Ender's Shadow

Ender's ShadowWelcome To BattleschoolGrowing Up Is Never Easy But Try Living On The Mean Streets As A Child Begging For Food And Fighting Like A Dog With Ruthless Gangs Of Starving Kids Who Wouldn T Hesitate To Pound Your Skull Into Pulp For A Scrap Of Apple If Bean Has Learned Anything On The Streets, It S How To Survive And Not With Fists He Is Way Too Small For That But With BrainsBean Is A Genius With A Magician S Ability To Zero In On His Enemy And Exploit His WeaknessWhat Better Quality For A Future General To Lead The Earth In A Final Climactic Battle Against A Hostile Alien Race, Known As Buggers At Battleschool Bean Meets And Befriends Another Future Commander Ender Wiggins Perhaps His Only True RivalOnly One Problem For Bean And Ender, The Future Is Now Ender S Shadow Is The Book That Launched The Shadow Series, And The Parallel Novel To Orson Scott Card S Science Fiction Classic, Ender S Game dac nu ar fi coperta asta care pe mine m ngroze te, a spune ca e perfect.Publicat la treisprezece ani dup Jocul lui Ender , Umbra lui Ender urm re te evolu ia lui Bean, unul dintre personajele ini ial secundare ale aventurii lui Ender Orfan, mult prea firav pentru v rsta sa i f r s i cunoasc prea mult trecutul, Bean reu e te s supravie uiasc n iadul str zilor din Rotterdam datorit inteligen ei sale Abilit ile lui neobi nuite atrag aten ia sorei Carlotta care l recomand Flotei Interna ionale, deschiz ndu i astfel drumul spre coala de Lupt Evolu ia stilistic a lui Orson Scott Card este fascinant , mi se pare uluitor modul n care acesta reu e te s i captiveze cititorului printr o poveste al c rei deznod m nt e deja cunoscut Pe l ng surprinz toarea origine a lui Bean i incredibila luciditate prin care Orson Scott Card i motiveaz ac iunile, cartea asta este genial i prin subtilitatea cu care surprinde fr m nt rile politico sociale ale P m ntului Pentru mine, Umbra lui Ender nu este doar o poveste spus din alt perspectiv , este ceva nou care completeaz ntr un mod minunat seria ini ial i stabile te premisele viitoarelor volume. 4.0 to 4.5 stars Okay, now don t turn away thinking that this book is just a re telling of the story of Ender s Game from the perspective of the character of Bean Not at all This is not simply OSC cashing in on the success of the Ender Series This is a completely different novel and there is little to no overlap in the actual events of Ender s Game It simply takes place at the same time as those events The purpose of this story is two fold First, we get to really know Bean who turns out to be a character as gifted as Ender and whose life story is absolutely fascinating Growing up poor and homeless on the streets in Amsterdam, Bean difficult early childhood is used as the backdrop to explore the Earth of Ender s Game and provide much greater detail of the socio political economic environment I love that kind of stuff so I was in heaven From there, we get to see Bean s recruitment into Battle School and watch the very different road he takes through the Formic or bugger War described in Ender s Game At the end, it feels like we have finally been told the complete story The second and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT purpose of this novel is to set the stage for the novels that follow Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets and Shadow of the Giant , of which Bean is a central character and which deals with the aftermath of the Formic wars on Earth and the rise of Peter Wiggins Ender s brother as Hegemon of Earth This is a wonderful novel and the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the Ender saga HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Nominee Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 2000 Nominee SFSite Reader s Poll Best Science Fiction Novel 2000 Not sure if this was my third or fourth read of Ender s Shadow Couldn t believe I had never reviewed it or some of the other Ender books I reread this year So I really enjoyed this book, which is a parallel novel of Ender s Game And if you re wondering, I would be on Team Bean I prefer the Ender sequels, but Bean s story of Battleschool and the war with the Formics is compelling than Ender s version in my opinion That said, Ender s Shadow, Ender s Game and the Ender s Game Series are well worth the read Even though the protagonists are very young especially Bean , this novel connects lots of issues with good storytelling. Very impressed with how good this was I count myself in the party that there shouldn t have been anything past Ender s Game like The Matrix and most any sequels Hollywood makes nowadays , but I have to admit this was great.As a parallel novel to Orson Scott Card s classic Ender s Game, Ender s Shadow follows Bean, the kid Ender treats like the teachers treated him.While hesitant to pick this up, I had heard that the Shadow series is better than the original quartet, but I couldn t get away from the feeling that it would pretty much be the same book I m glad I was wrong.The first quarter or so of the book takes us from Beans upbringing in the slums of Rotterdam as he barely survives on the streets through the child gangs and bullying to his discovery and entry into Battle School.Already, Ender s Shadow is completely different from Ender s Game Bean has obviously survived because of his immense intelligence, which not only rivals Ender s, but far surpasses it The only problem is there is one other person on the streets who happens to have it out for Bean because of what Bean s done to him Achilles pronounced Asheel holds grudges like no one else, but also knows how to work the system, especially adults.Card is a master storyteller, even turning what is essentially the same story in Ender s Game into something new and unique Characterization is flawless and while Bean is a super intelligent kid, he is in every way relatable to the reader Let s be honest, kids can be brutal and Card understands this perfectly.Bean is able to out think everyone at flight school from the kid commanders to the teachers and officers He knows what will get him in trouble whether it s bullies or teachers, but he also knows most everything else that is going on in Battle School even those things the teachers don t want him to know Those things that make him a risk and have the teachers wondering whether he belongs.Audio CommentaryThere is a full cast for this one and Scott Brick, playing Bean, does an amazing job In fact there s not one bad performance and even the great Stefan Rudnicki plays a minor role Worth it just to listen to him.At the end of the book, Card gives an afterword that mainly discusses the movie Ender s Game that he says will be a combination of Ender s Game and Ender s Shadow This wasn t the original decision, but actually helped to cut down the script being able to play from both point of views.Card also mentions that once someone writes a book everyone starts asking when it s going to be made into a movie, to which he replies, it s already in it s perfect form, it s a book Too true Sadly, this movie will probably never come to pass I don t know how long these talks have been going on, but it s been a while EDIT Obviously this was written a couple years ago because it s definitely going to be a film Why Should You Read Ender s Shadow This is a great follow up or beginning to the classic, Ender s Game It puts you right into the setting and mind of the main character and everything becomes real Coupled with Card s writing, you can t go wrong this is a great book Highly Recommended.4.5 out of 5 Stars

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