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Echoes Between UsEchoes Between Us Is Bestselling Author Katie McGarry S Breakout Teen Contemporary Novel About A Girl With Everything To Lose And The Boy Who Will Do Anything To Save HerVeronica Sees Ghosts More Specifically, Her Mother S Ghost The Afterimages Of Blinding Migraines Caused By The Brain Tumor That Keeps Her On The Fringes And Consumes Her Whole Life Haunt Her, Even As She Wonders If It S Something Golden Boy Sawyer Is Handsome And Popular, A State Champion Swimmer, But His Adrenaline Addiction Draws Him To VeronicaA Girl With Nothing To Live For And A Boy With Everything To Lose Can They Conquer Their Demons Together At The Publisher S Request, This Title Is Being Sold Without Digital Rights Management Software DRM Applied This book will forever hold a special place in my heart and I m so blessed to have read this early, but to also just read it in general This story follows our two main characters as they both struggle with a lot of obstacles in their life Veronica, or V, has a brain tumor, which causes her terrible migraines She also sees her mom s ghost, because her mom died from her own brain tumor Veronica is also really close with her dad, which is something that I related to and loved seeing their relationship be that of a close one She s fearless and courageous She always lived life to the fullest and didn t care what others thought of her And trust me, she gets picked on quite a bit in the beginning People are cruel, but that didn t stop V from being her true self, which I loved so much And then we have Sawyer And let me tell you, my heart bleeds for this boy Seriously, I related to him so much and I just can t stop loving him He s an adrenaline junkie which isn t what I related to He dives off cliffs, which he knows is dangerous, but he s an addict and can t stop He has a little sister whom he absolutely adores and will do anything to protect her Their mom is I m gonna be honest, she s fucking terrible I wanted to reach into the book and smack her so many times She s an alcoholic and doesn t seem to care about her kids Their dad isn t really around, seeing as Sawyer s parents divorced and the dad basically said to not come live with him because the mother needed him than the dad did Sawyer tries to come off as this bad boy who doesn t care about anyone and only wants to be popular, but let me tell you, this boy is one whole ass soft cupcake He cares deeply and loves with his whole heart and soul He deals with so much but always tries to be the stronger person, especially for his sister I just loved Sawyer so much, my heart is gonna BURST with love for him okay wjdjskksawAlso, I didn t care for some of the friendships in this book but let me tell you something, they go through some shit and end up becoming the best of friends in the end and it was simply beautiful Their character development was one of my favorites and I really loved how they all came together in the end and set aside their differences and just cared for one another so much It was one of my favorite things about this story Okay, so, anytime a story has any one of these these three things, I m instantly sold on it 1 Ghosts 2 Strong sibling father relationships 3 Alcoholic momAnd this book has all three I ve always loved ghost stories and just anything to do with the paranormal world in general I used to want to be a ghost hunter growing up I still think it would be cool to explore that kind of job, but perhaps someday I m a huge believer in ghosts so I always love it when a story has something to do with them I have two sisters, one I m close with but don t talk to much or see ever since she lives in a different state as me And the other I still don t get to talk to much or see because she s just so busy with life, but we are very, very close The few times I do get to see or talk to her are definitely moments I cherish She s my best friend and I love her to pieces And as I stated before, I m very close with my dad He, too, is my best friend So, the alcohol part Without getting too deep, I used to be severely attached to my mom I m talking I couldn t sleep in the room next to hers without literally sleep walking in the middle of the night to be with her She was my best friend and my absolute world when I was growing up And then when I was about 16 17, I started realizing the kind of person she truly was My mom has struggled with alcohol for over 30 years She ll deny it left and right and says she doesn t have a problem, but she does and it tore our family apart So, when there is a story with a character that has an alcoholic parent, I immediately connect with that character and feel their pain Which is why I fell so damn hard for Sawyer Veronica and Sawyer s relationship tore me up, like their love is so precious and pure They would do anything for each other, and it really shows in this story I was relaxing in the bath and just sobbed the entire time over this book Between rooting for Sawyer and Veronica the whole time, and Sawyer dealing with his mom and her addictions, I just couldn t help but fall so deeply in love with this book So, yeah I hope you pick this book up when it releases and you end up loving it as much as I did It s an emotional roller coaster, but it s also filled with so much hope and leaves you feeling good at the end Also, I encourage you to read the authors note at the end I did and learned something really cool about this book Trigger warnings for loss of a loved one, brain tumor, alcoholic parent, bullying Many thanks to Netgalley for providing me with a digital ARC 4.5 Stars When you open one of McGarry s books, you not only know you are going to get one heck of a story but you know it will be one that will be filled with emotions and one that often than not, will rock you to your core Will change you in ways you didn t even know a story could do.And like all her books, this was filled with romance, heart ache, happiness, friendships, love, and with it being something different, ghosts.Like it s counter novel, Only a Breath Apart, Echoes Between Us has a touch of the paranormal that will not only keep you on edge it will keep you turning the pages wanting , constantly looking over your shoulder and having a hard time deciding which makes your heart pound harder, the chance encounters with ghosts, or the steamy sweet romance and tender moments the McGarry is known for best Filled with raw emotion and amazing characters, this is one novel you don t want to miss out on ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I had such a good time with this book It has been years since I last picked up Katie McGarry s work but I knew that I had to give this book a try Once I picked this book up, I couldn t stop reading and ended up spending most of the day cuddled under a throw with this book in my hand I can t think of a better way to spend the day This was one of those books that you just don t want to put down I am really glad that I decided to give it a try.Veronica believes in ghosts Of course, she sees them all the time so it would be hard not to believe Veronica lives with her father in the top two floors of an old house, that happens to be haunted She has a pesky little tumor in her brain but she isn t going to let that have any control over her life even though the headaches she gets, as a result, can wipe her out Sawyer lives with his mom and 6 year old sister They move into the rental unit that takes up the first floor of the house that Veronica lives in Sawyer is responsible and spends a lot of time taking care of his sister and his mother He excels at swimming and has an addiction to adrenaline rushes He does not believe in ghosts.I loved Veronica and Sawyer They were both dealing with some pretty big issues and I thought that they really saw each other in a way that no one else did They had wonderful chemistry together and I loved it when they were able to be together and just be themselves They both go through some pretty rough stuff in this book and I loved the way that they were there for each other and supported each other Their actions really showed how much they care for one another.I would recommend this book to others I thought that this was a very well done story with amazing characters The story took a few turns that I didn t see coming which made it even exciting I plan to read much from Katie McGarry soon I received an advanced review copy of this book from Tor Teen via Bookish First. 4 starsI love this author and I couldn t wait to start this one.I find it interesting and unique.The beginning was a little bit slow for my taste but soon when it picks up , it was very good Both characters intrigued me from the beginning Sawyer and Veronica have a great relationship, I feel these two were perfect.They grow together through the story.I find them sweet and cute Overall, it was a great read. This book was everything I didn t know I wanted I consider Katie McGarry one of my favorite authors, so I was really grateful I got a chance to get an advanced copy of her upcoming book, Echoes Between Us, through NetGalley.One super popular guy, one extra quirky girl two very complicated stories.Sawyer is your stereotypical cool guy Cool friends, suave attitude, star athlete He works hard at keeping up that facade, because his life is anything but perfect.Veronica is the carefree weirdo who everyone loves to gawk at She and her friends stand out like a sore thumbs and they like it that way She keeps a life threatening secret that only those closest to her know and she worries that if it were to get out everyone would treat her differently than they already do.When life circumstances bring these two together, they not only learn a lot about one another, but are forced to learn a lot about themselves and make some really tough decisions regarding their futures This story was so different from anything I ve read recently I love Katie s work and this story was a refreshing change of pace for me, while also delivering the same quality of reading I ve come to expect from her I mean, who else can shove ghost hunting AND tumultuous life problems into a love story and make it work I absolutely loved Sawyer and V Disclaimer This book was sent to me by the publisher, Frontlist, via Edelweiss for an honest review.If you feel like crying, you ve come to the right placeThe only reason people come to live in this small town is to hide or dieVeronica has always been labeled as the weird girl in school Surrounded by her group of misfit boys, and always doing the opposite of what is to be expected, rumors and cruel words have always found their way to her ears But Veronica doesn t care what the popular kids think of her She has amazing and supportive friends, and a dad who loves her than anything Only, she hasn t been completely honest with her father Dealing with piercing migraines from a brain tumor and talking to the ghost of her dead mother obviously isn t normal, but she fears her father wouldn t understand If she could just find a way to tell him her secret, everything would be okay That s when Sawyer enters the picture Sawyer is friends with the popular kids who have always teased Veronica, or otherwise pretending she doesn t exist But Sawyer s life isn t nearly as perfect as he lets on He has an adrenaline addiction that pushes him to the edge of cliffs, and is expected to be the man of the house for his mother and sister So when the two pair up for a senior project hunting ghosts, they begin to realize a haunting can be than just a spirit not wanting to leave.This isn t a ghost story But then again, it kind of is.Just hear me when I say, it s only a small part of what this story is really about And let me tell you this story is saying A LOT For the past two days I have been smiling so fiercely I want to slap myself, and crying so much that I keep randomly saying oh honey out loud, which for some reason only makes me cry This book is evil If you would like to go through a roller coaster of emotions where halfway into reading you question if you should be put into an insane asylum, because your behavior of high highs and low lows are extremely questionable and alarming then you should totally read this Because that is obviously what the author wants from all of us.To smile beautifully while endless tears flow down our gorgeous faces.Well congratulations Katie McGarry, I m officially a mess.Where to I even start This book, completely touched my heart It touches on so many important themes like addiction, co dependency, mental health, sickness, and self punishment I came into this book expecting a fluffy tale where two teens fall in love and everything turns out all sparkly and perfect But thankfully, this book isn t like that It s realistic It portrays the lives of two teens who are so incredibly different, but in so many ways, the same They both carry burdens on their shoulders that I can t even fathom dealing with at their age, but they have a resilience that makes my head spin These teens feel deeply, think deeply They are so introspective and honest about their struggles and hurts, and they look fear in the face and smile at it.I sigh I f ing love this book.The characters, the message, the plot, the romance, the ghost stories, the diary entries.EVERYTHING.One of my favorite characters is obviously Veronica She has all the snarky attitude of one Veronica Mars we all know and love but also this immense and alluring uniqueness that makes you drawn to her She is considered the weird kid at her school because of the many things she does that aren t the social norm She decides holidays at random times of the year, even going as far as decorating her locker for Thanksgiving in July or dressing up in a costume for Halloween in January She has a badass style of colorful striped tights, ripped shirts, combat boots and mini skirts She is spunky and fearless, witty and positive She is one of the sweetest characters I have come across in all my reading, and I simply adore her Even though we get to know her so well while reading, I still find her completely mysterious.Sawyer is the opposite of Veronica He is SO hard on himself He is constantly putting himself down for not being perfect, for not being the man of the house a role his father unfairly placed on his shoulders at the age of eleven He is such a lost young man and is in so much pain, and it was so sad seeing him struggle while having no one to turn to I connected with him the most due to his tendency to never think he is good enough, or to always assume he should be doing better than he is He is a compassionate, intelligent and fearless character He is an amazing big brother to his adorable little sister Lucy omg, she is too cute and a fantastic role model He does so much growing in this story, it s amazing to witness.The friends of both of these characters also play an incredibly huge role, and have given the reader that much insight into who Veronica and Sawyer are Veronica is surrounded by friends who are also social outcasts, but ones I wish I had in my life The love and care for her so fiercely, it brings needle sharp pains to my eyes They have a closeness and respect for one another that runs deep, and everything flows so easy between them But Sawyer also have friends that stand right beside him and support him fully The way the author created these characters is beautiful Each person in this story has flaws and struggles, but their incredibly special personalities shine through so easily It s so hard not to love each and every one of them.But the real treat here, is obviously the romanceYou re crazy aren t you I say.Yes Now let s jumpGuys, protect your hearts.Because this one feels so good it physically hurtsSoft fingers, a delicate touch and my entire body sparks to life As if I had been in darkness the world was black and white and then the flip was switched into colorMy gut is literally in pain right now from all of these feels My eyes are puffy from crying, my hair disheveled from anxiously running my hands through it, and my overall demeanor is both elated and crushed This romance is everything I have been wanting It is breathtakingly beautiful and fragile It makes my lip quiver just thinking about the gentleness and innocence This is one of the most mature relationships I have EVER witnessed, especially for two teenagers They are so raw with their thoughts and feelings towards one another and about their lives From the very beginning they lay everything out on the table, being truthful and upfront about their past and present They make me hopeful that true soul crushing love outside of YA fiction is actually possible Because that is all any of us really want, right To have a fiercely blinding romance knife stuck into our chests But characters and romance aside, there is a lot happening in this book, and it s perfect Veronica has a brain tumor, and the way it debilitates her is depressing to say the least Sawyer has an addiction to anything that will give him an adrenaline rush, and mostly it s in the form of jumping off cliffs Sawyers family issues are deep, with his father basically deserting them and his mother allowing Sawyer to take the brunt of the responsibility of parenting his sister These two teens have been through a lot in their short lives, and that trauma shapes the struggles they go through in this story It gets so SO sad, but it s worth the read.Read this on a Friday or Saturday night in You ve been warned. 3.5 5 starsEchoes Between Us is a standalone Young Adult contemporary novel.This book is contemporary It has romance It also has a paranormal aspect view spoiler ghosts and ghost hunting hide spoiler 3.75 GHOST Stars Echoes Between Us is a story about a girl with everything to lose and the boy who will do anything to save her 4.5 Stars Veronica sees ghosts More specifically, her mother s ghost The afterimages of blinding migraines caused by the brain tumor that keeps her on the fringes and consumes her whole life haunt her, even as she wonders if it s something Golden boy Sawyer is handsome and popular, a state champion swimmer, but his adrenaline addiction draws him to Veronica.A girl with nothing to live for and a boy with everything to lose can they conquer their demons together I absolutely adore Katie McGarry She is one of my go to authors and she never really disappoints me Her books are so full of emotion and makes my heart break constantly WHATS WRONG WITH ME WHY DO I LIKE TO FEEL THIS I really enjoyed this story line it was VERY unique and well thought out The subject matter deals with a lot of different things One of the main subjects deals with alcoholism and it was handled in the best way possible and I really appreciate how McGarry made the reader feel the pain and anguish of what this disease can do to not only the alcoholic, but the people living with and around them My heart was breaking 3 4 of the way in and I didn t see it getting mended by the end I will say that I was surprised the direction the book took by the end and wasn t upset about it at all Echoes between us is a YA novel but I feel anyone could enjoy it or relate to someone in the book.

KATIE MCGARRY was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life She is a lover of music, happy endings, and reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.Katie would love to hear from her readers Contact her via her website,, follow her on Twitter KatieMcGarry, or become a fan on

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