DepartedSuspense wrapped in darknessThis book had a well planned plot provided enough clues for the observant reader go solve at least part of the mystery Always fun to read a book with a highly intelligent yet quirky protagonist. THIS WAS MY FIRST LEOPOLD BLAKE what a cool name READ BUT IT WON T BE THE LAST THIS WAS GREAT VERY EXCITING KEPT ME ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT I DID GUESS WHO TWO OF THE BAD GUYS WERE OH BOY THE STUFF GOING ON WAS TOTALLY GROSS AND I LOVED IT THIS NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH OR FAINT O HEART A REAL THRILLER CAN T WAIT TO READ MORE OF THIS DETECTIVE ALONG WITH HIS TEAM MEMBERS MARY JEROME one cool dude WHAT A GREAT TRIO I LOVED THEM D A fast paced mystery thriller with Leopold Blake as a brilliant consultant brought in by Scotland Yard to assist in some gruesome murders in London Blake is apparently an American and is accompanied by a female NYPD Sgt and his personal bodyguard While I found the story fast paced and interesting I would have enjoyed itif there had been acomplete background provided for these three characters Therefore I have rated it at three stars With acomplete background I would have rated it four stars or even five stars.I picked the book up at because it took place in London which is one of my favorite cities.I would read other offerings by this author. Nick Stephenson has a gritty protagonist in Leopold Blake Like other books in this series, Departed is a fast paced page turning adventure The fact that Blake may be a bit of a rogue detective shows as he is in Britain helping MI5 hunt down a killer who liked the macabre, imitating the famed Jack the Ripper at times While there is some dialogue that was predictable at times it was the plot twists that I already thought were coming but didn t that made me wantI d highly recommend Stephenson s entire Leopold Blake series While each is easily a standalone story once you fall for Blake as the leading man, you ll want . Another fine book from the pen of Nick Stephenson.Leopold is such a brilliant character,I cannot seem to put it down.Cannot wait to get next one. Crazy story But a good one I like crazy LOL Interesting, but didn t turn out to be what Leopold thought He would say, it wasn t the first time I do like how the characters get better with every book and am still waiting to learn about Leopold s past A lotthere than meets the eye Not in a bad way, at least not for him. Criminologist expert, Leopold Blake is asked to come to London to help Scotland Yard catch a serial killer whose methods are similar to Jack the Ripper His bodyguard Jerome and Mary Jordan of the NY Police Department accompanies him Parts of the story were just a little too hard to believe Story was just OK I wouldn t invest inof the series 6 Stars 9.26 to 10.6.18 I wanted to love this But alas, I didn t Possibly because I didn t read the first two books in the series, that I expectedof Leopold and quite frankly Mary s character is laughable The story was a bit thin and convoluted and drug on way too long. I actually thought this was written by an American, there are so many cliches about London At one point I actually laughed aloud at yet another trite description of the stewed beef smell in a hospital ward, and the grungy toilets The characters were cliches as well The damaged Alpha male, the pert American FBI agent, the silent and they are always over 6 foot tall bodyguard in his Armani suit yawn The plot was okay although there was a preponderance of gore maybe in an attempt to shock I would have liked this muchif the writing had beensympathetic to the real England and London or perhaps I only see the good side of London Playtime S OverExpert Criminology Consultant Leopold Blake Is Having Yet Another Bad Week While Tracking A Psychopathic Serial Killer Through The Streets Of London, The Reclusive Investigator Realizes With Chilling Certainty That History Is About To Repeat Itself With Devastating Consequences Where Scotland Yard And MI Have Failed, Leopold Must Find A Way To Hunt Down And Apprehend A Ruthless Maniac Before He Strikes Again And The Clock Is TickingNow Blake And His Team Must Face Their Greatest Challenge Yet An Unseen Force, Intent On Wreaking Havoc Throughout The City, Is Hunting On Its Home Turf And Leopold Is About To Realize That The Good Guy Doesn T Always Win books and out soon on , Sony, Barnes Noble, and the iTunes store.

[EPUB] ✿ Departed ❄ Nick Stephenson –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 220 pages
  • Departed
  • Nick Stephenson
  • English
  • 10 August 2018

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