracts him Arionna worshipping Dace and saying she belongs to him Wait, I forgot Dace is a dog Ah, that explains it He tries to bang everything in sight.FADE really had no plot until the ending, and that s what really annoyed me We have nothing except kissing scenes and a few snippets of information, like the fact that Dace is a shifter Then Morgen tries to make up for it in the last few pages, cramming in so many confusing names and so much action, you re left wondering What the actual hell just happened Morgen should ve gradually introduced us to the Norse myths and everything we needed to know instead of making it so needlessly confusing Basically, if you didn t know about Norse mythology before FADE, you are absolutely and one hundred percent screwed.Because the plot or lack of plot was so unclear, my synopsis of the plot contains some spoilers view spoiler Dace and Arionna are actually Freki and Geri, Odin s two wolf companions reincarnated into humans that can turn into wolves Hati and Sk ll, two other wolves that chase the moon and the sky, sent by their father, Fenir, are hunting Dace and Arionna so they can complete the prophecy of Ragnar k that an apocalypse will rain over Earth, and when it s over, the world with be fresh, new, and shiny clean, with two humans replacing the population Apparently Dace and Arionna are these two humans, and that s just not acceptable hide spoiler

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    This review is also available on my blog, QwertyActual rating 0.5 star Well, it s slightly better than Ever Disclaimer Lisbeth didn t exactly recommend this book I did this to myself after seeing her giving Fade 0 goddamn star Haha.The Lord has given me strength to stomach this book, so here is what I came up with When I first saw the book blurb .She s forced to leave her old life behind and move in with her father heard that before unable to communicate with the feral wolf caged inside him yup, definitely about werewolves or shapeshifter, nothing new Norse prophesy Wait, what Norse prophesy Do you think what I think flails Yup, apparently I wanted to read this book because of Loki Well, not entirelybecause I wanted to see myself what s all the fuss about the horribleness of this book LOL I couldn t agree with the other reviewers, but for the sake of entertainment, I shall review this with character interview style SPOILERS ALERT Me Clears throat Hi Arionna Nice to have you here with us So, let s get straight to business During your mom funeral, you saw a wolf And what did you feel at that moment Arionna I wondered if he d lost a loved one too Do animals feel loss like us Do they grieve, too I hoped not.Me Eye twitch So instead of running away from the scene and warning everyone else about the presence of the wolf, you wondereddid he oh, you know its gender too ermm..lost a loved one too Howconsiderate Okay, moving on When you first laid your eyes on Dace, you feltArionna Oh, I felt like I knew him I feltpeaceful As if looking at this beautiful boy washed away everything that happened since Mom died I felt right in the way I never had before, not only unburdened and aware, but complete Like gaping hole inside me had fillied with him I think Dace felt the same way.Me Snorts I mean, sure Your mom would feel so proud to see that you were moving on becauseyou met, ermm no, saw a random guy from a distance And I believe Dace said he was not used to seeing beautiful girls standing on crumbling walls every day when he first met you Arionna Yeah, he d call me beautiful blushes Me.Uh, right And then he held you gaze, an absolutely predatory gleam in his eyes Nothing human reflected in that look, but something complete male did His desire brushed across your thoughts like a caress He wanted you, wanted to claim you You was a virgin, but you wanted him to claim you Arionna Nods sheepishly Me Tell me, girl Which part of the word rape that you don t understand Anywaaaaaaaaaay, how do you view yourself Arionna I m just a girl Just a sad, messed up girl Nothing special about me at all.Me Blink blink Uhuhjustanothermarysue.Arionna What did you say Me Nothing How did you meet Dace for the next time Arionna Call it instinct or whatever, but I knew he d snow sooner or later when I went jogging in that area Around forty five minutes later, he showed up.Me Ermm..so, you just waited randomly for a random guy for 45 minutes in a random area And when he did show up, you didn t want to talk, you wasn t ready to face him You felt like you might start crying if you opened your mouth You didn t let him touch you and you were half afraid the scene from Thursday would repeat if he touched you Hmm.Arionna Yup.Me Then, Dace said you two are probably soul mates In your second meeting Arionna Aha, yes.Me And then a few minutes later, you guys were kissing each other senseless And you even hoped that he takes away your virginity against a tree Arionna Yes Whoaawhy you get so uptight Me Me Uptight Eh, of course not wipes sweat on forehead Okay, so you met a girl, a friend of Dace and what did she think about you and Dace Arionna Chelle thinks maybe I ll be good for him.Me Weird town, everybody thinks Arionna and Dace are soul mates Really How sweet And I also noticed you have a tendency to pass out or cry whenever you think the situation got better of you.Arionna Well, I couldn t help it.Me Damsel in distress level 9000 Okay, tell me something When Dace told you about what he really is, how did you feel Arionna I thought I m like him, I thought I m not me.Me Instead of having a hard time believing Dace, you thought you re like him You re just Wow I m speechless And you are really an incredible young woman, you know that, Miss Arionna Because your heart felt like cracking open when you heard the death of Dani, the girl you barely knew.Arionna I Me Yes, you re so incredible, Dace like to call you love Like, I never heard of any of my friend s boyfriends calling their girlfriend love The only person who uses that term of endearment is that lady from the post office She even called me cupcake once I wonder why Dace doesn t call you that Huh.Arionna He Me And suddenly halfway throughout the story, everybody isn t really a human Yay Now, we have a love child of Fallen and Shiver Arionna Yup, that s the idea And here s my favourite quote from the book, well, had the wolf not be so eager, I wasn t sure I d still be a virgin Me Arionna Arionna And Dace replied telepathically of course Do you honesltly think I d take your virginity on a picnic table Me What r u re doing Arionna And I asked Why not Me Arionna Arionna It s better than the back of a car Me STAHP And punches are flying Me Okay, kids I think we re done here Kthxbai.Did I care about the mythology No I was too distracted with the level of intelligence shown by the characters But I think that s the only thing that worth the 0.5 star because everything else is just wrong on so many levels.Bonus time I think my tablet got so petrified with my decision to read this book despite all the warnings I brought it on board during my Dolphin Explorer cruise, or Dolphin Fin Explorer cruise as I d call it I only saw the fin of the dolphin, that s why But what do I expect with a 8 cruise Pffttt , and somehow I accidentally left it I think my tablet just got scared too much until it decided to be left And my tablet did have valid reasons to be scared.

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    This review also appears on my blog at that blew my mind It was t what I expected and I couldn t be pleased with this loveliness Fade was unique and utterly fantastic.Fade is based on Norse mythology, so it already has an element that hasn t been used in too many YA books It took the myths and reshaped them into something that will be sure to hook quite a few fans.Arionna was a fun lead She was very real, she felt like an actual person She d just lost her mom, so she spends much of the book dealing with that loss in addition to all the crazy stuff happening around her She deals well with Dace and his wolf Let me explain that before I confuse anyone Dace is a shapeshifter he turns into a wolf But, he hasn t been able to communicate with the wolf side of him and so he has to constantly struggle to keep the beast locked inside But sometimes the wolf still gets a bit of a hold and he actsprimal, for lack of better term But Arionna always knew how to deal with all that She would be understanding when that was needed and she would put him in his place when that was needed It was fun to see, especially the times when she made Dace grovel for forgiveness Arionna was strong, clever, and a great heroine.Dace is complicated, as you could probably tell from my brief explanation of his wolf issue The wolf in him isn t bad, it s just primal The wolf loves Arionna just as much as Dace s human side loves her But, once again, he s primal That leads him to make Dace s human side do some stupid things I think some people might be annoyed, because when the wolf does gain some hold, it makes Dace do something that might be qualified as sexist I understood it as the wolf hierarchy that Dace s wolf is tapped into But others might not be as understanding Just a warning to those who are sensitive But, moving on Dace was very sweet He was protective of Arionna and would literally lay down his life for her Was there insta love Yes, but this was very justified once you find out how deep the connection goes I don t think anyone will be bothered by it I loved their relationship It was deep and profound and it find made me smile wistfully I thought Dace was simply adorable.The story is never what you expect You think you ve figured out what s going on when, suddenly, a plot twist comes out of nowhere and shakes everything up It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time The use of mythology was brilliant I adored it it was original and thrilling The plot moved quickly, and the ending was sweet with a nice lead into the next book Which I m very excited for I can t wait to find out how this plays out for the characters Does anyone know when the second book will be released, or how long the series will be Anyhow, Fade was magnificent Anyone who likes myth based books, or just paranormal romance will love it.5 5Thanks to Netgalley and Curiosity Quills Press for a copy

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    Actual Rating 0 stars I read this with the amazingly awesome reviewer named Oceana Her review Please read hers before mine This book is not suitable for those younger than 13 YA Fifty Shades of Grey here minus 50 something sex scenes.Last note, to the family member who I know is reading, I DIDN T KNOW IT WAS ADULT D I ve begun to say this a lot this book is horrible It s the worst book I ve read this year The sad thing is, I ve said that at least 4 times this year The phrase is sort of becoming overused and has no real meaning any But, please allow me to say it one that time, just for the sake of it.This Book Is The Worst Book I Have Ever Read.Fade tricked me into thinking that it would be filled with an interesting plot and great characters I know, it s very rare for that to happen today in YA literature I didn t actually read all the summary I only read the second paragraph and the first sentence of the third If I had only read all the plot, maybe my expectations wouldn t have been so high.To quote Oceana 10% into FADE and I knew I wasn t going to like this 40% and I felt like burning my shitty Nook to melted plastic 70% and I was begging for the end to come.No, no FADE did not go well for me.Except, I was dying by 25% This book was terrible Two of my friends have read it, all have finished with 1 0 stars Zulezza Here s your mention D The review will contain spoilers, but then again, why would anyone want to read this Characters Arionna, or Bella bot, was the main character of this book She seemed very similar to what I ve read about Anastasia Steele Spineless, horny, stupid, and whiny She was extremely dependent on Dace, her rapist lover She was college age, yet seemed at most 15 Bella bot was incredibly stupid and vapid Her friend was brutally murdered by a pack of wolves to which Bella bot s brilliant reply was, Oh, well that sure sucks Can t you feel her immense and soulcrushing pain One of the most annoying clich s in books is the might as well be you heroine The one where the reader is supposed to go, that sounds just like me Little old boring me who has no life many authors seem to assume this about us I don t read books to for the might as well be you heroine I like reading about exciting, realistic but not stick in the mud characters Bella bot was the personification of this clich.Let s examine some quotes, shall we What s happening to me Arionna thought Mine, he Dace said in my head as if in response to my question You belong to me.The words were little than a growl, but they shot through me like an arrow I belonged to him, perhaps fully than I belongs to myself 4% into the ARCThis was her first meeting with him First meeting with Dace Nuff said Next is a collection of quotes all on the same Kindle page 10% in during their second meeting an absolutely predatory gleamdesire brushed across my thoughtsHe wanted me, wanted to claim me.I was a virgin, but I wanted him to claim me.The animal strained hard to get to me, growling audibly.I did belong to him.Second meeting people Second meeting FKAJDHKADFKLHDKADHFDace THIS GUY PEOPLE He s Jace from City of Bones, Patch from Hush, Hush, Edward from Twilight, and Dexter from Dexter So basically, a controlling, possessive asshole He s said You belong to me or something with belong referring to Arionna six flipping in the book which is nothing compared to the fourteen yes one four times Arionna says it referring to her belonging to him.I don t think I have ever met a worse love interest Ever For once, my words escape me and I cannot find the right words to describe him without having an extremely excessively vulgar review which honestly is funny to read but give you no insight to the book.The words in brackets are mine I d never had a desire to be rid of my virginity of course you haven t _ , but thinking back over our encounter, the way Dace held me prisoner how is this sexy and the way feeling my pleasure and his combined well, had the wolf not been so eager, I wasn t sure I d still be a virgin.Please understand how this happened He pushed her onto a picnic table and then pushed his leg between hers and then started humping her on the table Another Oceana quote here I love being the last one to write a review Arionna, honey boo, INNOCENT PEOPLE EAT THERE, YOU KNOW THEY DO NOT NEED TO KNOW WHAT THAT SUSPICIOUS LIQUID ON THE FUCKING TABLE IS THEY RE PUTTING THEIR FUCKING FOOD THERE.Oh, god, EWWWWW.And random Zulezza quote just cause Me.Uh, right And then he held you gaze, an absolutely predatory gleam in his eyes Nothing human reflected in that look, but something complete male did His desire brushed across your thoughts like a caress He wanted you, wanted to claim you You was a virgin, but you wanted him to claim you Arionna Nods sheepishly Me Tell me, girl Which part of the word rape that you don t understand The Lack of Plot Plot Outline 0 20% Make out scenes20 40% Make out scenes40 60% Make out scenes60 80% Lore and make out scenes80 95% LOOOOOOTS OF PLOT95 100% Last make out scenesThe part in between, the 80 95, was a huge infodump After brain numbing nothingness, the sudden plot was a rush I don t remember 70% of what happened there because there was just too much too fast It s like Morgen tried to fit all the plot she missed in the rest of the book into that little time period It s impossible to not be half asleep and miss a lot of the plot because all you re used to is kissing The real story in that little space is interesting The lore was fun, granted it needs a bit of working on The sad this is all that A K Morgen focused on was the unnecessary, abusive relationships which Arionna and Dace shared It would have made this book a mediocre read instead of a trashy, terrible one What I liked and didn t Liked lore sort of Disliked everythingromanceplotcharacterspacingproseeverythingIn conclusion I would never recommend this book It wasn t even funny accidentally It was a royal mess.Just don t read it.

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    In the start, it follows up on Arionna s mother who has died where they re at a graveyard going to bury her body A wolf emerges, complete with a howl with burning yellow eyes It s already interesting from the very beginning I was very much fixated on the story and Arionna Jacobs who is yet a girl we re going to find out about A lone wolf hunkered beneath the trees A wolf I blinked, certain I hadn t seen an animal at all, but I had A wolf, or the domestic relation anyway, sat in the shadows of the trees, staring in our direction Even from a distance, he looked as sad as I felt, and I wondered if he d lost a loved one too Do animals feel loss like us Do they grieve, too I hoped not ARIONNA A girl who is strong enough and not afraid, she s a girl who has tons of confidence yet not so much and takes risks I love her for her well being and her strong will for being who she can be and who she can t be DACE mysterious, wild and totally out of control wellsometimes I love Dace too He was completely mysterious and wild as he controls his inner wolf, the feral wolf caged inside of him He feels like he s completely torn to two as he meets Arionna at a college as a teaching assistant.Soon the story starts to spin apart as the two meet yet both of them don t know why even though they don t understand what s happening I felt completely so compelled to this story line and completely mystified as the plot starts to emerge from it s starting point I didn t know, but I felt now, and feeling hurt The guy tensed as though he felt my eyes on him, and turned in my direction He stood no less than a hundred feet from me, too far away to see clearly, but every feature of his face swam into focus as if I d called his appearance up from the depths of my memory He was gorgeous, with messy golden hair, strong cheekbones, and a sharp, defined jawline Even his vivid, emerald eyes and the small scar above his right eyebrow were crystal clear to me I told myself to stop staring and look away That grief had scrambled my brains, and I only imagined things that weren t there I didn t listen to that little voice of reason The boy lifted his head Time seemed to slow, stretching before me in ways I couldn t comprehend Our eyes met across the distance I stopped breathing, heat weaving through me in coils, burning away the hole I d just discovered, and leaving me wrapped in a soft blanket of warmth A thousand different sensations whispered through me like a summer s breeze, freezing me in place Joy, fear, loss, hope, sorrow I couldn t separate one emotion from the other Before I even had the chance to try, a current of energy washed through me, pulling a gasp from my lips Strength and familiarity rippled through the air between us The powerful sensation swarmed over me like a thousand little teeth nibbling on my skin, and shook me to the core I knew him With this snippet above, I guarantee you ll be rereading this completely as I fell in love with this book and couldn t stop putting it down, you should buy this book After reading this review YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK MUST Brief Review Amazing, wild and creative, Fade was incredible, just simply incredible and heart pumping, all you have to do is love it Thanks to Netgalley You can find this on my blog

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    Disclaimer Curiosity Quills Press provided a free electronic ARC of this book for review purposes.Further disclaimer this is a DNF did not finish review I got about a third of the way through the book before I gave up.I requested this book from Netgalley because of the Norse A look at my bookshelves will tell you that I love modernizations of mythologies, especially Norse, Celtic, Arthurian, etc.I didn t love this And here s why Insta LoveNot just insta love, but insta soulmates The moment Arionna lays eyes on Dace, she can think of nothing else She s insta obssessed, can think of nothing else, talk to people about nothing else, do nothing else but try to meet up with him again He makes her feel better, completely erasing her grief over her mother s death WTF After she meets him, nothing else in her life is remotely important, and after reading her babble about him for 75 pages, I felt like Xander watching Willow s book report presentation in Restless Oh, who CARES Grief ErasureArionna s mother has just died Like a few days to maybe a week or so ago The pain is still raw at first, until Dace s soothing presence makes itself known, at which point the whole thing becomes a side note Not that it was very well written to begin with, since we never get to see a single memory of Arionna with her mother She says, frequently, that she misses her and life will never be the same, but we never get to see why, at least in the first 100 pages or so, except for a passing mention that she always helped Arionna get ready for the first day of school and now it won t be the same Having lost my father in law just over a month ago, I know that the grief isn t just a constant oppressive force, but comes with memories, often ones that make it worse for a time Non moving PlotSerious For 100 pages, nothing happens except that Arionna meets a lot of people Most notably, of course, Dace But also some other people Who I can t tell apart and not just because three of them are a set of triplets None of them have a distinct, easily discernable personality Not even Arionna There s some hint that Something Is Weird, especially with Dace, who s probably a wolfy shape shifter of some kind And so is the creepy dude she met at the rave But none of that is even directly hinted at for a hundred pages Possibly Normally I m fine with books that are heavy on character development and light on action see my review of The Catswold Portal, for example , but they have to be interesting characters and there has to be a distinct end game that their development is working toward This had neither.Add to the above complaints a lot of telling instead of showing, especially about emotions and personalities Dace is an old soul Really Show me , and you ve got a book that I just could not continue to plow through.

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    Dnf al 50%.Nop Lo siento pero no puedo.Amor instant neo, nada de informaci n y los protas sin car cter

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    I received this book by courtesy of Curiosity Quills Press publisher and the author, A.K Morgen Thank you for offering me Fade in order to write a review Because English is not my native language, please excuse the possible mistakes.I have to tell you from the beginning that although now, after I finished Fade I can say that it was interesting, the first half of the novel was really annoying I have to digress a little in order to make you understand what I m going to say later I am not pro and I m not against the famous Twilight series I ve read it before the Twilight mania started and it didn t offer me a major impression It was..ok, but nothing But I think it s pretty obvious that Stephanie Meyer opened the gates for the fantasy literature and that her influence effused over other new authors Anyone that denies this should check the number of young adult, fantasy or paranormal books that was published in these last years, compared with the number in the previous years.However, I think we got to the point where the post Twilight literature is a little difficult to digest Of course, I m not talking about all the new novels, but about the ones that re create most of the aspects from Meyer s novel Probably this is the reason why I hated the first half of Fade Let s start with the beginning The girl that has to move with her dad in a small town Check The incredible beautiful and mysterious male character Check The first meet when everything near them disappears, they lose each other in the other s sight and their worlds are completely messed Check Obsessive attempts from her to discover the truth about him and so called attempts from him to avoid it Check Mind reading Check Unnatural things, happening after they met Check Hmm..was there something else Oh, yes, we should t forget that she stumbles a lot So..this is the action in the first half of the book And like this wouldn t be enough, we also discover lots of pages full of thinking, meditations, incursions in the pained soul of the protagonist, thoughts and assumptions I didn t abandoned the book only because I was sorry for the time spent until that moment If I already read half of the book, at least I should be comforted that I was able to read the full novel.But, from the middle of the book, everything changes The first surprise was that the male character is not a werewolf, as I suspected, but a shifter I know it s not a big difference, but it was the first sign of a sequence of surprises I was sure that the story will develop in a very predictable way, without bringing anything surprising But the storyline went in a totally different direction I was suddenly thrown in the Scandinavian mythology, from where a Norse prophecy influences the lives of our characters We re suddenly caught in a game full of legends, reincarnation, unknown creatures we never meet in other fantasy books, enemies that we don t know yet, secondary characters that change their place with the main characters and negative characters that actually have a very different role As bored I was when I read the first part of the book, as fascinated I was when I got to the second one I loved the secondary characters and I thought it was a welcomed change the fact that their roles become really important I liked the wolf pack that keeps it s natural way, having common rituals and having no supranatural characteristics I appreciated the fact that the male character was not built in the usual way dauntless and invincible On the contrary, he has deep rooted fears and he is as frightened as the heroine by the unknown Also, I liked the fact that the author offers a reason why all those supranatural beings are all living in a small place and she doesn t treats this fact as a normal thing.Still, there are two things that bothered me in this second part of the novel First the same bent for meditation and the amount of thoughts of the protagonist, thoughts that usually do nothing else but fill the pages The second thing is the way the Norse prophecy was brought in the readers attention Although a part of it is explained, there are a few aspects of it that remain in darkness Somehow, you get the feeling that you didn t read the whole text and you re missing the most important thing For a while, there is no mention about the prophecy and suddenly, all the characters are talking about it like they would continue an old conversation I know that sometimes, you forget how it feels not knowing a certain thing and because of this, your explanations may be unclear for a person that hears about that thing for the first time So I suppose the author probably boned at the subject of Scandinavian mythology and now fails to present the subject as novelty, and like all the readers would have the same level of information about it like she has.Pros The storyline is different from other fantasy novels and brings a new vision and also a collection of new and intriguing characters and creatures.Cons Twilight influences to many, to obvious and to insistent.

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    Let me first say This is a DNF review I read about 1 3 of the book, and couldn t go any further I may try again later when i forget why I had to put it down , in which case I may add to this review Okay, So the first chapter or 2 of Fade was pretty well writtenMore like heartwrenching really, the heroine loses her mother, and reading through her grief was painfulbut at the same time, pushed me to keep reading to see how she deals.Unfortunately the story denegrates from there this is like 2 or 3 chapters in And I took copious notes with all the things i had issues with, but it really all boils down to one thing A.K.M the netgalley i have says the author s name is Ayden Morgen uses the modus operandi of telling without showing The heroine feels pain and she uses this word a lot , or and, I m paraphrasing here, it was the most pain she d ever felt but, IMO at least, that s a very vague sentiment there are all sorts of pain, and it s such a general termdoes she mean hurt isolated inconsaeable wth does she mean by i m in pain And she ll talk about characters jumping into her mind, but we never really understand what that means From what I read, at least 2 different characters make it into her mind, but I don t quite know what that means.Add to that, many, many times the heroine will know what another character is feeling thinking without them every having to say a wordand quite a bit of the dialogue sounds like an interview then real converstations and this irritated me to all hell and back, but seriously would anyone, let alone the freaking Hero, ever answer a question, any question, with probably so that doesn t make you sound mysterious, it a makes you sound like a douche grrr Oh, and the hero sounds kinda whiney the heroine is sorta a pushover doormat and there s insta lovesorta they fight it and after getting to a third of the book, I still felt like I only had a sorta kinda idea of what was going on I , not sure if this makes sensse, but at times this felt like a real time diary entry the whole thing but remember, I never finished is pretty much the h s reaction to everything, rather then a whole cohesive story being told Now, to be fair, I have to mention, I ve got a love hate thing going on with first person novels, but I ve read some truly well written onesones that make me question why i avoided them so long, ones that live on my keeper shelf, and make me glad that I gave them a chance Fade is pretty much the opposite It s the bad kind of 1st pov writing, the kind that makes me think stories told this way are too confining, too narrow in scope, and make me never want to read another one again Honestly, i think this would have been so much better in 3rd person, maybe not great, but better As it it, it feels like we re on the periphery of a good story, but with the way it s written, we don t even get to the decent stage 2 stars, would ve been one, but like i mentioned before, the begining was well done.

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    I love the cover of this book I hope the content is as awesome.Update As someone who really enjoys werewolf books, I m sad to say that at 34%, I just can t continue on with this book The MC is driving me mad, constantly either whining or rambling There are two paragraphs of her ramblings between dialogue I m skimming just to find what was said next And she wants to know everything, but given the opportunity, doesn t ask any questions

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