Echo of a Siren

Echo of a Siren Greg S World Was Turned Upside Down The Night Of The Storm Unexpectedly Plucked From The Sea S Watery Grave By A Mysterious Woman, He Knows He Should Feel Grateful For His Life When So Many Were Not As FortunateRachel Is A Siren, Her Role Is To Lure Men To Their Deaths But She Cannot Bring Herself To Destroy Greg As Unfamiliar Human Emotions Begin To Take Over Her, She Has To Fight Against The Siren Within Her, As Well As The Siren Counsel In Order To Find Some Peace Of MindHowever, For Greg, Whenever Rachel Is Around, Someone Always Seems To Die When He Tries To Begin A New Life For Himself, She Is Still There And It Is Not Until She Tells Greg Her Story That They Each Become Ready To Move Forward In Their LivesBut Will Fate Permit Them To Live As A Normal Couple With So Much Death In Their Wake

Sonya C Dodd was born in Norfolk, England and still lives there today with her two sons Hugo and Branwell.Although Sonya has been writing for a number of years, she only recently began to publish her writing.Sonya writes in a number of genres including romance, supernatural and thriller Sonya has also written a number of short stories.

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  • Echo of a Siren
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  • 06 October 2017
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    This fast paced story appealed to me on many levels First, the author gets the readers attention by the end of the very first paragraph She introduces two friends, Greg and Jake, and states that something happened the night they went fishing that left Jake dead Don t worry, no plot spoilers any, and if you read the first two sentences of this book, you will already know that Jake will be dead The author told us But that s just a small part of the mystery, the intrigue, and the appeal of this book.To me, the interesting parts come later A disaster hits the small waterfront town, leaving many people dead As obvious from the beginning, Greg is not one of them He is one of the few survivors What follows next is an intriguing philosophical and psychological investigation of Greg s feelings and actions as he is attending the funeral of those who perished Don t take my last comment wrong the story is still fast paced, but in this part, something is added As readers, we cannot help but wonder what kinds of feelings we would experience were we to find ourselves in Greg s situation Relief Guilt Disbelief Grief for those who perished Fear that fate spared us this time, but our demise is approaching as well And from that point on, the story only gets better I loved the descriptions of the ocean, the shore, and the hint of shipwrecks that lead to myths and sea stories The vivid settings reminded me of one of my favorite real life settings, that of the Apostle Islands and Lake Superior, where the mystery of deep water, hidden undercurrents, and the desire to conquer nature still attract sailors, for better or for worse It s a place of many shipwrecks and legends, just like this book It was a treat to read it.

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    Echo of A Siren by Sonya Dodd is another wonderful romantic read.Rachel is a siren and in life was wronged in many ways Greg s world is turned upside down one stormy night and Rachel spares his life although she doesn t understand why yet.As she fights against the siren within her, she finds herself protecting Greg and having feelings she shouldn t have Will the Siren Council allow this love to happen They lure men to their murky deaths and destroy them, they do not love them.As the story from the first book continues, we find out about Rachel s life and discover how her life was so tragic.Will we empathize with her and want her to find love with Greg In the end there is a surprising twist of fates that I didn t see coming and this was another great book to read full of romance At times it was tragic and sad but to find out if this love will be allowed to happen you will have to read this page turner.

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    In this book, that follows Siren call, there is a bit of real romance, a bit of pathos, and bit of fantasy and a bit of sadness It deserves a five star review for all of the above.

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    A story with a couple of new twists and an ending that has the reader reacting Reacting in what way You will have to read to find out I have no intention of playing spoil sport.It is an interesting story and the book is written tautly enough to keep the reader hurrying through to the end, and then wondering, Hullo, have I actually finished this book In other words, a book worth a read.

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    I d recently discovered the romance genre several books prior to reading Echo of a Siren These were not classic romance novels rather, they were all a combination of suspense, action adventure or thriller with romantic overtones Now I can add another mix to that list horror paranormal romance Easy to do as sirens are monsters, the same as vampires, succubi and demons are paranormal and monstrous beings.Ms Dodd has created two wonderfully detailed and three dimensional characters in Rachel and Greg I was easily able to connect with both on an emotional and intellectual level Her ability to write lean, descriptive prose, while still providing enough detail for the reader to imagine the rest of the incidentals for him or herself, is second to none I particularly liked that she avoided the truly mushy romantic scenes This author clearly stands head and shoulders above those that for me use barely adequate imagination to write romantic nonsense that essentially has little to do with the story, serving only to increase the page count.I m not a fan of the star count, neither am I intent upon pointing out what details added or diminished the number of stars awarded Suffice it to say that in order to reach five stars, a book really needs to knock my socks off emotionally and or intellectually Echo of a Siren is truly a great novel, one that I had a hard time putting down, but upon completing the novel, I still had a sock on.A quick read, due to its sparse but captivating style and high entertainment, I highly recommend this book to readers of all genres, but especially to those who want to test the waters with a hybrid genre I, for one, will be reading of Ms Dodd s work, regardless the genus.

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    Echo of a Siren by Sonya C Dodd is a fantasy romance about a young man named Greg who is rescued from drowning by a revengeful mermaid It is also an unusual courtship between two loners swirling in tragic circumstances Greg accompanies his foolish friend Jake on an ill advised boat ride into a ferocious storm The waves capsize the craft and plunge the men into the unforgiving sea The lovely siren Rachel, who gave up her human life to instead seduce and kill men floundering in the ocean s embrace, feels a twinge for the near dead Greg Following the faintest urging in her once human heart, Rachel rescues him instead of devouring his life force.For this reader who lives in the middle of the continent, Echo of a Siren wove a vivid world about living next to that harshest of mistresses, the sea Water s chill, the rotten fish reek in the tangy ocean air, and love s desperation between Greg and Rachel made me shiver and reach for my coat Greg s guilt, plus the mistreatment from the bullies grieving for drowned friends, was heartbreaking Loved ones can lash out at survivors, and survivors punish themselves for making it through.Rachel had good reasons to hate men when she was alive Her backstory was wrenching, yet her kind treatment of Greg was a compassionate touch Even as an undying mermaid, she too was subjected to heartless treatment from her siren kin Dodd s story plunges the reader into a chilly fantasy world and watery heartbreaker.

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    The secret of writing, well there are a lot of secrets, but foremost among them is pace If you are describing a view from the deck of a fishing boat, how many lines do you take two, four, twelve Twenty There is no answer to this question The good writer knows when it s time to move from description and get on with the story That s pace and that s what gives Sonya Dodd s writing its compulsion.This is the second book I have read by this author and in this sequel to Siren Call astutely titled Echo of a Siren, we find ourselves in the cruel sea after a storm with Greg saved from drowning by Rachel a Siren Her role is to lure ships to their doom, but here, in a role reversal, she is beset by an unexpected human emotion love She is a woman with all that implies and Greg is a handsome man that compels her to take on the Siren Council in a quest to change her fate While Rachel struggles with her inner demons, Greg must face the very human trauma of having lost many of his friends in the storm and finding his only solace is with the enigmatic Rachel, whom he believes he can love, although strange, often fatal things happen around her.Although Echo of a Siren has echoes of the supernatural, the book is deeply rooted in the human condition, our dreams and doubts, our yearnings and desires, the need we all have to love and be loved 5 stars all the way.

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    Echo of a Siren by Sonya C Dodd is a follow up novel to her fantastic Siren Call This book focuses entirely on Rachel, the Siren Siren Call was about her effect on one particular family, now we see the world from her point of view and are taken to the world of Sirens.There is however a minor change of plan that comes when Rachel falls for one of her victims Her love is in conflict with the order of the Sirens and needs to be resolved one way or another.As far as fantasy books are concerned this is an excellent one, the focus on mythical creatures such as Sirens, to me is something totally new and I enjoyed Dodd s take on it very much It is very well thought through and very enjoyable.Rachel is a believable character and Dodd tells a strong and compelling story very well Not to be missed.

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    Although this is a sequel, it works well as a stand alone, as I have not read Dodd s first book I enjoyed this story, and looked forward to seeing how it would work out It works very well as a romance and mystery, and follows the sad consequence of a sole survivor of a storm none of the victims had any business being caught in It s a very entertaining and engaging story Although there were some explanations, at times there could have been a bit to let the reader truly believe why such as why there were so many people angry that Greg survived, and why Greg so easily accepted the truth of his savior.Still, as stated before, I was drawn to this tale and eager to find out what would and will happen in the third book of this series.

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    This book was a great story about a young man that lost his best friend but gained a woman all in the same night The woman was not like any other woman she s a siren The author added some of the typical siren traits but put a spin on her I actually began liking Rachel as the story went on Greg never grew on me but I m sure it was because his story was very sad I can t imagine living the life he had to deal with after his best friend died I had to read it with breaks in between chapters because the author was able to capture his loneliness in a very realistic way I loved the details for the setting so beautiful but eerie.

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