Empath (Flawed, #1)

Empath (Flawed, #1) Supernatural Empathy Isn T A Gift, It S A Curse Anywhere She Goes, Jade S Emotions Are Replaced By Those Of The People Around HerJade Grew Up In A Suburb Of Colorado Springs, Protected From Other People By Her Parents Now She Faces College And The World With Nothing To Shield Her From Unwanted FeelingsWhen Cam, A Classmate With A Major Crush On Her, Unintentionally Hijacks Her Emotions, Jade Struggles To Keep From Being Carried Away In Feelings Of Attraction When Ethan, A Psychopath With A Thirst For Fear, Fixates On Her, The Emotional Impact Could Be Lethal Caught In A Deadly Trap, Jade Must Untangle The Emotions And Find A Way To Use Her Empathic Curse To Overcome This Killer Or Be Overcome By Him

Becca writes New Adult college age fiction that s typically Urban Fantasy but often ranges anywhere from Science Fiction to Thrillers Her writing typically involves a bit of the fantastical with an emphasis on relationships She is addicted to thinking up cool, super human abilities and the tragic downsides that go along with them.

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  • Empath (Flawed, #1)
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  • 23 October 2018

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    Y all are receiving a sneak peek at my review I ll be posting it around once the book is live, and then on my blog next Tuesday.Book Info Genre Paranormal Urban Fantasy ThrillerReading Level New AdultRecommended for Fans of thrillers involving paranormal elementsBook Available August 20, 2013Trigger Warnings murder, violence esp toward women , warning for those who are afraid of snakes and or spidersAnimal Abuse a bear in killed it was attacking , snakes and spiders are used to assault women and could potentially be harmed in that processMy Thoughts I will admit to being a fan of this author already, so was very excited when she contacted me to edit this book I was quite impressed by her abilities, as this manuscript was fairly clean Oh, there was plenty for me to do, but compared to some I ve seen Impressive This is the first time I ve received a manuscript that contained the term jack o lantern in which it was correctly spelled, so I was quite impressed.Ethan was a chilling character That sort of cold cruelty freezes my blood There was a quote I wanted to use here, but it would make a spoiler, so I ll leave it out But believe me, he was a highly believable, and highly scary, character.I couldn t help but like Cam his sunny nature and natural charm is very appealing His brother Josh, while quiet, seems to contain a certain complexity I would have liked to have learned about him I also really liked Chloe s character, her strength and feistiness As far as Jade s other romantic interest, I of course liked Logan It s so interesting how all these people consider themselves unique and each is, of course but there are so many people that have these different unique characteristics I like how the author wove all their strengths together in the end to solve the problem.I believe this is scheduled to be the first book in a new series The second book is to be titled Outsider I m not sure what characters will continue Jade and Logan s story seems to be complete, but there is a lot to be learned still about Josh, so I m hoping he s up next I am quite looking forward to wherever she takes this It was a very enjoyable book.Disclosure I edited this book for the author I do not receive any remuneration based on sales All opinions are my own.Synopsis Supernatural empathy isn t a gift, it s a curse Anywhere she goes, Jade s emotions are replaced by those of the people around her.Jade grew up in a suburb of Colorado Springs, protected from other people by her parents Now she faces college and the world with nothing to shield her from unwanted feelings.When Cam, a classmate with a major crush on her unintentionally hijacks her emotions, Jade struggles to keep from being carried away in feelings of attraction When Ethan, a psychopath with a thirst for fear, fixates on her, the emotional impact could be lethal Caught in a deadly trap, Jade must untangle the emotions and find a way to use her empathic curse to overcome this killer or be overcome by him.

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    Empathy by Becca J Campbell is beautifully written and described Jena is an empathy She is an only child and after an incident in kindergarten she was homeschooled by her mom and dad They took her to all kinds of doctors but never decided the cause Jena spent a couple years in high school and became friends with a few girls Going to college in Colorado was very hard for her to do Jena took nonlinear courses but wanted to be on her own her first course was Philosophy She ran out of class several times when the emotions were too high she missed a lot and she missed midterm exams She met Professor Logan when she got lost in the woods He helped her study caught up with what she missed then he distanced himself from her Jena wondered why she felt relaxed around Logan Jena got a job at the bookstore in town.

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    I ve read Gateway To Reality by Becca and really enjoyed it so I didn t hesitate to join the tour and review Empath This is quite different from her other book and it has some intriguing slants on empaths and some other abilities that the characters have in this book, a new approach and way to look at them, which I found very refreshing.It probably wasn t a good idea for Jade s parents to keep her isolated while growing up Now she s starting college and going to her first class and she s not yet learned to put up a protective barrier between her and other people s emotions She doesn t just feel their emotions, theirs become hers, she feels and reacts to what they are feeling.One good thing is she meets Cam Yes, his emotions become hers when she s near him, but his are sunny and pure and it makes it easy to be with him He s like a shield between her and others That is, until his feelings for her deepen and she has to fight her reactions when he becomes passionate.A chance encounter at the grocery store exposes her to the dark, evil emotions of a stranger Unbeknownst to Jade, Ethan has her firmly in his sights and can t wait to add her to his collection.My thoughtsThe thing that most intrigued me about Empath was how the author introduced each characters unusual abilities and made it uniquely her own They are like a human condition than a supernatural one.Some of the characters gain their abilities through physical trauma, but some, like Jade and Logan, a professor and loner at her college, are born with them.Logan doesn t know why he s like he is and keeps to himself so no one will learn his secret A casual encounter with Jade has him wishing he were different He s drawn to Jade but not sure if he should act on his attraction.When Jade bumps into Logan on a hike in the woods, she s pleasantly surprised to not feel anything from him She doesn t feel his emotions, and enjoys being able to feel her own when they are together This, along with his rugged good looks, stir up an attraction, plus she s curious to see what he may be hiding.Jade now has some new friends and a possible love interest or two, but she s also caught the eye of a sadistic predator.The author writes in several points of view so you can see what each character is thinking and understand their actions better The switches in points of view are easy to follow as they are written in their own distinct voices I liked this as I was further connected to the characters and came to care for them, or in one instance, loathe and fear one.There are some fun scenes when Jade steps outside her comfort zone and tries some new things and some scary, suspenseful ones as her predator approaches.Empath is a clean new adult fantasy romance There are no sex scenes and the predators actions are not explicitly detailed, leaving you to use your imagination.I m into this series now and looking forward to what comes next While this chapter of the series is wrapped up, there are some teases at the end which raise your curiosity and make you want to come back for .I received this ARC for my honest review I was in no way influenced and am anticipating great adventures in this series.

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    Empath by Becca Campbell hooked me from the opening pages I was quickly drawn into Jade s world and the characters became my friends too most of them.Jade walked into the classroom and it confirmed her reason for online classes The feelings bombarded her anger, attraction, excitement She struggled to maintain a calm appearance Were they her feelings, or someone else s She believed in God Why had he given her this FLAW Everything changed for her when she met Logan He calmed her.Logan, is a professor at the college she was attending and he is a loner, for reasons of his own He knew he should stay away from her, but we know how that goes Becca Campbell s writing drew me to him immediately There is something special about him and I was as drawn to him as Jade was She wondered is he special too, is this the beginning of something wonderful for her, could she have a relationship Ethan Becca draws a vivid picture of him in my mind I do love a good villain and Ethan fits that picture perfectly He is a psychopath, feels no fear and has powers of his own He collects snakes and they are his tools of torture Serial killers collect trophies and his are especially heinous His thoughts and fantasies are EVIL, and they are about Jade He MUST have her.Cam, poor Cam He has a huge crush on Jade and I wonder what will become of him Since a snowboarding accident, he has blackouts that cause a sense of deja vu I love that Becca describes his senses in depth every sight, sound and smell, no matter how small.Jade has friends with unique powers of their own and they all hold a special place in her world Why were they chosen Maybe they weren t FLAWS Maybe they were gifts.When Jade meets Bigfoot I was not surprised I expected it and had hoped it would happen I think I know his name Will I be right We will have to wait and see.I like how the romance is slow developing, subtle Do you remember your first love the butterflies in your stomach, the heat of a blush rising to the surface of your face, the excitement of even a glimpse of him her, the teasing and playfulness of a conversation It reads like real life and that makes the story even believable The triangle is not really a triangle, but Cam feels like it is.I guess you can tell I fell in love with the characters They may be young, but the danger surrounds them as they go about the normal business of life I usually write about the action in a novel and the characters just happen to be in the way Not so with Empath I am now heavily involved in their lives and will see it through to the end.I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Empath by Becca Cambell.To see visit fundinmental

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    Simple and smooth My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weaknessI delight in weaknesses, insults in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties.For when i am weak, then i am strong First of all thank you to the Shut up and Read community for sharing the copy of this book with me.Empath for me was an usual young adult potboiler with all the ingredients that makes for a good intriguing read The plot on a broader glance follows the traditional paranormal methods but the treatment and nuisances makes it a bit different and this was enough to sell this book for me Empath s story treatment is nice, the parallel narration technique used is quite impressive and kind of fuels the interest Language is simple, short and easy flowing which makes it a enjoyable read.i love the elements used in the story like the supernatural powers, story enhancers, twists and turns.i did notice a bit rawness in language, but in pinches, other wise the simplicity of the language helped me love this book Fortunately for me,the author did not incorporate too much emotional melodrama that is an usual side dish for paranormal young adults Yes there are love trouble, teen angst and other related stuffs, but as i said.does not hover If you have read the book, then you will probably understand when i say that the character of Ethan was totally different and something that kept haunting you and wanting to continue the the book and i loved how the author had made this character run parallel with the main characters and at the end culminating into a crucial story developer In case you have not read the book, then look out for the character of Ethan Empath even though comes with the usual young adult schemes,still emerges as a good and different read because of keeping it fast paced, simple and quick without much hovering The plot comes with interesting developments, does not stall long, gets to the point straight away There are lots of fresh elements in the book, in case you are thinking that why should i go for this book, if it follows the routine Characters are fun Language is simple, playful and helpful Its a good read if you love paranormal genre.How was it

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    ARC REVIEWI received an ARC for an honest review of this book, and it landed in my inbox yesterday afternoon I was honestly conflicted on the stars I should give this book, but finally decided on a very good 3.5 I loved the originality of the story, never have I come across another with quite the same para normal characters I loved how Becca switched between the POV s of the main cast who includes Jade, our heroine blessed or as she feels cursed with an empathic ability that is so strong she does not know where her feelings begin and other s feelings start We have our classic quiet guy Logan, a professor at Jade s college with some secrets of his own, and the of course the bad guy, Ethan, a sadistic killer with a target in mind..Becca did a very good job of keeping all the different threads of her story together, not once did I have to go back everything played out clear and without holes in the story.On the down side I like my paranormal or fiction books to be even though it is totally impossible, to make me feel it can happen, maybe For me, the story had too many sub plots and side characters in the cast with coincidental abilities disabilities, so towards the end I sort of wished for character development between the main cast and less fokus on the friends, siblings and other side plots It made the main plot ending very easy to guess halfway through the book, and the final ending a bit too much for too little interaction.I had a look online and saw Becca J Campbell is a fairly new writer, and I honestly have to say I see great things happening for her in the future I remember years ago I read authors with her storytelling ability who is now NY best selling authors Empath is definitely worth the read and was like a fresh breath of air in the now very over populated Faye, vampire, werewolf world.

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    I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Jade is a college student, she is not an ordinary girl She has the gift of Empathy she feels it is a curse at times She picks up on other peoples feelings, she is never sure if these feelings are her,s or someone around her She makes some new friends in college she might even have a young man in her life Than Ethan who is a psychopath appears He is obsessed with Jade and she is soon in danger Jade must learn to use her Emphatic powers to save herself I Loved the originality of the story , a great mix of drama and suspense, the emotions seemed real to me and the fantasy aspect was great I highly recommend to all fantasy lovers.

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    Disclaimer I was a beta ARC reader for this book and have been asked to provide an honest review by the author.The cast of characters is amazing Pure and simple Every character has a clear personality and I could see myself really getting to know them.The story is exciting and perfectly paced I love the POV switches It really keeps the story going, and it s nice to see what is going on with the other characters.The antagonist is mysterious, creepy and one of those horror movie types that you love to hate.The writing flows nicely I love everything I ve read from Becca J Campbell, and this is no different She always delivers and I can t wait to read of this new series

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    ARC reviewI was giving an opportunity to receive an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for an honest review.I enjoyed this book and was hooked from the beginning I found the characters to be original and intriguing I was not able to know how the book was going to end until the end Becca s ability to write an interesting and entertaining story is so refreshing and has me already waiting for the next book.

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    This book was supplied to me as an advanced reader copy by the author for me to review The first two pages drew me right into the world of Jade and the swirl of everyone s emotions that bombard her as she attempts to go to her first on site college class She is an Empath who feels everything that everyone else feels as they are feeling it The author supplies the reader with just enough information as the story goes on to answer a few questions which then leads the reader to create questions in his or her mind At times it is a bit frustrating not to have information readily at hand or questions answered but it is also a great motivator to read on, what was it that frightened off the bear for example or who is the professor really and how is he going to fit into the rest of the story There is personal violence against women from the psychopath who is on the hunt as he stalks Jade The violence is not graphic but the is enough detail that you can easily surmise what happens to the victims The story is well laid out with a very intriguing and unusual premise of people either being born with or obtaining empathic abilities through accidents While not being technically Christian fiction, this book did have the characters question God about the purpose for their abilities.

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