Dungeon Desolation (The Divine Dungeon, #4)

Dungeon Desolation (The Divine Dungeon, #4) The Necromantic Armies Are On The Warpath And Nowhere Is Safe Even The Presumed Sanctuary Of The Floating Dungeon Controlled By Cal Is Threatened The Leadership Of Nearly All The Sentient Monarchies Has Been Wiped Out, And Only The Races Most Suited To Repelling The Advancing Darkness Have An Intact Chain Of CommandCal Learns Quickly That The Most Pressing Threat Is Not The Far Off War, But Is Instead Those Entrusted With The General Population S Protection As It Turns Out, The Idea Of Having A Flying Dungeon For Your People Is Very Tempting Indeed Dale Has Been Facing His Trials And Tribulations Better Than Anyone Else Could Have Hoped For, But When The War Takes A Turn For The Worse, His Duties Are Forcibly Assumed By Another Since His Only Chance At Survival Is Painful And Rigorous Advancement, Dale Must Learn If His Strength Of Will Can Develop Into Strength Alone If Not, The World Itself May Be At Risk

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 317 pages
  • Dungeon Desolation (The Divine Dungeon, #4)
  • Dakota Krout
  • English
  • 16 March 2019

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    Guess I m the only one who didn t love this book For me, this book basically killed the series First it destroys a bunch of established rules Such as essence not being used up but being drawn back into the body after the cultivator used it Now it s used up and people need to refill It also ignores how essence was supposedly being generated rather than a constant We see that in book two where the underground river he finds is concerned.All of this is a setup for the absolutely atrocious ending One of the most cliche and personally most hated ones view spoiler It was earth all along The magic just went away for a time because of Cal hide spoiler

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    Not the bestI really have enjoyed this author, but this book is not as well constructed as the first three books The story feels rushed and cobbled together The first three books had a destination while this book starts with an idea then veers off to the left and then to the right It was a hard book to finish Even though I really loved the other three books I ve really enjoyed his other series the ritualist, but because of this book I m afraid of what will happen in that series You can t always introduce and overpowered characters to solve ever increasing conflicts to the story.If you want specifics as to why it wasn t a great read continue reading.This book felt like a dragonball episode The overall conflict doesn t fundamentally change from the first 3 books to this book, just the name and awesomeness of the bad guy So the main characters have to become and overpowered to compensate for the new bad guy Which In turn makes the next conflict even over the top than the last Death has no meaning, or emotional impact on this story Nor does it seem to have an affect on the characters Development of the main and side characters, is shoddy and doesn t amount to anything Pointless characters roam in the background, and I need to say it one time, death has no impact on the story.

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    Just When It Can t Get Any SillierFor me the book series has definitely jumped the shark.I loved the initial concept of a sentient dungeon managing itself and the challenges it presented to adventurers.And the magic system tied with meditation, essence and mana, tied into a variety of elements and concepts to discover a personal guiding law, was interesting and started out developing in a rational way.But now Cal the dungeon is flying an entire mountain around Dale his human half, after a goofy time travel scheme from last book is advancing faster and further than anyone else ever has And The Master an evil necromancer who really isn t a necromancer, just happens to manage a lot of them, is powerful enough to overcome everyone else in the Guild And Xenocide, the crazy mage, is attempting to destroy the planet to somehow allow him to achieve god hood, and he is so powerful that even The Master The Guild can t overcome him when they combine their forces.The story has just gone way to far way to fast Classic Monty haul expressed as a book I enjoyed reading it There are good flashes back to what made the earlier books fun But at this point any real sense of strife, overcoming adversity, or honest advancement is lost.

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    I really wanted to like this book, but I can t give this than one star even if I almost did just because I liked the other books and got a bit sentimental This book was painful to get through and it only picked a direction during the second half Before that, it was all over the place without going anywhere The story felt like a kid built a sandcastle during the first three books only to smash it during this installment If you destroy too much of what you built, there s no victory to be had even if the MCs win the battle.Another problem I have is that I don t really like Dale His best moments were when he rose up to lead the settlement around the dungeon in previous books, but then he stagnated He is a person that in order to feel better, likes to smash sentient beings that don t really stand a chance against him unless he makes a mistake Ever since he murdered someone in cold blood during the first book he hasn t had any character development what so ever Or if he had some sort of insight, he was quickly reset I wish the story was centered around Cal, because even though he also lacks empathy, at least he is an interesting monster I guess the intent of the author is for Dale to be the hero, but you could remove him entirely and end up with a much better book.Also, Dani has had some likable moments in past books, but now she is only a whiny wife caricature Overall, the story is full of too many caricatures and too few characters.

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    The gold standardWhen it comes to dungeon stories, there s none better than the Divine Dungeon While I personally feel that this particular iteration felt rushed, it was still wildly entertaining and scratched the dungeon itch.Now to put up with the long wait until the next release Good thing we got the Completionist Chronicles.

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    To be honest, it s really just 1 star From Dungeon Born to Dungeon Madness to Dungeon Calamity, you get a feel of the books with respect to their names Dungeon Born was when Cal was born Dungeon Madness was when Cal created that zombie bacteria and Cal became mad when Dani was stolen Dungeon Calamity was when Cal went on a rampage The way I see it, the title gives an idea of what s going on in the current book and possibly the next book Dungeon Desolation Desolation is defined as a state of complete emptiness or destruction Combine that with Dungeon, you get either no dungeons or the destruction of dungeons Dungeon Desolation was basically nothing about Dungeon Desolation This title is now 100% referring to Book 5 I listened to this book as an Audio Book narrated by Vikas Adam He s an amazing narrator and I did enjoy his performance again I had to give this book 1 star for Vikas performance One minor thing was Acme pardon my spelling as I can t spell from just listening acne acme Acme is supposedly the law that governs all laws and at the top of the tower His voice or the representation of his voice in Book 3 and 4 changed Book 3, Acme was personified as I m too cool for you kids Book 4, Acme was personified as annoying overreacting school girl that always go Omg, omg, omg, I chipped a nail All that aside, on to the actual book now To keep it short, Dungeon Desolation has way too many bad overused tropes and the whole book is bad I don t know why but all the characters feel shallow hollow and lacking There s not enough screen time either Like Dale s crew, they aren t even secondary characters in this book They re like recurring side minor characters Dani s role plummet to housewife The council basically disappeared Chandra could ve had a good role in exploring the laws, tiers and stuff but it was half assed and abandoned The author opened up so many different paths the book can go or ideas to explore but he just left them at that These paths don t mean anything if they are left as is and they would simply waste screen time There s no concrete path or goal of this book I was under the impression Cal would reclaim town by town, city by city, dungeon by dungeon, node by node until he s strong enough for the finale That didn t happen Cal and Dale did a bunch of randomness and then jumped to the final battle There are a ton of tropes For example, a big bad jerk comes in and take over The two that always bicker and hate each other ended up together Random heroic death that is totally unnecessary but was included to make it heroic The protagonist is randomly the root of all problems The world loses all mana Forced to do the bidding of a bad guy Over the top power spikes And I swear there are inconsistency with the whole cultivation techniques and whatnot Random exceptions or new methods tossed in just to make the protagonist s power level go up up up At the end of Book 3, Dale was a D rank adventurer and Cal was a B rank dungeon And they struggled really hard through 3 books to get there In Book 4 They both jumped a rank and the amount of effort they put in is the effort to make cup noodles The author didn t bother writing how they struggled He just threw in a big bad mini boss and escalated the conflicts So what do our protagonists need to do Power boost The author literally threw C and D rank adventurers in a S rank battle You know how Cal was trying to get free mana Like to be independent of adventurers Yeah, it makes little sense Cal made mana absorbing runes and made them go over all the ley lines and nodes Here, Cal has unlimited mana But then, he s bickering about having to kill 2 groups of adventurers to make some mythril armour So Cal ends up with unlimited free mana It s a horrible idea He has like zero limitation and can easily reach SSS rank, just pump it in Cal has little to no limitation so things will escalate and get out of hand Consistency would also be hard to maintain And that s exactly what we got, randomness and over the top.Like, apparently, the guild is not as good as it was portrayed in the first three books Rather than subduing a murderer, the guild just offered the murderer to be a guild member and help out while killing all he wants without a care Oh, the murderer is also a S rank adventurer He s totally randomly tossed in to push the plot the way the author wanted There s but I ll stop spoiling One last one, I got no clue how the mana magic of the world enforces the law, like how Dale owns Mountain Dale and has the ability to tell people to get off it Baron Dale is no longer Baron Dale as the two kingdom that gave Dale his nobility is destroyed But at the same time, the prince and princess ascended to the throne already They also have zero screen time To keep it short, I don t get this whole concept nor do I agree with the results tl dr version it s a mess.

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    I blame Dakota for my lack of sleep..Seriously Meant to read a chapter or two and it is now nearly dawn.This work stands among the top most tier of quality dungeon core lit Entertaining, engaging, and impossible to put down.If you ve read the previous in this series and are debating this one then stop your foolish dawdling and go allocate the rest of your day for this If you are new to this author then start at the beginning rather than here but by all means start You Will Not Regret It.Now for some coffee to go with this good book buzz Too late early to sleep now.

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    The Divine Dungeon series established and has maintained the standard for a dungeon core story in my opinion It separates itself so fully from the others that I find myself mentally groaning when other series try adding in a dungeon resource building trope.So I am a little sad to say that reading this book was a fairly hollow experience The witty banter and puns that initially separated Dakota from the generic offerings of other authors felt a little bit like a caricature this time around It s similar to how two pinches of salt compared to one can mean the difference between a great food item and something that even the dog gives a side eye to I m exaggerating a bit, of course, because this story was far from bad.Maybe it s just me but I feel like moving stakes to the fate of the world level is usually a mistake Firstly, because there is nowhere to go afterward that seems very important and there is still another book in this series Then secondly, with such high tension being built on the world stage of the plot, I found myself getting impatient while Cal got absorbed with doing dungeon things like crafting new creatures and levels in the dungeonand this type of thing is why I got into the series in the first place.On a side note, I was also a little confused as to how Dani just seemed to ignore what was going on outside for the better part of the book and then do a 180 later It almost seemed like there was some confusion as to what Dani should contribute to this story, so she was just put in storage for a bit.Somehow this review has gotten lengthy with criticism, but I still rated this 4 stars for a reason This book was written far better than many out there and I enjoy the characters in it Maybe it is just my issue, but I felt like the story was just too impersonal The attention was on the fate of the world rather than on the stakes important to the individual characters So I as the reader, much like Cal, felt a bit separated from the importance of the outside events However, unlike Cal, my actual existence never became threatened so this apathetic feeling never changed for me We are four books in with only one remaining at this point, so I still look forward to seeing the resolution to everything Maybe I will be surprised and there will be left to the story than it seems.

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    I dislike dungeon books, and yet I love this seriesThe author called this the penultimate book in the series and quite a lot happens therein, looking forward to the next book where hopefully Barry gets what s coming to him.

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    Dakota Krout know knows how to writeI love the Divine Dungeon Series Book 4 was Cal goodness and random funny things does not see coming like killer snowmen I almost couldn t read the end of the scene because I was laughing to hard Thanks for another great and fun read Dakota Krout, I m looking forward to your next work.

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