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Destinys Design Rosemary I just finished all your books in a month Love them and your writing has encouraged me to begin my very own story which has been a dream of mine since my youth Job well done More Helen Colwell Anderson December 23, 2016As I finished Rosemary s 5th book I was in deep thought about all of these new people I have met and how each and every one of them have made me feel like I have known them forever As I am from Gary myself, I do recognize names and places This is a story that must go on just as life and death go on There is much to be said about these people and their lives and the growing of the towns they live in No one but Rosemary Gard can tell it better as it was once and always will be such a big part of her life As we read there just may be someone out there that the words in the book become very familiar to them also Her books touch us all in many ways Just sit back and enjoy Sharon Turner At The Turn Of The Th Century, Immigrants Coming To America, Though Not Related, Often Made Strong Family Bonds, As If Related By BloodStevo Markovich Left The Immigrant Community In Gary, Indiana And Returned To New Orleans Where He Made Friends With Several People Who Helped Him Become A Successful Hotel OwnerNew Orleans Is A Colorful And Exciting Place Creole Women, European Fisherman And Generations Of French Families All Add To The Spice Of The CityThe Bubonic Plague Comes To New Orleans And Makes Changes In Many People S Lives Stevo Moves His Niece And Her Caregiver To Another Parish For Their SafetyNews Of The War In Europe Has Some Immigrants Wanting To Return To The Old Country To Fight Stevo S Good Friend, Joseph, Is Interested In Returning Until He Hears A Lecture By Some German Men Wanting Financial Aid For The WarAmidst These Events, Stevo Misses The Life He Left Behind In Gary, Indiana He Hatches A Plan To Bring His Friends To New Orleans Will They Join Him

Rosemary Gard has spent 3 months in Croatia in a village where she observed the customs and living habits of her relatives Rosemary and her husband, Bob, lived for a year in Vicenza, Italy while he was with the army They have also traveled to Bogota, Columbia in the early 60 s Destiny s Dowry is Rosemary Gard s first novel In the past she has written feature articles for newspapers Her second book Destiny Denied is a Gold Medal winner from Readers Favorite.The last book in the Destiny Trilogy, Destiny s Dance, has a 5 Star review from Readers Favorite and has been chosen as a 2014 winner in the Cultural Fiction category The Trilogy has become a continuing set Rosemary is now writing the 7th Destiny book She travels throughout the US speaking at schools and events Has had brunch with the Croatian Ambassador and Travels from Indiana to Seattle for the famedCroatiaFest.

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