Dead End Job (Louisa Hallstrom, #1)

Dead End Job (Louisa Hallstrom, #1) Awarded The Coveted Kirkus Star For Books Of Remarkable Merit From Kirkus Reviews A Fun Filled Tale Of New Beginnings, Sudden Endings And The Lighter Side Of The Daily GrindAfter A Professional And Personal Meltdown In Orange County, Louisa Lulu Hallstrom Packs Her Things And Returns Home To Seattle With Her , A Year Job Firmly In The Rearview, Louisa Takes The First Job Available An Entry Level Admin Position Working For A Lazy, Mentally Unbalanced Boss In Desperate Need Of An Apartment, Louisa Hooks Up With An Old College Friend Who Has Morphed Into A Slovenly, Militant Environmentalist With A Horrifying Lack Of Domestic Skills And Hygiene Louisa, Her Love Life In Similar Shambles, Finds Herself At The Mercy Of Online Dating And Its Resulting Grotesqueries Her Bad Luck Is Compounded When She Finds The Body Of A Co Worker And Becomes A Suspect, A Misfortune That S Surpassed By Another Concern She Might Be The Next Victim The Engaging, Unwitting Louisa Helps First Time Author Reinke Successfully Capture The Fresh Style Of A Light, Well Paced Mystery, Impressively Rendered With Interesting, Multidimensional Characters Reinke S Humorous, Witty Voice Is Accessorized By Easygoing And Accessible Prose Despite A Few Imperfections Slightly Contrived Dialogue, For Example Reinke Wisely Refrains From Getting Too Fancy With Inorganic Plot Twists Instead, She Simply Lets The Story Speak For Itself Louisa Is A Funny, Endearing, Self Deprecating And, Above All, Relatable Heroine, Whom Just About Every Woman Can Relate To As She Navigates A Turbulent Life, With A Few Laughs Along The Way Hopefully We Ll Be Hearing Soon From Reinke And LouisaA Refreshing, Humorous Read That Strikes A Winning Balance Between Chick Lit And Light Mystery This Is An Independent Work Self Published By The Author

Ingrid is a Seattle area indie writer who harbors a passion for all things wine, coffee and reading She has a wonderful husband, a stinky dog and she frequently spills things Ingrid left her depressingly boring office job in June of 2012 in the wild and crazy hope of becoming an self employed author who can actually pay her phone bill She is still working on it Dead End Job is her first novel

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  • Dead End Job (Louisa Hallstrom, #1)
  • Ingrid Reinke
  • English
  • 12 January 2019
  • 9781300767114

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    This is partly a romance, partly a murder mystery and partly a satire of the corporate world I enjoyed the satire the most and found the main characters attempts to do as little as possible during her working hours to be hilarious and very realistic I ve tried all those tactics The book settles into a fairly conventional romance mystery as it progresses, but there were still enough funny moments to keep me chuckling The climactic moment at the end when the killer is finally revealed is very amusing The author has a genuine talent for comedy and I ll be interested to see what else she comes up with.

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    This was a fun little mystery, and very funny throughout It did keep me entertained and wondering who done it, and when I found out I was upset that I hadn t figure that out on my own I liked the way the character developed and who she was at the end taking control of her life.I would ve given it 4 stars, but too much time was spent describing the clothing and accessories the main character wore as well as a few others , I found that tedious But there isn t so much of that involved that would keep one from enjoying the book.

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    Office jobs many of us have had them I related to many of the scenarios she wrote about and her characters were familiar This was an enjoyable and humorous read Yes, there was murder and mayhem, but I like how she blended the funny with the serious Not every mystery has to be deeply introspective and pensive I see that she has another novel out, and I m placing that in my to read pile.

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    Somehow really funny while still a murder mystery wish it had been longer Hope Ingrid writes books soon.

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    i really enjoyed this book

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    I really loved this book, but I think she could have continued for another chapter or two I would have loved to hear a bit about Lulu and Rocky.

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    Enjoyed Ingrid s sense of humour Will be waiting for books from her

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    LOL Heard this book was written over the span of a 2am 7am drunken night via iPhone notes app

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    Who would have thought Louisa s brief, after hours stop at her office to retrieve some anti anxiety medication would lead to some of the most anxiety producing events of her life Not only does she discover the body of her co worker the next morning, but she soon becomes the prime suspect in the homicide The silver lining to her disastrous day is meeting an attractive police officer who seems to have than just a professional interest in Louisa I liked the premise of this story but was very distracted by the excessive number of editing errors typos, deleted words, added words, punctuation errors, etc , which seemed to be evident in the second half of the book For that reason alone, I was glad I got this book for free I also would have liked it better if there had not been so much profanity Had it not been for the two prior reasons, I might have rated this book a star higher The chapter titles were also distracting and seemingly unnecessary I ll admit I was not a big fan of the protagonist s work ethic or her personality in general She was a bit too flawed in too many areas of her life for me to comfortably relate to And, initially, it took a while for the story to grab me However, it really picked up during the second half Yes, I was able to figure out who the killer was, but it took me a little while to do so Provided future books have better editing, less profanity, and much personal growth for the protagonist, I would be interested in trying another one.

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    Another free Kindle read.Louisa is an Admin for the legal department of a PR company in the midst of a big merger She s a hot mess at the beginning of the book Slacker at work, anxiety prone and a mess around men I found that to be laid on a bit thick and discordant as she managed to still have a full social life and a lot of great friends.When people at the firm start dying, Louisa is a suspect and also in danger She half heartedly tries to discover who s killing her co workers but can t get past her hots for a good looking cop and the office cutie.I saw some growth in Louisa but it felt a little forced considering the shortness of the timeframe for the story.

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