Daughter of the Empire

Daughter of the Empire Magic And Murder Engulf The Realm Of Kelewan Fierce Warlords Ignite A Bitter Blood Feud To Enslave The Empire Of Tsuranuanni While In The Opulent Imperial Courts, Assassins And Spy Master Plot Cunning And Devious Intrigues Against The Rightful Heir Now Mara, A Young, Untested Ruling Lady, Is Called Upon To Lead Her People In A Heroic Struggle For Survival But First She Must Rally An Army Of Rebel Warriors, Form A Pact With The Alien Cho Ja, And Marry The Son Of A Hated Enemy Only Then Can Mara Face Her Most Dangerous Foe Of All In His Own Impregnable Stronghold An Epic Tale Of Adventure And Intrigue Daughter Of The Empire Is Fantasy Of The Highest Order By Two Of The Most Talented Writers In The Field Today

Raymond E Feist was born Raymond E Gonzales III, but took his adoptive step father s surname when his mother remarried Felix E Feist He graduated with a B.A in Communication Arts with Honors in 1977 from the University of California at San Diego During that year Feist had some ideas for a novel about a boy who would be a magician He wrote the novel two years later, and it was published in 1

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 421 pages
  • Daughter of the Empire
  • Raymond E. Feist
  • English
  • 05 October 2019
  • 9780553272116

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    I loved the Riftwar books and I m already loving this next chapter This may end up on my favorites list I love Mara Mel

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    Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at www.nikihawkes.comThis is a strong contender as my favorite book of all time It has all the elements that make a book great strong characters, excellent world building, masterful writing, and a page turning story If any of you aren t familiar with Feist s Riftwar saga, the arc of the series involves one world Midkemia being invaded by another world Kelewan from across a magical rift The invading soldiers are known as the Tsurani, and Feist talks a lot about them in his second book, Magician Master What the Kelewan Empire trilogy does is take you deep into the Tsurani s world, following the life of a young woman within it I LOVED this trilogy It was such a gripping story that I literally could not put it down The main character is both dynamic and endearing, and I found her completely fascinating as she develops throughout each book The world building was outright fantastic, and arguably the best element of this series It s been ten years since I read them, and I can still remember Kelewan in vivid detail New flora and fauna, new architecture, new politial religious systems Feist and Wurts obviously spent a lot of time developing, and really made the world come to life Because of this trilogy, they are without a doubt my favorite writing duo.Overall, it was an amazing trilogy that I will forever hold on a pedestal It definitely tops my Best Fantasy Book Bulletin Recommendations If you re new to Feist s works, I recommend you read Magician Apprentice and Magician Master first before switching over to this trilogy, then continue on with Silverthorn Even though these were my all time favs, the Riftwar saga also makes the top ten list and are definitely worth reading by Niki HawkesOther books you might like The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass Medalon by Jennifer Fallon The Aware by Glenda Larke Thief s Gamble by Juliet E Mckenna Heart of Myrial by Maggie Furey

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    How shall we answer this murder visited upon our house I like books about strong, independent women who, despite the adversities of fate, can manage well and do not worry about the growing difficulties and stakes This is what you can expect from Daughter of the Empire When Lord Acoma and his son are killed in the war manoeuvred into a suicidal charge by family s grand enemy, Lord Minwanabi, seventeen year old Mara becomes the heiress The girl is snatched back into the world mere moments from becoming a religious initiate There is no time for any introduction to adulthood There is no induction period Her father s and brother s insidious killer is setting snares for her, but also, she lives in a world, where not a deed, but the form matters It means that she and her family riches are ripe for the taking for everybody intelligent and bold enough to do it within the strict and precise honour system that sits on the Tsuranuanni society like a corset Fortunately, our heroine is far from a naive novice everybody takes her for she has a keen mind and a flair for trade and politics In the Great Game she sets her own rules.OK, it is a cliche from zero to hero, but in a female version.The heroine is a very dramatic character in which all elements are mixed up Mara is fragile, but also courageous, so much, in fact, that she acts taking great risks than once She is warm and full of love for those under her care, but she can also coolly calculate her moves even if the pawns in the game are people of flesh and blood She is pretty but she has sexual issues that make her appear cold and unfeeling Although she does not have physical strength, she is characterised by an extraordinary analytical mind, cunning and intelligent She is a shrewd judge of character able to see the opponent s weaknesses and use them for her purposes She also does not shy away from difficult, uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous situations or balk when personal sacrifice is necessary You will be able to watch closely the transformation of a young girl into a strong, determined woman I really loved this metamorphosis.The main character is the most interesting of those present in the book, but also the secondary protagonists are written in a very expressive way Each of them is interesting the nanny and advisor old Nacoya, courageous and faithful Papewaio arrogant and somewhat primitive husband Buntokapi view spoiler whose death was my favourite scene in the book hide spoiler

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    Ookay, two days later and not quite fully rested up, let s do this.So Daughter of the Empire Yes Very good book Highly recommended.The characters were excellent, really The setting was vaguely oriental, though as Wastrel tells me, Wurts drew a lot from Korea so a large part of this book is political intrigue and matters of honor If that s your team, go for it If the whole honor thing isn t for you, maybe not as much But the political intrigue stuff is actually really excellently written.Moving on Mara Oh, Mara Mara was magnificent Mara was fantastic I could sing praises for Mara for weeks Or months.Mara is that strong female character you ve always wished you d find somewhere in fantasy She s beautifully real and it s very easy to empathize with her.The supporting characters really made the book for me Wurts and Feist didn t let anything slip by them each of their supporting characters were wonderfully realized and fully fleshed out.Ugh Highly recommended Highly.

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    Collaborations can be a challenging way to tell a story, especially when both authors have an established voice Ultimately, if done well, they are like an interesting ice cream swirl, something of the flavor of both authors creating a pleasant compination Andre Norton is one of those authors that seem to collaborate well, although I m not sure if that s partly because she was the idea generator and then had a co writer do of the heavy lifting, especially in her later years One of the best examples of co writing I remember is Sorcery Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, largely because it used letters between two young girls as the primary framing device, allowing the voices of both authors to shine Daughter of the Empire was the result of a collaboration between Janny Wurts and Raymond Feist, and though I haven t read any Feist, I have to say it blends well, and Feist s influence tempered Wurt s writing and made it infinitely palatable.I ve avoided writing about Wurt s books since meeting her in one of my GR groups, as she is a truly wonderful, generous and respectful person Her contributions to different book discussions are thoughtful and circumspect, and she s willing to share her time if readers are interested The information she shared about the collaboration was interesting, and gave a great deal of insight into the process If you ve read this book or are a fan of Wurts, I highly recommend checking out her comments.To the book itself it is a detailed epic fantasy, and would likely appeal to those who are looking for something in the genre that is female centered than most It follows young Mara as she is pulled from a life of religious devotion and into the political games of the local fiefdoms, to both survive and to defend the honor of her house.A note on style Wurts writing usually has too many superlatives for my taste, and she ends up resorting to italics in order to make her points in the emotional sections It must be Feist s or the editor s influence, because for one of the first times reading her books, I found myself able to concentrate on the story and characterization without being distracted by the writing In this sense, the book worked for me.Plotting is acceptable However, Mara develops the habit of keeping her plans to herself, since she doesn t want to argue with her former nursemaid or her man at arms This both aids and detracts the story aiding because it keeps the reader in suspense about what she will do, but detracting because it means her actions are often not quite comprehensible to the reader If she explains it over much to her people the story risks losing its sense of legitimate dialogue if it isn t explained, readers are left with a culture and heroine that is just slightly incomprehensible Thus, after I finished reading, I wasn t sure if I disliked Mara because of a lack of understanding, or because I disliked her because she was a truly dislikeable person It reminds me, just a little, of the issues I faced in Joe Abercrombie s First Law series, only he was able to build a sense of complexity that lent itself to compassion Mara just seems largely incomprehensible, except for the single minded goal of avenging her family, a fact itself that seems inconsistent with a woman who had left her family for a religious life some time ago.The only spot that the collaboration seemed not to have worked quite as well was the introduction of the cho ja, the insect like sentient beings They played an enormous role in one chapter, and despite Gaining this new hive would do to preserve Acoma survival than any dozen clever plots on the High Council, they are only mentioned twice in the rest of the book It felt a little intrusive, and when I understood they were of Feist s creation for another aspect of the world, it made sense Less for the story, but sense for the collaboration.One of my largest barriers to enjoyment was Mara s marriage and the subsequent abuse she endured The cynical part of me wonders if Feist wanted Wurts involved for that perspective alone, and to help legitimize a storyline that was extremely unpalatable Regardless, my personal issues with that type of plotline are such that I will almost never like a book that involves that kind of abuse, unless done very, very, well This was not, as it seemed mostly designed to create sympathy for Mara and how her husband was destroying her heritage sort of I actually ended up wondering how calculating she really was from the start, which made me like her less view spoiler It seemed clear that her intent was all along to kill her husband to be fair, it seemed none of the choices would have been willing co rulers, but I m not sure she ever genuinely tried hide spoiler

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    I read this years ago and picked it up again because I was into something non European setting This is an alt Asain world that is tangental to the Riftworld Saga by Feist, and is a REALLY good read The protagonist is a young girl who must save her family and lands by growing up very quick Nothing naughty in here, but lots of great politics a la Game of Thrones Highly recommend for a fun and different fantasy

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    Having re read the first four books in the Riftwar series, I m FINALLY going to continue on with the full series in the order recommended I ll admit I was a bit skeptical about the collaboration because I was already a fan of Feist and simply wanted all the cool craziness and awesome ideas breaching time and space and two universes in his epic fantasy setup Moving on this isn t that It IS set on the world where Pug learned his mastery of magic, but beyond that and the focus on Korean ish politics and The Game between houses, there s not any magic to speak of.Mara is our focus, inheriting and learning to defend her house and its lands after her father dies From start to finish, it s all about playing The Game Survival by way of alliances, treachery, honor, and politics.For what it is, namely a fantasy showcasing the rise of a single woman in an alien empire, letting us grow with her in the process, how she gains alliances, gains and loses a husband, and survives debts, and the matter of a blood feud Pretty cool, all told, but I should mention one thingEven tho this came out many years ago, there have been MANY authors to follow in this particular footstep, and I m pretty sure that this duo was not the first If I had to rate some scenes between, say, Brandon Sanderson s Stormlight books and this, I would have to point to Sanderson BUT, some awesome scenes first showed up in Daughter of the Empire Just saying.I may not love this nearly as much as I enjoyed the first four books, but I definitely enjoyed myself reading this Mara is a strong female character dominating a tale back when it was still a rarity I ll be devouring two of these in the trilogy in a few days.

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    Daughter of the Empire and 2 following books by Raymond Feist Janny WurtsThis marvelous epic fantasy trilogy is full of political intrigue and subversive machinations set in an alternate medieval Japan where magic is real and the aliens landed a long time ago Feist Wurts gave me one of my favorite characters of all time, Mara, who conquers an empire with the power of innovation, social acumen, and a trickster s luck This trilogy is a frequent reread for me I love it so much.

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    Did you read the Riftwar Saga and love it Want to read something just as good, if not better Want to learn about life on the other side of the Rift You need to check this out It is a fantastic tale of honor, politics, and strategy While some fantasy books have lots of physical battle, this story is mainly plotting, deception, and courtly games Reading this is like watching a puzzle being solved and wondering how things will finally come together in the end It is simply just a great and well crafted story

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    I re read this for the 3d or 5th time, but it s been at least a decade, so it was very fresh to me Too fresh interesting Dann Janny Ray, but I hit the 1 3 point yesterday then couldn t put it down I stayed up until midnight reading I never go to bed after 10pm always wake up by 6 at the latest so I ve been dragging all morning I wanted to take a nap on the hay rather than move it.The story is on the other side of the gate we get a much better look at the Game of Council from an insider s POV Excellent Mara is a very likable underdog heroine Her choices seem so few, her situation perilous, the society is brutal underneath its Oriental politeness customs A nail biter all the way, I finished the last 50 or so pages this morning in a rush.On to Servant of the Empire

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