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Dream of the Serpent Cody Miller Is On The Brink Of Having It All An MBA, A High Powered Job In Corporate Finance, And The Girl Of His Dreams And Then One Mistake, One Unfortunate Accident, Takes It All Away In The Blink Of An Eye His Future, His Health And His Hope Gone Up In Flames, Leaving Him The Victim Of An Unimaginably Horrific Injury Upon Emerging From A Coma, Cody Discovers His Life And Plans Have Been Shattered As He Struggles To Find The Strength To Go On And A Reason To Live, He Slowly Begins To Realize Things May Not Be As They Seem His Life Has Changed Than He Could Ve Ever Imagined, But Someone Or Something May Be Working Beneath The Surface Changing The World Around Him, Altering Lives And Procuring Victims An Ancient Evil That Hides In Plain Sight And Destroys As It Consumes To Uncover The Truth, Cody Will Have To Forget Everything He Thought He Knew About Reality In Order To Salvage His Sanity And Save The Life Of The Woman He Loves How Much Would You Give, How Far Would You Go, What Would You Sacrifice, To Save The Person You Love Than Life Itself From Deep Within The Flames, Cody Miller Is About To Find Out DREAM OF THE SERPENT, The New Novel From Alan Ryker, Author Of THE HOARD

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dream of the Serpent book, this is one of the most wanted Alan Ryker author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 274 pages
  • Dream of the Serpent
  • Alan Ryker
  • 04 July 2019

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    alan ryker just destroyed me.this is the fifth book of his i have read three have been pretty straight ahead horror novellas, and the fourth was a blend of horror and psychology with a little bit of metaphysics.this one runs circles around all of them, even Burden Kansas, which is one of the best vampire books i have ever read, second only to The Stress of Her Regard it s not really horror, even though it does describe some horrible things i have never before been so squeamish reading about the things fire can do to a human body those scenes are written with a devastating immediacy and they are powerful and affecting as are the horrifying aftermath scenes describing the prolonged physical, emotional, and psychological agony of the burn victim it is incredibly uncomfortable.and then the fun begins and by fun, i mean intensely smart dark fantasy that begins to peel away our understanding of reality and causality and then transitions into a very moving story of selflessness and sacrifice and utter hopelessness but a hopelessness into which a last ditch selfless effort is still possible.and it elevates what i was expecting to be an enjoyable horror piece into something that almost made me cry me and that alone is worth the price of admission, since i am always trying to find a book that will scare me or make me cry, with very little success but i felt it stirring in me, even though it never resulted in actual tears.this book isn t even 200 pages, but it manages to tell such a complex story about love and possibilities and that painful process of reliving memories and the hell of hindsight and that wonderful thomas hardy theme of how one regrettable moment of distraction can determine our whole life s course it is gorgeous and violent and heart shattering and that whole o henry scene was quiet perfection i know i am really dancing around plot here, but i don t want to ruin the journey i just want people to read this guy, and i m pretty sure this particular one will appeal to people who don t see themselves as horror fans, because there is such a potent real world message in here that isn t dependent on its horror trappings.plus, one million points for the millennium reference love just love.come to my blog

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    This is where I admit to being a twit I got this book back awhile we won t say how long ago from Netgalley I must have been intrigued because I want to read the Hoard by this author and thought I would give him a try any way that I could Then I read the blurb and pushed it back Several times I m smacking myself because this is really good It starts off with Cody about to go from work to his rich girlfriend Madison s parent s party He is trying to hurry and is on the phone with her with the worst thing happens not a spoiler He is horribly burned by a fryer I mean bad stuff here for you queasy munchkins When he wakes up in the hospital he realizes that he has lost everything, not just his body No job prospects now, No marriage to Madison Cody is in a bad place.Then he starts texting with Madison and she tells him she has found the answer.Next thing, Cody is waking up with a different girl He has a high powered job and is living his dream life with no burns Then we find out that Madison went missing that night of her parents party and no one has seen her since Cody realizes that in order to find Madison he is going to have to go to a dark place Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review.

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    Burning Burning Burning Burning I knew for certain that wherever I went, the flames would follow That was a little bit creepy, a whole lot disturbing and just so mind blowing, it was a race to turn the pages faster Cody Miller has hit the jackpot in life He s on his way to getting an MBA, a job most would have to work years for and the girl everyone wants Cody has it all until one accident takes everything away from him When he emerges from his coma, Cody struggles to get back on track and he knows that it all won t be the same, he will never be the same And as he trudges on, he discovers there s going on than he first thought We re all pieces on this board, but I seem to be the only one who notices that we re going in circles, that the world is not the logical place we think it is Dream of the Serpent is one of the most horrifyingly descriptive stories I ve ever had the pleasure of reading Part of me wanted to turn away but my eyes wouldn t cooperate They weren t going to look anywhere but at the book Very detailed descriptions usually tend to bore me but I was riveted There was not a single word that I missed It s terrifying but spellbinding at the same time Cody Miller There was an all out war being fought inside my body, except that the enemy was my body I would never ever want to trade places with Cody The way his accident was described left me traumatized I can t say that I liked Cody but I certainly didn t hate him It was difficult to see how drastically he changed How one mistake remolded him It s scary to think how far people will go to find the truth.The StoryI would have liked the beginning to be a tad bit shorter I wasn t bored but I knew that there was some action waiting in the wings and I wanted it to start However, once you hit around the 40% mark it was all out fuckery I didn t even want to blink just in case I would miss something All in all, this was an awesome read that I definitely recommend reading Especially those who love horror fantasy Rating clarification 4.5 stars A copy of this book was generously provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Alan Ryker Alan Ryker Alan Ryker I m shouting his name from the rooftops, are you paying attention This gentleman has got some serious skill people, writing chops to make you quiver and shake Dream of the Serpent is only my second Ryker book the first being The Hoard but with it he has clinched a spot on my author to watch radar Color me a smitten kitten Burning is the sort of thing that changes you forever It makes you realize that you re an animal, that all the rest is pretense The prose and pacing is exquisitely rendered here reflecting a maturity and mastery of the craft that is a pleasure to read even when what you are reading is fraught with pain and despair When I picked up this book I was wholly unprepared to read such a graphic, explicit depiction of a young man s savage burns and the life he must confront post fire It is tragedy at its most gripping and devastating, so poignant and raw and in your face It s impossible not to become positively engrossed in Cody s story and his ultimate fate.This is not a horror story per se, but there is plenty here that is shocking and horrific It is in its way a love story as well, or at least just what and how much we are willing to sacrifice for those we love Amongst the punishing bleak detail of excruciating hopelessness, there emerges a twisty, mindfuck tale of second chances that s mysterious and oh so satisfyingly constructed in its parts Bravo Mr Ryker Bravo A free copy was provided by the publisher through Netgalley for an honest review.

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    Quite a few years ago, I and my wife were in a major car accident My car was totaled but miraculously everyone in the accident had no than a few minor cuts and bruises I remember having to squeeze myself out of the car wondering how so much twisted metal managed to miss hitting both of us But since then I have been very alert to the fact that our lives can change instantly in a few seconds or be forever altered by a split second decision It is something I knew intellectually before But now it has a deeper intuitive meaning and the knowledge has forever heighten my appreciation of what I have and for the fragility of life Dream of the Serpent by Alan Ryker is about that Cody Miller is a successful young man who is in a horrible fire brought on by a second of forgetfulness as he texts his girl friend For the next third of the novel and in first person narrative, we are witnesses to the devastating consequences of a burn victim Each moment and action is described in torturous detail It is not something that everyone will be able to read Just as devastating are the descriptions of Cody s thoughts and emotions as he endlessly relive that one moment and thinks about what could have been if He is immersed in his own pain but also privy to the emotional pain of others around him Cody s girlfriend lives with the thought that she may have been at least partly responsible and those feelings reignite her past drug addiction.As you can see, this is pretty heavy stuff If this was all, Dream of the Serpent would still be a very powerful book especially with Ryker s ability to bring alive the emotions and feelings of the characters Yet this is a novel of the supernatural even though the story proceeds halfway through without any trace of the other worldly Cory is having dreams of what his life would be like if the accident did not happen Soon he gets a phone call from his girl friend I think I found a way to fix everything At this point, things change I won t say how but I sure it is the sort of the thing accident victims..no..all of us at some point in life have dreamed about The author examines, in the unpredictable style of horror fantasy, the consequences of altering our life and the devastation our actions have on others While the first half of the novel is steeped in the physical horrors of the natural world, the second half explores, in a just as horrific but psychological way, the horror of our actions and the effect of them on the ones we love.This is a superior horror novel one that should be remembered for its power and relevance I found myself looking back on my own experience while reading it and thinking about how different things could have been if I reacted a second later or that chunk of metal moved only one foot closer to me I also wondered that if we could change something terrible in the past, would the sacrifice be worth it There is always a sacrifice, in real life as well as fiction It s that type of novel The kind that makes you a little uncomfortable The kind that makes you look at your own choices And the kind that makes you glad you read it despite the horrific descriptions and uncomfortable feelings it evokes.My highest recommendation.

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    Dream of the Serpent is one of the most gut wrenching stories I ve ever read This says a lot to the writing powers Alan Ryker has developed in a short amount of time If you re familiar at all with his work, then you know that Ryker is a very talented story teller with a literary spin on the way he chooses to present his story to his readers.The book starts off with our introduction to Cody and Maddy and the type of relationship they have along with where they both are in life at this moment before disaster strikes While talking to his girlfriend, Maddy, over his cell phone while cleaning out the deep frier at work, Cody suffers serious burns The first part of the novel is about these burns and how it destroys Cody s professional aspirations and his relationship with Maddy.Let me tell you, tons of research went into this part of the story that made it feel than authentic The things that Cody goes through just to heal is like something from a torture movie You feel as though you ve experienced, in some small way, what burn victims have gone through And, personally, I don t think I d come out the other end with flying colors.About half way through, the story changes from this hardcore suffering to something strange and, I think, brilliant on the author s part The change is drastic, but works so well within this world It does so because Ryker took the time to prepare us for the change and even wonder, as Cody investigates, at its details.Throughout the story, themes of guilt, of fire and burning, the Greek mythology of the phoenix gone horribly wrong, of death, and most importantly, love devotion and sacrifice play throughout What we get is a story that is just as heart wrenching as anything by Joe Hill or Greg F Gifune.Don t read this book if you don t want to be changed or and effected deeply If this story doesn t haunt you and effect you in some way, then you re probably a different kind of person than I am.

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    4 stars Review to come when I m back from vacation xx Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    A great writer, I loved his Burden, Kansas vampire story, but alas this story fell short for me It started out strong as hell with some of the difficult passages about burning and suffering you will ever read, but by the middle I was getting bored and the ending, for me, was so much meh Interesting premise, exceptionally good writing, but lacking as a cohesive whole, three stars from me.

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    5 Stars Everyone gets burned, but almost no burns I will not do this book justice except to say go get it and read it Dream of the Serpent by Alan Ryker is now a favorite of mine I loved this book The first half is so intense, it is impossible to put down This book has some of the most powerful and gut wrenching scenes that I have read in a very long time This is one of my favorite reads of the last year Sure, I have read books of higher literary value such as Andrew s Brain by E.L.Doctorow a new favorite of mine But, this book will sit with me for a long time.I loved the story, the graphic details, and even the major plot twist This book has many similarities to one of my favorite books from 4 years ago, The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson These novels will leave you looking at burns and burn victims with a very different eye.Ryker has created a story that is an exercise in experiencing emotions The story and the burning of our protagonist Cody is the center plot but it is the themes and emotion that make it something special I do not want to give away anything about this book because the journey with Cody will help you experience the powerful emotions the Ryker portrays There is a major plot twist that with some creative story telling Ryker makes shine Ouroboros The Serpent that eats it s own tail And so here I lay, searching for the limits of the limitless serpent with its tail in its mouth, losing my mind with a tale in my mouth Choking on it Consuming it and consuming it and finding that I m consuming myself and creating myself endlessly If there was a way to end this cycle, it s to be found in taking the tale from my mouth and telling it in the only way I know how the only way it can be told This was my first lesson in the malleability of time I think back to the first time I learned that suffering is the path to immortality, how Hell can be contained entirely in one moment They ll say later that I couldn t have seen this, but I imagined it, dreamed it in my coma Ryker does an amazing job at intertwining fire and burning with everything in this story So much of this tale parallels the serpent with its tail in its mouth All consuming, self consuming, yet also creatingThis is a moving story that will definitely be worth a second read It is my favorite for 2014 thus far I will tell all my reader friends that this is a must read as it will appeal to a wide audience Go get it..

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    Dream of the Serpent is my third Alan Ryker read and I ve been impressed with all of them, Cody Miller has it all, it seems, destined for success, beautiful girlfriend and a host of potential employers courting him Until fate deals him the cruellest blow, an accident at work, a fire that burns all his hopes into despair and the seemingly irrevocable tragedy of a burns victim changed beyond all recognition The first section is harrowing and traumatic, as we live the accident and the aftermath with the victim, this is intensely written as we see the effects from both Cody s side and those close to him All but his girlfriend Madison who blames herself for the accident, spiralling out of control, she comes across the path to redemption and a chance to change everything A magic that can t be of this world, an ancient evil that exists, bleeding life from the forlorn to feed itself.Cody starts on the long path to recovery, a life that will never be the same, until out of the blue he wakes up, recovered, with a different girl but with jaded memories of a horrific accident and its Madison whose missing, not seen since the day the accident took place in another reality.In a clever tale it s Cody who must search for the love of his life and it will take the ultimate sacrifice to get her back.

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