Duel of Desire

Duel of Desire It Was Hard To Resist AlexHe Smiled Arrogantly At Her You Ve Wanted Me Ever Since We Began Working Together Four Years Ago Admit It, Deborah She Turned Away Abruptly It Was True She Loved Alex St James, A Music Industry Executive Who Had Exercised His Sensual Powers Over Every Beautiful Recording Star In The CountryBut Deborah Wasn T Going To Become Another Victim Of His Practiced Charm She Was Engaged To A Man Who Offered Her Affection And Security It Would Be Foolish To Throw All That Away Even If She Wanted To

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Duel of Desire
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 03 September 2019
  • 9780263728521

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    Let s see Where do I start with this train wreck First, the hero He is a big, fat manwhore music executive who hits on anything with boobs, and actually pimps himself out quite merrily if it means it will land him a record contract with the latest, up and coming, female pop star to be He uses these affairs quite ruthlessly to get free publicity for his label A cheap manwhore He asks his secretary, the heroine, to whore herself out similarly to get male artists to sign with his label but when she flirts a bit too much for his liking, he has no problem quite violently setting her down with many punishing kisses he draws blood and forceful gropings he leaves bruises.He calls the heroine a variation on the bitch theme you lying little bitch, you cold hearted bitch, you cheating bitch, etc pretty much every other paragraph.He wears around his neck his ex s medallion for three quarters of the story, even as he is trying to woo the heroine into bed she feels it pressing down on her chest during their frantic make out sessions , until she finally flings it from his neck in a jealous fit Then he asks heroine to believe she was not his ex at all, nor were all the other pop star side pieces, it was all a publicity stunt only Yeah, right He purposefully sets up heroine for a mid week business trip in France in order to slut shame her enough that her engagement to the company s boring little accountant gets broken He also wants to take the opportunity to see if he can convince her to go to bed with him during that same trip But don t worry, whether or not he strikes out, he has a gorgeous model lined up for the weekend when they get back to London Heroine ought to know, she made the arrangements for them Now for the heroine.She is in love lust with her hero boss for four years but dating and quasi engaged to the boring company accountant.She keeps telling the hero to leave her alone then sticks to him closer than his own shadow.She keeps resigning threatening to resign then goes back on her word.She keeps getting engaged to two different men then going back on her word.She invites the ex fiance into her home so he can apologize for his boorish behavior, then, when he accidentally splits his shirt, tells him to take off his shirt so she can go sew it up again in her bedroom and invites him to change in her bedroom, only for hero to naturally walk in on them Ha For once, I could not fault the hero for jumping to conclusions.She is a 26 year old woman living in a democracy and access to law enforcement, court system, counseling, etc who lets herself be forcibly married by hero so he won t lose face in front of his colleagues LoooLShe is resigned to enter a loveless, adulterous marriage because she has already been taking care of hero as his assistant for four years and marriage probably won t be so different.Her idea of a honeymoon is to retreat at her mother in law s isolated country cottage and consummate the marriage in mom in law s bed Hero also thinks this is a perfectly great idea Paging Dr Freud.Conclusion This is probably one of the most trainwrecky Charlotte Lamb books I have ever read It s funny because her crazy books either completely win me over with their craziness or, on the contrary, fill me with bile There is just no telling whether I am going to end up with 5 or 1 star Timing is also everything and I wouldn t be surprised if my ratings fluctuate upon future re readings depending on how receptive my mind is to her brand of wackiness In this case, though, I couldn t wait to get away from both these loons.

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    This heroine is nucking futs Deb was half insane, and half manipulative bitch At first I thought she was cool the self possessed PA to the womanizing H, Alex, who has lusted after her for four years Meanwhile she s calmly ignoring his advances, rejecting his date invitations, and getting engaged to an accountant Good for you girl Don t give him an inch Then BAM she loses her goddamn mind after they get stranded in a flooded cottage Out of the blue she yanks a pendant off his neck and hurls it away because she s jealous another woman gave it to him I hope he doesn t figure out I m in love with him Okay, idiot, then why did you just do that It wasn t even a quasi subtle, Boy, that is an ugly pendant. It was like, That gorgeous singer gave you that pendant because you had sex with her I ll rip it off your neck I did not understand where the hell that came from And then she says, Sorry, I didn t mean to do that She actually says that Good Lord, I had no idea how they just ignored that little incident So she s established herself in my mind as randomly psycho at this point, then I get to the part where her ex fiance comes to visit her apartment She s barely dressed in a sexy slip, expecting Alex for a date at any minute, when the ex shows up instead Of course she invites him in I m hot Off goes his jacket She gives him a drink He catches his sleeve and rips it Take off your shirt, she says kindly I ll mend it This setup is just too damn obvious, but the kicker was when, after sewing up his torn shirt, she doesn t bring it back out to him She leaves it lying on her bed and calls him into the bedroom to get it I get the heavy handed set up but the fact that she knows Alex is coming over any minute now, and she still gets her ex fiance half naked and makes him come into the bedroom and she didn t even take the time to change out of her silky slip this is when I realized it may not be acknowledged but this woman is a master devious manipulator I mean HPs abound with heroines caught in misconstrued situations but this This She engineered that shit with the finesse of an OW And then later she blames it all on the ex, like he planned it, as if she wasn t the one who told him to take off his shirt or called him into the bedroom or didn t put on clothes when she had plenty of time to sew up a rip I m not a fool, woman I finished the book quite cynically, having lost faith in Deb s pure innocent lurve CL is a great writer and it s always fun reading her, but I thought this heroine was balls The best part about this book was Alex hunting for eggs from the angry chickens and falling on his butt.

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    I am in the minority on this one, but I found both H h to be annoying, one dimensional cardboard figures that left very little to be desired He was a man whore with no other redeeming value Don t get me wrong, I love to have one of those delicious man whores that you just want to kick to the curb But, I want them to at least have some intrigue and complexity to their character I want to have to search deeper to find the true guy There was nothing complex about this guy What you saw is what you got On the surface, he was just one very selfish, superficial man who enjoyed bragging about his conquests and was concerned about his image than the people in his life.She was an idiot, beyond TSTL She would say one thing, but do something else She was supposed to be strong and smart, but I know 3 year olds that have better judgment view spoiler She invites her ex into her apartment and is surprised that her fianc is upset when ex walks out of her bedroom putting his shirt back on He ripped his shirt while they were tussling and she sews it for him wearing her bathrobe Really She feels compelled to sew the shirt of a man that broke up with her three weeks ago calling her a two timing whore She never thought to send him to a store to buy another shirt hide spoiler

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    This is a very good read It keeps you turning the pages not wanting to miss one word, caught up in the tension between the H h The h is his PA She s been his PA for four years but has managed to keep a cool aloof and diapproving distance despite his periodic attempts to date her and obvious interest in seducing her She knows there is a sexual awareness between them but she disapproves of his reputation for going from one relationship to another without any true feelings involved She refuses to be one in a long line of conquests.When she is about to announce her engagement to another man the H goes into action, setting up a situation likely to put an end to the engagement and hopefully lead to her seduction The conflict between sexual desire without love and the need for love that results in sexual desire makes for an exciting duel.This was well written, interesting and had plenty of angst and conflict.

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    Dual of Desire is the story of Deborah and Alex.Deborah works for the music industry executive Alex, and has always known and ignored his attraction to her She instead has chosen to go out with the safe accountant Robin, and left Alex to his hoard of incoming artists and women.However, as she finally decides to give in and marry Robin to fulfill her yearning for a family, Alex whisks her away to a business trip only for them to be trapped together.As other men try to flirt with her, he rewards her with bruising kisses and when they are eventually stranded together in his mother s cottage, Deborah realizes her feelings for Alex which were evident all along.I enjoyed this book a lot, and I always love the crazy insane obsessiveness a CM hero has This one also had a heroine who realized the truth pretty quick That being said, his suspicious nature, though expected was scary, bloody kisses though expected were concerning, and rape threats though not executed, were joked about and almost attempted.If you re ok with dub con, you wont mind this book.SWE Unsafe view spoiler both dated Other people and hero also slept with women since they ve known each other eventually does stop hide spoiler

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    This was a good read,you can actually feel that Alex Deb both love each other but cause of their own insecurities and both are involved with other people so both have never said anything,Deb keeps actching Alex kissing Sammy a model and she gets angrier and is jealous but she keeps denying her feelings for her and keeps thinking she is better with Robin but on one weekend they are stuck together where in Deb realises how she has been in love with Alex for past 4 years and her jealousy with Alex s other woman which Alex keeps throwing to torment her.Alex also loves Deb and knows she is engaged which stops him but he keeps taunting her.after the weekend Robin Deb is involved with him he says real cruel things to Deb and Alex punches him and fires him and declares Deb is getting married to him and she is not his mistressBefore marriage there s one misunderstanding which leads a strain on their relation,they do get married and then they talk it out and everything is cleared and they both confess their love for each other and HEAAbsolutely enjoyed the book but too many Bitch slaps in the book,and never did once Alex apologised for calling her Bitch and drawing horrible conclusions all is says is he is a swine which i completely agree lolGood read

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    As with all these old harlequins, I wish it was longer so the plot and characters could be better developed I love old Charlotte Lamb.

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    Deborah had worked as private assistant to Alex for four years, her opinion of him was that all he wanted was to keep his Stars happy and if that included sexually happy then he was ready to oblige Deborah was in a relationship with someone she felt would provide a solid foundation for a marriage, he was the accountant for the company she worked for They were engaged but he didn t make her heart melt not like the feelings she had for Alex, but Alex wasn t the kind of man she would ever consider to be good husband material not with all the casual love affairs he was involved in When Alex wanted her to fly to Paris she turned him down flat, she had big plans for the weekend, Alex as her boss ordered her to go with him to help with one of his male singing Stars, he promised her she would be home in plenty of time for her to keep her plans with her fianc But Alex had other plans for Deb and himself, he wanted her and he told himself he had waited four long years, and this time he would have her.

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    this was a fantastic read what i reproached the author here is not ending it sooner she made it tedious so, it was unbelievable alex had not raped deborah upto the end she was so obviously gagging for it dat it was annoying

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    A classic boss secretary romance, with jealous boyfriend collegue Heroine not of strong character No sex before the mentioning of love and marriage, very old fashioned.

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