Dark Master

Dark MasterDark Master is the story of Alex and Philippe.Alex works as a receptionist in a vacation resort, when she comes across the handsome guest, the frenchman Philippe However, when she realizes her fiance Hal has been cheating on her, she pretends to be entranced with Philippe but soon finds herself married to him, whisked to France, and thrust with the responsibility of being Comtesse de Sorconne.What follows is loads of resistance, OW OM drama, jealous husbands, bruising kisses, personal tragedies and eventual HEA after loads of drama.This was an OK read at the best The heroine came off as fickle, the hero obsessive but secretive, and I hoped view spoiler that they had discussed and resolved the miscarriage hide spoiler This is one of CL s early books and it shows All the elements that would eventually become her signature and make super satisfying, if over the top reads, are there, but not quite polished It is almost as if, once she had created her characters, she did not quite know where to take them As a general Harlequin, it is totally adequate But for a fan of Charlotte Lamb, who is used to and expects her to write delightfully out of the box plots, infuse her writing with ironic distance, pepper the plot with incendiary dialogue, and present us with unusually deep characterizations, and, yes, let s all say it together, her signature foodie dish of Dover Sole with Melon Appetizer, this was less than stellar. Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBN X Marry In Haste, Repent At Leisure Alex S Eyes Darkened With Pain As She Recalled The Old Adage It Was True, So Horribly True She Married Philippe On A Wild Impulse, To Save Herself From Being Humiliated By The Man She Thought She Loved And It Was Too Late Now To Wish She Had Done OtherwiseShe Was Philippe S Wife, The Comtesse De Sorconne, Mistress Of His Ancient Castle In FranceShe Was The Recipient Of Everything Phillippe S Wealth And Passion Could Give Her Everything, Alex Thought Bitterly, But His Love Whoah, this was some old school stuff Controlling to the nth degree, this was one of those kind of Harlequins where half the time you wanted to run from the hero screaming He even does a light slap and a few painful arm grabs Eek Still, the heroine is enjoyable sometimes There was a dark Gothic overcast for this one that raised it a notch I rarely noticed Gothic themes in Harlequins Here it s there a little with the castle, towers, and some cruel relatives It was dark because it touched upon a tragedy that happens to the main character later Rarely does this happen in Harlequins especially with so much detail, including the hospital help which seemed partly mental Bedroom scenes are brief and barely there, this one is enjoyed for a completely different kind of mood morbid relationships, check Because of the daring differences, I have to give it an affirmative nod. I loved this one I thought the hero was delicious, a little too controlling, but still very delicious Evil OW, who gets her comeuppance and lots of angst It just doesn t get better than this. Great old vintage HP The hero falls for the heroine at first sight and maneuvers things to get her married to him before she can catch her breath Of course he doesn t tell her and traumas from miscommunication ensue There s forced seduction in this one but keeping in mind the way books were written at the time I gave it a pass I know I m not reading feminist literature here It was believable really There was some melodramatic trauma Hey sign me up for that The confession of love at the end was nice too All in all well worth reading for the fan of the vintage HP. Very old school sans rapey scenes.Alex finds out she is engaged to a minor league trouser snake courtesy of Phillipe.MOC because he is in love with another woman Ahem.They arrive at his chateau where she is appalled to find out how rich, well to do and actually aristocratic he actually is Alex is quite a fine heroine especially by old school Harlequin standards She stands up to her husband and provides a quite entertaining and cutting vernal slap down to her utterly BITCHY new SIL Loved it as usually the heroine folds like a lawn chair.Tropes view spoiler where all men fall in love with her, miscarriage due to a fall, and a hero who won t and can t admit how much in love he is hide spoiler I really enjoyed this one It has all the elements I enjoy in a good romance novel including a B OW SIL The lead male is a take charge alpha male but from the start you can see beyond the tough, cool exterior The lead female is an innocent but not a doormat,There is an a hole fiance, a misguided BIL, and an evil SIL Even though I hate violence in books, I enjoyed the scene when the OW SIL got slapped by her hubby She well deserved it. Set in France, our pursuing alpha has to get rid of the heroine s cheating fiance first and then his own brother who falls for the warmth of the heroine s personality H h are supposed to have a marriage of convenience but hero puts a stop to that from the beginning It s their only line of communication at times The heroine learns to run the chateau, ride a horse, and spar with her bitchy sister in law It s all fun and games until the heroine falls down some stairs and is seriously injured Our hero finally has to drop his pride and even tries some noble self sacrifice Heroine is not impressed with that as much as his declaration of love for a very satisfying HEA.This is vintage goodness at its best. Now THIS is a true old school Harlequin Presents the way I love them Hero falls in love with the heroine at first sight Only there is a problem she is engaged That s no problem for our obsessed determined hero He exposes her boyfriend as a cheater and heroine dumps him Hero tells her he needs a wife because the woman he loves is with another man and he needs to show her his contempt lame excuse is lame Heroine and hero move to France where she finds out he is a Comte with a castle and servants and the whole tycoon package Hero s brother falls in love with the heroine who comes to love him as a brother and can never return his love Hero s brother also has a bitchy wife She is the woman Philippe supposedly loved and she is the evil witch of the story There is also a miscarriage, an accident, an amnesia and lots of misunderstandings I loved the drama, the angst, the marriage breakdown and how the hero set the heroine free in the end even though he loved her Poor guy he even pushed her into the arms of her ex fiance and his brother He obviously believed If you love something set it free If it comes back it s yours If not, it was never meant to be If you love vintage Harlequins as much as I do this book is a keeper

Sheila Holland,

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  • 01 January 2017

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